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Reference IOR
Covering dates 1600-1948
Held by British Library, Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections
Extent 15 km (volumes, files, charters, maps)
Conditions of access Open to public access except for recent personal files, and a very small number of subject files
Creators Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India, 1784-1858; Burma Office, 1937-1948; East India Company, 1600-1858; India Office, 1858-1947

Administrative history:
The East India Company was established in 1600 as a joint-stock association of English merchants trading to the 'Indies'. Over a period of 250 years the Company underwent several substantial changes in its basic character and functions. A period of rivalry with a 'New' Company after 1698 resulted in the formation in 1709 of the United Company. This 'new' East India Company was transformed during the second half of the eighteenth century from a mainly commercial body with scattered Asian trading interests into a major territorial power in India with its headquarters at Calcutta. The political implications of this development eventually caused the British Government to institute a standing Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India (or 'Board of Control') to exercise supervision over the Company's Indian policies. This change in the Company's status, along with other factors, led to the Acts of Parliament of 1813 and 1833, which opened the British trade with the East Indies to all shipping and resulted in the Company's complete withdrawal from its commercial functions.
The Company continued to exercise responsibility, under the supervision of the Board, for the government of India until the re-organisation of 1858. With the India Act of 1858 the Company and the Board of Control were replaced by a single new department, the India Office, under a Secretary of State. In 1937, the separation of Burma from India led to the creation in London of a Burma Office separate from the India Office, though still under the same Secretary of State.
With the achievement of independence by India and Pakistan in 1947, and by Burma in 1948, both the India and Burma Offices were dissolved. Thereafter their archives were administered by the Indian Records Section, from 1962 known as the India Office Records, of the Commonwealth Relations Office (later the Commonwealth Office) and from 1968 by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
In 1982 the India Office Records (together with the India Office Library) were placed on deposit with the British Library Board and have been administered, as Public Records, by the British Library Oriental and India Office Collections.

The India Office Records comprise archives created and accumulated by the India Office (1858-1947) and its offshoot the Burma Office (1937-48), or inherited or otherwise acquired by the India Office from its predecessor bodies mainly the East India Company 1600-1858 and the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India (1784-1858); also archives created or acquired by the India Office Records acting as the successor to the India and Burma Offices in respect of their archives.
The records relate to British commercial and political relations with India, south and south-east Asia, and other countries with which the East India Company established contact; they also contain voluminous information on the British administrations in India and Burma.

Crown Representative's Records - Indian States Residencies  IOR/R/2  No date

Archival history:
The Political Department sent out orders in November 1946 for Residents to weed out and destroy records deemed to be of no historical interest and of no value for purposes of future reference. In March 1947, Nehru asked Wavell to stop the destruction of the records and for Residency records to be transferred to the future Dominion government. Fresh instructions for weeding were sent out in April 1947, and in May Nehru approached Mountbatten on the question of the destruction and transfer of records, achieving a temporary cessation in the process. It was agreed in June 1947 that Residents should have the power to destroy records if copies were held in the Political Department. Residents were instructed to send confidential records to New Delhi for safekeeping, resulting in a flood of consignments arriving at the United Kingdom High Commission. In 1948, the decision to retain the Political Department and Residency records in New Delhi as an archive was rescinded and the entire collection was shipped to London for sorting. The R/1 records were sorted into Agency groups in 1948, but the Residency records were left in the order in which they were received. The Residency lists of records consigned to the UK High Commission form the basis for the current list.

Administrative history:
R/1 and R/2 are files from the records in India of the Crown Representative. The office of Crown Representative was created by the Government of India Act 1935 as an additional title for the Viceroy and Governor-General in order to distinguish the Viceroy's political functions with regard to the independent princes ruling the Indian States from his administration of British India. The ruling princes of the States were in treaty relations with the Crown, and the Crown acted for each State in its dealings with foreign powers and with other Indian States. Before the creation of the office of Crown Representative and the separate administrative machinery of the Political Department these functions were carried out by the Viceroy, through the Government of India Foreign and Political Department, as simply another part of British India's foreign policy.
The administrative hierarchy headed by the Crown Representative comprised the Political Department secretariat in New Delhi and Simla, and the Residents and Political Agents in the Indian States. The Residents and Agents had regular contact with the ruling princes and the Political Department and could thus provide advice and supervision for the States and information for the Crown Representative.
After the transfer of power in British India to an Indian Government, the Crown Representative continued to have a responsibility to the princes ruling the Indian States. Where rulers of Indian States did not sign conditional Instruments of Accession to the post-transfer India, the Crown's responsibilities to those rulers continued in full force and the Crown needed the records of its Representative to carry out its continuing functions. Where the States rulers did accede to the post-transfer India, the Crown was bound by treaty relationships to maintain the confidentiality of its Representative's past dealings with the rulers and their predecessors.

Whereas R/1 comprises files from the central secretariat records of the Crown Representative, R/2 comprises files from the records maintained locally by the Residents and Political Agents.

Western India States Agency  [no ref.]  No date

Administrative history:
After 1944, the Western India States Agency was joined with Baroda and the Gujarat States Agency to form Baroda and the Western India and Gujarat States Agency.

Comprises Cutch, Idar, Junagadh, Nawanagar, Bhavnagar, Porbandar, Dhrangadhra, Radhanpur, Morvi, Gondal, Jafrabad (Janjira), Wankaner, Palitana, Dhrol, Limbdi, Rajkot, Wadhwan, and 267 other states and estates.

List A: Residency Secretariat Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1916-1939

File 1924/25 C/1-A (1) Title of Maharana for H.H. the Raj Saheb of Vankaner. (2) Question of return visits by H.E. the Viceroy to second class Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/617/1  1924-1925

File 1924/26 C/2 List of Political, quasi-political, etc. societies for the year ending 30-6-1925.  IOR/R/2/617/2  1924-1926

File 1916-1937 C/4(1)-A- A.G.G's charge reports and secret documents custody charge reports  IOR/R/2/617/3  1926-1937

File 1916-1937 C/4(1)-B Secretary's secret documents charge reports.  IOR/R/2/617/4  1929-1936

File 1916-1937 C/4(1) Safe custody of secret documents  IOR/R/2/617/5, Item 1  1916-1937

File 1916-1937 C/4(1) Charge reports of Political Agents.  IOR/R/2/617/5, Item 2  1916-1937

File 1916-1937 C/4(2) Instructions for distribution, custody etc. of secret documents received from Army Head Quarters in June 1928.  IOR/R/2/618/6  1928-1937

File 1925 C/5(1) Civil Transposition Cypher System from 1907.  IOR/R/2/618/7  1921-1944

File 1918-1925 C/6(1) Naval Intelligence Return.  IOR/R/2/618/8  1918-1929

File C/7(1) Statement of Arms (1) Lost articles and (2) Recovered.  IOR/R/2/618/9  No date

File 1921-1937 C/9(1) Imperial Service troops file from 1921.  IOR/R/2/618/10  1921-1937

File 1921-1937 C/9(2) Imperial Service Troops-Annual reports on-from In. Ad-in-Chief.  IOR/R/2/619/11  1921-1937

File 1932 C/10(1)-A Mysore Residency query re: number of recommendations of Indian titles allowed to W.I.S.A.  IOR/R/2/619/12  1932

File 1929 C/10-C Proposal from Polindia to attach an allowance to the recipient of King's Police Medal-1929-Latterly dropped.  IOR/R/2/619/13  1929

File 1924-26 C/8(1) Resident at Baroda's request for papers re: salt.  IOR/R/2/619/14  1924-1926

File 1925 C/8(21) The proposed Chuda-Tripura marriage-August, 1925.  IOR/R/2/619/15  1925

File 1925 C/8(23) Instructions relating to the treatment of suspected infernal machines (explosives).  IOR/R/2/619/16  1925

File 1924-26 C/28(26) Proposed Vankaner-Dungarpur marriage, August 1925.  IOR/R/2/619/17  1924-1926

File 1925 C/8(31) Junagadh Dewan's letter in reply to office letter J/3(c) dated 6.7.25 on the subject of exemptions under the Indian Arms Rules, 1924 and our reply.  IOR/R/2/619/18  1925

File 1925 C/8(33) Bombay Govt. P.D's D.O. explaining why the Dhrangadhra salt papers asked for from that Govt. could not be sent.  IOR/R/2/619/19  1925

File 1925 C/8(36) Contribution of H.H. the Nawab of Radhanpur towards the repairs of the Harem-esh-Sheriff, Jerusalem.  IOR/R/2/619/20  1925

File 1924-30 C/8(53) The use of "arched" Crown by Ruling Princes and Chiefs. Nawanagar.  IOR/R/2/619/21  1924-1930

File 1926 C/8(59) Publication entitled "Histories of the Non-cooperation and Khilafat movements" recd. and acknowledgment sent to the Govt. of India on 15.3.26.  IOR/R/2/619/22  1926

File 1926 C/8(60) Request of the Junagadh Darbar that Verawal port be declared a Warehousing port.  IOR/R/2/619/23  1926

File 1926 C/8(63) A report from the Chief Constable, Jamnagar - Verawal line that Jamnagar, Baroda, Junagadh, Morvi, Bhavnagar and Iorbandar are developing their ports etc.  IOR/R/2/619/24  1926

File 1926 C/8(75) Gogo Port Case. Confl. D.O. from Sir P.D. Pattani re -  IOR/R/2/619/25  1926

File 1926 C/8(85) Port of Adatra - enquiry from the headquarters, Sind-Rajputana Distt. Karachi as regards the potentialities.  IOR/R/2/619/26  1926

File 1926 C/8(89) Limbdi - K.S. Fathehsinhji's visiting card containing the words "Raj Rana" to which the G. of I. objected.  IOR/R/2/619/27, Item 1  1926

File 1926 C/8(89) Limbdi - "Maharana Shri" by the T.S. himself.  IOR/R/2/619/27, Item 2  1926

File 1926 C/8(93) Major Meek.P.A., Mahi Kantha (Sadra) says about the interference of Virpur Chief re: recognition as Rajputs of the Chiefs of Punadra and Dabha who are Makwana Kolis and were reconverted from Islamism to Hinduism.  IOR/R/2/619/28  1926

File 1926 C/8(94) Enquiry from Simla re: recent developments of Bhavnagar port.  IOR/R/2/619/29  1926

File 1926 C/8(96) Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine's proposal to hold a Congress in India during the coming year etc.  IOR/R/2/619/31  1926

File 1926-30 C/8(99) Lathi betrothal - K.S. Praladsinhji with the daughter of Virpur-P.A's enquiry whether Agency sanction necessary and subsequent betrothal to Kotda-Sangani daughter.  IOR/R/2/619/32  1926-1930

File 1926 C/8(100) Bajana Investiture - complaint of the Jasdan Chief re: seating accommodation at - for his younger brother - P.A.'s report about -  IOR/R/2/619/33  1926

File 1926 C/8(101) Question of giving effect to the recommendation of the Lee Commission on the subject of Legal Covenants.  IOR/R/2/619/34  1926

File 1927 C/8(105) Sir Prabhashanker D. Pattam asked about the report re: the grant by him of considerable local Govt. extension in Bhavanagar.  IOR/R/2/619/35  1927

File 1926 C/8(111) Secret letter from the Army Deptt. that no orders or contracts for explosives manufactured in India have been placed with any firm by the Master General of Supply.  IOR/R/2/619/36  1926

File 1927 C/8(114) Shooting trip of H.H. Maharao of Cutch to Abyssinia and Somaliland.  IOR/R/2/619/37  1927

File 1927 C/8(116) Sir Prabhashanker D. Pattani's personal letter d.17th Jany. to Mr. Watson re: the Batho (coastal) land along the sea coast adjacent to a British Talukdari village near Gogo called Avania.  IOR/R/2/619/38  1927

File 1927 C/8(117) Re: the tour of one Mrs. Pym as correspondent of the New York "Herald-Tribune".  IOR/R/2/619/39  1927

File 1927 C/8(124) S.P's report re: extermination of Bhagwan Khoda's Gang.  IOR/R/2/619/40  1927

File 1927-33 C/8(127) Passages and rebates allowed by shipping companies.  IOR/R/2/619/41  1927-1933

File 1927 C/8(131) Vankaner's complaint against Vala for payment of Chandlo money.  IOR/R/2/619/42  1927

File 1927 C/8(136) G. of I. forwarding a copy of a minute d.14.6.27 of H.C. the Viceroy on "Principles of administration and Govt.  IOR/R/2/619/43  1927

File 1927 C/8(137) Junagadh affairs and education of the Nawabzadas.  IOR/R/2/619/44  1927

File 1927 C/8(141) An incident in connection with the Thakore Saheb of Sayla at the Viceregal Reception of the Chiefs (lesser) during H.E's visit in Nov. 1927, Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/619/45  1927

File 1927 C/8(145) H.H. the Jam Saheb's possible move re: Salt-works. A.G.G's talk with him re the rumour of this.  IOR/R/2/619/46  1927

File 1928 C/8(149) Indian States Committee - invited to come to Rajkot etc. - Correspondence  IOR/R/2/619/47  1928

File 1928 C/8(154) Opium and other dangerous drugs-Illicit traffic-Seizures abroad-Interchange of information-Memorandum from the League of Nations.  IOR/R/2/619/48  1928

File 1928 C/8(161) S.P's reports re: restraint and unlawful confinement of Agency subjects by Wadhwan State police in the matter of contraband opium.  IOR/R/2/619/49  1928

File 1928 C/8(162) Port conference at Mt. Abu-Porbandar's request for a copy of the proceedings of the second general conference of the League of Nations on communications & Transit - 1923.  IOR/R/2/619/50  1928

File 1928 C/8(163) P.A., Rewa Kantha (A.W.W. Mackie, ICS) Godhra, enquiring about a son of the heir-apparent of Lunavada, who has been kept away at Bhavnagar by Rana Jorawarsinh, S.P. there.  IOR/R/2/619/51  1928

File 1928 C/8(164) (Pl. see P/52 of 1928 -Re.Limbdi's request for C. in C's staff houses in place of the site allotted to Limbdi at Delhi). The use of H.H. in correspondence by Private Secy. Limbdi, and attention of Polindia's drawn to it, by D.O.  IOR/R/2/619/52  1928

File 1928 C/8(169) Copy of Agency letter No.P/19 dated 27.6.28 re: memorial from Bhayats, Mulgirassias etc. in Kathiawar-in the matter of Butler Committee on Indian States, sent confld. for their personal information to P.As W.K.A., & E.K. Agencies.  IOR/R/2/619/53  1928

File 1928 C/8(171) Col. Strong, A.G.G. writing to H.H. the Maharaja Raj Saheb of Dhrangadhra asking him to decide K.S. Natwarsinhji's application d.7.2.28 re: alleged breach of his Hak Patrak.  IOR/R/2/619/54  1928

File 1928 C/8(176) Sir Prabhashanker D. Pattani asked by H.H. Maharaja, Patiala, cabling from Berlin, as Chancellor, Chamber of Princes, to join the Standing Committee of the Princes on questions on Indian States.  IOR/R/2/619/55  1928

File 1928-29 C/8(181) Appeal by Col. Strong to outside Agency States etc. for funds for the Rajkumar College, Rajkot, towards the 5 lakhs required to make it self-supporting.  IOR/R/2/619/56  1928-1929

File 1928 C/8(182) Kotda-Sangani's binani loan to Bhadva-P.A's reference here in that connection.  IOR/R/2/619/57  1928

File 1928 C/8(203) Nawanagar-gift aeroplanes-of 1921 asked not to allow them to be made over to any Foreign power without first reference to Polindia.  IOR/R/2/619/58  1928

File 1929-30 C/8(210) Proposal to promote the Nawab Saheb of Palanpur to the rank of Major from the M.A. Rajputana Sts. Forces.  IOR/R/2/619/59  1929-1930

File 1929 C/8(219) Re: the Kathr. States Forces Camp held at Shahpur-Junagadh-in January 1929 - when the M.A., in Chief also visited Kathr. States Forces and the Camp and the A.G.G. with Secy.  IOR/R/2/619/60  1929

File 1929 C/8(220) H.H. the Jam Saheb's question re: the propriety of a salute to the Mil-Adviser-in-Chief, Indian States Forces when visiting the States.  IOR/R/2/620/61  1929

File 1929 C/8(222) A.G.G's minute after seeing Mr. D.B. Shukla on the so called "black law" of the Agency.  IOR/R/2/620/62  1929

File 1929 C/8(224) Popalal Chudagar-Passport issued to him in 1928 re:  IOR/R/2/620/63  1929

File 1929 C/8(225) Polindia's enquiry re: Jam Saheb's natural father's birth-place in connection with Registration of H.H's SS "Jamnagar" as British ship.  IOR/R/2/620/64  1929

File 1929 C/8(229) Fair organized under or by the National Congress-G. of J. orders to Political Officers not to give support etc.  IOR/R/2/620/65  1929

File 1929 C/8(232) Rajkot State Bank currency notes-Navalas case.  IOR/R/2/620/66  1929

File 1929 C/8(240) Tours and visits abroad of Ruling Princes and Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/620/67  1929

File 1929 C/8(242.A) Monopolies in Nawanagar.  IOR/R/2/620/68  1929

File 1929 C/8(243) Liability of members of the auxiliary force (India) for military service in aid of the civil power.  IOR/R/2/620/69  1929

File 1929 C/8(245) Apptt. of a Vice-Principal, Rajkumar College vice Major Harrison.  IOR/R/2/620/70  1929

File 1929 C/8(252) Junagadh-donation of Rs. 1½ lakhs by the Nawab of - to the Central Red Cross Association of India at New Delhi.  IOR/R/2/620/71  1929

File 1929 C/8(256) Cooperation in peace training of Royal Air Force and Regular Army Units with Indian State Forces.  IOR/R/2/620/72  1929

File 1929 C/8 (259) Proposed Wankaner's daughters marriage agreement with Lunawada Raja of in 1929.  IOR/R/2/620/73  1929

File 1930 C/8(263) Question whether the old third and fourth class Talukas should be allowed to style themselves as "States", or should be styled Talukas as heretofore.  IOR/R/2/620/74  1930

File 1930 C/8(264) Khakhrechi campaign in Malia-enquiry by Government of India re:  IOR/R/2/620/75  1930

File 1930 C/8(272) Re: Manawadar minor Chiefs leaving the college & appointment of a Tutor-Guardian etc. (English).  IOR/R/2/620/76  1930

File 1932 C/9 Indian Foreign Office Cypher Code (Certificates of safe custody).  IOR/R/2/620/77  1932

File C/9-A Yearly acknowledgments and safe custody of Cypher Codes (Certificates of safe custody).  IOR/R/2/620/78  ?1932

File 1925-28 C/10 Import of prohibited articles from Cutch-Request re: certain information in regard to the-by the Collector of Thar Parkar in Sind.  IOR/R/2/620/79  1925-1928

File 1925-28 C/10-A Transhipment of goods (Eau-de-Cologne) at Colombo to Kathiawar and Cutch.  IOR/R/2/620/80  1925-1928

File 1930 C/18-A (See C/10(1)-A/1932) Instructions to Local Officers regarding submission of recommendations for British Honours and Indian titles.  IOR/R/2/620/81  1930

File 1925 C/18-B Forms for recommendations for Indian titles.  IOR/R/2/620/82  1925

File 1925 C/22 Diversion of trade from Bombay to Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/620/83, Item 1  1925

File 1925 C/22 Alleged conduct of illicit trade via Cutch.  IOR/R/2/620/83, Item 2  1925

File 1925 C/22 Smuggling of contraband goods from Cutch into Br.India by road.  IOR/R/2/620/83, Item 3  1925

File 1923-25 C/22-A Transhipment of matches and sugar at Jamnagar  IOR/R/2/620/84  1923-1925

File 1925 C/23 Operations for the suppression of dacoity-Bills for the costs incurred in Cutch 1924.  IOR/R/2/621/85  1925

File 1919-1925 C/24-A Conviction by the T.S. of Rajkot of the Proprietor and Editor of "Kathiawar Samachar" Ahmedabad-Miralal Kevalram, in 1919.  IOR/R/2/621/86  1919-1925

File 1925 C/25 Visit of H.R.H. the Prince, Arthur of Connaught to Jamnagar in March 1925.  IOR/R/2/621/87  1925

File 1925 C/26-A Nawanagar-Illicit import of goods for consumption in British India.  IOR/R/2/621/88  1925

File 1922-31 C/27 Termination of the Regency in Lathi and subsequent conduct of Lathi Rani  IOR/R/2/621/89  1922-1931

File 1925 C/29 Postal and Telephone system in the Rajkot State - 1925 (used for gain).  IOR/R/2/621/90  1925

File 1925 C/31 Indian Sandhurst-Proposed establishment of  IOR/R/2/621/91  1925

File 1925 C/34 Mr. Tudor Owen's complaint re: this liability towards Bhavnagar State securities, the transfer of which he has been asked often to sign etc.  IOR/R/2/621/92  1925

File 1925 C/35 Malpractices at ports of the Junagadh State in respect of the levy of customs duty on salted and dried fish.  IOR/R/2/621/93  1925

File 1925 C/40-A Bhavnagar-Col. Burke's views on Bhavnagar administration and on Sir P. Pattani.  IOR/R/2/621/94  1925

File 1925 C/45 Ravat Vala's appeal etc. re Bilkha Estate.  IOR/R/2/622/95  1925

File 1928 C/45 P.II Ravat Vala's appeal etc. re Bilkha Estate. Succession Installation, Bilkha.  IOR/R/2/622/96  1928

File 1925-27 C/48 Sayla's request for enhancement of status, powers etc. in January 1925 and again renewed in May.  IOR/R/2/622/97  1925-1927

File 1925 C/49 Sayla recommended by Major Gordon for the title of Thakore Saheb.  IOR/R/2/622/98  1925

File 1925 C/50 Lakhtar's request in Jany, 1925 for enhanced powers.  IOR/R/2/622/99  1925

File 1925 C/52 Warahi's request for enhanced jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/622/101  1925

File 1925 C/54 Khirasra's application for restoration of his old status.  IOR/R/2/622/102  1925

File 1925-27 C/57 Abolition of the division into classes of the Ruling Princes etc. in Kathiawar & Banas Kantha.  IOR/R/2/622/103  1925

File C/64 Complaint about public scandal caused by his sister, the begum of Zainabad, from 1st class Sardar Shermia Bapumia Parmar of Dholka-Ahmedabad Distt.  IOR/R/2/622/104  1925

File 1928 C/66-C-28 Sanction of Govt. for employment of Europeans in Indian States - A.G.G.'s report to the Govt. of India that the Jam Saheb has failed to obtain sanction to the employment of Europeans in the Nawanagar State in 9 previous cases.  IOR/R/2/622/105  1928

File 1926 C/70 P.A., E.K. States asking for a decision whether proposals for betrothal etc. of the minor Chief of Chuda should be entertained by the Agency during management or should be left over when he comes to Gadi.  IOR/R/2/622/106  1926

File 1926 C/73 Recommendation for the title of "MAHARAJA" for the princes of Morvi and Gondal.  IOR/R/2/622/107  1926

File 1926 C/76 Sardargadh Begum Amirbakhte, wife of K.S. Husein Yawarkhan asking for maintenance etc.  IOR/R/2/622/108  1926

File 1926 C/77 Complaint re: matches, sugar etc. at the port of Jamnagar by Bombay Customs merchants.  IOR/R/2/623/109  1926

File 1926 C/78 K.S. Lakhubha of Mannagar writing from Paris asking for an equivalent of the money which was sanctioned him by his grandfather by a lakh about £5,000/- p.a.  IOR/R/2/623/110  1926

File 1926 C/79 The printed correspondence re: the cession of Berars to the Nizam filed confdl. for future emergency under the order of A.G.G.  IOR/R/2/623/111  1926

File 1926-27 C/81 Virpur - request for enhancement of jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/623/112  1926-1927

File 1926 C/83 Bhavnagar-Dhrangadhra - loan.  IOR/R/2/623/113  1926

File 1926. C/85 Request of the Radhanpur Darbar to be allowed to manufacture salt.  IOR/R/2/623/114  1926

File 1926 C/90 Mr. Watson's reconsideration of his decision in the Jain-Palitana dispute only as regards his comments in reference to press.  IOR/R/2/623/115  1926

File 1927 C/96 Shapur's request for permanent 5th class jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/623/116  1927

File 1927 C/96-A Rights of Kathiawar ports.  IOR/R/2/623/117  1927

File 1927 C/97 P.A's proposal to hand over to minor Sardargadh Talukdar Zabardastkhan his estate etc.  IOR/R/2/623/118  1927

File 1927 C/99. Parts 1. Ports Customs Negotiations etc. in 1927, against 1917 agreement with the Kathiawar maritime States.  IOR/R/2/623/118A  1927

File 1927 C/99, Parts 2 Ports Customs Negotiations etc. in 1927, against 1917 agreement with the Kathiawar maritime States.  IOR/R/2/623/118B  1927

File 1927 C/99, Parts 3 Ports Customs Negotiations etc. in 1927, against 1917 agreement with the Kathiawar maritime States.  IOR/R/2/623/118C  1927

File 1927 C/99, Parts 4. Ports Customs Negotiations etc. in 1927, against 1917 agreement with the Kathiawar maritime States.  IOR/R/2/623/118D  1927

File 1929 C/99-B(1) Ad interim request for 34 lakhs in 1929 - Kathiawar Ports.  IOR/R/2/624/119  1929

File 1929 C/99-C Gondal-Porbandar ground-nuts - Enquiry re: Gondal's prohibition of exportation of ground nut.  IOR/R/2/624/120  1929

File 1929 C/99-D Col. Keyes notes on Viramgam customs and letter to Pol. Dept.  IOR/R/2/624/120A  1929

File 1927 C/101 H.E. the Viceroy's visit to W.I.S. Agency in November 1927 (Rules for protection of H.E's person).  IOR/R/2/624/121  1927

File 1927 C/101-B Rajkot Thakor Saheb's potential protest in connection with attendance at Viceregal functions at Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/624/122  1927

File 1927 C/101-C Viceregal visit to W.I.S. Agency.  IOR/R/2/624/123  1927

File 1924 C/105 Jasdan's Request for Promotion for 3rd to 2nd class.  IOR/R/2/624/123A  1924

File 1927 C/106 Proposal in connection with indebted non-jurisdictional Talukdars' estates being sold etc.  IOR/R/2/625/124  1927

File 1927-1929 C/109 Muli's representation for enhanced status etc.  IOR/R/2/625/125  1927-1929

File 1927-28 C/110 Ram and Vira Mulu's application for separate jurisdiction and application of the rule of primogeniture to each brother's estate.  IOR/R/2/625/126  1927-1928

File 1927 C/103 Appeal in Smaller States.  IOR/R/2/625/127 A  1927

File 1927 C/107 Indore Darbar's loan to the Jam Saheb of Nawanagar Request for repayment.  IOR/R/2/625/127 B  1927

File 1928 C/113 Kathiawar Land Customs - Introduction of - Points arising subsequently out of it.  IOR/R/2/625/127 C  1928

File 1929 C/113.A(II) Ports - Customs - Government of India's replies in Sept. 1929, and October 1930 tax Memorials from Junagadh, Porbander and Morvi.  IOR/R/2/625/127 D  1929-1930

File 1930 C/113-A(II)-K Kathiawar Ports - and Refund of Customs.  IOR/R/2/625/127 E  1930

File 1928-30 C/113-A(I) Nawanagar's Memorial on - to Polindia, re: Kathiawar Ports.  IOR/R/2/625/127 F  1928-1930

File 1930 C/113-B-I Ports-Customs-Kathiawar. Representation of Junagadh.  IOR/R/2/625/127 G  1930

File 1930 C/113-B-II-30 Ports-Customs-Kathiawar. Representation from Porbandar.  IOR/R/2/625/127 H  1930

File 1930 C/113-B-III-30 Ports-Customs-Kathiawar. Representation from Morvi.  IOR/R/2/625/127 I  1930

File 1930 C/113-C-30 Ports-Customs-Kathiawar. Changes in rates of Duty - Enhanced duties having effect from March 1st.  IOR/R/2/625/127 J  1930

File 1930 C/113-D Ports-Customs-Kathiawar. Request of Mongrol for copies of orders on port question.  IOR/R/2/625/127 K  1930

File 1928 C/112 Titles to the sons & relatives of Indian Princes. (Govt. of India's ruling dated 20-1-1928).  IOR/R/2/625/127  1928

File C/114 Palitana-Request addressed to Mr. Watson as A.G.G. for "Maharaja" and "11 guns  IOR/R/2/626/128  c. 1928

File 1928 C/115 Rajpara - Request of - re administration of his taluka by his wife in the event of his death.  IOR/R/2/626/129  1928

File 1928 C/116 Limitations on powers of certain "Mediatized" Chiefs of Central India Agency - (Question examined apropos of the Kathiawar gun Chiefs' note re: their Return visit which they had prepared before Lord Reading visited Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/626/130  1928

File 1928 C/119 Proposed conferment of the title "Highness" on all 9-gun Rulers.  IOR/R/2/626/130A  1928

File 1928 C/121 Question of a Common Empire policy re: the limits of territorial waters.  IOR/R/2/626/131  1928

File 1928 C/121-A Statutes of the C.S.I. and C.I.E. 1927.  IOR/R/2/626/132  1928

File 1928 C/122 Khirasara-enhanced jurisdiction - further request for in 1928.  IOR/R/2/626/133  1928

File 1928-29 C/123 Patdi Succession case - Management of the Agency and Zilla villages etc. - Death of the youngest Patdi Rani.  IOR/R/2/626/134  1928-1929

File 1928-31 C/127 Wankaner - Recommendation to Polindia for the status and higher salute to  IOR/R/2/626/135  1928-1931

File 1929 C/137 Desire of Thakore Saheb of Dhrol to abdicate.  IOR/R/2/626/135A  1929

File 1928-29 C/139 Bhavnagar - Minor Maharaja's training - and that K.S. Niramalsingji should be trained in the M.M.T. ship "Dufferin" - his joining and return  IOR/R/2/626/136  1928-1929

File 1929 C/140 Malia'a desire to abdicate in favour of his grandson.  IOR/R/2/626/137  1929

File 1930 C/145 Death of the Thakore Saheb of Rajkot and subsequent arrangement about the administration of Rajkot State.  IOR/R/2/626/138  1930

File 1930 C/146 P.A., E.K.A. requesting sanction to prosecute Manilal Kothari for delivering an objectionable speech at Gurukul, Songadh.  IOR/R/2/627/139  1930

File 1930 C/152 Enhancement of the powers of the 9-Gun Princes of Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/627/140  1930

File 1930 C/155 Propaganda carried on by Maulvi Anin Ahmed of Delhi against non-cooperation and against Govt. among Mahomedans.  IOR/R/2/627/141  1930

File 1930 C/157-A Interception of the newspaper called "Young India" under P.M.G.'s order.  IOR/R/2/627/142  1930

File 1929-30 C/160 Indian States Committee Report - some correspondence on also Govt. of India's printed corres:  IOR/R/2/627/143  1929-1930

File 1930 C/163 Assumption of honorific titles by Indian Officers in Indian Army.  IOR/R/2/627/144  1930

File 1930 C/164 Chief of Vadia's disapperance and death P.A's proposal that K.S. Suragvala may be recognised as Regent and be allowed the Administration of the Taluka though under the circumstances it would be inexpedient to recognise his accession to the Gaddi.  IOR/R/2/627/145  1930

File 1930 C/165-A Bhavnagar. Port. Rise in the importation of sugar to Br. India and possible collusion between Nawanagar etc.  IOR/R/2/627/145A  1930

File 1930 C/166-A Increase of Police Forces - owing to C.D. movement.  IOR/R/2/627/146  1930

File 1930 C/170-A Internal Security - Kathiawar-Capt. Tinley's Scheme for 1924.  IOR/R/2/627/147  1930

File 1930 C/171 Internal Security-Bombay Districts.  IOR/R/2/627/148  1930

File 1931 C/171-A Railway Strike Scheme.  IOR/R/2/627/149  1931

File 1930 C/172 Railway Security Scheme 1926-27.  IOR/R/2/627/150  1930

File 1930-31 C/175 & C/175-(i) Jamsaheb's request for retention of Rs. 36 lakhs from Port. Dues. His memorial to Secy. of State.  IOR/R/2/627/150A  1930-1931

File 1930 C/178-A Intimidation and Boycott Ordinance, 1930, its application to Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/628/151  1930

File 1930 C/180 Application of the Indian Press Ordinance, 1930, to the W.I.S.A. - and order for interception of Saurashtra paper.  IOR/R/2/628/152  1930

File 1930 C/180-A Interception of "Young India" and "Navjiwan".  IOR/R/2/628/153  1930

File 1930 C/182 (includes G/292/30) Question whether minority administrations in Indian States should contribute to the expenses of the Chamber of Princes' case in London.  IOR/R/2/628/154  1930

File 1930 C/190 H.H. the Junagadh Begum - of Bhopal - certain letter addressed by her to H.H. at Junagadh and sent through A.G.G.  IOR/R/2/628/155  1930

File 1930 C/201 Military pensions and military awards - Policy and procedure in regard to forfeiture of -  IOR/R/2/628/156  1930

File 1930 C/202 Rai Sankli ex-talukdar Gopaldas Ambaidas - Dist. Magistrate Kaira's enquiry whether he receives an allowance from his estate etc.  IOR/R/2/628/157  1930

File 1930 C/212 Malia affairs - Agency Police's help in Malia's troubles with Mianas.  IOR/R/2/628/158  1930

File 1930 C/219 Prosecution of persons tampering with loyalty of troops & discussions and notes re: attempts to seduce Govt. servants generally.  IOR/R/2/628/159  1930

File 1930 C/224 Bhavnagar - Malerkotla Loan.  IOR/R/2/628/160  1930

File 1930 C/225 Indian States' delegation to the Round Table Conference 1930.  IOR/R/2/628/161  1930

File 1930 C/226 Rajkumar College - Rajkot - Govt. subvention of Rs.10,000.  IOR/R/2/628/162  1930

File 1930 C/229 Measures for safeguarding the landed interests of soldiers serving in the Indian Army.  IOR/R/2/628/163  1930

File 1930 C/230 Home Deptt. Govt. of India (Poli) Secret letter re: draft declaring Congress Working Committee an unlawful organisation.  IOR/R/2/628/164  1930

File 1930 C/231 Sialkot private Firms dealing in sporting requisites supporting Civil Disobedience Movement - not to be patronised - Govt. of India's orders re:  IOR/R/2/628/165  1930

File 1930 C/233 Army Deptt. instructions re: the employment of armoured cars in aid of the civil power.  IOR/R/2/628/166  1930

File 1930 C/238 Rules under Sec. 7 of Note. No. 122 of 1928 (Black Law).  IOR/R/2/628/167  1930

File 1930 C/257 Claim of Mr.M.R. Patel against the Morvi Darbar.  IOR/R/2/628/168  1930

File 1930 C/258 System of deciding Political suits in the W.I.S. Agency.  IOR/R/2/628/169  1930

File 1930 C/260 Limbdi Thakore Saheb's request that Bombay may be asked to declare Congress bodies etc. illegal in the Barwala villages.  IOR/R/2/628/170  1930

File 1930 C/263 Lathi-proposals from P.A., E.K.A., to hand over his powers to the minor Thakore  IOR/R/2/628/171  1930

File 1931 C/268-A Date of effect of enhanced Import Duty on goods imported in British India through Viramgam custom Lines.  IOR/R/2/628/171A  1931

File 1930 C/270 Alienation of tribute paying lands by Talukdars without sanction - a d.o. issued to-day to Lt. Col. Tate (P.A., W.K.A.) on the subject of office (R.B.) case.  IOR/R/2/628/172  1930

File 1930 C/275 Installation-Investiture-recognition of succession-in non-salute States - Procedure.  IOR/R/2/629/173  1930

File 1930 C/278 Customs - Smuggling of Silver from Cutch.  IOR/R/2/629/173A  1930

File 1930 C/279 War-Instructions regarding action to be taken by Political Officers when war is threatened or declared.  IOR/R/2/629/174  1930

File 1930 C/283 Salutes in Indian States to the Military Adviser-in-Chief, Indian States Forces.  IOR/R/2/629/175  1930

File 1930 C/295 Jews in Maza-i-Sheriff in the pay of the Soviet should be placed under unobtrusive surveillance as soon as they enter India.  IOR/R/2/629/176  1930

File 1931 C/299 Sealing of foreign cloth in Paliad Thana whether permitted by the Irwin-Gandhi settlement 1931.  IOR/R/2/629/177  1931

File 1931 C/301 Civil Disobedience Movement - Remittance of fines under the Irwin Gandhi Pact.  IOR/R/2/629/179  1931

File 1931 C/302 Requisition for Provincial Police to quoll disturbances in Indian States in direct relations with the Govt. of India.  IOR/R/2/629/180  1931

File 1931 C/303 Bhavnagar-Bahwalpur loan.  IOR/R/2/629/181  1931

File 1931 C/304 Miana trouble in Maliya (in April 1931).  IOR/R/2/629/182  1931

File 1931 C/306 Request of Waghella Khanji Anandsinghji of Deodar for enhanced jurisdiction and for raising the status of his State.  IOR/R/2/629/183  1931

File 1931 C/309 Appellation of the Taluka of Darbar Shri Vala Ravat Ram of Bilkha.  IOR/R/2/629/184  1931

File 1931 C/310 Supply of small arm ammunition to Indian States Forces in the case of emergency.  IOR/R/2/629/185  1931

File 1931 C/315 Request of Valas Shri Ram and Vira Mulu of Bagasra for enhancing the jurisdictional powers of their Talukas from personal Vth class to permanent Vth class.  IOR/R/2/629/186  1931

File 1931 C/316 Annual Progress Reports for 1930-31 on the States Forces in W.I.S. Agency.  IOR/R/2/629/187  1931

File 1931 C/317 Representation from Chuhan Pirdanji Gajsinhji of Bhorole under Tharad, for placing his Taluka in direct relationship with the Agency.  IOR/R/2/629/188  1931

File 1931 C/324 Deputation of Mr. E.H.P.Jolly, ICS, JC. WISA. to the Junagadh State for the trial of the murder case of the Mahomedan boy at Verawal.  IOR/R/2/629/189  1931

File 1931 C/325 Question of the representation of India States on the Federal Legislature.  IOR/R/2/629/190  1931

File 1931 C/326 Proposal to appoint the Patdi Ranis as Regents of the State and (apptt. of K.B. Benjamin as Adviser and Manager to the Regents).  IOR/R/2/629/191  1931

File 1931 C/333-31 Jasdan-Proposal to enhance powers of - to old 2nd Class-dynastically.  IOR/R/2/629/192  1931

File 1931 C/334 Thana-Devli: proposal to enhance powers as a personal distinction.  IOR/R/2/629/193  1931

File 1931 C/335 Ceremonies connected with succession in Indian States - a suitable heading to the programme of - relating to Investiture Darbar or formal visit.  IOR/R/2/629/194  1931

File 1931 C/336 Sardargadh-Khan Shri Zabardastkhanji of - Request for separate jurisdiction over his Estate.  IOR/R/2/629/195  1931

File 1931 C/337 Tharad - the Thakore of - re: the birth of a son to his wife Rathodiji under suspicious circumstances - hence his desire to omit it from "Ruling Princes etc.".  IOR/R/2/629/196  1931

File C/337-A Manavadar - Request of the Chief of - for grant of a Salute.  IOR/R/2/629/197  1931

File 1931 C/338 Appeal from K.S. Kesarising of Tharad in the matter of assignment of Giras to him.  IOR/R/2/629/198  1931

File 1931 C/343 Prevention of communal strife- and measures for bringing disorders, when they occur, under control.  IOR/R/2/630/199  1931

File 1931 C/345 Verawal - 5 murders in July 1931 - W.C. Edwards - Temporary transfer of - to Junagadh State for investigations of-  IOR/R/2/630/200  1931

File 1931 C/345-A W.C. Edwards - Loan of the Services to Junagadh State.  IOR/R/2/630/201  1931

File 1931 C/346 K.S. Huseinyavarkhanji's estate - P.A., W.K.A. suggesting the investigation by Agency Police of an accidental death by shooting at Chiklodra by Talukdar's son.  IOR/R/2/630/202  1931

File 1931 C/348 Junagadh State - Verawal murders - Request of - in connection with the trial of - for the services of Messrs. Norman and Jolly - the D. & S.J. and J.C.  IOR/R/2/630/203  1931

File 1931 C/352-A Customs - Imposition of - on goods arriving into maritime States from a British Indian Port - Enquiry of the Burma Shell Oil Co.  IOR/R/2/630/204  1931

File 1935 C/353 Bhavnagar-Alwar Loan.  IOR/R/2/630/205  1935

File 1931 C/354 Acceptance by Capt. James of a gold cigarette case presented to him by the Manavadar Begum.  IOR/R/2/630/206  1931

File 1931 C/366 Bhavnagar-Dhrangadhra loan-Enquiry whether the loan has been paid off in part or in full.  IOR/R/2/630/207  1931

File 1931 C/367 Presentation of the book "Thakore Sahib Shri Daulat Singh of Limbdi, Kathiawar" by Miss Elizabeth Sharpe to His Majesty the Kind Emperor and H.R.H. the Duke of York.  IOR/R/2/630/208  1931

File 1932 C/382 (1) I.S.F. Rules for the supply of mobilization equipment of Indian States Forces. (2) Policy re: admission of I.S. into the -  IOR/R/2/630/209  1932

File 1932 C/386 Cooperation of Indian States in dealing with the Civil Disobedience Movement.  IOR/R/2/630/210  1932

File 1932 C/387 Loan of Rs. 35 lakhs from an Indian gentleman to H.H. of Nawanagar etc.  IOR/R/2/630/211  1932

File 1932 C/392 Customs-Ports-Imports of foreign goods from the Junagadh State across the Viramgam Customs Line.  IOR/R/2/630/212  1932

File 1932 C/393 Representation of the All-India Jati Sudhar Mahar Sabha pleading the cause of the depressed classes and suggesting that the difficulties experienced in Indian States by the representatives have been caused by police under the control of Political authorities and not those of Indian States.  IOR/R/2/630/213  1932

File 1932 C/400 Question of the education of the son of Khan Shri Husseinyawarkhanji of Sardargadh.  IOR/R/2/630/214  1932

File 1932 C/402 Ordinance IV and V of 1932 Proposed application to W.I.S.A.  IOR/R/2/630/215  1932

File 1933 C/404 Dhima and Wao-relation between - P.A., B.K's proposal that the Rana of Wao may be permitted to take away Dhima's jurisdiction and his request for one N.C.O. and six men of the Agency police for service at Dhima.  IOR/R/2/631/216  1933

File 1932 C/408-A Vala Hathia Ram of Jetpur Bilkha - proposed recognition of a tribute paying Talukdar - application of primogeniture to the Ala Vala Estate of D.S.V. Rawat Ram of Jetpur Bilkha, 1934.  IOR/R/2/631/217  1932-1934

File 1932 C/413 Affairs of the Taluka of D.S. Vala Ravat Ram, shareholder of Jetpur - Bilkha.  IOR/R/2/631/218  1932

File 1932 C/413-A Mangrol position in respect of Junagadh as re: their port and other general questions concerning the whole of Junagadh State.  IOR/R/2/631/219  1932

File 1932 C/415-A Agency Police - Law - amendment to Sec. 33(1) (e) of the - in connection with seditious literature.  IOR/R/2/631/220  1932

File 1932 C/416-32-I Promulgation of Ordinances by the Govt. of India and the policy etc., in which these should be given effect to by Local Govts.  IOR/R/2/631/221  1932

File 1936 C/416-32-II Criminal Law Amendment Act 1935.  IOR/R/2/631/222  1936

File 1934 C/416-A-32 Ruling that money orders are not "postal articles" within the meaning of Sec.26 of the Indian Post Office Act and cannot therefore be intercepted under that section. Powers conferred by sec. 15 of the Emergency Powers Ordinances.  IOR/R/2/631/223  1934

File 1932-37 C/417 Procedure for employment of troops in Indian States in aid of the civil powers.  IOR/R/2/631/224  1932-1937

File 1932 C/419 Proposed amendment of sections 73 and 74 of the Indian Penal Code so as to abolish solitary confinement as a Judicial punishment.  IOR/R/2/631/225  1932

File 1932 C/422 Vala Laxman Khoda's request to apply the rule of Primogeniture to his estate and adoption of Hathiawala as heir.  IOR/R/2/631/226  1932

File 1932-35 C/423-I Annual report on Indian States Forces - instructions that it should should under no circumstances be shown to Rulers of States or State officials.  IOR/R/2/631/227  1932-1935

File 1936 C/423-II Annual reports - I.S.F.  IOR/R/2/631/228  1936

File 1932 C/426 Civil Disobedience Movement - Congress note (Dwarkesh Unity Bond) forwarded by Political Agent, W.K. Agency.  IOR/R/2/631/229  1932

File 1932 C/438 Hindu-Muslim disturbance at Keshod (in Junagadh) on the occasion of the Holi procession.  IOR/R/2/631/230  1932

File 1932 C/439-A Pamphlets addressed to Indian Magistracy and Police by the President, B.P.C.C.  IOR/R/2/631/231  1932

File 1932 C/440 Memorial from the Chief of Patdi - P.A., E.K.A. asked to inform the Adviser that it is still pending in Bombay. re: his villages in the Ahmedabad Distt.  IOR/R/2/632/232  1932

File 1932 C/446 Publication of "New Bharat", a new periodical under Communist auspices in London.  IOR/R/2/632/233  1932

File 1932 C/447 Memorial from H.H. the Maharao of Cutch re: his right to prohibit the export of Adhoi produce to Morvi-proposals regarding a lasting settlement of the dispute by the Secretary of State.  IOR/R/2/632/234  1932

File 1932 C/448 Loan-Bhavnagar-Cooch Behar.  IOR/R/2/632/235  1932

File 1932 C/449 Intercepted literature - questions likely to be asked at the Matriculation Examination of the University of Bombay.  IOR/R/2/632/236  1932

File 1932 C/451 Deportation of certain makranis connected with the outlawry of 1928-29.  IOR/R/2/632/237  1932

File 1932 C/458 Indian Military Academy Entrance Examination to be held in July 1932 - Maharaj Kumar Chandrabhanusinhji of Wankaner appearing for - Question to H.H. the Jam Saheb regarding - by the Public Services Commission, India.  IOR/R/2/632/238  1932

File 1932 C/459 Morvi Customs - Their passing 3 lakhs limit and therefore placing in III class.  IOR/R/2/632/239  1932

File 1932 C/464-B Junagadh re: imposing restrictions on trade of Porbandar.  IOR/R/2/632/240  1932

File 1932 C/465 A.G.G's permission to incur expenditure for preparing a memorial by minor K.S. Imamuddin of Pajod to the Secretary of State against the orders of the Govt. of India in the Pajod case.  IOR/R/2/632/241  1932

File 1932 C/473 Virpur-Request of the Chief of - to grant his State dynastic powers of the old III class which the Chief enjoys at present as a personal distinction.  IOR/R/2/632/242  1932

File 1932 C/475 Request of the Chief of Thana Devli for enhancement of his powers to the old II class - personal powers equal to Lakhtar and Sayla granted by Govt.  IOR/R/2/632/243  1932

File 1932 C/476 Ceremonials Committee - forms of invitation - question whether "command invitation" should be issued to A.G.G's Residents by Rulers of Indian States.  IOR/R/2/632/244  1932

File 1932 C/478 Procedure for calling out the Royal Naval Reserve in India.  IOR/R/2/632/245  1932

File 1932 C/479 Request of Vala Giga Hipa, Talukdar of Sanala, (shareholder of Jetpur - Sanala) for enhancement of powers.  IOR/R/2/632/246  1932

File 1932 C/481 2 criminal complaints against the Chief of Sardargadh by the Vahivatdar of K.S. Zabardastkhanji in connection with the accounts of the majmu village of Limbuda.  IOR/R/2/632/247  1932

File 1932 C/484 Visit of Prince Bahauddin, son of Prince Samy Bey of Turkey to India to obtain some permanent employment.  IOR/R/2/632/248  1932

File 1932 C/485 Proposal to enhance the jurisdictional powers of Vala Shri Naja Manasia, shareholder of Jetpur-Mendarda, to those of V class as a personal distinction.  IOR/R/2/632/249  1932

File 1932 C/486 Request of the Chief of Manavadar for enhancement of the powers, status of the State and for a gun salute.  IOR/R/2/632/250  1932

File 1932 C/491 Alleged publication of Congress bulletins and patrikas in the Junagadh State and their interception in 1933 from States.  IOR/R/2/632/251  1932

File 1932 C/495 Committee on ceremonials.  IOR/R/2/632/252  1932

File 1932 C/496 Procedure re: passport - proposed changes.  IOR/R/2/632/253  1932

File 1932 C/498 Bhavnagar-Kapurthala loan.  IOR/R/2/632/254  1932

File 1932 C/501 Representation of the Chief of Lathi for enhanced powers.  IOR/R/2/632/255  1932

File 1932 C/503 Attachment of "Liaison" Officers to the Indian States Forces units in the event of Civil disturbance in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/633/256  1932

File 1932 C/507 Communal award.  IOR/R/2/633/257  1932

File 1932 C/508 Complaints against the Dhrangadhra Darbar by the Dhrangadhra Praja Mandals re: new city survey in Halvad alleged to be for the purposes of increasing taxes etc.  IOR/R/2/633/258  1932

File 1932 C/513 Figures of daily effective strengths of personnel required in connection with the League of Nations Disarmament Conference at Geneva.  IOR/R/2/633/259  1932

File 1932 C/515 H.H. Morvi's bequest to his son of a certain sum. Witnessed by Hon'ble Sir H. Peel with a sealed cover in the file.  IOR/R/2/633/259A  1932

File 1932 C/516 Jasdan's representation for membership of the Chamber of Princes.  IOR/R/2/633/260  1932

File 1932 C/518 Passport to Switzerland - scrutiny of - on account of the "International Congress against Imperialist War" held at Geneva on 28.7.1932 and 1.8.1932.  IOR/R/2/633/261  1932

File 1932 C/520 Employment of Regular Troops in Indian States to quell civil disturbances - the Officer commanding the Imperial Troops to be in command of the States Forces who should be placed under the Army Act and the Indian Army Act - cost of the Imperial Troops to be paid by the Darbar.  IOR/R/2/633/262  1932

File 1932 C/521 Annual Review of the working of the Indian States Forces for 1931-32, 32-33 & 33-34.  IOR/R/2/633/263  1932-1934

File 1932 C/521-A Annual report on Indian States Forces for 1931-32.  IOR/R/2/633/264  1932

File 1932 C/526 Question whether the Limbdi Darbar were likely to raise the B Class platoon sanctioned by Government in the near future.  IOR/R/2/633/265  1932

File 1932 C/530 Chamber of Princes - Proposed joint representation of the old III and IV class States for direct membership of and for full powers, gun salutes, mode of address etc.  IOR/R/2/633/266  1932

File 1932 C/540-A Morvi some considerations on Morvi's status and dignity - a note for record.  IOR/R/2/633/267  1932

File 1932 C/540-A States' and Talukas - Question of styling the old III and IV class Talukas as "States".  IOR/R/2/633/268  1932

File 1932 C/542 Letter from Government of the United States of India, Government House, Bombay to Rajkot Darbar to withdraw Govt. currency notes and issue State notes instead.  IOR/R/2/633/269  1932

File 1932 C/544 Round Table Conference 1932 - Invitations to Rulers to send delegates to the - to represent their cases.  IOR/R/2/633/270  1932

File 1932 C/546-32 Establishment of direct political relations between the Govt. of India and the States of the Bombay Presidency.  IOR/R/2/634/271  1932

File 1932 C/546-A Asstt. Secy's notes on the above.  IOR/R/2/634/272  1932

File 1932 C/549 Russian Oil - Attempts of the Soviet authorities to establish branches of Russian Oil products in India-Intelligence Bureau's enquiry re: firms dealing in  IOR/R/2/634/273  1932

File 1934 C/555-II Cutch-Preventive Line.  IOR/R/2/634/274  1934

File 1935 C/555-III Agreements in original signed by States, Estates on Cutch Preventive Line - 1934-35.  IOR/R/2/634/275  1934-1935

File 1932 C/553-32 Interception of communist literature under Sec. 19 of the Sea Customs Act.  IOR/R/2/634/276  1932

File 1932 C/554 Duties of the military when called out in aid of the civil power - Ruling on certain points which arose during the communal riots in Bombay in May and June 1932.  IOR/R/2/634/277  1932

File 1933 C/555-32 P.I Collector of Salt, Bombay - Proposal to set up outposts at certain places in Santalpur Thana and Radhanpur on the way from Cutch against the smuggling of liquors, silver, bullion etc.etc. imported by land from Cutch.  IOR/R/2/634/278  1933

File 1932 C/556 Home Department - Govt. of India - certain correspondence, sent for information between Polindia - Govt. of India - Gandhi.  IOR/R/2/634/279  1932

File 1932 C/558 Palanpur - H.H.'s desire to transfer his relations from this Agency to Rajputana Agency - also re: transfer of B.K. Agency H.Q.  IOR/R/2/634/280  1932

File 1932 C/559 H.J. Stowitts-an American citizen Activities of - wanting to dispose of pictures to H.H. Jaipur  IOR/R/2/634/281  1932

File 1932 C/559-A Proscribed literature - from Ghadir sources - under Sea Customs Act.  IOR/R/2/634/282  1932

File 1933 C/579-33 Junagadh-sugar monopoly rebate of customs on sugar granted by -- as a monopoly  IOR/R/2/634/283  1933

File 1933 C/581-A Federation of India-Smaller Estates. Various aspects of Federation --of-- discussion by Dewan and Resident Baroda &c.  IOR/R/2/634/284  1933

File 1933 C/582-A Wankaner - Conferment of hereditary title of Maharaja  IOR/R/2/635/285  1933

File 1933 C/585-33 Khari-Bagasra-Succession on the death of V.S. Ram Harsur who died issueless.  IOR/R/2/635/286  1933

File 1933 C/586-33 Death of H.H. Sir Ranjitsinhji and succession of Digvijaysinhji as Jam Sahib of Nawanagar.  IOR/R/2/635/286A  1933

File 1933 C/589 Valasna, Sthamba, Kadoli and Prempur - Enhancement of jurisdictional powers of - in the old Mahi Kantha Agency.  IOR/R/2/635/287  1933

File 1933 C/589-A Gondal-Porbandar-Grant of running powers to the Porbandar State railway over the Gondal Rly.  IOR/R/2/635/288  1933

File 1936 C/589-A.3 III Suggested Political Agreement between Porbandar and Gondal in Railway matters.  IOR/R/2/636/289  1936

File 1933 C/593 Legislation to protect the Indian States from agitation in Br. India directed against the State administration.  IOR/R/2/636/290  1933

File 1933 C/594 Tharad and Wao - Relations between - P.A.'s report.  IOR/R/2/636/291  1933

File 1933 C/597 Vala Shri Champraj Jasa. (1) Application of rule of primogeniture (2) Enhancement of the powers of the Taluka of - from personal fifth to dynastic fifth class.  IOR/R/2/636/292  1933

File 1933 C/599 Vala Shri Unad Rana - Enhancement of the jurisdictional powers of - Jetpur - Chital.  IOR/R/2/636/293  1933

File 1933 C/602 Late Jam Saheb of Nawanagar - Property of - in the United Kingdom.  IOR/R/2/636/294  1933

File 1933 C/604 Claim of Mr. B.R. Kagal against the Vala State.  IOR/R/2/636/295  1933

File 1933 C/605 Claim of Kumar Lakhubha Jadeja to the gadi of - Nawanagar State.  IOR/R/2/636/296  1933

File 1933 C/606 Sayla State - the status of - Request for a salute of nine guns.  IOR/R/2/636/297  1933

File 1933 C/607 Newspaper reports re: maladministration. Junagadh. Mr. Cadell's (Dewan's) reports about affairs in - and his taking 6 weeks' leave to go to Kashmir.  IOR/R/2/636/298  1933

File 1933 C/611 Visits to Afghanistan of British ladies - Closing of Kabul-Torkhan road.  IOR/R/2/636/299  1933

File 1933 C/613 Lothian Report - on the constitutional position of the States of B. & O. and C.P.  IOR/R/2/636/300  1933

File 1933 C/616 Subhas Chandra Bose - Prohibition against the bringing into British India of any copy of the speech by-read at the Political Conference at London on 10th June 1933.  IOR/R/2/636/301  1933

File 1933 C/617 Indian States - Desirability of bringing matters of a communal nature in Indian States promptly to the notice of the Govt. of India.  IOR/R/2/636/302  1933

File 1933 C/619 Mr. M.K. Gandhi - Arrest of - on 1.8.1933 and his proposed visit to Kathiawar in June 1934.  IOR/R/2/636/303  1933

File 1933 C/620 Mangrol - Cow-killing and music before mosques.  IOR/R/2/637/304  1933

File 1933 C/621 Dhrangadhra - Request of the Darbar for a loan of Rs.45 lakhs from Government.  IOR/R/2/637/305  1933

File 1933 C/625 Sabar Kantha Agency - Recommendations for the better administration of the old Mahi Kantha and Banas Kantha Agencies.  IOR/R/2/637/306  1933

File 1933 C/630 Gujarat and Deccan Agencies - Proposal to hold an informal conference with the Rulers of Indian States in - on the question of village uplift - by H.E. the Governor of Bombay.  IOR/R/2/637/307  1933

File 1933 C/634 Nawanagar - Alleged ill-treatment of Mr. Pestonji M. Karenjia by the Jam Saheb.  IOR/R/2/638/308  1933

File 1933 C/636 Ambaliara - Recommendation of the Chief by the P.A., S.K.A. for higher precedence but refused by the A.G.G.  IOR/R/2/638/309  1933

File 1933 C/639 Honorary Army Rank - H.H. Jam Saheb - Jam Saheb Shri Digvijay-sinhji recommended for the rank of Lt.Col. by A.G.G. (Col. Tate) in September 1933.  IOR/R/2/638/310  1933

File 1933 C/641 Reforms in Indian States - The extent to which reforms have been made in Indian States as regards Civil List. High Courts and Legislative bodies.  IOR/R/2/638/311  1933

File 1933 C/642 Nawanagar - Revision of the Memoranda on Indian States - the portion relating to Nawanagar.  IOR/R/2/638/312  1933

File 1933 C/643 Varahi, Malek Shri Jorawarkhanji's memorial to the Govt. of India in the matter of his claim to jurisdiction over the Varahi Thana circle, 1932.  IOR/R/2/638/313  1932-1933

File 1934 C/644 Patdi-Request of the Patdi State for the withdrawal of the superintendence of the Court of Wards from the Zilla villages.  IOR/R/2/638/314  1934

File 1934 C/645 Nawanagar - Request for foregoing of interest claimed by Government for delay in paying over to Government the amounts realised as duty on goods passing the Viramgam line.  IOR/R/2/639/315  1934

File 1934 C/650 Sheikh of Mangrol - Request from the Nawab of Junagadh that the Sheikh of Mangrol may be called "Sheikh Saheb".  IOR/R/2/639/316  1934

File 1934 C/651 Khari-Bagasra Succession.  IOR/R/2/639/317  1934

File 1934 C/652 Sovereignty and jurisdiction over railway lands.  IOR/R/2/639/317A  1934

File 1934 C/653 Indian States - Protection of the rights of the Indian States in the Federal and Provincial fields under the new Constitution.  IOR/R/2/639/318  1934

File 1934 C/654 Rebates of Customs duty - Kathiawar ports. The general prevalence at Kathiawar ports of giving rebates on oil etc. Conference of 3 States of Morvi, Porbandar, Junagadh in Decr. 1934.  IOR/R/2/639/319  1934

File 1934 C/657 Sardargadh Commission of enquiry rewards - Recommendation of the D.I.G.P., W.I.S.A. for rewards to Mr. P.L. Cudgar, R.S. Mohanlal K. Kothari, R.B. Harishanker J. Ravel, R.S. Mohanlal Keshavlal, Mr. Chhelshanker Dave of Junagadh, Salim Adam Fouzdar and Dalsukhram Dhirajram of Sardargadh in connection with the Sardargadh Commission of Enquiry case.  IOR/R/2/639/320  1934

File 1934 C/660 Khirasra-Precedence of - Question of the - in the seating arranged for the III and IV class Chiefs at A.G.G's investiture held on 8th March 1934. Also representation from Chief recd. in July 1934 and treated in D. Br.  IOR/R/2/639/321  1934

File 1934 C/665 Customs duty-Junagadh-Pithadia-Proposed agreement between Junagadh and Pithadia to share the customs duty on kerosene and petrol supplied by the former to the latter.  IOR/R/2/639/322  1934

File 1934 C/668-I Bhavnagar-Land Customs Line-Termination of the arrangements between Bhavnagar and the Govt. of India.  IOR/R/2/639/323  1934

File 1934 C/668-II Bhavnagar-Land Customs Line - Termination of the arrangements between Bhavnagar and the Govt. of India. Invoice system.  IOR/R/2/639/324  1934

File 1934 C/668-III Bhavnagar treaty rights.  IOR/R/2/639/325  1934

File 1934 C/668-IV Bhavnagar-Form of invoices prescribed for foreign imported goods imported into Br. India.  IOR/R/2/639/326  1934

File 1934 C/668-V Bhavnagar-Applicability of the invoice system to split up consignments of foreign goods from Bhavnagar across Viramgam.  IOR/R/2/640/327  1934

File 1934 C/673 Rajpur Taluka - (1) Application of primogeniture to - (2) Request for enhancement of powers.  IOR/R/2/640/328  1934

File 1934 C/676 Nawanagar - Seaplane route - Trans-India seaplane route for times of emergency, Salaya in Nawanagar to be used as a landing stage. No ceding land or jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/640/329  1934

File 1934 C/677 Customs - Ports - Jafrabad and Porbandar - Passing of - into the III stage and required to pay duty.  IOR/R/2/640/330  1934

File 1934 C/678-I Ports-Customs-Proposed conference of Maritime States of Kathiawar (also Kath. Chamber of Commerce).  IOR/R/2/640/330A  1934

File 1934 C/678-II(2 vols.) Govt. of India's orders regarding arrangements to put a stop to the payment of rebates of customs duty by the maritime States.  IOR/R/2/640/331  1934

File 1934 C/678-III Port Charges Conference. Vol 1  IOR/R/2/640/332  1934

File 1934 C/678-III Port Charges Conference Vol 2  IOR/R/2/641/332  1934

File 1934 C/678-V Arrangements to prevent the ingress of goods from Cutch east of Dhrangadhra without payment of full customs duty at Br. Indian Tariff rates.  IOR/R/2/641/333  1934

File 1934 C/678-IV Kathiawar customs arrangements: Jafrabad & Janjira.  IOR/R/2/641/334  1935-1936

File 1934 C/678-VI Import into Br. India of dutiable goods by parcel post.  IOR/R/2/641/335  1934

File 1934 C/678-VII Porbandar's claim for increase of customs maximum to Rs. 5 lakhs.  IOR/R/2/641/336  1934

File 1934 C/678-VIII Smuggling of foreign cloth through the limits of the Junagadh State.  IOR/R/2/641/337  1934

File 1934 C/680 Nawanagar. Arbitration Award.  IOR/R/2/642/337A  1934

File 1934 C/681 Indian Territorial Force Units - Reduction.  IOR/R/2/642/338  1934

File 1934 C/682 Lady Irwin College for Women-Appeal for funds in aid of -  IOR/R/2/642/339  1934

File 1934 C/684 Wadhwan-T.S. Jorawarsinhji - death on 26.7.34. Arrangements for administration owing to minority of son.  IOR/R/2/642/340  1934

File 1934 C/684(1) Wadhwan-Minority administration - Sale of Race Horses of the late Thakore Saheb.  IOR/R/2/642/341  1934

File 1934 C/684(2) Wadhwan - Applications for the post of Administrator and Members of Council.  IOR/R/2/642/342  1934

File 1934 C/684(3) Wadhwan - Correspondence of P.A., E.K.A. with the Chief Karbhari, regarding detailed internal administration.  IOR/R/2/642/343  1934

File 1935 C/684(7)-35 Wadhwan-Question of the residence of the Rani Saheba and for the disposal of securities and ornaments.  IOR/R/2/642/344  1935

File 1935 C/684(9) Wadhwan-marriages of K.S. Sursinhji and K.S. Harischandrasinhji, brothers of the late T.S. of - provision of Rs.50.000/- current year's budget.  IOR/R/2/642/345  1935

File 1935 C/684(10) Questions of the purchase by the Wadhwan State of a cotton grinning and pressing mill from M/S Whittle & Co.  IOR/R/2/642/346  1935

File 1934 C/685 Bhavnagar-Sachin-Loan of Rs. 3½ lakhs said to have been sanctioned by the Govt. of India.  IOR/R/2/642/347  1934

File 1934 C/686(A) Cutch-Roha-Clash between the Cutch police and followers of the Roha Jagirdar.  IOR/R/2/642/348  1934

File 1934 C/690 Viceroy's visit - Particulars of the Air Landing ground at Himatnagar, Idar State, for landing of H.E. the Viceroy's aeroplane (1) Idar (2) Bhuj (3) Porbandar.  IOR/R/2/642/349  1934

File 1934 C/694 Nawanagar - H.H. of - and his two brothers Capt. Himatsinhji & Lt. Pratapsinhji of - proposal that they should be permitted to be attached to their late units in the Indian Army occasionally and undergo short periods of training.  IOR/R/2/642/350  1934

File 1934 C/696 Mansa-Grant of the title of "Rajratna" by the Raolji of Mansa to his subjects. Objection raised by the Baroda Darbar.  IOR/R/2/642/351  1934

File 1934 C/697 Wireless sets - Licenses for wireless Transmitting sets.  IOR/R/2/642/352  1934

File 1934 C/698 Gavridad Taluka - Talukdar's request for some arrangement of future administration of - in event of his death since his grandson is a minor - Regency, etc. also a proposal to abdicate etc.  IOR/R/2/642/353  1934

File 1934 C/699 Limbdi-Newspaper Roshni-Asking to address P.M.G. to cooperate in banning - from -  IOR/R/2/642/354  1934

File 1934 C/704 Hereditary titles - Procedure for the recognition of -  IOR/R/2/642/355  1934

File 1934 C/707 Nawanagar loan of Rs.40 lakhs from the Baroda State.  IOR/R/2/642/356  1934

File 1934 C/709 Federation - Report of the Joint Parliamentary Committee. Attitude of the States towards -  IOR/R/2/643/357  1934

File 1934 C/710 Wankaner - Relative precedence of - Request for redress of grievance regarding gun salute.  IOR/R/2/643/358  1934

File 1934 C/713 Junagadh-Pithadia loan - Consent of the Govt. of India to a loan of Rs.1 lakh by Junagadh to Vala Mulu Surag, Chief of Pithadia.  IOR/R/2/643/359  1934

File 1934 C/714 Virpur-Nawanagar - Complaint of Virpur against Nawanagar that the Jam Saheb ordered the dismantling of telephones erected by agreement in Virpur, and shooting of panther.  IOR/R/2/643/360  1934

File 1934 C/715 Presentation of two cigarette cases by H.H. the Jam Saheb to Messrs. Monteath and Edwards of the Junagadh State.  IOR/R/2/643/361  1934

File 1934 C/719 Wankaner-Jobat. Proposed betrothal of H.H. of Wankaner's daughter to the minor Rana Saheb of Jobat in the Central India Agency.  IOR/R/2/643/362  1934

File 1935 C/722 H.H. the Prime Minister of Nepal - Visit of - to Dwarka.  IOR/R/2/643/363  1935

File 1935 C/725 Maliya Taluka - Request of - for enhancement of jurisdiction from old 4th to 3rd.  IOR/R/2/643/364  1935

File 1935 C/726 Proposal for the grant of jurisdiction to Vala Laxman Khoda and others of the Ala Vala group of shareholders of Jetpur-Bilkha and grant to Laxman Khoda only.  IOR/R/2/643/365  1935

File 1935 C/728 Radhanpur State - Request of - for higher salute.  IOR/R/2/643/366  1935

File 1935 C/729 Jalia-Dewani - Information regarding the character of the Talukdar of -  IOR/R/2/643/367  1935

File 1935 C/731 Passport control by the Police on arrival of the B.I.S.N. East African mail at Bhavnagar & Porbandar.  IOR/R/2/643/368  1935

File 1935 C/734 Estate of V.S. Harsur Vajsur - Placing of - under the jurisdiction of the Jetpur Taluka Court.  IOR/R/2/643/369  1935

File 1935 C/735 British Troops to be maintained in plains stations during the summer of 1935.  IOR/R/2/643/370  1935

File 1935 C/736 King's silver Jubilee Medal - Distribution of Silver Medals to Officers and Indian States.  IOR/R/2/643/371  1935

File 1935 C/738 Prison Medals - Jail staff may be awarded with Imperial Service Medal or Medal of the O.B.E. instead of special prison medals.  IOR/R/2/644/372  1935

File 1935 C/740 Mayapadar-Application of primogeniture to the estate of & enhencement of powers.  IOR/R/2/644/373  1935

File 1935 C/751 Chamber of Princes - Proposals for changes in the constitution and functions of the - H.H. the Maharao of Cutch on the proposals.  IOR/R/2/644/374  1935

File 1935 C/758 Alarmist and objectionable telegrams by political agitators in connection with the Quetta earthquake.  IOR/R/2/644/375  1935

File 1935 C/764-A Transfer of headquarters of Sabar Kantha Agency from Palanpur to Sadra.  IOR/R/2/644/376  1935

File 1935 C/766 Parts I and II. Federation of non-jurisdictional Talukas - Attempt of the Baroda, Lathi and Bhavnagar States to secure the Talukdars and Bhagdars of Songadh under the Baroda Raj in Federation.  IOR/R/2/644/377  1935

File 1935 C/766 Parts I and II Attempt of the Talukdars & Bhagdars of Kathiawar to draft a constitution for the non-jurisdictional estates under Federation.  IOR/R/2/644/378  1935

File 1935 C/769-A Nawanager-Grant of 1st Class Order of Merit to K.B. M.R. Kothawala.  IOR/R/2/644/379  1935

File 1935 C/772 Mangrol-Alleged proselytising activities in -  IOR/R/2/644/380  1935

File 1935 C/774 Baroda Tributaries - Adjustment of relations with Baroda tributaries.  IOR/R/2/644/381  1935

File 1935 C/775 Withholding of pensions of military pensioners who indulge in subversive activities against the Govt. of the State in which they reside.  IOR/R/2/644/382  1935

File 1935 C/776-I Sardargadh - Exchanges recommended between the two branches and jurisdiction to Zabardastkhanji.  IOR/R/2/644/383  1935

File 1935 C/777 Customs - Report by the Officer deputed to Kathiawar to ascertain the wholesale and retain prices of certain commodities.  IOR/R/2/644/384  1935

File 1935 C/785 Nawanagar - Pithadia Loan of Rs.7 Lakhs.  IOR/R/2/644/384A  1935

File 1935 C/786 War-Italian-Abyssinia-Re: action to be taken with regard to Italian ships of war.  IOR/R/2/644/385  1935

File 1935 C/790 Khari-Bagasra - Question of the enhancement of the powers of V.S. Ram Mulu.  IOR/R/2/645/386  1935

File 1935 C/793 Barwala - Application of the rule of Primogeniture to the Taluka of V.S. Bhan Desa, Talukdar of -  IOR/R/2/645/387  1935

File 1935 C/795 Visits of Ruling Princes and Chiefs to foreign countries.  IOR/R/2/645/388  1935

File 1936 C/798 H.H. the Jam Saheb's request to be allowed to purchase the Porbandar State Railway because half of the railway line is in Nawanagar territory and the land was given free.  IOR/R/2/645/389  1936

File 1936 C/801 Administered areas in Indian States - Purposes for which jurisdiction has been ceded to the British Govt.  IOR/R/2/645/390  1936

File 1936 C/807 Rulers visiting Delhi or Bombay on the departure of H.E. the Viceroy Lord Willingdon and arrival of Lord Linlithgow.  IOR/R/2/645/391  1936

File 1936 C/808 Book entitled "Political Trouble in India" by J.C. Ker, I.C.S. to be retained by A.G.G.  IOR/R/2/645/392  1936

File 1936 C/819 Warahi State - Request made to A.G.G. for the grant of dynastic powers of the old IVth class.  IOR/R/2/645/393  1936

File 1936 C/820 Warahi State - Depositing with A.G.G. his will and declaration as regards succession and administration of his State in case of death.  IOR/R/2/645/394  1936

File 1936 C/821 Position of Railway Lands after the introduction of the new constitution.  IOR/R/2/645/395  1936

File 1936 C/822 Sardargadh - Recognition of K.S. Zabardastkhanji of Sardargadh as a separate tribute-paying Talukdar.  IOR/R/2/645/396  1936

File 1936 C/823 Rajkumar College - and Talukdari Girassia College - Affiliation of -  IOR/R/2/645/397  1936

File 1936 C/833 Wankaner Vs. Sachin - Relative precedence of the Rulers of -  IOR/R/2/645/398  1936

File 1936 C/836 Federation - Conference of Rulers and representatives at Rajkot on 4.5.36 re: engagement of Counsels in connection with work for federation scheme.  IOR/R/2/645/399  1936

File 1936 C/827 Federation - Attitude of Indian States towards enquiry from Polindia.  IOR/R/2/645/400  1936

File 1936 C/842 Confidential memorandum of Instructions as to the reception of Heads of States and other distinguished foreigners on visits to the Colonies, Protectorates and Mandated territories. Procedure for the reception of distinguished foreign visitors.  IOR/R/2/645/401  1936

File 1936 C/844 Ilol - Friction between Shiahs and Sunnis over prayers in a mosque.  IOR/R/2/645/402  1936

File 1936 C/845 Nawanagar-Mulu Wala - Future potential proposed exchange of Jetpur between.  IOR/R/2/645/403  1936

File 1936 C/848 Federation - Framework of Federation from the point of view of the States.  IOR/R/2/645/404  1936

File 1936 C/852 Grant of Honorary commissions - Lt. Major and Captain respectively to Bhavnagar, Dhrangadhra and Junagadh-proposals recd. from Mil. Adviser in Chief by Polindia.  IOR/R/2/645/405  1936

File 1936 C/859 Smuggling of dutiable goods across the Cutch Preventive line by the Talukdars of Soneth.  IOR/R/2/645/406  1936

File 1936 C/860 Patdi-Affray in -  IOR/R/2/645/407  1936

File 1936 C/862-I Special representatives tour - proposed tour programme of -  IOR/R/2/645/408  1936

File 1936 C/862-A Accession of the Cutch State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/646/409  1936

File 1936 C/862-C Accession of Junagadh State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/646/410  1936

File 1936 C/862-D Accession of Nawanagar State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/646/411  1936

File 1936 C/862-E Accession of Bhavnagar State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/646/412  1936

File 1936 C/862-F Accession of the Porbandar State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/646/413  1936

File 1936 C/862-G Accession of Dhrangadhra State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/647/414  1936

File 1936 C/862-H Accession of Radhanpur State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/647/415  1936

File 1936 C/862-I Accession of Morvi State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/647/416  1936

File 1936 C/862-J Accession of Gondal State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/647/417  1936

File 1936 C/862-K Accession of Wankaner State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/647/418  1936

File 1936 C/862-L Accession of Palitana State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/647/419  1936

File 1936 C/862-M Accession of Dhrol State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/648/420  1936

File 1936 C/862-N Accession of Limbdi State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/648/421  1936

File 1936 C/862-O Accession of Rajkot State to Federation.  IOR/R/2/648/422  1936

File 1936 C/864 Patdi-Question of the enhancement of the powers of the Patdi State.  IOR/R/2/648/423  1936

File 1936 C/865 Dhrangadhra - Allegations by the Dhrangadhra State Peoples Conference against the Dhrangadhra State.  IOR/R/2/648/424  1936

File 1936 C/871 Baroda Ports and Salt Case.  IOR/R/2/648/425  1936

File 1936 C/874 Pithadia - Education of the minor Chief.  IOR/R/2/648/426  1936

File 1936 C/876 Federation - Procedure for the periodical valuation of immunities, the value of which is fluctuating or uncertain.  IOR/R/2/648/427  1936

File 1936 C/877 Federation - Mangrol - The position of Mangrol in Federation.  IOR/R/2/648/428  1936

File 1936 C/883 Likelihood of the Radhanpur Darbar claiming jurisdiction over the villages of Ganjesar, Undi and Lodhra in Varahi.  IOR/R/2/648/429  1936

File 1936 C/884 Rank of H.E. the Viceroy's Special Representatives for Federal negotiations in the Warrant of Precedence.  IOR/R/2/648/430  1936

File 1936 C/888 Opium - Smuggling of opium from Junagadh and Jetpur across the Viramgam customs line to Bombay.  IOR/R/2/648/431  1936

File 1936 C/890 Federation - Federal High Court and Judges.  IOR/R/2/648/432  1936

File 1936 C/893 Visit of H.E. Lord Brabourne, Governor of Bombay to Limbdi in Decr. 1936  IOR/R/2/648/433  1936

File 1936 C/898 Assistance by the Posts and Telegraphs Deptt. in connection with elections to the Provincial legislatures under the new constitution.  IOR/R/2/649/434  1936

File 1936 C/899 Death of Nawab of Radhampur and succession of his cousin's son Murtaza Khan.  IOR/R/2/649/434A  1936

File 1936 C/904- Acceptance by Ruling Princes and Chiefs and their subjects of foreign decorations and award by them of their decorations to foreigners.  IOR/R/2/649/435  1936

File 1936 C/910 Postal system of the States in Kathiawar and Gujarat for conveyance of orders and receipt of reports between headquarters and outlying officers.  IOR/R/2/649/436  1936

File 1936 C/911 German Espionage in India.  IOR/R/2/649/437  1936

File 1937 C/915 Federation - Extra-territorial rights and privileges which the States desire to protect on the establishment of -  IOR/R/2/649/438  1937

File 1937 C/916 Jasdan - Recommendation for the title of Raja.  IOR/R/2/649/439  1937

File 1937 C/918 Delegation from the University of Cairo to India.  IOR/R/2/649/440  1937

File 1937 C/924 Faizpur Congress Resolution regarding "Independence Day Pledge.  IOR/R/2/649/441  1937

File 1937 C/933 Loan of Rs.53 lakhs by the Dhrangadhra State from the Bhavnagar State.  IOR/R/2/649/442  1937

File 1937 C/936 Nawanagar - Report of a rebate granted by the Nawanagar Darbar on sugar and the question of a Political Officer to make the necessary enquiry according to the customs agreement.  IOR/R/2/649/443  1937

File 1937 C/938 Precedence - List of - Ruling Princes (both salute & non-salute) classified according to provincial order of precedence.  IOR/R/2/649/444  1937

File 1937 C/942 Federation - Joint record of the opinions of the Special representatives (original file taken by Sir C. Latimer to Delhi).  IOR/R/2/649/445  1937

File 1937 C/945 1 to 5 Coronation Medals. Correspondence with the Political Department.  IOR/R/2/650/446  1937

File C/948 Federation - Polindia's enquiry re: existing rights etc. of States in this Agency on coinage and currency -  IOR/R/2/650/447  1937

File 1937 C/949 Forfeiture of the Book - "Spain: The first flame of World Revolution" in Gujarati - published in Rajkot State - D.I.G's proposal to -  IOR/R/2/650/448  1937

File 1937 C/969 Vala Shri Unad Rana - Talukdar of Nadala and Vala Vajsur Valera - asking for higher jurisdiction etc. as a result of Jetpur exchanges.  IOR/R/2/650/449  1937

File 1937 C/979 Baroda customs and salt agreement April 1936.  IOR/R/2/650/450  1937

File 1937 C/1014 Federation - Summary of points arising out of the federal negotiations with States and the views of Government on them.  IOR/R/2/650/451  1937

File 1937 C/1026 Tharad - Caste Panchayat system and complaint or Agency interference in the internal administration of the Tharad State.  IOR/R/2/650/452  1937

File 1938 C/13-38 Aligarh University - Financial support for -  IOR/R/2/650/453  1938

File 1938 C/26 Morvi-Enquiry whether Navlakhi will be a regular port of call for Anchor Line vessels.  IOR/R/2/650/454  1938

File 1938 C/29 Sayla - Estrangement between the Thakore Saheb & his son and grandson.  IOR/R/2/650/455  1938

File 1938 C/46 Representation from H.H. the Maharao of Cutch regarding his rights over the Adhoi enclave and its bearing in Federation.  IOR/R/2/650/456  1938

File 1938 C/67 Federation-Constitution of a Council of Rulers.  IOR/R/2/650/457  1938

File 1938 C/70 Anida-Application for enhancement of jurisdictional powers.  IOR/R/2/650/458  1938

File 1938 C/71 Alidhra - Application for enhancement of jurisdictional powers.  IOR/R/2/650/459  1938

File 1938 C/81 Congress propaganda against the Baroda scheme.  IOR/R/2/650/460  1938

File 1938 C/83 Sayla - Death of Thakor Saheb Shri Medarsinhji.  IOR/R/2/651/461  1938

File 1938 C/95 Vala - Miscellaneous. Agitation against -  IOR/R/2/651/462  1938

File 1938 C/122 Khijadia - Application of rule of primogeniture to the Khijadia Taluka.  IOR/R/2/651/463  1938

File 1938 C/158 War (i) Persons and firms sympathetic to German, Italian and Japanese interests. (ii) arrivals of Germans, Italians, and Japanese at Indian Ports.  IOR/R/2/651/464  1938

File 1938 C/159 War-Censorship of overseas postal and telegraphic communications.  IOR/R/2/651/465  1938

File 1938 C/162 Interception of the pamphlet "Appeal to the Muslim World from the Egyptian Supreme Committee for the Defence of Palestine".  IOR/R/2/651/466  1938

File 1938 C/168 Federation - Feudatories whose territories are to be excluded from accession to the Federation of their suzerain Rulers.  IOR/R/2/651/467  1938

File 1938 C/175 Deodar - Representation of Waghela Shri Viramsinhji of Deodar for enhancement of his jurisdictional powers.  IOR/R/2/651/468  1938

File 1938 C/190 Federation - Execution by States of Instrument of Accession.  IOR/R/2/651/469  1938

File 1938 C/191 Defence - Invitation to States to send their views on States Forces to the Chatfield Committee on Indian Defence.  IOR/R/2/651/470  1938

File 1938 C/197 War-Naval mobilization in the East Indies Station.  IOR/R/2/651/471  1938

File 1938 C/201 Appointment of I.P.S. Officers to the Army in India Reserve of Officers.  IOR/R/2/651/472  1938

File 1938 C/211 Bhavnagar - Appointment of Lt.Col. Bapubha as honorary A.D.C. to H.E. the Viceroy.  IOR/R/2/651/473  1938

File 1938 C/212 Idar - Presentation by H.H. the Maharaja of Idar to the Residency of a portrait of Queen Victoria.  IOR/R/2/651/474  1938

File 1939 C/24 Appointments of experts in military, medical and forestry for States.  IOR/R/2/651/475  1939

File 1939 C/148 Adesar - Request for enhancement of the powers of the Talukdar of -  IOR/R/2/651/476  1939

File 1939 C/169 Reports of the Internal Political situation in Baluchistan.  IOR/R/2/651/477  1939

File 1939 C/202 Valasna - Enhancement of jurisdictional powers of the Thakore of -  IOR/R/2/651/478  1939

File 1939 C/203 War - Safeguarding of industries and trade of India in time of -  IOR/R/2/651/479  1939

File 1939 C/205 War - survey of activities of Germans, Italians and Japanese.  IOR/R/2/651/480  1939

File 1939 C/216 Arms - Smuggling of arms manufactured in Cutch.  IOR/R/2/651/481  1939

File 1939 C/220 Lists of German, Italian and Japanese firms doing business in India.  IOR/R/2/651/482  1939

File 1939 C/283 War - Question of increase of police forces in -  IOR/R/2/651/483  1939

File 1939 C/289 Army - Appointment of H.H. the Raj Saheb of Dhrangadhra as an Hon. Officer of the 3rd Cavalry. Jubbulpore.  IOR/R/2/651/484  1939

File 1939 C/302 War - arrival of suspicious Czechs.  IOR/R/2/651/485  1939

File 1939 C/308 War-Treatment of Italians and Japanese.  IOR/R/2/651/486  1939

File 1939 C/309 War-Anti-recruitment propaganda.  IOR/R/2/651/487  1939

File 1939 C/327 War-Censorship of correspondence addressed to non-internees in enemy countries.  IOR/R/2/651/488  1939

File 1939 C/330 War-cooperation of Indian States Forces units with the Army.  IOR/R/2/651/489  1939

File 1939 C/337 Manavadar - Request of the Chief for grant of a salute.  IOR/R/2/651/489A  1939

File 1939 C/344 War - Anti-British policy of the Soviet Government.  IOR/R/2/651/490  1939

List B: Agency Files  [no ref.]  1864-1947

File C/16 1925 Memorial of the Sheikh of Mangrol in the matter of the position of Mangrol in its relations with the Junagadh State - from April 1924. Part I.  IOR/R/2/568/1  1925

File C/16 1926-27 Junagadh-Mangrol dispute. Part II.  IOR/R/2/568/2  1926-1927

File C/16 1929 Junagadh-Mangrol dispute. Part III.  IOR/R/2/568/3  1929

File C/16 1930-35 Junagadh-Mangrol case - Orders on Mangrol's Supplementary memorial. Part IV.  IOR/R/2/568/4  1930-1935

File C/16 1935 Junagadh Mangrol case. Part V  IOR/R/2/569/5  1935-1937

File C/16 1936-38 Junagadh Mangrol case - Part VI.  IOR/R/2/569/6  1936-1939

File C/529-A-32 1932 Junagadh-Mangrol - Groundless accusation by Mangrol that Junagadh had failed to forward letter in original regarding Miss Ballman employment of.  IOR/R/2/569/7  1932

File C/529-A-32 1932 Mangrol's list of points as required by the Western India States Agency letter No.C/16 dated the 6th May 1927, paragraph 3.  IOR/R/2/569/8  1927

File P/113 1920-24 Memorial of the Sheikh of Mangrol in the matter of the position of Mangrol in its relation with the Junagadh State from February 1920.  IOR/R/2/570/9  1920-1924

File A.S./1-1936 1936 Appeal by the Sheikh Saheb of Mangrol to the Secretary of State for India in the matter of Mangrol's position regarding its port.  IOR/R/2/570/10  1936

File C/1-44 1944 Retrocession of Wadhwan C.Stn. File of Political Agent, E.K. Agency.  IOR/R/2/570/11  1944

File C/3 1946 Rendition of Wadhwan Civil Station.  IOR/R/2/570/12  1946

File A/42-7 1944-47 Extension of the cemetery at Porbendar.  IOR/R/2/570/13  1944-1947

File A/42-7 1945-47 Acquisition of land for cemeteries, endowed tombs and monuments.  IOR/R/2/570/14  1945-1947

File B/65-1 1947. Cemeteries. Endowed tombs and Monuments.  IOR/R/2/570/15  1947

Conditions of access: Sent to Mr. Shattock on 11.12.47.

File E/2-34 1947 Employment of the Officers of the Secretary of State's Services, whose services are terminable on account of constitutional changes. Indian Foreign Service for Indian Officials similar to those in Class I Central Services or Provincial Civil Services.  IOR/R/2/571/17  1947

Conditions of access: Sent to Mr. Shattock on 11.12.47.

File B/18-28 1947 Rendition of the Wadhwan Civil Station - Measures to be taken in consequence of -  IOR/R/2/571/19  1947

File (Safe No.) 275 1864 Agreement regarding lease of Wadhwan C.S. (Gujarati).  IOR/R/2/571/20  1864

File (Safe No.) 276 1864 Agreement regarding lease of Wadhwan C.S. (English).  IOR/R/2/571/21  1864

File (Safe No.) 277 1864 Agreement regarding lease of Rajkot C.S. (Gujarati).  IOR/R/2/571/22  1864

File (Safe No.) 278 1864 Agreement regarding lease of Rajkot C.S. (English).  IOR/R/2/571/23  1864

File (Safe No.) 284 1866 Agreement regarding lease of Songadh C.S. (Gujarati).  IOR/R/2/571/24  1866

File (Safe No.) 285 1866 Agreement regarding lease of Songadh C.S. (English).  IOR/R/2/571/25  1866

File (Safe No.) 286 1866 Map of Songadh Civil Station.  IOR/R/2/571/26  1866

File C/23-9 1946 Retrocession of the Baroda Cantonment.  IOR/R/2/571/27  1946

File C/44-2 1946 Formation of groups of States.  IOR/R/2/571/28  1946

File D/24-12(1) 1947 Jurisdiction over Railway lands in Gujarat.  IOR/R/2/571/29  1947

Fael Zamin Bonds and complete list of States and Talukas which executed the Bonds.  IOR/R/2/571/30  c.1947

List C: Record Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1877-1921

File R/C.1. 1877-81 Miscellaneous papers re: several subjects pertaining to Nawanagar and Bhavnagar States.  IOR/R/2/706/1  1877-1881

File R/C.2. 1879-82 Miscellaneous papers re: several subjects pertaining to some States and other topics. Porbandar, Morvi, Rajkot, Sayala, Vala, Lathi, Mangrol. Reports on subjects of political and military importance - apprehensions of disturbances etc.  IOR/R/2/706/2  1879-1882

File R/C.3. 1880. Anglo Portuguese Treaty First progress report on by Arther Crawford, Esq.  IOR/R/2/706/3  1880

File R/C.4. 1883. Porbandar General Mal-administration also the mehro grievances.  IOR/R/2/706/4  1883

File R/C.5. 1873-79. From Compilation 122 Part I. Salt. From compilation 122. Part I.  IOR/R/2/707/5  1873-1879

File R/C.6. 1879-83 From Compilation 122. Part II. Salt. From Compilation 122 Part II.  IOR/R/2/707/6  1879-1883

File R/C.7. 1883-84. Salt.  IOR/R/2/707/7  1883-1884

File R/C.8. 1884 78/2 Correspondence, appeals and G.R.S.P.D. regarding recognition of Jaswatsingji as heir to the Nawanagar Gadi also re: provision made for Ranjitsingji.  IOR/R/2/708/8  -1884

File R/C.9. 1880-86 99 Part II. to 99 Part III. Salt.  IOR/R/2/708/9  1880-1886

File R/C.10. 1885. From 92 Part II. Salt.  IOR/R/2/708/10  1885

File R/C.11. 1884-85 From 84/2.1884 to 145.1885. Mehers and Porebandar administration.  IOR/R/2/709/11  1884-1885

File R/C.12. 1901. 84/3. Jamnagar Mint.  IOR/R/2/709/12  1901

File R/C.13. 1886. 42. Forts and Fortified places.  IOR/R/2/709/13  1886

File R/C.14. 1886. 53/1 Junagadh State and Mukaranis.  IOR/R/2/709/14  1886

File R/C.15. 1886. 53/2 Junagadh State and Mukaranis.  IOR/R/2/709/15  1886

File R/C.16. 1886. 53/3 Printed papers re: Mukaranis Outlaws  IOR/R/2/710/16  1886

File R/C.17. 1886. 85/2 Porbandar Administration - with D.O. correspondence.  IOR/R/2/710/17  1886

File R/C.18. 1887. from 19 to 46. (1) Bhavnagar State  IOR/R/2/710/18, Item 1  1887

File R/C.18. 1887. from 19 to 46 Duties - Transit, Export, Import  IOR/R/2/710/18, Item 2  1887

File R/C.18. 1887 from 19 to 46 Famine  IOR/R/2/710/18, Item 3  1887

File R/C.191 1883-88. from 49. Gondal State.  IOR/R/2/710/19  1883-1888

File R/C.20. 1887. 56/3 Part I. Junagadh Mukarani Outlaws. Part I.  IOR/R/2/711/20  1887

File R/C.21. 1887. 56/3 Part II. Junagadh Makrani Outlaws. Part II.  IOR/R/2/711/21  1887

File R/C.22. 1887. 56/3 Part III. Junagadh Makrani Outlaws. Part III.  IOR/R/2/712/22  1887

File R/C.23. 1887. 72/2 to 82. (1) Miscellaneous Mohsals on Chiefs. (2) Nawanagar State Affairs. (3) Re: Discouraging Certain appeals from the Native Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/712/23  1887

File R/C.24. 1887. 89 to 90 Re: Porbandar and Palitana States.  IOR/R/2/712/24  1887

File R/C.25. 1887. 90/2 Palitana State Affairs.  IOR/R/2/712/25  1887

File R/C.26. 1887. 89/2 Porbandar Mehers.  IOR/R/2/713/26  1887

File R/C.27. 1887. 118 to 136/4 (1) Transport animals. Purchase of - (2) Tour file. Jubilee Deputation. (3) Jubilee. Ceremonials to be observed on meeting with New Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/713/27  1887

File R/C.28. 1887. 141 to 141/3 H.E. the Governor's Tour in Kathiawar. (2) H.E. the Governor's Visit to Kathiawar in 1886. (3) Darbars.  IOR/R/2/713/28  1887

File R/C.29. 1888. 1 to (1) Some D.O. Papers. (2) Dost Mahomed Khan of Afghanistan. (3) Cotton Presses. (4) Abkari arrangements with N.S.  IOR/R/2/714/29  1888

File R/C.30. 1888. 90 to 123/4 Palitana State. Some D.O. Correspondence from 1883 to 1888. (2) Re. Missionaries at Morvi. (3) Dacoities and Outlawry. (4) Dacoities and Outlawry.  IOR/R/2/714/30  1888

File R/C.31. 1888. 160 (1) Anonymous petitions against officers from 1881 to 1888. (2) Agreements and treaties. (3) Miscellaneous papers. (4) H.E. the Governor's visit to Kathiawar, Dhrangadhra, Morvi abandoned.  IOR/R/2/714/31  1888

File R/C.32. 1889 1/6 to 11. (1) Officers and establishments. Official conduct of. (2) Armaments of native States in Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/715/32  1889

File R/C.33. 1889. 11. Armaments of Native States of Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/715/33  1889

File R/C.34. 1889. 69/a. Offer of a free pardon to certain Dacoits.  IOR/R/2/715/34  1889

File R/C.35.1889.101 Major Humphrys on special duty in Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/716/35, Item 1  1889

File R/C.35.1889.101 Nawanagar versus Kutch.  IOR/R/2/716/35, Item 2  1889

File R/C.35.1889.101 Portrait of chiefs.  IOR/R/2/716/35, Item 3  1889

File R/C.35.1889.101 Patri Taluka.  IOR/R/2/716/35, Item 4  1889

File R/C.35.1889.101 Rights of chiefs.  IOR/R/2/716/35, Item 5  1889

File R/C.35.1889.101 Recruiting from men of India for East Africa.  IOR/R/2/716/35, Item 6  1889

File R/C.35.1889.101 Surrender of deserters.  IOR/R/2/716/35, Item 7  1889

File R/C.35.1889.101 Spread of Senoussi doctrines in India.  IOR/R/2/716/35, Item 8  1889

File R/C.1890.48a Dhrangadhra: Kumar Shri Ajitsingji.  IOR/R/2/716/36  1890

File R/C.40 1890.68/4 to 122/2 Thakor Saheb of Gondal's visit to Europe and arrangements in his absence.  IOR/R/2/716/37, Item 1  1890

File R/C.40 1890.68/4 to 122/2 Precis of the Junagadh- Diu dispute. Extradition.  IOR/R/2/716/37, Item 2  1890

File R/C.40 1890.68/4 to 122/2 Jetpur Kamdars.  IOR/R/2/716/37, Item 3  1890

File R/C.40 1890.68/4 to 122/2 Mobilisation measures in case of war.  IOR/R/2/716/37, Item 4  1890

File R/C.40 1890.68/4 to 122/2 Baluchis, gangs etc.  IOR/R/2/716/37, Item 5  1890

File R/C.40 1890.68/4 to 122/2 Agency pleaders convicted criminally.  IOR/R/2/716/37, Item 6  1890

File R/C.41 1890 127/3 Birth of a son to the senior Rani of Palitana. Part I.  IOR/R/2/717/38  1890

File R/C.42 1890 127/3 Birth of a son to the Senior Rani of Palitana. Part II.  IOR/R/2/717/39  1890

File R/C.43 1890 127/3 Birth of a son to the Senior Rani of Palitana. Part III.  IOR/R/2/717/40  1890

File R/C.44. 1890 127/3 Birth of a son to the Senior Rani of Palitana Part IV.  IOR/R/2/718/41  1890

File R/C.45. 1890 127/4 Bai Shri Keshaba of Palitana.  IOR/R/2/718/42  1890

File R/C.46. 1890. 137/3 Appointment and control of villages Police.  IOR/R/2/718/43  1890

File R/C.47 1890 146/2 1. Salt agreement and 2. Rajkumar College.  IOR/R/2/719/44  1890

File R/C.48. 1891 Bhavnagar State. Proposed betrothal of Kunvari to the Maharaja of Rewa.  IOR/R/2/719/45  1891

File R/C.48A. 1891. Imperial Service Troops.  IOR/R/2/719/46  1891

File R/C.50 1891. Mowar Sandhwani. A Miana Outlaw.  IOR/R/2/719/47  1891

File R/C.51. 1877, 1884 & 1891. Nazarana on successions to Native States and Chief-ships.  IOR/R/2/719/48  1877-1891

File R/C.53. 1891. 5 Porbandar State. Correspondence re: Mr. O'Shea's affairs. Kumar Bhavsinhji's Education.  IOR/R/2/720/49  1891

File R/C.54. 1891. Styles of addresses of Chiefs. Both in English and in Vernacular.  IOR/R/2/720/50  1891

File R/C.55. 1891. Presents by Chiefs to the British Officers.  IOR/R/2/720/51  1891

File R/C.56. 1891. 154/2 Presents and supplies to British Officers by Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/720/52  1891

File R/C.57. 1892. 1238 Draft Code of Cantonment Regulations.  IOR/R/2/720/53  1892

File R/C.62. 1892. Junagadh Succession.  IOR/R/2/720/53A  1892

File R/C.69. 1892. 4494. Agency Sergeon performing occasionally the duties of Regimental Sergeon.  IOR/R/2/721/54  1892

File R/C.74. 1893. 207. Alleged spurious son of Harsur Vala of Bagasra.  IOR/R/2/721/55  1893

File R/C.77. 1893. 69. Patan Riot. Hindus and Musalmans Patan Commission. Part I.  IOR/R/2/721/56  1893

File R/C.78. 1893. Patan Riot Somnath. Hindus and Musalmans Commission. Part II.  IOR/R/2/721/57  1893

File R/C.81. 1893 Agency Police. Armed men. Casts of Footprints.  IOR/R/2/721/58  1893

File R/C.82. 1893. 126 Porbandar State. Proposed betrothal of Kumar Bhavsinhji.  IOR/R/2/722/59  1893

File R/C.83. 1893. 106/3 Pelitana State. Marriage of Keshaba.  IOR/R/2/722/60  1893

File R/C.84. 1893. 479 Nawanagar. Presents to Mr. O'Connor by H.H. the Jam Saheb.  IOR/R/2/722/61  1893

File R/C.85. 1893. 99A Wadhwan State Jaswantsinhji's representation against the supposed move of Wadhwan for adoption.  IOR/R/2/722/62  1893

File R/C.87. 1894. 53 Instruction re: the slaughter of cattle for rations of troops.  IOR/R/2/722/63  1894

File R/C.88. 1894. S.B./39 Cow killing agitation and Societies and Sabhas etc.  IOR/R/2/722/64  1894

File R/C.89 1894 69. Junagadh State: Papers about Mr. Chunilal's appointment as Dewan: Administration; Bai Rewa's case.  IOR/R/2/722/65  1894

File R/C.91. 1894. 82/2 Training of the sons of Chiefs and Moblemen as Cadets.  IOR/R/2/722/66  1894

File R/C.96 1894. 14. Procedure to be observed when native Chiefs desire to obtain audience at a foreign Court in Europe.  IOR/R/2/723/67  1894

File R/C.95 1894 Visit of Chiefs of Junagadh Bhavnagar and Wadhwan to England.  IOR/R/2/723/68  1894

File R/C.98 1895. 25 Complimentary addresses to the Queen.  IOR/R/2/723/69  1895

File R/C.97 1895 Possession of Rifles by the Natives of India.  IOR/R/2/723/70  1895

File R/C.100 1895. 40. 1. Reception of Chiefs at the Head Quarter of the Agency. 2. Question of first visit to H.H. the Nawab by the Political Agent.  IOR/R/2/723/71  1895

File R/C.103. 1895. Illicit counterfeit coins.  IOR/R/2/723/72  1895

File R/C.104. 1895. Kutch versus Morvi and Malia. Exchange of Territory.  IOR/R/2/723/73  1895

File R/C.105. 1895. 927/25 Elgin Mills. Warning to Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/723/74  1895

File R/C.106. 1895. 2970/47 Mines and Leases.  IOR/R/2/723/75  1895

File R/C.107. 1895. 125/63 Porbandar State. Porbandar Riots. Conduct of Mr. Wadya. Part I.  IOR/R/2/723/76  1895

File R/C.108. 1895. 5880 Porbandar Riot case. Part III.  IOR/R/2/723/77  1895

File R/C.109. 1891-95.968 Porbandar State. Rana Saheb's retrocession to First Class State Honours.  IOR/R/2/724/78  1891-1895

File R/C.110. 1895. 14/2 Death of Keshabha of Palitana.  IOR/R/2/724/79  1895

File R/C.112. 1895. 506/37. Kathiawar Railways. Future working of the B.G.J.P. Rly.  IOR/R/2/724/80  1895

File R/C.113. 1895.805 Rajkot State. Minor Chief's Education.  IOR/R/2/724/81  1895

File R/C.116. 1895. 97. Wankaner State. Betrothal of the young Raj Saheb.  IOR/R/2/724/82  1895

File R/C.118. 1895. 5845. Defences of the Portuguese Settlement of Diu.  IOR/R/2/724/83  1895

File R/C.119. 1895. Fishing and Shooting.  IOR/R/2/724/84  1895

File R/C.127. 1896. 59 Junagadh. Amicable settlement between the Hindoos and the Mahomedans of Prabhas Patan.  IOR/R/2/724/85  1896

File R/C.128. 1896. 148 Junagadh - Baroda. Makrani Outlaws.  IOR/R/2/724/86  1896

File R/C.132. 1896. 112 Military Mobilization. Supplies etc.  IOR/R/2/724/87  1896

File R/C.133. 1896. 94 Nawanagar: Death of H.H. the Jam Saheb Vibhaji in 1896; Succession; Debts; Lakhubha.  IOR/R/2/724/88  1896

File R/C.134. 1896. Nawanagar: Lakhubha's going to England with Mr. Turkhad.  IOR/R/2/724/89  1896

File R/C.136 1896. 3300 Porbandar. Porbandar Riots. Part II.  IOR/R/2/724/90  1896

File R/C.140. 1896. 22. Succession among Kathi Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/725/91  1896

File R/C.141. 1896. 5804 Rajasthanik Court.  IOR/R/2/725/92  1896

File R/C.142. 1896. 6412 Salt. Agreement with the States of Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/725/93  1896

File R/C.143. 1896.3647/66 Cultivation of Rhea Fibres.  IOR/R/2/725/94  1896

File R/C.144. 1896. 121. Legislature re: Wearing of liveries or uniforms by an unauthorised person.  IOR/R/2/725/95  1896

File R/C.145. 1896 Famine. Prohibition of Export of Food Grains from Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/725/96  1896

File R/C.147. 1896. 5003 Rajkot Civil Station. Volunteers. Defence by Volunteers.  IOR/R/2/725/97  1896

File R/C.152. 1897. 1038. Imperial Service Troops. Mobilisation and March of - for field service if requisitioned.  IOR/R/2/725/98  1897

File R/C.153. 1897. 64. Nepalese Refugees.  IOR/R/2/725/99  1897

File R/C.155 1897. S.B.119 Prohibition of undesirable persons in Regimental lines.  IOR/R/2/725/100  1897

File R/C.157. 1897. 3813/46. Pleaders not to interfere in the domestic or political affairs of the Chiefs I.E. not to appear in cases of this nature and in the matters of sending Chiefs sons to colleges.  IOR/R/2/725/101  1897

File R/C.158. 1897. D.O. correspondence re: religious processions. Beating of drums and the playing of music near Mosques etc.  IOR/R/2/725/102  1894-1897

File R/C.160. 1897. 7212 Sale of property by officers  IOR/R/2/725/103  1896-1897

File R/C.162. 1897. 432/27 Jubilee Address to H.M. the Queen Empress.  IOR/R/2/725/103A  1897

File R/C.167. 1898. 190/54 Arms and ammunition. Illicit importation of 300 cartridges by sea to Veraval by Sardhar Umer Jamal of Bombay.  IOR/R/2/725/104  1898

File R/C.169. 1898. Mode of address to the sons of Chiefs and instruction to avoid the term Prince.  IOR/R/2/725/105  1897-1898

File R/C.176. 1898. 618/9 Opium. Employment of Detective Agency in smuggling cases.  IOR/R/2/725/106  1897-1898

File R/C.182. 1898. His Excellency Governor's visit to Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/725/107  1898

File R/C.183. 1898. 216/1 Newspaper. Official correspondence between Political Agents and Editors furnishing information.  IOR/R/2/725/108  1898

File R/C.184. 1898. 4373. Enquiries as regards French Dhows visiting coasts of Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/725/109  1898

File R/C.186. 1899 Military Officers in Civil Employ - communication of unfavourable remarks to -  IOR/R/2/726/110  1899

File R/C.187. 1899. 7-A Arms and ammunition  IOR/R/2/726/111  1886-1899

File R/C.188. 1899. 3990/49 Arms - Rifles - Manufacture of in Mahi-Kantha.  IOR/R/2/726/112  1899

File R/C.191 1899. Alienation of Giras landed - Estate. Minute by Sir C. OLLIVANT, in 1898.  IOR/R/2/726/113  1898-1899

File R/C.193. 1899. 824 Rajkot Civil Station. Land assessment etc. Enquiry into titles.  IOR/R/2/726/114  1899

File R/C.195. 1899. 4900/57 Jetpur - Bilkha. Naja Vala of - Frauds in his Estate - and Enquiry re: -  IOR/R/2/726/115  1899

File R/C.196 1899 563/41 Junagadh State. Appoitment of Mr. Chunilal Sarabhai as Dewan and Colonel Sealy as adviser.  IOR/R/2/726/116  1899

File R/C.197. 1899 839. Maliya Taluka. Papers re: attachment of - and removal of the Thakor for mismanagement etc. Part I.  IOR/R/2/726/117  1892-1899

File R/C.198. 1899 Maliya Taluka. Papers re: attachment of - and removal of Thakore for mismanagement etc. Part II.  IOR/R/2/726/118  1892-1899

File R/C.200 1899 738/1 Maliya Taluka. Kutch Miyanas moving on the Maliya frontier.  IOR/R/2/727/119  1899

File R/C.201 1899 4177/52 Opium.  IOR/R/2/727/120  1899

File R/C.202 1899 S.B. 487. Visits of foreign tourists and officers to be reported by wire to the Govt. of Bombay.  IOR/R/2/727/121  1899

File R/C.204. 1899. 5/2 Adoption of heirs, Politana.  IOR/R/2/727/122  1892-1899

File R/C.209 1899 7634 H.E. the Viceroy - protection of Punjab Rules for the Police for -  IOR/R/2/727/123  1899

File R/C.215 1900 7902 Arms and ammunition - Supply of arms of precision or of rapid fire to Local Military forge and to N.S. forces.  IOR/R/2/727/124  1900

File R/C.217 1900 7915 Extradition. Undertaking between Portuguese and British Governments in India.  IOR/R/2/727/125  1900

File R/C.216. 1900 8326/106 Band of Makranis - movements to be reported.  IOR/R/2/727/126  1900

File R/C.221 1900 Junagadh - Khan Shri Edalkhanji's Giras etc.  IOR/R/2/727/127  1900

File R/C.222. 1900 21/n. Junagadh: Proposal for extension Colonel Sealy's services; Proposal for certain Carnegy's services and Mahomed Abdul's services; Employment of Mr. Hesketh.  IOR/R/2/727/128  1900

File R/C.224. 1900 1032 Clandestine shipping of labourers in steamers to Madagascar etc. in Africa.  IOR/R/2/727/129  1900

File R/C.225. 1900 Ships of War - Movements to be reported.  IOR/R/2/727/130  1900

File R/C.227. 1900 C/23 Miana Outlaws. - Maliya.  IOR/R/2/727/131  1900

File R/C.228 1900 371 Nawanagar. Marriage of H.H. Jam Saheb with Versoda Lady.  IOR/R/2/728/132  1900

File R/C.232 1900 Dacoities and Robberies in the Ahmedabad Zillah and suspected persons concerned.  IOR/R/2/728/133  1900

File R/C.233 1900 5736 Titles - withdrawal for misconduct.  IOR/R/2/728/134  1900

File R/C.235 1900 2459 Dhrangadhra. Kuda Salt Works.  IOR/R/2/728/135  1900

File R/C.238 1900 S.B.265 National Congress. - Preaching by Sanyasis and Sadhus.  IOR/R/2/728/136  1900

File R/C.239. 1900 Wadhwan State. D.O. correspondence re: loan to -  IOR/R/2/728/137  1900

File R/C.240 1900 91 Trade with Delagoa bay during the Boer War.  IOR/R/2/728/138  1900

File R/C.241. 1900 D.O's on suspicious persons of Ishwaria under Kutiyana and Valotra under Porbandar trying to commit mischief.  IOR/R/2/728/139  1900

File R/C.246. 1901 2621/57 Return of Europeans and Eurasians to be scrutinised.  IOR/R/2/728/140  1901

File R/C.247. 1901 5334 Arms and ammunition. Europeans and Eurasians suspected of selling fire arms.  IOR/R/2/728/141  1901

File R/C.250 1901 C/34 Vagrants - Europeans.  IOR/R/2/728/142  1901

File R/C.251. 1901 1952 Extradition between British and Portuguese Government.  IOR/R/2/728/143  1901

File R/C.255. 1901 Military - Collections of Materials for the preparation of Military Gazetteer.  IOR/R/2/728/144  1901

File R/C.257. 1901 Maliya. Petha Jam.  IOR/R/2/728/145  1901

File R/C.258. 1901 Outlawry. Notes by Mr. Souter.  IOR/R/2/728/146  1901

File R/C.259. 1901 457 Nawanagar. Kumar Shri Lakhubha's claim to succeed to Gadi. 2. and his Giras case.  IOR/R/2/729/147  1895-1901

File R/C.260. 1901. 231. Nawanagar Jam Saheb's Tour to England postponed under the orders of Govt.  IOR/R/2/729/149  1901

File R/C.261. 1901 Palitana. Pregnancy of the Thakor's wives. Application by Kumar Samatsinhji.  IOR/R/2/729/150  1901

File R/C.262. 1901 1014 Porbandar. Giras question of K.S. Vijaysinhji of.  IOR/R/2/729/151  1897-1901

File R/C.265. 1901 2190 The term "Sarkar" should not be used for Native States.  IOR/R/2/729/152  1901

File R/C.267 1901 Jetpur - Bilkha. Azam Laxman Vala's Famine Administration.  IOR/R/2/729/153  1901

File R/C.277 1902 46/3 & 105 Ports. Protection of Imperial Revenues from loss by their development from 1893 to 1902.  IOR/R/2/729/154  1902

File R/C.279. 1902 2236 Measures to be adopted for protection of British Fiscal interests in the trade at Native States Ports.  IOR/R/2/730/155  1902

File R/C.280. 1902 Dhrangadhra. Giras to Bhayats. D.O. correspondence about with Govt.  IOR/R/2/730/156  1902

File R/C.290. 1902 S.B. 273 Visit of suspected foreigners.  IOR/R/2/730/157  1902

File R/C.287. 1902 C. 36/3832 Military - Relief of Squadron from Rajkot and march of troops.  IOR/R/2/730/158  1902

File R/C.291. 1902 66. Pilgrimage to Mecca prohibited. Feelings of Mahomedans.  IOR/R/2/730/159  1902

File R/C.293. 1902 2375/27 Rajkot. Scuffle between two communities to be reported.  IOR/R/2/730/160  1902

File R/C.294. 1902 286/26 Jetpur - Vadia. Promotion of Bava Vala to Third Class.  IOR/R/2/730/161  1902

File R/C.296. 1902 Amicable settlements by Chiefs to be made with the intervention of the Agency.  IOR/R/2/730/162  1902

File R/C.296. 1902 Rajkot Civil Station Cemetry. Closing of Mahomedan.  IOR/R/2/730/163  1902

File R/C.297. 1902. Privy Purse expenditure of Native States. Govt. of India's orders on.  IOR/R/2/730/164  1902

File R/C.298. 1902 Liveries, etc., used by the N.S. should not be similar to those used by Govt.  IOR/R/2/730/165  1902

File R/C.299. 1902 C/13 Banishment by Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/730/166  1902

File R/C.302. 1903. 4999. Arms and ammunition. Loss of - to be reported at once.  IOR/R/2/730/167  1903

File R/C.305. 1903 Bhavnagar presenting life size portrait of Their Majesties King and Queen for the Cannaught Hall at Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/730/168  1903

File R/C.308. 1903 Jetpur - Bilkha. Naja Wala's case And his residence at Ahmednagar.  IOR/R/2/730/169  1903

File R/C.309. 1903 1652 Limbdi. Fatehpur Salt Case.  IOR/R/2/731/170  1903

File R/C.311. 1903 4501/139 Counterfeit Coins. Distinction in the use of the word Moulds and Dies.  IOR/R/2/731/171  1903

File R/C.312. 1903 Maliya. Sale of land of Bhayats.  IOR/R/2/731/172  1903

File R/C.313. 1903 Nawanagar. Kumar Shri Kalubha - Proposal for his return to Kathiawar and petitions to that effect.  IOR/R/2/731/173  1903

File R/C.314. 1903 Nawanagar State. Allowance to Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji and Matters relating to His Giras.  IOR/R/2/731/174  1897-1903

File R/C.315. 1903 3964. Nawanagar State. Investiture of H.H. the Jam Saheb Jasaji.  IOR/R/2/731/175  1903

File R/C.316. 1903 1580/25 Chiefs Visits to Calcutta. - Previous sanction of the Govt. of Indian required for.  IOR/R/2/731/176  1903

File R/C.319. 1903 Porbandar State File.  IOR/R/2/731/177  1903

File R/C.320. 1903 Palitana. Complaint of the Jains against the Chief of -  IOR/R/2/733/178  1903

File R/C.321. 1903 5898 Railways acquisition of land for Railways in Native States  IOR/R/2/732/179  1890-1903

File R/C.323. 1903 Rajkot State. Betrothal of Rajkot Kumari to Kumar Vijaysinhji son of Sanatsinhji of Palitana.  IOR/R/2/732/180  1903

File R/C.324. 1903 387-P Rajkot State: Betrothal of the Kumari repudiated; Her marriage with H.H. the Raj Saheb of Dhrangedhra; Application for damages; Dismissal of Kamdar Amritlal and his reinstatement.  IOR/R/2/732/181  1903

File R/C.325. 1903 147. Rajkot State. Samatsinhji's Request to be allowed to sue Ba Shri Hajuba of Rajkot for damages for repudiating betrothal of his son.  IOR/R/2/732/182  1903

File R/C.326. 1903 2969 Titles of Honours. Recommendations for - to officers taking part in encounter with Miana Outlaws.  IOR/R/2/732/183  1903

File R/C.328. 1903 113/4 Newspapers and Periodicals. Orders from 1899 to 1903.  IOR/R/2/732/184  1899-1903

File R/C.329 1903 Presents by Darbars to Government Peons etc. D.O. correspondence re:  IOR/R/2/732/185  1903

File R/C.331. 1903 3861 Govt. Orders re: acquisition of in British India of immovable property by Native States Chiefs and personages in N.S. in India.  IOR/R/2/733/186  1903

File R/C.332. 1903 658. Muli Taluka. Investiture of the Thakor of Muli.  IOR/R/2/733/187  1903

File R/C.334. 1903 Delhi Coronation Darbar in 1903. D.O. correspondence with Bombay Govt.  IOR/R/2/733/188  1903

File R/C.336. 1904. 104/56 Imperial Service Troops. Reduction of Squadron by Bhavnagar State.  IOR/R/2/733/189  1900-1904

File R/C.337. 190 2955. Criminal Affairs. Petlad Jail convicts.  IOR/R/2/733/190  1904

File R/C.339. 1904. 73/C Extradition, of an army deserter for murder.  IOR/R/2/733/191  1904

File R/C.344. 1904 271/21 Acquisition of land by Chiefs and notables in British India.  IOR/R/2/733/192  1904

File R/C.345. 1904 200 Public Institutions. Naming of - after Political Officers (Local) should be referred to the Govt. of India. (Also Medical Officers).  IOR/R/2/733/193  1904

File R/C.348. 1905 Report of Military Officers liable to revert to military duty.  IOR/R/2/733/194  1904

File R/C.353. 1905 Jetpur - Bilkha. Naja Vala's case and his residence at Ahmednagar.  IOR/R/2/734/195  1905

File R/C.355. 1905 Jasdan Taluka. Partition of the Taluka and Division of Jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/734/196  1905

File R/C.356. 1905 1600 Marine Department - Rules for reporting movements of foreign ships of War in Indian waters to the admiralty and Naval authorities.  IOR/R/2/734/197  1905

File R/C.357. 1905 408/56 Military Department. Purchase of horses and ponies from Native Chiefs in case of army mobilisation.  IOR/R/2/734/198  1905

File R/C.358. 1905 2929 Removal of military troops from Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/734/199  1896-1905

File R/C.362. 1905 98/A Opium. Raising of issue rate of in 1905.  IOR/R/2/734/200  1905

File R/C.364. 1905 115/12 Porbandar succession and investitutre conditions etc. Part I.  IOR/R/2/734/201  1905

File R/C.365. 1905 3314 Porbandar succession and investiture conditions etc. Part II.  IOR/R/2/734/202  1905

File R/C.368. 1905 2828/46 Muli Taluka. Alleged mismanagement of -  IOR/R/2/734/203  1905

File R/C.373. 1906. 1316/12 Government servants. Attitude to be maintained by - towards Poll. or Quasi-Political movements.  IOR/R/2/734/204  1906

File R/C.374. 1906 853 Arms and ammunition. Illicit trade in arms in the Persian Gulf.  IOR/R/2/735/205  1898-1906

File R/C.375. 1906 299. Armament return.  IOR/R/2/735/206  1903-1906

File R/C.376. 1906 1583 Tupper's Indian Political Practice - Government Orders re:  IOR/R/2/735/207  1896-1906

File R/C.380. 1907. 645. Proposal by smaller Talukdars and Kathi Estates for the adoption of the Rule of Primogeniture.  IOR/R/2/735/208  1898-1907

File R/C.381. 1899. Junagadh. Vadal case. Alienation settlement with Sindhis of Vadal.  IOR/R/2/735/209  1899

File R/C.382. 1899 to 1902. Bhavnagar affairs; Reduction of Imperial service lancers; Appointments in the State.  IOR/R/2/735/210  1899-1902

File R/C.383. 1899 to 1904. Rajkumar College. Administration of - D.O. correspondence.  IOR/R/2/735/211  1899-1904

File R/C.387. 1896. Outlaw Farid Izat. His statement after surrender to Mr. Souter.  IOR/R/2/735/212  1896

File R/C.388. 1899 to 1900 Palitana File. Re: pregnancy of the Rani.  IOR/R/2/735/213  1899-1900

File R/C.389. 1899 to 1900 Palitana. Samatsinhji of - Re: pregnancy of the Rani.  IOR/R/2/735/214  1899-1900

File R/C.390. 1899 to 1900 Dhrangadhra. Quarrel between Ajitsinhji The heir apparent and his grandfather Sir Mansinhji.  IOR/R/2/735/215  1899-1900

File R/C.391. 1886 to 1887. 1. Junagadh Makranis. 2. Ahmedabad horse show. - D.O. correspondence from and to Major Humphrey.  IOR/R/2/735/216  1886-1887

File R/C.392. 1896-1902. Morvi Railway. Conversion of -  IOR/R/2/735/217  1896-1902

File R/C.393. 1898. Bajana. Papers re: Keshavji K. Police Superintendent of -  IOR/R/2/735/218  1898

File R/C.394. 1900 D.O. notes of Major Wodehouse re: Miana outlaws.  IOR/R/2/736/219  1900

File R/C.395. 1900 Extradition. Dwarkadas Nandlal asked for by Vankaner.  IOR/R/2/736/220  1900

File R/C.396. 1889. Wadhwan State. Re: Kumar Jaswantsinhji and on Korda Mulgiassia.  IOR/R/2/736/221  1889

File R/C.397. 1898 to 1899. Jetpur - Bilkha. Madness of Naja Wala of Bilkha. Papers re:  IOR/R/2/736/222  1898-1899

File R/C.398. 1903 Junagadh-Mangrol. Sheikh of Mangrol's intended travel to Mecca.  IOR/R/2/736/223  1903

File R/C.399. 1890 to 1897. Jetpur Taluka Court.  IOR/R/2/736/224  1890-1897

File R/C.400. 1900 Jetpur Thana Devli - Vala Shri Laxman's representation re: famine arrangements in his State.  IOR/R/2/736/225  1900

File R/C.403. 1900 to 1902. Kutch - Malia - Morvi. Alienation of land question.  IOR/R/2/736/226  1900-1902

File R/C.405. 1900. Dufferin Fund. Branch of the - assistance from the Native Chiefs, asked for etc.  IOR/R/2/736/227  1900

File R/C.406. 1902 to 1903. Queen Victoria Memorial Fund. Re: contribution from the Darbars.  IOR/R/2/736/228  1902-1903

File R/C.408. 1902. Government Tribute. D.Os. Re: Arrears of -  IOR/R/2/736/229  1902

File R/C.410. 1889-1890 Rajkumar College. D.O. letters Re: interior economy of the -  IOR/R/2/736/230  1889-1890

File R/C.414. 1903-1904. Imperial Service Troops. Increase in the number of - at Junagadh and Nawanagar and Bhavnagar.  IOR/R/2/736/231  1903-1904

File R/C.415. 1890. Imperial Defence.  IOR/R/2/736/232  1890

File R/C.416. 1904. Imperial Service Troops for Defence.  IOR/R/2/736/233  1904

File R/C.417. 1889. Major Humphreys D.Os. and proposals on outlaws.  IOR/R/2/736/234  1889

File R/C.419. 1900 Bhavnagar. 1. Abolition of the Council. 2. Sir M. Bhavnagri's machinations.  IOR/R/2/736/235  1900

File R/C.420. 1897-98. Dhrangadhra. Salt works at Kuda.  IOR/R/2/737/236  1897-1898

File R/C.422. 1889. Miscellaneous papers. Contains G. Cir. No. 1430. of 25th Febry. 1888. Re: jurisdiction in cantonments of British Troops in Native States.  IOR/R/2/737/237  1889

File R/C.423. 1889. Petition spare copies file. - Memorial of K.S. Ranjitsinhji of Jamnagar. and Limbdi's re: Barwala jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/737/238  1889

File R/C.426. 1887 to 1888 Correspondence with Mr. Lee Warner upon various topics. Opium. Outlaws. Government appointments from Bharaminis etc.  IOR/R/2/737/239  1887-1888

File R/C.429. 1889-90 Bhavnagar Affairs. Certain Petitions against Bhavnagar administration.  IOR/R/2/737/240  1889-1890

File R/C.430. 1892-1900. Ports and Customs. D.O. correspondence.  IOR/R/2/737/241  1892-1900

File R/C.433. 1903. 124 Fortified posts in Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/737/242  1903

File R/C.435. 1896-1899. 3494. Communications and relations between Political Officers and Principal Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/737/243  1896-1899

File R/C.439. 1907 to 1908. 54/4 Armament return.  IOR/R/2/737/244  1907-1908

File R/C.441. 1906 to 1907. 1686. Mobilisation and Defence. Abandonment of Carrison at Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/737/245  1906-1907

File R/C.442. 1905 to 1911. Government Officers. - Acceptance by - of Gratuitous assistance from Native States.  IOR/R/2/737/246  1905-1911

File R/C.443. 1903 to 1908. Ceremonials to be observed at visits and return visits of Chiefs with Political Officers in Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/738/247  1903-1908

File R/C.444. 1908. Palitana States. Re: Vijaysinhji's claim. Re: Gadi.  IOR/R/2/738/248  1908

File R/C.445.1908 Limbdi State: protest against Dadba's succession.  IOR/R/2/738/249, Item 1  1908

File R/C.445.1908 Printed history of Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/738/249, Item 2  1908

File R/C.445.1908 Returns of unauthorised assistance received by government officers from Native States.  IOR/R/2/738/249, Item 3  1907

File R/C.445.1908 Anonymous document.  IOR/R/2/738/249, Item 4  1908

File R/C.445.1908 Ala Bilkha: letter regarding partition.  IOR/R/2/738/249, Item 5  1907

File R/C.445.1908 Enquiry into identity of a man suspected of being Nana Sahib of Bithoor.  IOR/R/2/738/249, Item 6  1894

File R/C.445.1908 Jamnagar Harbhamji's administration.  IOR/R/2/738/249, Item 7  1908

File R/C 446. 1908. 1. Miscellaneous subjects on several States. Also Railway, tours of heads of departments in N.S. Forced currency notes. Opium etc.  IOR/R/2/739/250  1908

File R/C 447. 1906. Various subjects on several States. Rajkot Civil Station. Outlaw Vala Namori. Debts incurred by a predecessor of Chiefs etc.  IOR/R/2/739/251  1906

File R/C 448. 1896. Major Ashby's sister selling pictures. Bawa's preaching sedition in Kathiawar. Several States. Mr. Turkhad etc.  IOR/R/2/739/252  1896

File R/C 450. 1898. Junagadh - Mangrol. D.O. from Sheikh re: his case re: inviting by Agency in Ceremonial Durbars.  IOR/R/2/739/253  1898

File R/C 451. 1904. D.O. correspondence re: Rajkumar College getting a Govt. Grant.  IOR/R/2/739/254  1904

File R/C 454. 1904. 1512 Coins of Native States in Kathiawar. Whether coinage is still prevalent in Kathiawar to be done by private persons.  IOR/R/2/739/255  1904

File R/C 457. 1905. Representations of States against rules re: visits and return visits to the Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/739/256  1905

File R/C 461. 1907. Nawanagar State. Arrangements for the administration of - in the event of Jam Saheb proceeding to Europe.  IOR/R/2/739/257  1907

File R/C 464. 1908 to 1912. 1 to 25. Miscellaneous files on several subjects. Please see the index inside.  IOR/R/2/739/258  1908-1912

File R/C 465. 1898 to 1909. from 24. Nawanagar. Kumar Lakhubha's claim to the Gadi and restoration of his Giras etc.  IOR/R/2/740/259  1898-1909

File R/C 466. 1908. 27 to 34 Mis. File on several subjects: Salutes. Junagadh. Re: increase of two guns in the salute of the Junagadh State. Civil Cypher system instructions for the use of - also telegraphic abbreviations in connection with - Arms and armaments re: return of Military Forces in Native States. Arms, and ammunition re: examination of..... surreptitious packages at ports of maritime States.  IOR/R/2/740/260  1908

Conditions of access: See index inside

File R/C 467. 1896 to 1913. 35 to 38. Misc. files on various subjects: Interference of Agency in internal affairs of States; Political movements - Govt. Pensioners; Natal - Indian indentured Labour. 4. Newspaper returns.  IOR/R/2/740/261  1896-1913

File R/C 468. 1907 to 1909. 40. Misc. Files on several subjects.  IOR/R/2/741/262  1907-1909

Conditions of access: See index inside.

File R/C 469. 1906 to 1911. 45. Nawanagar State. Nazarana levied from - on succession of Ranjitsinhji to the Gadi of -  IOR/R/2/741/263  1906-1911

File R/C 470. 1909. 46 to 60 Miscellaneous several subjects.  IOR/R/2/742/264  1909

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File R/C 471. 1909 to 1910. 61 to 85. Miscellaneous subjects several.  IOR/R/2/742/265  1909-1910

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File R/C 472. 1910-11 86 to 100 Miscellaneous subjects.  IOR/R/2/743/266  1910-1911

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File R/C 473. 1911-12. 101 to 121. Miscellaneous file on several subjects.  IOR/R/2/743/267  1911-1912

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File R/C 474. 1912. 1913. 122 to 139. Miscellaneous on various subjects.  IOR/R/2/744/268  1912-1913

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File R/C 476. 1887 to 1889. Correspondence. With Major Humphrey. Re: Makranis.  IOR/R/2/744/269  1887-1889

File R/C 475. 1887.165/37 Correspondence. Major Humphrey. Re: Makranis.  IOR/R/2/744/270  1887

File R/C 478. 1893. Papers re:- death of Lieut. Gordon.  IOR/R/2/744/271  1893

File R/C 479. 1910. Junagadh and Mangrol affairs.  IOR/R/2/744/272  1910

File R/C 480. 1890. Bhavnagar Libel case.  IOR/R/2/744/273  1890

File R/C 481. 1911. Dhrangadhra and Kond Bhayats.  IOR/R/2/744/274  1911

File R/C 483. 1908 to 1912. 14. Chuda affairs.  IOR/R/2/744/275  1908-1912

File R/C 484. 1912-13. P/52 Limbdi State. 1. Claim for Jurisdiction over Bhayat villages.  IOR/R/2/744/276  1912-1913

File R/C 485. 1911-12-13. 27 Dhrampur-Kashmere Wedding, at Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/745/277  1911-1913

File R/C 486. 1913. 151. Dhrangadhra. Mahajan Case.  IOR/R/2/745/278  1913

File R/C 490. 1914. 1089. "Anjuman-i-Khuddam-i-Kaaba" Establishment of Branches of the - at Jamnagar and Mangrol under Junagadh.  IOR/R/2/745/279  1914

File R/C 492. 1914. C/106 Government Orders. Regarding debts incurred by Ruling Chiefs of India during their visits to England.  IOR/R/2/745/280  1914

File R/C 493. 1914. 85 Imperial service troops Rearming the - with the Enfield short rifles.  IOR/R/2/745/281  1914

File R/C 494. 1916. 124 Hancock the late Major F. deb -- memorial to - in Porbandar.  IOR/R/2/745/282  1916

File R/C 495. 1916. 10 Indian Arms Act. - Proposed changes in the administration of the  IOR/R/2/745/283  1916

File R/C 505. 1889 to 1897 Miscellaneous papers: Letter to Sir Raymond west re: proposed transfer of Rajasthanik Court to the Office of the Judicial Asstt. in 1889: Mr. Mcnaughton's note on the Rajkumar College; Powers of Kathiawar States.  IOR/R/2/745/284  1889-1897

File R/C 506. 1911. 19 Silver trade of Kutch and Kathiawar. Ports.  IOR/R/2/745/285  1911

File R/C 507. 1918. J/148 Sir Frank Beaman's request to be allowed to draft appeals.  IOR/R/2/745/286  1918

File R/C 508. 1898 to 1902. Prohibition of importation of Maria Therese Dollers by Clandestine Methods.  IOR/R/2/745/287  1898-1902

File R/C 513. 1914. 23 Morvi's protest against the attitude of the P.A. Malar (Major C.F. Harold) in connection with disputes between it and Wankaner.  IOR/R/2/745/288  1914

File R/C 514. 1914. 60. Prohibition by Govt. of the use by the Indian Chiefs of Liveries uniforms and badges similar to those of Govt.  IOR/R/2/745/289  1914

File R/C 515. 1914 1465 Occasional Grants to be given by Govt. to learned Pandits and Moulvis.  IOR/R/2/745/290  1914

File R/C 516. 1914 C/101 Rajkumar College Rajkot. - Question whether the sons of Talukdars of inferior Status should be admitted in the Rajkumar College.  IOR/R/2/745/291  1914

File R/C 517. 1914 64 Installation & investiture - Ruling Chiefs. - Procedure to be adopted at the - of Ruling Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/745/292  1914

File R/C 518. 1915. European War. Instructions for the prevention of objectionable literature into India.  IOR/R/2/745/293  1915

File R/C 520. 1915 16. Rajkot State - Thakor Saheb Lakhajiraj of - offer of personal services in connection with the European War.  IOR/R/2/745/294  1915

File R/C 522. 1915 21. The Sundatiana case Limbdi State.  IOR/R/2/745/295  1915

File R/C 526. 1915 c/33/1915 Bawa-Jivna-Vala Shri-Chief of Vadia - Voluntary abdication by -  IOR/R/2/745/296  1915

File R/C 527. 1916. C.15 Submission of Confl. and D.O. reports concerning Police incidents.  IOR/R/2/745/297  1916

File R/C 528. 1916 c.18 Indian Home Rule League.  IOR/R/2/745/298  1916

File R/C 529. 1916 c.22 Ismail Kassimbhai of Rajkot. His connection with Indian Revolutionary movements in Siam.  IOR/R/2/745/299  1916

File R/C 530. 1916-1920. c-23 Kassimbhai Suleman Adamji. antecedents etc. of -  IOR/R/2/746/300  1916-1920

File R/C 531. 1916. c-24 Khimchand - Soni - of Gondal under Gondal State Chand Khem.  IOR/R/2/746/301  1916

File R/C 534. 1916 c-29 Emigration. Proposals for the prohibition of indentured emigration to the Colonies.  IOR/R/2/746/302  1916

File R/C 535. 1916 c-31 Wankaner and Rajkot - Desirability of raising these 2nd Class States to the First Class.  IOR/R/2/746/303  1916

File R/C 537. 1916 34. Her Highness the Bibi Saheb of Junagadh - Memorials re: her alleged maltreatment by the administrator.  IOR/R/2/746/304  1916

File R/C 538. 1916 35. H.H. Jam Saheb Sir Ranjitsinhji should not make use of the title of Maharaja in Official correspondence with the Agency.  IOR/R/2/746/305  1916

File R/C 540. 1916-1918. 25. Railways - Extention of Dhrangadhra- Morvi Railway to Malia.  IOR/R/2/746/306  1916-1918

File R/C 541. 1916. 9. Meram Khachar - Kumar of Jasdan antecedents of  IOR/R/2/746/307  1916

File R/C 542. 1916. 13. Valukad - Location of a Police out-post at - under the Lathi State.  IOR/R/2/746/308  1916

File R/C 544. 1916 4. H.E. the Governor's visit - Junagadh Speeches etc.  IOR/R/2/746/309  1916

File R/C 545. 1908-1910. 6716. Foreign ships of war and Cable ships.  IOR/R/2/746/310  1908-1910

File R/C 546. 1913. 192. Confidential Records - Destruction of - Rules re:  IOR/R/2/746/311  1913

File R/C 547. 1908. 87. Part II. Disputes re: Kutch & Nawa. - Re: - rights of Kutch with reference to Jhinjhuda & amicable settlement thereof.  IOR/R/2/746/312  1908

File R/C 549. 1917. 6/1 Printed copy of the proceedings of the Chief's conference at Delhi on 30th October 1916, and draft rules for their conduct.  IOR/R/2/746/313  1917

File R/C 550. 1917. 6/3 Institution of Look-out and Signal Stations on the Coast of Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/746/314  1917

File R/C 551. 1917 C/4 Enquiries re: Veraval and Mangrol Onion Trade.  IOR/R/2/746/315  1917

File R/C 552. 1917. C/5 Japanese Commercial Agency with Head Quarters at Junagadh.  IOR/R/2/746/316  1917

File R/C 553. 1917. C/9 War - Orders of the Govt. of India re: the references to Japanese trade in Official Reports.  IOR/R/2/746/317  1917

File R/C 554. 1917 C/9/A Ownership of the Lushington and Beka Shoals situated at the entrance of the Beik Harbour in the Gulf of Kutch.  IOR/R/2/746/318  1917

File R/C 555. 1917 C/10 War - Smuggling of rifles into India- a German Indian plot  IOR/R/2/746/319  1917

File R/C 557. 1917 C/13 Title of "Maharaja" and "Royal Presence" used in the administrative report of Morvi objected by Govt.  IOR/R/2/747/320  1917

File R/C 559. 1917 C/15 War Loan. Sweeps in connection with the  IOR/R/2/747/321  1917

File R/C 560. 1917 C/18 War - Mention of or reward to individuals who have taken conspicuous part in the work connected with the war and recruiting  IOR/R/2/747/322  1917

File R/C 561. 1917 19. War - Regulation of the entry of Indian Traders into Egypt.  IOR/R/2/747/323  1917

File R/C 562. 1917 C/20. Native States - Re: Negotiations between capitalists or financial agents and Native States in Re: to Railway and other concessions.  IOR/R/2/747/324  1917

File R/C 563. 1917-1919. 21 Re: the question of the ceremonial for installation and Investiture Darbars. (Discussion had at Simla on 12-5-17). & Succession in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/747/325  1917-1919

File R/C 565. 1917. C/23 War - Letter - detained in Cencorship in Bombay - addressed by Kalidas Dahyabhai from Porbandar to one Mr. Max Smolenskey of Trieste.  IOR/R/2/747/326  1917

File R/C 566. 1917 C/24 The use of the term "Princes and Chiefs" or "Ruling Princes and Chiefs" etc.  IOR/R/2/747/327  1917

File R/C 567. 1917 C/32. Telegram received from Raichand Mozambique addressed to Premchand Valji, Diu, Una, held up in the Censorship in Bombay.  IOR/R/2/747/328  1917

File R/C 569. 1917. C/36 Representation from the 9 gun Chiefs re: their exclusion from the Chief's Conference to be held at Delhi on 5-11-17.  IOR/R/2/747/329  1917

File R/C 571. 1917 C/38 Questing of rewarding the imperial Service Units that have been engaged in the present war.  IOR/R/2/747/330  1917

File R/C 574. 1917. C/44 Sidi Cassim of Jetpur and his three brothers - dealt with by the Burma Government under the Ingress into India Ordinance.  IOR/R/2/747/331  1917

File R/C 575. 1917 C/45 Kathiawar States Imperial Service Cavalry - Annual Report  IOR/R/2/747/332  1917

File R/C 576. 1917 C/50 Wadhwan eldest son's proposed marriage with the daughter of Shahpura (Rajputana) Rajadhiraj.  IOR/R/2/747/333  1917-1918

File R/C 577. 1917 C/51 Proposed revision of the Table of Salutes of Ruling Princes and Chiefs - Committee held at Simla and the A.G.K. deputed on 29.9.17.  IOR/R/2/747/334  1917

File R/C 579. 1917 C/56 Enquiries re: one Harjiwan of Gondal formerly of Steamer point, Aden (and known as Gujarati Tutor") in connection of Jaman Lal of Gadi Party.  IOR/R/2/747/335  1917

File R/C 580. 1917 C/41 Provincial Recruiting Board.  IOR/R/2/747/336  1917

File R/C 584. 1917 C/54 Enquiry by Government Re: acceptance of currency notes by Native States.  IOR/R/2/747/337  1917

File R/C 585. 1917 C/57 Mr. Lynch Blosse and Mr. Haslam of Bombay Police - appointed to the Indian Army Reserve of Officers.  IOR/R/2/747/338  1917

File R/C 587. 1917 C/59 Some D.O's between H.H. the T.S. of Morvi & the A.G. re: (1) War Loan. (2) Inspection of Jadeshwar. (3) Venasar - Kutch - some buildings constructed by Morvi and complained by Kutch Darbar.  IOR/R/2/747/339  1917

File R/C 588. 1918. C/1 Proceedings of Chiefs' Conference held at Delhi on 5th November 1917.  IOR/R/2/747/340  1918

File R/C 589. 1918 C/4. Proposed visit to Kathiawar of Their Excellencies Lord & Lady Willingdon & H.E. the Secretary of State Mr. Montagu (February & March, 1918).  IOR/R/2/747/341  1918

File R/C 590. 1918. C/5 Military training in England of Mulrajsingh and Madhursingh cousins of the Minor Thakor Saheb of Palitana and also the return from England & training of theminor Chief himself until he was invested with the Gadi on 27.11.19 & marriage on 2nd December 1919.  IOR/R/2/747/342  1918-1919

File R/C 591. 1918. C/12 Arrangements for future education of the minor Rana Saheb of Porbandar  IOR/R/2/747/343  1918

File R/C 592. 1918 C/16 Re: the purchase of Rupees by the Bhavnagar and Junagadh States.  IOR/R/2/747/344  1918

File R/C 593. 1918 C/17 One Tarini Prasad Sinha of Gaya District, Bihar and Orissa - should not be employed on any post under Government.  IOR/R/2/747/345  1918

File R/C 594. 1918. C/18 Jain Acharya Vijaya Dharma Suri - whether he is fit for "Mahamahopadhyaya  IOR/R/2/748/346  1918

File R/C 595. 1918 C/20 Informal Investiture to be held at Simla on 25.7.18 at which it is proposed to decorate Mr. E. Macondchie, the A.G.K. with the insignia of C.S.I.  IOR/R/2/748/347  1918

File R/C 596. 1918 C/21 P.A. Halar Reports that no representative of the Gondal Darbar appeared at a recruiting meeting held by him on 21.6.18.  IOR/R/2/748/348  1918

File R/C 597. 1918 C/22 The doings of Home Rulers may be subjected to close scrutiny.  IOR/R/2/748/349  1918

File R/C 599. 1918 C/25 Some "Strictly confidential" papers (printed) re: Poona meeting on administrative reforms in September 1917 returned to the Secretary to Government. G.D., Bombay.  IOR/R/2/748/350  1918

File R/C 601. 1918 C/31 Bhavnagar Railway Strike in April 1918  IOR/R/2/748/351  1918

File R/C 600. 1918 C/29 Bhavnagar Maharani's War Loan Competition.  IOR/R/2/748/352  1918

File R/C 602. 1918 C/34 Indian Constitutional Reforms - Replies from Chiefs - Their views - on the reform Scheme.  IOR/R/2/748/353  1918

File R/C 603. 1918. C/46 Grants of Giras in perpetuity as Inam (1) by the Chief of Thana Devli to Gadhvi Maghabha Nag - of Village Targhari. (2) Of the village of Ghanshyampur to Jhala Mansinhji Dewan by H.H. Rajsaheb of Dhrangadhra.  IOR/R/2/748/354  1918

File R/C 607. 1919. C/21 Kotda - Pati in Sardhar practically depopulated due to the action of the Rajkot Thakor Saheb - and an Agency Officials nomination asked for.  IOR/R/2/748/355  1919

File R/C 609. 1919 C/3 His Excellency's Honorary Aide - de - Camps - from amongst the Kumars and Cadets of the families of Ruling Princes & Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/748/356  1919

File R/C 610. 1919 C/8 Appointment of a Civil Local Adviser for Kathiawar in connection with the formation of a sub-committee of the Lady Landsdowne's Officers' families Fund.  IOR/R/2/748/357  1919

File R/C 611. 1919 C/9 Mention in the Army Department Despatch of any Civilians' good work in connection with the War.  IOR/R/2/748/358  1919

File R/C 614. 1919 C/19-A Re: raising of a tablet in the Christ Church - Rajkot - in memory of the late Col. J.R.B.G. Carter of the Bombay Political Department.  IOR/R/2/748/359  1919

File R/C 616. 1919. C/34 Proposed address by Gohilwad Chiefs to be given to Mr. Tudor Owen, at the end of Palitana administration  IOR/R/2/749/360  1919

File R/C 618. 1920. C/15 King Edward Memorial - in Kathiawar (Enquiry from home if any erected).  IOR/R/2/749/361  1920

File R/C 620. 1920. C/35 Government of India's order re: rewarding officers of the army for distinguished services in War and suggesting to Darbars to do in the same way to their I.S. Troops.  IOR/R/2/749/362  1920

File R/C 621. 1921. Dedan - Kotila Unad Bhan - alleged murder by - notes re: and some mention re: the amalgamation of Dedan Police.  IOR/R/2/749/363  1919

File R/C 622. 1921 Papers regarding Australian Exhibition of Women's work.  IOR/R/2/749/364  1907-1908

File R/C 623. 1921. Notes on Primogeniture - by Captain Zorawarsinhji of Bhavnagar.  IOR/R/2/749/365  1920

File R/C 624. 1921 Girassia Association & suggestions about improving the condition of Girassias of Kathiawar by K.S. Harbhamji of Morvi.  IOR/R/2/749/366  1913-1916

File R/C 625. 1921 Imperial Cadet Corps. Mr. Hill's notes on.  IOR/R/2/749/367  1921

File R/C 626. 1921 Decentralization Committee for Royal Commission on Decentralization.  IOR/R/2/749/368  1907

Western India, Baroda and Gujarat States Agency: Attachment Scheme Files  [no ref.]  1945-1947

File RIA/C-1 Vol.I. Attachment Scheme - Revision of the Instrument of Attachment - Agreements of attaching States to adopt the revised Instrument. Invitations to second stage non-cooperating units to attend meeting at Rajkot on 2.5.1945. Revised Instruments of Attachment.  IOR/R/2/578/1  1945

File RIA/C-1 Vol.II. Attachment Scheme - Meeting with non-cooperating second stage units. Replies of these units rejecting the scheme with both original and revised Instruments. Report of proceedings to the Political Department with recommendations re: further action.  IOR/R/2/578/2  1945

File RIA/C-1 Vol.III (1) Attachment Scheme. (2). Revised Instruments of Attachment - Acceptance by first stage attaching units. (3) Beneficial measures taken by attaching States in the attached areas. (4) Orders of H.E. the C.R. sanctioning measures for implementing the Attachment Scheme. (5) Vadia and Thanadevli accepted their attachment. (6) Correspondence with Mansa, Bajana, Ghodasar and Dedhrota.  IOR/R/2/578/3  1945

File RIA/C-1 Vol.IV. (1) Implementation of the Attachment Scheme. (2) Issue of Revised Instruments of Attachment for signature of attaching States. (3) Certain matters concerning attached units of Idar.  IOR/R/2/578/4  1945

File RIA/C-1 Vol.V Proposed Bilateral Agreement between Attaching States and Second Stage Attaching States.  IOR/R/2/578/5  1945

File RIA/C-1 Vol.VI Attachment Scheme - Implementation of Bilateral Agreements signed by second stage Attached Units - Action against Lathi, Ghodasar and Bhadwa.  IOR/R/2/578/6  1946

File RIA/C-1 Vol.VII Attachment Scheme - Revised Instruments of attachment - First stage units.  IOR/R/2/578/7  1946

File RIA/C-1 Detachment of Magodi, Kesharia, Munjpur and Matra from Malpur, Lakhtar, Muli and Jasdan and re-attachment to Baroda, Dhrangadhra and Bhavnagar - Issue of Fresh Instruments to the four Units.  IOR/R/2/579/8  1945-1946

File RIA/C-1 Appointment of approved Karbharis for the recalcitrant units attached to the Gondal State.  IOR/R/2/579/8A  1945

File RIA/C-1 Termination of services of Rao Saheb M.B. Mehta as Special Officer, Amreli.  IOR/R/2/579/9  1945

File RIA/C-1 Attachment Scheme - Circular letter to the Attaching States to intimate deaths and successions of Chiefs and Talukdars and imposition and removal of management over them.  IOR/R/2/579/10  1945

File RIA/C-1 of 1946 Representative Institutions for Attaching and Attached States.  IOR/R/2/579/11  1946

File RIA/C-1 of 1946 Attachment Scheme - Idar Khichdi paid by Mohanpur State and Ranasan Taluka to Idar.  IOR/R/2/579/12  1946

File RIA/C-3 of 1945 Tribute and allied payments, fees and specific contributions in respect of attached units of Idar.  IOR/R/2/579/13  1945

File RIA/C-6 of 1945 Representations from the Talukdars of Bhadwa and Lodhika against the Attachment Scheme.  IOR/R/2/579/14  1945

File RIA/C-7 of 1945 Attachment Scheme - Non-co-operation of attached units - Refusal to accept or reply to correspondence through Attaching States.  IOR/R/2/579/15  1945

File RIA/C-8 of 1945 Assurance by attaching States to provide amenities in their attached areas - Gondal's.  IOR/R/2/579/16  1945

File RIA/C-10 of 1945 Request of the Chhota Udepur State to elucidate certain points arising out of the Revised Instrument.  IOR/R/2/579/17  1945

File RIA/C-12 of 1945 Refusal of the Bajana State to co-operate on the basis of the Attachment Plan - Appointment of "Approved" Karbhari - Removal of money from the Treasury by the Chief as "Jiwai" - Protest of the Chief against the action taken by Government.  IOR/R/2/579/18  1945

File RIA/C-13 of 1945 Attachment Scheme - Economic Aspect.  IOR/R/2/579/19  1945

File RIA/C-14 of 1945 Kanoda Affairs.  IOR/R/2/579/20  1945

File RIA/C-15 of 1945 Complaints from the Thakors of Wagach re: supply of food stuffs etc. by Chhota Udepur State.  IOR/R/2/579/21  1945

File F.143-13 of 1945. Attachment Scheme - Revised Instruments - Chorangla, Vanmala and Bhilodia attached to Baroda.  IOR/R/2/579/22  1945

File RIA/M of 1946 Attachment Scheme - Non-jurisdictional attached units - Revised Instruments of Attachment.  IOR/R/2/579/23  1946

File RIA/M of 1946 Attachment - Transfer of Records consequent on.  IOR/R/2/579/24  1946

File RIA/M of 1945 Attachment Scheme - Representations against.  IOR/R/2/579/25  1945

File LP/51 of 1947. Lapse of Paramountcy - Attachment Scheme.  IOR/R/2/579/26  1947

File RIA/C-3 of 1945-47. Attachment of the Wagach Estate to the Chhota Udepur State - Instrument of Attachment for the Estate.  IOR/R/2/579/27  1945-1947

File RIA/C-1 of 1947 Vol.VIII Implementation of the Attachment Scheme. Issue of revised instruments of attachment to the first stage units.  IOR/R/2/579/28  1947

File RIA/C-1 of 1947 Vol. IX. Attachment Scheme - (1) Acceptance of Revised Instruments by First stage attached units. (2) Reactions of attached units as a result of constitutional developments in India.  IOR/R/2/579/29  1947

Instruments of Attachment  IOR/R/2/580  1943

Related information: R/2/580/30 has complete lists of Original and Revised Instruments of Attachment of all attaching States and Units.

Instruments of Attachment  IOR/R/2/581  1943

Related information: R/2/580/30 has complete lists of Original and Revised Instruments of Attachment of all attaching States and Units.

Revised Instruments of Attachment  IOR/R/2/582  1945-1946

Related information: R/2/580/30 has complete lists of Original and Revised Instruments of Attachment of all attaching States and Units.

Revised Instruments of Attachment  IOR/R/2/583  1943

Related information: R/2/580/30 has complete lists of Original and Revised Instruments of Attachment of all attaching States and Units.

Revised Instruments of Attachment  IOR/R/2/584  1945-1946

Related information: R/2/580/30 has complete lists of Original and Revised Instruments of Attachment of all attaching States and Units.

Baroda, Western India and Gujarat States Residency: Confidential Branch Files  [no ref.]  1929-1945

File 1938 C/12-2 Dhrangadhra Alkali Works.  IOR/R/2/596/1  1938

File 1939 C/12-3 Grant of facility by certain maritime States to traders to divert trade to their ports.  IOR/R/2/596/2  1939

File 1938 C/12-4 Levy of land customs duties in Indian States.  IOR/R/2/596/3  1938

File 1939 C/12-5 Morvi - Misdeclaration of the value of goods imported from -  IOR/R/2/596/4  1939

File 1939 C/12-6 Activities of Mr. Qureshi, Chief Customs Officer, Nawanagar State.  IOR/R/2/596/5  1939

File 1940 C/12-7 Customs stations maintained opposite Diu.  IOR/R/2/596/6  1940

File 1940 C/12-8 Smuggling of sovereigns through Kathiawar ports.  IOR/R/2/596/7  1940

File 1941 C/12-9 Enquiry regarding Anglo-Iranian Oil Companies.  IOR/R/2/596/8  1941

File 1941-C/12-10 Export of tea to foreign destinations.  IOR/R/2/596/9  1941

File 1941 C/12-11 Special Cutch enquiry.  IOR/R/2/597/10  1941

File 1941 C/12-12 Export and import trade control.  IOR/R/2/597/11  1941

File 1941 C/12-13 Smuggling of tea and coffee to Cutch.  IOR/R/2/597/12  1941

File 1941 C/12-14 Smuggling of precious stones.  IOR/R/2/597/13  1941

File 1942 C/12-15 Evasion of customs control by bribery.  IOR/R/2/597/14  1942

File 1942 C/12-16 Export of Dhrangadhra salt to British India.  IOR/R/2/597/15  1942

File 1942 C/12-17 Customs agreement between Cutch and British India.  IOR/R/2/597/16  1942

File 1944 C/12-18 Proposed scheme for a new port in Jamnagar.  IOR/R/2/597/17  1944

File 1944 C/12-19 Customs administration of maritime States of Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/597/18  1944

File 1945 C/12-20 Levy of customs duty on consignment of Sudan cotton imported at Bhavnagar.  IOR/R/2/597/19  1945

File 1944 C/18-23 Maladministration in the Jetpur State.  IOR/R/2/597/20  1944

File 1937 C/25-2-I Appeal by H.H. the Maharaja of Bhavnagar to the Secretary of State in respect of Bhavnagar's rights under treaties and engagements.  IOR/R/2/598/21  1937

File 1941 C/25-2-II Bhavnagar Customs and Ports.  IOR/R/2/598/22  1941

File C/30-1 1936-1943 Use of unauthorised titles by Indian States in their publications.  IOR/R/2/598/23  1936-1943

File 1942 C/30-2 Jasdan's representation for direct relations with the Resident, full membership of the Chamber of Princes, transfer of Khachar Talukas and gun salute.  IOR/R/2/598/24  1942

File 1942 C/30-3 Request of H.H. the Maharaja of Morvi for enhancement of his salute.  IOR/R/2/598/25  1942

File 1944 C/30-6 Request of the Thakor Saheb of Palitana for the title of Maharaja, His Highness and a salute of 11 guns.  IOR/R/2/598/26  1944

File 1946 C/30-8 Enhancement of the status of the Thakor of Undani.  IOR/R/2/598/27  1946

File 1946 C/30-10 Precedence of Janjira State.  IOR/R/2/598/28  1946

File 1943 C/35-1 Redistribution of Political charges.  IOR/R/2/598/29  1943

File 1941 C/36-3 Formation of a Council of Administration in the Limbdi State.  IOR/R/2/599/30  1941

File 1941 C/37-15 Cutch affairs.  IOR/R/2/599/31  1941

File 1942 C/37-16 Misconduct of Jorawarsinhji, eldest son of the Thakor of Tharud.  IOR/R/2/599/32  1942

File 1942 C/37-23 Alleged misconduct of the Chief of Jetpur.  IOR/R/2/599/33  1942

File 1943 C/58-8 Allowances to the members of the ruling family of Limbdi.  IOR/R/2/599/34  1943

File 1945 C/58-11 Duties and powers of the Guardian of the minor Thakor Saheb of Limbdi.  IOR/R/2/599/35  1945

File 1938 C/14-25-I Political agitation against the Rajkot State.  IOR/R/2/599/36  1938

File 1939 C/14-25-III Political agitation against the Rajkot State.  IOR/R/2/600/37  1939

Note: Files WN 38-40 omitted.

File 1929-31 C/16-1 Succession to the Rai Sankli Taluka.  IOR/R/2/600/41  1929-1931

File 1941 C/16-6 Abdication of Sheikh Jehangirmian of Mangrol & succession of Abdul Khaliq.  IOR/R/2/600/42  1941

File 1937 C/952-37 Abdication of T.S. Dolatsinhji Thakore Sahib of Dhrol.  IOR/R/2/600/43  1937

File 1937 C/961-37 Installation of T.S.Jorawarsinhji on the Gadi of Dhrol.  IOR/R/2/600/44  1937

Jhalawad Pranth and Eastern Kathiawar Agency Files  [no ref.]  1862-1926

File 8 1863-68 Wagher correspondence  IOR/R/2/601/1  1863-1868

File 8 1863-68 Wadhwan Station Dispensary  IOR/R/2/601/2  1863-1868

File 8 1863-68 Civil business  IOR/R/2/601/3  1863-1868

File 3 1862-68 British coinage in Kattywar  IOR/R/2/601/4  1863-1868

File 3 1862-68 Classification and jurisdiction of Chiefs in Kattyawar  IOR/R/2/601/5  1862-1868

File 6 1866-68 Marching of troops through Northern District  IOR/R/2/601/6  1866-1868

File 7 1866-67 Paris and Agra Exhibition  IOR/R/2/601/7  1866-1867

File 33 1873-74 to 1883-84 Pilgrimage - Passport for Jaddah  IOR/R/2/601/8  1873-1884

File 33 1881-82 Agreements and treaties etc. Govt. sanction must be obtained to enter into.  IOR/R/2/601/9  1881-1882

File 33 1874-75 Foreign Territories Act  IOR/R/2/601/10  1874-1875

File 33 1875-76 H.R.H. the Prince of Wales and H.E. the Governor-General's tour.  IOR/R/2/601/11  1875-1876

File 33 1876-77 H.R.H. the Prince of Wales and H.E. the Governor-General's tour also medals presented by.  IOR/R/2/601/12  1876-1877

File 33 1874-75 H.H. Mahalarao's dethronement.  IOR/R/2/601/13  1874-1875

File 33 1878-79 Amir of Kabul. Dethronement of H.H. Sher Ali Khan.  IOR/R/2/601/14  1878-1879

File 33 1876-77 Delhi Assemblage or Darbar.  IOR/R/2/601/15  1876-1877

File 25 1874-75 Disarming in the province, also reorganisation of Police and Rules regarding the arms and ammunition.  IOR/R/2/601/16  1874-1875

File 25 1875-76 Archaeological survey, antiquary, old coins and plates.  IOR/R/2/601/17  1875-1876

File 25 1875-76 Archaeological survey, copper plates, etc.  IOR/R/2/601/18  1875-1876

File 25 1875-76 Archaeological survey - Miscellaneous  IOR/R/2/601/19  1875-1876

File 25 1877-78 Archaeological survey Museums Meterological Observatory, etc. etc.  IOR/R/2/601/20  1877-1878

File 25 1878-79 Archaeological survey Museums Meterological Observatory, etc. etc.  IOR/R/2/601/21  1878-1879

File 25 1882-83 Archaeological survey monuments, etc.  IOR/R/2/601/22  1882-1883

File 23 1884-85 Criminal Outlaw Mowar.  IOR/R/2/602/23  1884-1885

File 23 1889-90 Criminal outlaw Mowar etc. - Captain Salmon the Special Officer.  IOR/R/2/602/24  1889-1890

File 28-A 1884-85 Exhibitions, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/26  1884-1885

File 28-A 1885-86 Exhibitions London and others.  IOR/R/2/602/27  1885-1886

File 28-A 1885-86 Exhibitions - Wadhwan agricultural show.  IOR/R/2/602/28  1885-1886

File 28-A 1886-87 Exhibition - London.  IOR/R/2/602/29  1886-1887

File 28-A 1887-88 Agricultural show - Lady Reay's collection, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/30  1887-1888

File 28-A 1887-88 Exhibition - Agricultural prizes to be given in living stock.  IOR/R/2/602/31  1887-1888

File 35 1873-74 Exhibition - London and elsewhere.  IOR/R/2/602/32  1873-1874

File 35 1874-75 Exhibition - Wadhwan Cattle Show.  IOR/R/2/602/33  1874-1875

File 35 1874-75 Exhibition - London. International etc.  IOR/R/2/602/34  1874-1875

File 35 1876-77 Exhibition Rajkot and others.  IOR/R/2/602/35  1876-1877

File 35 1877-78 Exhibition Rajkot and others.  IOR/R/2/602/36  1877-1878

File 35 1878-79 Exhibition Agricultural show - Songadh.  IOR/R/2/602/37  1878-1879

File 35 1879-80 Exhibition Agricultural show - Songadh.  IOR/R/2/602/38  1879-1880

File 35 1880-81 Exhibition Agricultural show, Wadhwan C.S.  IOR/R/2/602/39  1880-1881

File 35 1880-81 Agricultural shows at several places.  IOR/R/2/602/40  1880-1881

File 35 1881-82 Exhibition - Agricultural show, W.C.S. General Report.  IOR/R/2/602/41  1881-1882

File 35 1882-83 Exhibition at Amsterdam and Nariad Show.  IOR/R/2/602/42  1882-1883

File 35 1883-84 Exhibition Calcutta and Poona.  IOR/R/2/602/43  1883-1884

File 35 1875-76 Returns Local Fund - Demand and others circulars, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/44  1875-1876

File 35 1876-77 Returns Local Fund - Demand and others - Circulars, etc. and also audit.  IOR/R/2/602/45  1876-1877

File 35 1877-78 Local Fund demand returns etc. Circular audit.  IOR/R/2/602/46  1877-1878

File 35 1878-79 Local Fund demand returns etc.  IOR/R/2/602/47  1878-1879

File 35 1880-81 Local Fund demand returns etc.  IOR/R/2/602/48  1880-1881

File 35 1881-82 Local fund demand returns etc.  IOR/R/2/602/49  1881-1882

File 35 1882-83 Local fund demand returns etc.  IOR/R/2/602/50  1882-1883

File 35 1883-84 Local fund demand returns etc.  IOR/R/2/602/51  1883-1884

File 35 1873-74 Surveyors employing the - also instruments etc.  IOR/R/2/602/52  1873-1874

File 35 1877-78 Surveyors employing the - also Instruments.  IOR/R/2/602/53  1877-1878

File 35 1878-79 Surveyors employing the - also instruments.  IOR/R/2/602/54  1878-1879

File 35 1881-82 Check over the surveyor's work.  IOR/R/2/602/55  1881-1882

File 35 1882-83 Check over the surveyor's work also dismissal of surveyor Hansraj.  IOR/R/2/602/56  1882-1883

File 35 1883-84 Surveyor's check upon their work and abolishing the post of Native Superintendent.  IOR/R/2/602/57  1883-1884

File 35 1873-74 Survey Fund Misc.  IOR/R/2/602/58  1873-1874

File 35 1875-76 Survey Fund Instruments.  IOR/R/2/602/59  1875-1876

File 35 1878-79 Survey Fund Instruments  IOR/R/2/602/60  1878-1879

File 35 1883-84 Survey Fund Instruments  IOR/R/2/602/61  1883-1884

File 35 1873-74 Trigonometrical Reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/62  1873-1874

File 35 1874-75 T. G. Reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/63  1874-1875

File 35 1875-76 T. G. Reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/64  1875-1876

File 35 1875-76 T. G. Reports etc. Complaints against and by the Jhinjhoowada Kamdar.  IOR/R/2/602/65  1875-1876

File 35 1876-77 Survey reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/66  No date

File 35 1877-78 Survey reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/67  1877-1878

File 35 1878-79 Survey reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/68  1878-1879

File 35 1879-80 Survey reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/69  1879-1880

File 35 1879-80 Survey reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/70  1879-1880

File 35 1880-81 Survey reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/71  1880-1881

File 35 1881-82 Survey reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/72  1881-1882

File 35 1881-82 Survey reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/73  1881-1882

File 35 1881-82 Survey reports, etc.  IOR/R/2/602/74  1881-1882

File 36-I 1873-74 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/603/75  1873-1874

File 36 1873-77 Military complaint against and by the authorities  IOR/R/2/603/76  1873-1877

File 36 1874-75 Military - Complaints against and by-  IOR/R/2/603/77  1874-1875

File 36 1874-75 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/603/78  1874-1875

File 36 1875-76 Military - Complaints against and by -  IOR/R/2/603/79  1875-1876

File 36 1875-76 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/603/80  1875-1876

File 36 1876-77 Military - Miscellaneous and Deserters  IOR/R/2/603/81  1876-1877

File 36 1876-77 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/603/82  1876-1877

File 36 1876-77 Military - Complaints against and by -  IOR/R/2/603/83  1876-1877

File 36-II 1877-78 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/603/84  1877-1878

File 36-II 1877-78 Military - Complaints against and by  IOR/R/2/603/85  1877-1878

File 36-II 1878-79 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/603/86  1878-1879

File 36-II 1878-79 Military - Complaints against and by  IOR/R/2/603/87  1878-1879

File 36-II 1878-79 Military - Miscellaneous  IOR/R/2/603/88  1878-1879

File 36-II 1878-79 Military - Civil officers to march with troops.  IOR/R/2/603/89  1878-1879

File 36-II 1878-79 Military - Afghanistan expedition and thanks to Dhrangadhra.  IOR/R/2/603/90  1878-1879

File 36-II 1879-80 March of troops.  IOR/R/2/603/91  1879-1880

File 36-II 1879-80 Military - complaints against and by  IOR/R/2/603/92  1879-1880

File 36-II 1879-80 Military - Miscellaneous  IOR/R/2/603/93  1879-1880

File 36-II 1879-80 Military - Presentation of ponies for the Afghan expedition and men by Dhrangadhra State.  IOR/R/2/603/94  1879-1880

File 36-II 1879-80 Military - Aid to civil authorities  IOR/R/2/603/95  1879-1880

File 36-II 1880-81 Recruiting of men for Afghan expedition.  IOR/R/2/603/96  1880-1881

File 36-II 1880-81 Military - Relief Fund subscription for  IOR/R/2/603/97  1880-1881

File 36-II 1880-81 Military - Miscellaneous  IOR/R/2/603/98  1880-1881

File 36-II 1881-82 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/603/99  1881-1882

File 36-II 1881-82 Military - Complaints against and by  IOR/R/2/603/100  1881-1882

File 36-II 1882-83 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/603/101  1882-1883

File 36-II 1882-83 Military - Encamping ground, clearing of walls, sale of mules and other miscellaneous  IOR/R/2/603/102  1882-1883

File 36-II 1883-84 Military - Army transport  IOR/R/2/603/103  1883-1884

File 36-II 1883-84 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/603/104  1883-1884

File 36-II 1883-84 Military - Miscellaneous and bills for expenses on account of the clearing of wells.  IOR/R/2/603/105  1883-1884

File 40 1884-85 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/604/106  1884-1885

File 40 1884-85 Military Encamping grounds  IOR/R/2/604/107  1884-1885

File 40 1884-85 Military - Recruiting of Syces, ponies, etc.  IOR/R/2/604/108  1884-1885

File 40 1885-86 Military - March of troops  IOR/R/2/604/109  1885-1886

File 40 1885-86 Military - recruitment of men and ponies  IOR/R/2/604/110  1885-1886

File 40 1889-90 Military - march of troops  IOR/R/2/604/111  1889-1890

File 40 1889-90 Military - Army Native reserve also volunter.  IOR/R/2/604/112  1889-1890

File 6 1890-91 Re: arrest of Miana Mowar Sandhwani  IOR/R/2/604/113  1890-1891

File 8 1891-92 Revision of military route in Kathiawar  IOR/R/2/604/114  1891-1892

File 8 1891 Proposal for increasing the number of volunteers.  IOR/R/2/604/115  1891

File 8 1891 Roll of pensioners of the Regiment  IOR/R/2/604/116  1891

File 8 1891 Submission of Indian Army reserve lists  IOR/R/2/604/117  1891

File 8 1891 Programme of H.E. the Commander in Chief of Bombay  IOR/R/2/604/118  1891

File 8 1891 Withdrawal of cavalry from Rajkot and subsequent reinforcement  IOR/R/2/604/119  1891

File 11 1891 Apprehension of committal of dacoity by Juma Gand.  IOR/R/2/604/120  1891

File 10 1892-93 Resolution regarding propose measures for the suppression of outlaws - appointment of Mr. Gorden Asstt. Supdt. of Agency Police. Arrangement for the improving of Wankaner Sayla Police. Operations against dacoits.  IOR/R/2/604/121  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Movement of dacoits report of to Government  IOR/R/2/604/122  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Dacoits at Pragpur: Correspondence re.  IOR/R/2/604/123  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Search of Miana in Gondal District near Amrapur etc. Correspondence re.  IOR/R/2/604/124  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miana outlaws - Appearance of Mianas in the limit of Surtha. Plunder of Tapa Tanga in the limit of Latooda.  IOR/R/2/604/125  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miana outlaws - Mianas at Karamia and Ghantila under Morvi thence through Raisangpur to Bandudi  IOR/R/2/604/126  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miana outlaws - Tapa Tanga looted by Haramkhors near Umanvar in Latooda limits.  IOR/R/2/604/127  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miana outlaws - Dacoits movements of  IOR/R/2/604/128  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miana outlaws - Appointment of W.L.B. Souter, Esq. as Superintendent of Police, Dhrangadhra State. Corre. re:  IOR/R/2/604/129  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miana outlaws - Appointment of Mr. G.U.A. Lambert as Superintendent of Police Wankaner and Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/604/130  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miana outlaws: Encampment of the detachment of 23rd Bombay Rifle Regt. at Wadhwan  IOR/R/2/604/131  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miana outlaws: Employment of cavalry in pursuit of dacoits at large in Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/604/132  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miana outlaws - Wankaner State Karbharis' proposal to strengthen the Wankaner State Police and to resettle the mianas of Vithalgadh under Wankaner in a village of Chhatar and mile and a half distant from the capital of Wankaner.  IOR/R/2/604/133  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Sapakda looted by the dacoits.  IOR/R/2/604/134  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Plunder at Trakuda under Dedan by the dacoits.  IOR/R/2/604/135  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Extradition of prisoner Ranoji captured in Karachi  IOR/R/2/604/136  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miscellaneous correspondence.  IOR/R/2/604/137  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miscellaneous enquiry about Patal Punja Khengar of Malia gone to Ahmedabad.  IOR/R/2/604/138  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Miscellaneous - purchase of 20 lbs of gunpowder for blasting purposes by Umiashanker Bhagwanji of Dhranga Dhra.  IOR/R/2/604/139  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Security Bond for Rs. 500/- of Haidarshah Mahmadali of Morvi and others for having been arrested under suspicion.  IOR/R/2/604/140  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Papers re: authenticity or otherwise on the deposition of sepoy Naibkhan  IOR/R/2/604/141  1892-1893

File 10 1892-93 Arrest of Koli Sunderia of Thala, under Dhrangadhra and associates and sympathisers of Miana dacoit gang.  IOR/R/2/604/142  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Dacoits attacked Tikkar in Dhrangadhra and correspondence regarding their movements  IOR/R/2/604/143  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Request of the Commissioner of Sind for furnishing information about the dacoits if heard approaching the limit of Thar and Parkar District.  IOR/R/2/604/144  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Sapakda struck by Mianas.  IOR/R/2/605/145  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Death of Lt. Gordon at a gallant devotion to his duties while charging some outlaws, who had taken strong position in the Malia Taluka and correspondence re: the memorial fund in memory of Lt. Gordon's death.  IOR/R/2/605/146  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Papers re: certain Miana resident Dhandhuka Mahal of the Ahmedabad District.  IOR/R/2/605/147  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Papers re: descriptive roll of Mianas.  IOR/R/2/605/148  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Police arrangement in Dhrangadhra State in re: the suppression of dacoits.  IOR/R/2/605/149  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Dhrangadhra Tanga loot. Request by the Supdt. of Police of - for promising a pardon to one of the persons concerned in the Tanga loot arrested.  IOR/R/2/605/150  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Miscellaneous - photograph of Habibmian - 12 copies of - sent by the Supdt. of Police - Kathiawar Agency.  IOR/R/2/605/151  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Correspondence regarding depositions, etc. of persons concerned in the Jasapur plunder.  IOR/R/2/605/152  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Confidential arrangement in the event of alarm at Wadhwan.  IOR/R/2/605/153  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Miana outlaws - Miscellaneous correspondence regarding movements of dacoits.  IOR/R/2/605/154  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Miana outlaws - Papers regarding Venasar under Morvi looted by Morvi and depositions of persons concerned in the matter.  IOR/R/2/605/155  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Miana outlaws - Papers re: Mowar Sandhwani and Mowar Valera and their movements.  IOR/R/2/605/156  1892-1893

File 11 1892-93 Miana matters - Papers re: Jasapur loot, and prisoners in Wadhwan Jail for Jasapur loot.  IOR/R/2/605/157  1892-1893

File 11 1893-94 Shows - Horse Show at Rajkot. Papers regarding.  IOR/R/2/605/158  1893-1894

File 11 1893-94 Correspondence regarding cattle show at Wadhwan C.S.  IOR/R/2/605/159  1893-1894

File 12 1893-94 Escape of Visa Manek of Malia who was sentenced to transportation for life by the Wankaner authorities from Andaman.  IOR/R/2/605/160  1893-1894

File 13 1894-95 Papers of certain Miana outlaws - Re: miscellaneous loot done by Miana outlaws, etc.  IOR/R/2/606/161  1894-1895

File 14 1896-97 Capture of Cutch outlaws in Palanpur. Lost by dacoity at Bogravadar under Chotila and escape of dacoits towards Sind.  IOR/R/2/606/162  1896-1897

File 15 1901-02 Veterinary including horse and cattle shows and exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/606/163  1901-1902

File 16 1902-03 Veterinary including horse and cattle shows and exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/606/164  1902-1903

File 338 1925-26 Palias in the Eastern Kathr. Agency  IOR/R/2/606/165  1925-1926

File 146 1921-22 Short history of the States.  IOR/R/2/606/166  1921-1922

Palanpur Agency: Miscellaneous Papers (Confidential)  [no ref.]  1872-1925

Transfer of Bombay States to the Government of India.  IOR/R/2/572/1  1918

Indian States and Indian Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/572/2  1872-1913

Visit of Their Royal Highnesses as the Prince and Princess of Wales to India.  IOR/R/2/572/3  1905

Military.  IOR/R/2/572/4  1894-1912

Coronation Darbar.  IOR/R/2/572/5  1911

War.  IOR/R/2/572/6  1914-1925

Confidential compilations.  IOR/R/2/572/7  1873-1889

Palanpur: Bombay Political Department Volumes  [no ref.]  1858-1924

Correspondence with the Rulers and general administration in the States and with the military forces. These are Bombay Political Department Records dating from the period before 1924 when the states in the Palanpur Agency were in political relations with the Government of Bombay. The records were sent to the Resident for the Western India States after the states were placed in direct political relations with the central government.
Contemporary index volumes may be requisitioned:
R/1/6/155 1858-1883
R/1/6/156 1884-1903
R/1/6/157 1904-1924.
To requisition files from R/1/6/155-157, state 'R/2/18C' and give the pencil number against the relevant group in the index, e.g. R/2/18C (186). Only those entries with red or blue crayon marks represent files present in the collection: entries not so marked refer to files retained in India.

Gohelwad Agency Files  [no ref.]  1863-1916

File 1. 1863. 14. Baharwatias & Outlaws.  IOR/R/2/611/1  1863

File 2. 1864. 15. Bahirwattias.  IOR/R/2/611/2  1864

File 2. 1864. 17. Foreign Mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/611/3  1864

File 3. 1865. 18. Bahirwatias and Wagheers. Parties of the Makranies landed at the coast.  IOR/R/2/611/4  1865

File 3. 1865. 20. Exhibition in Kathiawar and Nagpoor.  IOR/R/2/611/5  1865

File 4. 1866. 98. Troops File.  IOR/R/2/611/6  1866

File 5. 1867. 18. Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/611/7  1867

File 6. 1867. 32. Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/611/8  1867

File 6. 1867. 35. Currency Notes.  IOR/R/2/611/9  1867

File 6. 1867. 41. Foreign Mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/611/10  1867

File 6. 1867. 51. Wagheers - Progress of Mooloo Manek in Rashal and Babra.  IOR/R/2/611/11  1867

File 7. 1868. 18. Foreign Mercenaries-Native Chiefs disbanding their Seerbundees.  IOR/R/2/611/12  1868

File 8. 1868. 21/M About the gang of "Senorias".  IOR/R/2/611/13  1868

File 8. 1868. 21 (b-1) National Movement at Macharda.  IOR/R/2/611/14  1868

File 8. 1868. 28. Wagheers.  IOR/R/2/611/15  1868

File 8. 1868. 32. Information about architectural remains.  IOR/R/2/611/16  1868

File 8. 1868. 51. History of Khusia Koli.  IOR/R/2/611/17  1868

File 10. 1869. 58. (f). Steele on law and custom of the Hindoo Caste.  IOR/R/2/611/18  1869

File 12. 1870. 31. International Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/611/19  1870

File 12. 1870. 32. Foreign Mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/611/20  1870

File 13. 1871. 10. Coinage.  IOR/R/2/611/21  1871

File 13. 1871. 31. Female Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/611/22  1871

File 14. 1871. 48. Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/611/23  1871

File 14. 1871. 64. Manchurda Monument.  IOR/R/2/611/24  1871

File 16. 1872. 9. International Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/611/25  1872

File 17. 1872. 70. Persian Famine.  IOR/R/2/611/26  1872

File 18. 1873. 2. Exhibition File.  IOR/R/2/611/27  1873

File 22. 1874. 9. Kathiawar Horse Show.  IOR/R/2/611/28  1874

File 23. 1874. 25. Marine File.  IOR/R/2/611/29  1874

File 24. 1874. 31. Wagher File.  IOR/R/2/611/30  1874

File 24. 1874. 42. Bengal Famine.  IOR/R/2/611/31  1874

File 27. 1875. 22. Kathiawar Horse Show.  IOR/R/2/611/32  1875

File 27. 1875. 27. Rajput Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/611/33  1875

File 27. 1875. 52. Exhibition file. Enthology and Geography of the British Empire.  IOR/R/2/611/34  1875

File 28. 1875. 65. Orthography.  IOR/R/2/611/35  1875

File 28. 1875. 66. H.R.H. Prince of Wales' visit to Bombay.  IOR/R/2/611/36  1875

File 28. 1875. 68. Archeological survey at Wallah.  IOR/R/2/611/37  1875

File 28. 1875. 70. Marine File.  IOR/R/2/611/38  1875

File 29. 1876. 2. H.R.H. the Prince of Wales' visit in India.  IOR/R/2/611/39  1876

File 29. 1876. 13. Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/611/40  1876

File 29. 1876. 15. Queen's Proclamation.  IOR/R/2/611/41  1876

File 29. 1876. 22. Outlaws.  IOR/R/2/611/42  1876

File 29. 1876. 34. Marine file.  IOR/R/2/611/43  1876

File 31. 1876. 68. Archeology, Attempting to discover the ancient remains at Wallabhi Walla Loloyana, Babra and Lathi etc.  IOR/R/2/612/44  1876

File 32. 1876. 77. Kathiawar Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/612/45  1876

File 34. 1877. 4. Marine file.  IOR/R/2/612/46  1877

File 36. 1877. 15. Museums.  IOR/R/2/612/47  1877

File 37. 1877. 56. Queen's Proclamation.  IOR/R/2/612/48  1877

File 37. 1877. 63. Horse Show, Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/612/49  1877

File 38. 1877. 83. Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/612/50  1877

File 38. 1877. 87. Rajkote Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/612/51  1877

File 38. 1877. 92(b) Makranees.  IOR/R/2/612/52  1877

File 39. 1878. 4. Sir T. Madhavrao's arrival.  IOR/R/2/612/53  1878

File 39. 1878. 7. Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/612/54  1878

File 39. 1878. 28. Earthquake.  IOR/R/2/612/55  1878

File 40. 1878. 37. Horse show.  IOR/R/2/612/56  1878

File 40. 1878. 38. Archeology.  IOR/R/2/612/57  1878

File 45. 1879. 10. Piracy.  IOR/R/2/612/58  1879

File 45. 1879. 13. Bombay Art Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/612/59  1879

File 46. 1879. 38. Ports.  IOR/R/2/612/60  1879

File 46. 1879. 43. Infanticide. Rajput Marriage.  IOR/R/2/612/61  1879

File 48. 1879. 73. Horse Show at Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/612/62  1879

File 50. 1879. 86. Cabul affairs. Shipment and despatch of ponies.  IOR/R/2/612/63  1879

File 50. 1879. 93. Geology.  IOR/R/2/612/64  1879

File 53. 1880. 10. Horse show.  IOR/R/2/612/65  1880

File 53. 1880. 13. Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/612/66  1880

File 54. 1880. 54. Kabul Affairs.  IOR/R/2/612/67  1880

File 55. 1880. 74. Meteorology.  IOR/R/2/612/68  1880

File 56. 1880. 98. Portuguese Treaty.  IOR/R/2/612/69  1880

File 57. 1880. 110. Baharwattias. Bapuda Sepahi.  IOR/R/2/612/70  1880

File 58. 1880. 118. Marine.  IOR/R/2/612/71  1880

File 65. 1881. 60. Horse Show at Kathiawar and Poona.  IOR/R/2/612/72  1881

File 67. 1881. 72. Portuguese Treaty.  IOR/R/2/612/73  1881

File 67. 1881. 80. Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/612/74  1881

File 67. 1881. 83. Archeological.  IOR/R/2/612/75  1881

File 69. 1881. 90. Military Tombs.  IOR/R/2/612/76  1881

File 74. 1882. 18. Conservation of ancient monuments.  IOR/R/2/612/77  1882

File 74. 1882. 30. Criminal Tribes of India.  IOR/R/2/612/78  1882

File 76. 1882. 45. Marine File.  IOR/R/2/612/79  1882

File 77. 1882. 79. International Exhibition - Amsterdam.  IOR/R/2/612/80  1882

File 78. 1882. 86. Horse Show at Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/612/81  1882

File 81. 1883. 29. Archeological mains.  IOR/R/2/612/82  1883

File 82. 1883. 40. Marine File.  IOR/R/2/612/83  1883

File 83. 1883. 45. Mukranees.  IOR/R/2/612/84  1883

File 85. 1883. 64. Exhibition - Calcutta and Poona International Exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/612/85  1883

File 89. 1884. 7. Coinage. Disposal of the old coins found in Native States.  IOR/R/2/613/86  1884

File 89. 1884. 13. Agreement by the Government with the Native States.  IOR/R/2/613/87  1884

File 91. 1884. 31. Marine File. Light House, wrecks and casualties.  IOR/R/2/613/88  No date

File 93. 1884. 52. Archeology.  IOR/R/2/613/89  1884

File 96. 1884. 78. Horse Show at Poona and Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/613/90  1884

File 97. 1884. 96. Exhibition at London and Antwerp.  IOR/R/2/613/91  1884

File 98. 1885. 8. Infanticide File.  IOR/R/2/613/92  1885

File 99. 1885. 20. Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/613/93  1885

File 99. 1885. 28. Museums.  IOR/R/2/613/94  1885

File 99. 1885. 29. Foreign Mercinaries.  IOR/R/2/613/95  1885

File 100. 1885. 38. Orthography.  IOR/R/2/613/96  1885

File 100. 1885. 42. Horse show and races. Horse race Fund. Pecuniary contribution to Poona Horse Show Fund from Native States.  IOR/R/2/613/97  1885

File 101. 1885. 54. Coinage. Disposal and withdrawal of old Native copper coins.  IOR/R/2/613/98  1885

File 101. 1885. 66. Robbery and dacoity.  IOR/R/2/613/99  1885

File 103. 1885. 82. Marine File. Notices to mariners regarding wrecks and casualties and other returns. Marine Survey Party. Custom on Diu vessels.  IOR/R/2/613/100  1885

File 109. 1886. 9. Marine Files.  IOR/R/2/613/101  1886

File 119. 1886. 56. Coinage.  IOR/R/2/613/102  1886

File 120. 1886. 77. Horse Show.  IOR/R/2/613/103  1886

File 120. 1886. 89. Old Coins.  IOR/R/2/613/104  1886

File 121. 1887. 4. Raipur Decoity.  IOR/R/2/613/105  1887

File 121. 1887. 6. Celebration of Queen's Jubilee.  IOR/R/2/613/106  1887

File 126. 1887. 28. The Indian Museum.  IOR/R/2/613/107  1887

File 127. 1887. 36(c) Agreement between Government & Bhavnagar regarding salt etc.  IOR/R/2/613/108  1887

File 127. 1887. 36(g) Agreement between British and Baroda.  IOR/R/2/613/109  1887

File 127. 1887. 42. Copper plates.  IOR/R/2/613/110  1887

File 127. 1887. 43. Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/613/111  1887

File 127. 1887. 51. Horse Show and races.  IOR/R/2/613/112  1887

File 130. 1887. 73. Exhibition at Glasgow and Nariad.  IOR/R/2/613/113  1887

File 130. 1887. 79. Marine file. Notice to mariners.  IOR/R/2/613/114  1887

File 130. 1887. 80(c) History of famous monuments of Central India.  IOR/R/2/613/115  1887

File 131. 1887. 89. Earthquake.  IOR/R/2/613/116  1887

File 137. 1888. 12. Capture of Bahirwaties-Nathuda and Raida.  IOR/R/2/613/117  1888

File 137. 1888. 13. Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/613/118  1888

File 137. 1888. 21. Papers regarding the foreign mercinaries.  IOR/R/2/613/119  1888

File 137. 1888. 22. Raipur Dacoity.  IOR/R/2/613/120  1888

File 138. 1888. 28. Shows and fairs at places other than those in Gohilwad.  IOR/R/2/614/121  1888

File 140. 1888. 43. Law Court Fees.  IOR/R/2/614/122  1888

File 143. 1888. 72. Precedence of Lieut. Prince Christian Victor & Prince Adolphus Teck in India.  IOR/R/2/614/123  1888

File 144. 1888. 86. Marine file.  IOR/R/2/614/124  1888

File 147. 1888. 107(a) Loots and dacoity. Dacoities in Gondal and Nagar States and circulars from P. Agents.  IOR/R/2/614/125  1888

File 148. 1888. 108(f) Bhavnagar-Celebration of birth-day of the Thakore Saheb and that of Her Majesty.  IOR/R/2/614/126  1888

File 148. 1888. 109. Songadh Cattle Show file.  IOR/R/2/614/127  1888

File 154. 1889-1892. 7. Earthquake.  IOR/R/2/614/128  1889-1892

File 159. 1889-1892. 12. Coins Archeology. Coper plates, Gold Mohurs.  IOR/R/2/614/129  1889-1892

File 159. 1889-1892. 12. Dacoity and Outlawry.  IOR/R/2/614/130  1889-1892

File 164. 1889-1892. 17. Exhibition and Museum.  IOR/R/2/615/131  1889-1892

File 165. 1889-1892. 18. Foreign mercenaries. Influx of Arabs.  IOR/R/2/615/132  1889-1892

File 166. 1889-1892. 19. Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/615/133  1889-1892

File 172. 1889-1892. 25. Marine.  IOR/R/2/615/134  1889-1892

File 215. 1893-1897. Bhavnagar - Dacoity at Pipardi.  IOR/R/2/615/135  1893-1897

File 215. 1893-1897. Coins.  IOR/R/2/615/136  1893-1897

File 217. 1893-1897. Copper coins - Circulation of Baroda, Holkar etc., Copper coins in native states and talukas. Circulation of Portuguese Indian coins in British India. Government Resolution.  IOR/R/2/615/137  1893-1897

File 221. 1893-1897. Coins - Government Resolution.  IOR/R/2/615/138  1893-1897

File 221. 1893-1897. Currency in Native States. Govt. Resolution.  IOR/R/2/615/139  1893-1897

File 221. 1893-1897. Infanticide Census Return. Govt. Resolutions.  IOR/R/2/615/140  1893-1897

File 221. 1893-1897. Exhibitions - Government Resolutions.  IOR/R/2/615/141  1893-1897

File 221. 1893-1897. Art and Art Histories. Govt. Resolution.  IOR/R/2/615/142  1893-1897

File 221. 1893-1897. Natural History Museum at Budapest. C.R.  IOR/R/2/615/143  1893-1897

File 224. 1893-1897. Earthquakes - Govt. Resolutions.  IOR/R/2/615/144  1893-1897

File 224. 1893-1897. Hail Storms - Govt. Resolutions.  IOR/R/2/615/145  1893-1897

File 224. 1893-1897. Capture of Cutch Outlaws in Palanpur.  IOR/R/2/615/146  1893-1897

File 224. 1893-1897. Dacoity at Morchopna under Chock and pension to the widow of Mansur Jhala.  IOR/R/2/615/147  1893-1897

File 224. 1893-1897. Encounter between Juma Gandh's band of Dacoits and the Dhrangadhra and Bajana police under Mr. Souter.  IOR/R/2/615/148  1893-1897

File 224. 1893-1897. Encounter with dacoits at Karadia and proposals for rewards in connection with G.R.  IOR/R/2/615/149  1893-1897

File 224. 1893-1897. Robbery in Halar Prant Office.  IOR/R/2/615/150  1893-1897

File 229. 1893-1897. Ahmedabad Horse Show and Fair. Prospectus, Rules.  IOR/R/2/616/151  1893-1897

File 229. 1893-1897. Bhavnagar Horse Show.  IOR/R/2/616/152  1893-1897

File 229. 1893-1897. Cattle Show at Wadhwan.  IOR/R/2/616/153  1893-1897

File 229. 1893-1897. Rajkot Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/616/154  1893-1897

File 229. 1893-1897. Rajkot Horse Show. G.R.  IOR/R/2/616/155  1893-1897

File 229. 1893-1897. Trevor Fair at Jodhpur.  IOR/R/2/616/156  1893-1897

File 229. 1893-1897. Wankaner Horse Show.  IOR/R/2/616/157  1893-1897

File 261. 1898. 81. H.M's Diamond Jubilee.  IOR/R/2/616/158  1898

File 253. 1899. 29. Marine Department Resolutions.  IOR/R/2/616/159  1899

File 291. 1901. 29. Marine Department Resolutions.  IOR/R/2/616/160  1901

File 263. 1899-1903. 6. Outlaws and loots.  IOR/R/2/616/161  1899-1903

File 269. 1898. 33. Horse Show, Fairs and Exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/616/162  1898

File 274. 1902-03. 80. Coronation of His Majesty the King Emperor.  IOR/R/2/616/163  1902-1903

File 21. 1916. P/11 Short History of Native States.  IOR/R/2/616/164  1916

Kathiawar: Bombay Political Department Volumes  [no ref.]  1820-1924

Correspondence with the Rulers and general administration in the States and with the military forces. These are Bombay Political Department Records dating from the period before 1924 when the states in the Kathiawar Agency were in political relations with the Government of Bombay. The records were sent to the Resident in Kathiawar after the states were placed in direct political relations with the central government.
Contemporary index volumes may be requisitioned:
R/1/6/158 1820-1857
R/1/6/159 1858-1870
R/1/6/160 1871-1873
R/1/6/161 1874-1877
R/1/6/162 1878-1881
R/1/6/163 1882-1884
R/1/6/164 1885-1887
R/1/6/165 1888-1890
R/1/6/166 1891-1894
R/1/6/167 1895-1900
R/1/6/168 1901-1909
R/1/6/169 1914-1917
R/1/6/170 1918--1921
R/1/6/171 1922-1924.
To requisition files from R/1/6/158-171, state 'R/2/18' and give the pencil number followed by the typed 'Bombay Government General No.', e.g. R/2/18 (67/1930). Only those entries with red or blue crayon marks represent files present in the collection: entries not so marked refer to files retained in India.

Mahi Kantha Agency: List A - Confidential Files received from Bombay Government  [no ref.]  1900-1933

File 1900 1047 Varsoda-Repudiation by the Thakore of - in the - Agency of the betrothal of his half sister with the young Jam Sahib of Nawanagar, Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/585/1  1900

File 1911 1545. Sudasna and Katosan-increase of the jurisdictional powers of the Thakore of Sudasna as a personal distinction - Restoration of the Katosan Taluka to its former status of a 3rd class State.  IOR/R/2/585/2  1911

File 1911 1574 Request of the Thakore of Ranasan that his State may be raised from the 4th to the 3rd class.  IOR/R/2/585/3  1911

File 1913 2119 Commissions - Appointment of - to investigate the charges of murder and abetment of murder against Thakor Hamirsinhji Mansingji of Rupal in the Agency and other accused persons.  IOR/R/2/585/4  1913

File 1914 1092 Powers - Certain restrictions imposed upon the - of the Thakor of Wasna in the Mahikantha Agency owing to the maladministration in his Taluka.  IOR/R/2/585/5  1914

File 1914 2066 Commissions - Appointment of a - to investigate the charges of murder and abetment of murder against the Thakor Hamirsinhji Mansinhji of Rupal in the - Agency and other accused persons.  IOR/R/2/585/6  1914

File 1919 1254. Punadra - Powers - Proposal of the Political Agent, Mahi Kantha that Thakor Shivsinji of - in the Mahi Kantha Agency be deprived of his - negatived.  IOR/R/2/585/7  1919

File 1922 12t6. Ambaliara - Commissions - Appointment of a - to inquire into a charge against Thakor Kesarisingji of -  IOR/R/2/586/8  1922

File 1925 3523 Ambliyara-Caste-Thakore-of-change in the - of the -  IOR/R/2/586/9  1925

File 1925 3600 Investiture - Talukdar of Magodi.  IOR/R/2/586/10  1925

File 1926 4317 Mahi Kantha - Conduct - Thakor of Vasna.  IOR/R/2/586/11  1926

File 1927 4841 Sathamba Taluka-Administration - Complaint against - of-  IOR/R/2/586/12  1927

File 1927 4965 Varsoda Taluka - Succession.  IOR/R/2/586/13  1927

File 1927 5021 Idar State - Bhil Raid - Posina in the -  IOR/R/2/586/14  1927

File 1928 5662 Medical Examination - Eldest son of the Thakor of Dabha-Agency.  IOR/R/2/586/15  1928

File 1930 7260 Acts and Regulations - Thana circles and Sadra Bazar in Mahi Kantha Agency - application of certain sections of the Bombay District Police Act -  IOR/R/2/586/16  1930

File 1933 9513 Powers - Thakore of Ghodasar-Mahi Kantha-Grant of - enhanced to -  IOR/R/2/586/17  1933

File 1922-26 201-I Rupal-Political prisoners - Petition for the release of Thakor Hamirsinhji Bhayat Takhatsingji of -  IOR/R/2/586/18  1922-1926

File 1926-28 201-II Rupal-powers-Restoration of jurisdictional-to Thakor Hamirsinhji of Rupal.  IOR/R/2/586/19  1926-1928

File 1922-25 822-I Mansa State Powers.  IOR/R/2/586/20  1922-1925

File 1928-29 822-II Mansa State Powers.  IOR/R/2/586/21  1928-1929

File 1931 822-III Mansa-Salute, precedence and jurisdiction. Memorial to the Govt. of India from the Rawalji of Mansa for the grant of (1) the rank of a Prince entitled to a salute (2) higher precedence and (3) unrestricted civil and criminal jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/586/22  1931

File 1932 1988-P-III Pethapur Taluka-Agency management - Proposals to take - under - on account of indebtedness of the Thakore.  IOR/R/2/586/23  1932

File 1924-26 1988-P-I Pethapur Taluka - Agency management - Proposals to take - under - on account of indebtedness of the Thakore.  IOR/R/2/586/24  1924-1926

File 1930 1988 P.II Pethapur - Administration - Proposals for tightening the control over - of -  IOR/R/2/587/25  1930

File 1932 1988 P.IV Pethapur - Administration - Proposals for tightening the control over - of -  IOR/R/2/587/26  1932

File 1924-25 2601 P.I Mahi Kantha - Thakor of Vadagam - Powers:- Temporary suspensions of -  IOR/R/2/587/27  1924-1925

File 1926-27 2601 P.II Mahi Kantha - Conduct - Enquiry into the - of Thakor Gopalsinhji of Vadagam.  IOR/R/2/587/28  1926-1927

File 1927-28 5173 Mahi Kantha - Complaint against Thakor Keshrisinhji of Ambliara by Bai Kanku wife of Rama Jivan of Ambaliara.  IOR/R/2/587/29  1927-1928

File 1927-30 5277 Mahi Kantha - Misconduct - Thakor Jaswantsinhji of Magodi.  IOR/R/2/587/30  1927-1930

File 1927-28 5321 Mansa-Maladministration -  IOR/R/2/587/31  1927-1928

File 1927-29 5199-I Mahi Kantha - Chief's Conference.  IOR/R/2/587/32  1927-1929

File 1931-32 8002 Mahi Kantha - Jurisdictional question regarding the grant of - over 4 villages in Mahi Kantha to the Palanpur Darbar.  IOR/R/2/587/33  1931-1932

File 1931-1933 8539 Mahi Kantha - Powers and precedence - Request for higher precedence and enhanced powers by Thakor Shri Keshrisinhji of Ambaliara - Mahi Kantha.  IOR/R/2/587/34  1931-1933

File 1925-30 602-III Chamber of Princes - Electorate for Representative members. Representation from Raolji of Mansa for inclusion in the - etc. Bhaderwa. Inclusion of Malpur, Mansa and Mohanpur in M.K. Agency.  IOR/R/2/587/35  1925-1930

File 1931 8115 Indian States - Representation of smaller States in the Bombay Presidency in the Chamber of Princes and the proposed Federal constitution of India.  IOR/R/2/587/36  1931

Mahi Kantha Agency: List B - Non-confidential Agency Files  [no ref.]  1823-1934

File 14 Mahi Kantha Agency Outward Book.  IOR/R/2/687/1  1823-1850

Conditions of access: With record of Cases brought in person before the Political Agent, and index dated 1931

File 15 Inward and Outward Book for Pay allowance and contingent chargest  IOR/R/2/687/2  1823-1828

File 17 Inward letters Book.  IOR/R/2/687/3  1838-1839

File 18 Inward letters Book.  IOR/R/2/688/4  1840

File 19 Inward letters Book.  IOR/R/2/688/5  1842

File 20 Inward letters Book.  IOR/R/2/688A/6  1843

File 21 Inward letters.  IOR/R/2/688A/7  1845

File 22 Inward letters.  IOR/R/2/689/8  1846

File 23 Inward letters Book.  IOR/R/2/689/9  1848

File 24 Government outward letters book.  IOR/R/2/690/10  1838-1839

File 25 Government outward letters book.  IOR/R/2/690/11  1840

File 26 Government outward letters book.  IOR/R/2/691/12  1842

File 27 Government outward letters book.  IOR/R/2/691/13  1843

File 28 Government outward letters book.  IOR/R/2/691/14  1844

File 29 Government outward letters book.  IOR/R/2/692/15  1845

File 30 Government outward letters book.  IOR/R/2/692/16  1846

File 31 Government outward letters book.  IOR/R/2/692/17  1847-1848

File 35 Baroda Inward.  IOR/R/2/693/18  1844

File 36 Baroda Inward and Outward.  IOR/R/2/693/19  1847-1849

File 39 Government duplicate letters.  IOR/R/2/694/20  1872

File 43 Sutties and Sanads.  IOR/R/2/694/21  1853-1860

File 44 Military Miscellaneous.  IOR/R/2/694/22  1849-1877

File 45 Military Miscellaneous  IOR/R/2/695/23  1880-1885

File 46 Disarming.  IOR/R/2/695/24  1850-1867

File 47 Disarming.  IOR/R/2/695/25  1860

File 47 Outlaw Thakor.  IOR/R/2/695/25  1868-1871

File 58 Military Miscellaneous.  IOR/R/2/696/26  1886-1893

File 59 Military Miscellaneous.  IOR/R/2/696/27  1896-1898

File 60 Military Miscellaneous.  IOR/R/2/696/28  1897-1901

File 80 Miscellaneous outrage; Rajput marriages; Royal demise and plague  IOR/R/2/697/29  1904-1913

File 6/104 104 Sadra Detachment.  IOR/R/2/697/30  1892-1901

File E/4 4 Asstt. Political Agent, Mahi Kantha.  IOR/R/2/697/31  1845-1848

File E/5 5 Assistant Political Agent, Mahi Kantha.  IOR/R/2/698/32  1847-1852

File F/19 19 Infanticide Report.  IOR/R/2/698/33  1834-1860

File E/20 20 Infanticide Report.  IOR/R/2/698/34  1860-1871

File F/21 21 Infanticide Report.  IOR/R/2/699/35  1871-1884

File F/52 52 Infanticide Report.  IOR/R/2/699/36  1885-1895

File F/64 64 Infanticide Report.  IOR/R/2/699/37  1896-1900

File Q/2 2 Bhilrising for 1881.  IOR/R/2/699/38  1881

File Q/6 6 Witch craft cases from 1850.  IOR/R/2/700/39  1850

File S/71 71 Visit of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales to India in 1875.  IOR/R/2/700/40  1875

File S/73 73 Imperial Assemblage at Delhi 1876 to 1883-84.  IOR/R/2/700/41  1876-1884

File 9 1930 ADM/270 Non-cooperative movement in the Mahi Kantha Agency.  IOR/R/2/700/42  1930

File 10 ADM/270 Non-cooperative movement in the Mahi Kantha Agency.  IOR/R/2/701/43  1930

File 12 1925-26 ADM/492 History of the growth of the Mahi Kantha Agency.  IOR/R/2/701/44  1925-1926

File 31 1926-28 ADM/500 Abolition of slave trade in India.  IOR/R/2/701/45  1926-1928

File 33 1930-31 ADM/682 Formal inauguration of New Delhi as capital of British India.  IOR/R/2/701/46  1930-1931

File 38 1920 ADM/231 Formation of a "Satya Grah Mandal" at Jhotana.  IOR/R/2/701/47  1920

File 41 1931-32 ADM/30 Indian States Inquiry Committee (Financial) Federation.  IOR/R/2/701/48  1931-1932

File 42 1928-30 ADM/30 Chamber of Princes.  IOR/R/2/702/49  1928-1930

File 47 1926 ADM/521 Speech delivered by H.E. the Viceroy regarding Hindu Muslim Tension.  IOR/R/2/702/50  1926

File 49 1921-22 ADM/270 Non-cooperative movement in the Mahi Kantha Agency.  IOR/R/2/702/51  1921-1922

File 49 1930 ADM/270 Non-cooperative movement in the Mahi Kantha Agency.  IOR/R/2/702/52  1930

File 60 1930-32 ADM/664 League of Nations.  IOR/R/2/703/53  1930-1932

File 64 1919-20 ADM/160 All Indian Conference to consider concerted action to criminal tribes.  IOR/R/2/703/54  1919-1920

File 2 1923-33 M.S.C.95 Question in parliament as to the adoption of European orphans in India.  IOR/R/2/703/54A  1923-1933

File 6 1922-32 E.S.T. 135 Return of European graves in the Mahi Kantha Agency.  IOR/R/2/703/55  1922-1932

File 9 1921 M.A.G. 34 Papers regarding giving refuge by Gabat Thakore to the dacoits of Narshipur Dacoity case.  IOR/R/2/703/56  1921

File 11 1929-32 XAD.5 Excise policy and arrangements and orders on excise conference.  IOR/R/2/703/57  1929-1932

File 4 1923-33 MED/56 Registration of births and deaths under British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act, 1922.  IOR/R/2/703/58  1923-1933

File 6 1920-27 MED/4 Creation of Lady Harding Fund for the help of creating a post of a nurse in the Civil Hospital, Sadra.  IOR/R/2/703/59  1920-1927

File 4 1919-20 PWD.45 Construction of a well and water trough at Dabnoda and naming it after Col; W. Beale.  IOR/R/2/703/60  1919-1920

File 1 1933-34 Mil Some facts and figures about the Defence of India.  IOR/R/2/703/61  1933-1934

File 2 1920-21 Mil/2 Procedure for the disposal of Indian military Prisoners after release from Jails.  IOR/R/2/703/62  1920-1921

File 2 1920-21 Mil/3 Establishment of Central Intelligence Bureau.  IOR/R/2/703/63  1920-1921

File 2 1920-21 Mil/4 Instructions to Officers re: troops marching through districts.  IOR/R/2/703/64  1920-1921

File 2 1920-21 Mil/6 Scheme for the registration of discharged soldiers willing to be employed in duty squadrons of the army in India on mobilization.  IOR/R/2/703/65  1920-1921

File 2 1923-30 TDS/36 Papers re: establishment of Scott College at Sadra.  IOR/R/2/703/66  1923-1930

File 1 1915-25 WAR/19 Celebration of the signing of peace treaty (with Germany) in the Mahi Kantha Agency.  IOR/R/2/704/67  1919-1925

File 1 1926-34 WAR/19 Celebration of the signing of the peace treaty in India.  IOR/R/2/704/68  1926-1934

File 2 1919-22 WAR/13 Papers re: release of prisoners in celebration of the signature.  IOR/R/2/704/69  1919-1922

File 2 1919-24 WAR/25 Papers Re: Peace terms with Germany.  IOR/R/2/704/70  1919-1924

File 2 1920-24 WAR/27 Presentation of medals to students to mark the conclusion of the great war dropped.  IOR/R/2/704/71  1920-1924

File 2 1920-32 WAR/33 Foreign missionaries. Post war policy towards foreign religious and philanthropic enterprizes in India.  IOR/R/2/704/72  1920-1932

File 2 1922 WAR/40 Grants of lands etc. to Indian Officers and ranks (war service scheme).  IOR/R/2/704/73  1922

File 2 1922-32 WAR/41 Scheme to safeguard interests of Indian soldiers when serving at a distance.  IOR/R/2/704/74  1922-1932

File 2 1925 WAR/48 Scheme for the supply of civilian clerks by civil administration in the event of mibilisation.  IOR/R/2/704/75  1925

File 2 1930 WAR/49 Discontinuance of placing of wreaths on foreign war memorials.  IOR/R/2/704/76  1930

File 2 1919 Application of the scheme to dependants of the Indian seaman who died during their internment as prisoners of war in Germany.  IOR/R/2/704/77  1919

Mahi Kantha Agency: List B - Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1931-1936

File 1931 C.Fed.31- Representation of Indian States on the Federal Legislature.  IOR/R/2/704/79  1931

File 1936 C.MSC.36 Representation of the Matadars of Vatrak Kantha, Vaktapur and Gadhwada Thana circle concerning the federation.  IOR/R/2/704/80  1936

File 1937 C.Fed. Federation - Application from the Matadars of Un under Kankrej.  IOR/R/2/704/81  1937

File 1926-31 C.MSC.29 Future of non-jurisdictional Talukas.  IOR/R/2/704/82  1926-1931

File 1935-32 C.Fed. Federation.  IOR/R/2/704/83  1932-1935

File 1933 C.Fed/35 Creation of a federated India.  IOR/R/2/704/84  1933

File 1935 C/30-35 Readjustment of relations with Baroda tributaries.  IOR/R/2/704/85  1935

File 1935 B/1 Notes and statistics for confederate Scheme.  IOR/R/2/704/86  1935

File 1936 C/Fed Federation - Voting papers for the Federation Committee.  IOR/R/2/705/87  1936

File 1936 Dan Statement re; Dan-Customs &c. as called for by Officer on Special Duty, W.I.S.A., Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/705/88  1936

File 1936 C/Fed Petition from Talukdars and shareholders of the Katosan Thana circle for a confederation of Thanas of S.K. Agency in the scheme of federation.  IOR/R/2/705/89  1936

File 1936 C.Fed.36 Financial adjustments with Indian States on their accession to federation.  IOR/R/2/705/90  1936

File 1938 CM/38 Federation - Replies received.  IOR/R/2/705/91  1938

File 1936 C/Fed. Confederation - Verification of statement of tribute.  IOR/R/2/705/92  1936

File 1936 C/Fed Information of States, Talukas and Thana circles re: confederation.  IOR/R/2/705/93  1936

File 1936 CM/36 Statement of average figures of receipts and expenditure of certain States in Sabar Kantha.  IOR/R/2/705/94  1936

File 1936 CM/36 Vol. II Statement of average figures of receipts and expenditure of Thana Circles in S.K.Agency.  IOR/R/2/705/95  1936

File 1936 CM/36 Vol. III Statement of average figures of receipts and expenditure of Thana Circles in S.K. Agency.  IOR/R/2/705/96  1936

File 1936 CM/36 Vol. IV Statement of average figures of receipts and expenditure of Thana Circles in S.K. Agency.  IOR/R/2/705/97  1936

File 1936 CM/36 Vol. V Statement of average figures of receipts and expenditure of Thana Circles in S.K. Agency.  IOR/R/2/705/98  1936

File 1936 CM/36 Vol. VI Statement of average figures of receipts and expenditure of Thana Circles in S.K. Agency.  IOR/R/2/705/99  1936

File 1936 CM/36 Vol. VII Statement of average figures of receipts and expenditure of Thana Circles in S.K. Agency.  IOR/R/2/705/100  1936

File 1936 CM/36 Vol. VIII Statement of average figures of receipts and expenditure of Thana Circles in S.K. Agency.  IOR/R/2/705/101  1936

File ADM/95 1933-35 ADM/95 Creation of a Federated India.  IOR/R/2/705/102  1933-1935

Mahi Kantha: Bombay Political Department Volumes  [no ref.]  1820-1932

Correspondence with the Rulers and general administration in the States and with the military forces. These are Bombay Political Department Records dating from the period before 1924 when the states in the Mahi Kantha Agency were in political relations with the Government of Bombay. The records were sent to the Resident for the Western India States after the states were placed in direct political relations with the central government.
Contemporary index volumes may be requisitioned:
R/1/6/172 1820-1857
R/1/6/173 1858-1908
R/1/6/174 1909-1932
To requisition files from R/1/6/172, state 'R/2/18B' and give the pencil number followed by the typed 'Bombay Government General No.', e.g. R/2/18B (1/64).
To requisition files from R/1/6/173-174, state 'R/2/18B' and give the pencil number followed by either the typed volume number (where it is given) or the pencil 'A' number (where no volume number appears), e.g. R/2/18B (238/34), where 238 is pencilled below the file number and A/34 is pencilled above it.
Only those entries with red or blue crayon marks represent files present in the collection: entries not so marked refer to files retained in India.

Cutch, Kathiawar & Mahi Kantha Agencies: Bombay Government Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1889-1924

File 1889. 4 Palitana - Regarding the genuineness of the child alleged to have been born of the Thakore Saheb of Palitana.  IOR/R/2/674A/1  1889

File 1890. 127 Palitana - Re: the genuineness of the child alleged to have been born of the Thakore Saheb of Palitana.  IOR/R/2/674A/2  1890

File 1892. 345 Palitana - Proposed marriage of Bai Shri Keshaba, sister of the Thakore Saheb of -  IOR/R/2/674A/3  1892

File 1892 1745 Palitana - Successions - Regarding the T.S. of Palitana's fears as to his brother's designs upon him etc.  IOR/R/2/674A/4  1892

File 1893. 1978 Palitana - T.S. Application to adopt a boy - (2) Protest from K.S. Sumatsinhji.  IOR/R/2/674A/5  1893

File 1894. 340 Palitana - T.S. Application to adopt a boy - (2) Protest from K.S. Sumatsinhji.  IOR/R/2/674A/6  1894

File 1895. 1235 Palitana - T.S. Application to adopt a boy - (2) Protest from K.S. Sumatsinhji.  IOR/R/2/674A/7  1895

File 1895 54 Jasdan - Proposal of the Chief to partition his State amongst his four sons.  IOR/R/2/674A/8  1895

File 1896-97. 344 Nawanagar - Claim of K.S.Lakhubha to the Gadi; Re: Suitable provision to be made to - by the State; Question whether K.S. Kalubha should be allowed to return to -  IOR/R/2/674A/9  1896-1897

File 1901. 624 Nawanagar - Proposed tour of the Jam Saheb (young).  IOR/R/2/674A/10  1901

File 1901 1243 Cutch - Administration reports - confidential remarks by the P.A. on the annual - reports for 1900-01.  IOR/R/2/675/11  1901

File 1901. 1265 Rajkot - Petitions from Bai Shri Hajuba and her Kamdar - asking for greater liberty and the latter access to the Bai.  IOR/R/2/675/12  1901

File 1902. 1043 Muli - Investiture of the Chief of -  IOR/R/2/675/13  1902

File 1902. 1238 Porbandar - Request of the Rana of - that the restrictions imposed at his installation may be removed.  IOR/R/2/675/14  1902

File 1904. 696 Porbanda - Request of Rana that the conditions imposed at his installation may be removed.  IOR/R/2/675/15  1904

File 1905. 30 Porbandar - Withdrawal of the restrictions imposed upon H.H. at the time of his installation.  IOR/R/2/675/16  1905

File 1905. 133 Thana Devli - Laxman Vala's request for permission to select one of his collaterals as heir.  IOR/R/2/675/17  1905

File 1906. 750 Junagadh - Salutes - Representation by H.H. - for higher salutes than those enjoyed by the First Class Chiefs in Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/675/18  1906

File 1906. 1045 Radhanpur - Tour of the minor Nawab in Europe - (2) Deputation Dr. J. Pollen to accompany him.  IOR/R/2/675/19  1906

File 1906. 1573 Nawanagar - Successions - Death of Jam Jaswatsinhji and claims of certain' members of - to Gadi.  IOR/R/2/676/20  1906

File 1907. 5 Radhanpur - Tour (2) Deputation of Dr. Pollen.  IOR/R/2/676/21  1907

File 1907. 1231 Nawanagar - Claim of K.S. Lakhubha to the Gadi.  IOR/R/2/676/22  1907

File 1907. 1523 Palanpur - Wao - Request of the Rana to be re-instated in the Gadi.  IOR/R/2/676/23  1907

File 1907. 1595 Junagadh - Request for a higher salute than 1st class.  IOR/R/2/676/24  1907

File 1908. 456-A Limbdi - successions - Death of Jaswantsinhji and selection of a successor to the Gadi.  IOR/R/2/676/25  1908

File 1908. 914 Palitana - marriage - Protest by the Palitana Rani Saheba against alliance with Dhrangadhra's son Ghanshyamsinhji.  IOR/R/2/676/26  1908

File 1908. 1290 Cutch - proposed withdrawal of the British garrison.  IOR/R/2/677/27  1908

File 1908. 1312 Radhanpur - Tour of the Young Nawab to Europe. Jalaludinkhan to be placed in charge of Mr. Steele.  IOR/R/2/677/28  1908

File 1908. 1693 Jasdan - Alleged fraudulent disposal by Mansur Khachar etc. of Promissory notes.  IOR/R/2/677/29  1908

File 1909. 142A Nawanagar - Refusal of an interview by H.E. the Governor to K.S. Lakhubha.  IOR/R/2/677/30  1909

File 1909. 276 Cutch - troops - Proposed withdrawal of the British garrison.  IOR/R/2/677/31  1909

File 1909. 341 Palanpur - Successions (1) Sanction to the management of the estate of Waghela Godadsing of Thara (2) Revised establishment.  IOR/R/2/677/32  1909

File 1909. 906-A Porbandar - Successions - Death of H.H. Rana Saheb. Arrangements for administration - and Registration of the State as liable to Nazarana Rules.  IOR/R/2/677/33  1909

File 1909. 1211-A Jetpur - Successions - Death of Naja Vala and succession of his son Kanthad Vala.  IOR/R/2/677/34  1909

File 1909. 1213 Radhanpur - Tours - Young Nawab's tour to Europe, and placed under charge of Mr. C.E. Steele.  IOR/R/2/678/35  1909

File 1909. 1484 Palitana - Vijaysinhji's request for an enquiry as regards birth circs. of Bahadursinhji.  IOR/R/2/678/36  1909

File 1909. 1809 Nawanagar - Imprisonment of Premchand Keshawji and his release.  IOR/R/2/678/37  1809

File 1909. 1815 Rajkot - Altercation between the T.S. and a Military Officer (Medical) at Delhi Station.  IOR/R/2/678/38  1815

File 1909. 1816 Palitana - Complaint of the senior Rani against her treatment by the Administration.  IOR/R/2/678/39  1816

File 1909. 1821 Troops - Decision of the Government of India to retain troops at Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/678/40  1821

File 1909. 1822 Cutch - Nawanagar - Dispute regarding Jinjhuda.  IOR/R/2/678/41  1822

File 1909. 1834 Jasdan - Alleged fraudulent disposal of the P.N. by Mansur Khachar etc.  IOR/R/2/678/42  1834

File 1909. 1843 Nawanagar - Jasdan - Monetary claim by Mansur Khachar against H.H. the Jam Saheb.  IOR/R/2/678/43  1909

File 1909. 1844 Nawanagar - Re: the Nazarana to be levied from -  IOR/R/2/678/44  1909

File 1910. 227 Nawanagar - Pearl Fisheries - Proposed lease to an English Company.  IOR/R/2/678/45  1910

File 1910. 1043 Nawanagar - Re: a claim in England against H.H. Ranjitsinhji.  IOR/R/2/678/46  1910

File 1910. 1461 Wadhwan - Death of Balsinhji and succession of Jaswantsinhji.  IOR/R/2/679/47  1910

File 1910. 1776 Radhanpur - Death of H.H. Nawab Sher Khan and succession of his brother Jalaludinkhan to Gadi.  IOR/R/2/679/48  1910

File 1910. 1833 Jasdan, Vankaner, Rajkot - Representations from - re: their classification among the Chiefs of Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/679/49  1910

File 1911. 167 Junagadh - Imperial Troops - Junagadh's offer to raise its troops from 100 to 150.  IOR/R/2/679/50  1911

File 1911. 379 Nawanagar - Remission of a portion of Nazarana.  IOR/R/2/679/51  1911

File 1911. 748 Cutch - Bhuj - Re: Furlough to certain men of the detachment stationed at -  IOR/R/2/679/52  1911

File 1911. 799 Imperial Cadet Corps - Suitability of K.S. Jilubha, a near relative of Raj Saheb of Vankaner for the -  IOR/R/2/679/53  1911

File 1911. 1001 Junagadh - Death of Rasulkhanji and Admn. Mr. Rendall.  IOR/R/2/679/54  1911

File 1911. 1076 Probandar and Palitana - Apptt. of Lt.L.B. Harbord as Tutor and companion to T.S. of -  IOR/R/2/679/55  1911

File 1911 1086 Junagadh - Maintenance allowance to the Begum.  IOR/R/2/679/56  1911

File 1911. 1283 Cutch - Jadeja Court - Reversion of Mr. Chunilal Harilal Vakil to B. service and apptt. of a successor as President of -  IOR/R/2/679/57  1911

File 1911. 1648 Chuda - placed under control of P.A., Jhalawad owing to mental and moral weakness of the Thakor.  IOR/R/2/680/58  1911

File 1911. 1821 Radhanpur - Official conduct of Mr. Monteath, adviser to H.H. the Nawab of -  IOR/R/2/680/59  1911

File 1911. 1899 Kantharia - (under Bhoika Thana) - Sardarsing, a shareholder dispossessed of his rights to succeed to any one on account of disloyal conduct.  IOR/R/2/680/60  1911

File 1911. 1919 Cutch - salutes - Request of H.H. for an increase in the permanent salute.  IOR/R/2/680/61  1911

File 1911. 1940 Cutch - Disposal of Church and Cometery - at Bhuj. Question of retention of Civil Station.  IOR/R/2/680/62  1911

File 1911. 2026 Junagadh - Report on the position of affairs in the - State.  IOR/R/2/680/63  1911

File 1912. 283 Cutch - Govt. of India's sanction to the retention of the Indian Infantry till January 1912 at Bhuj.  IOR/R/2/680/64  1912

File 1912. 462 Morvi - Extradition of Dodia-Kanji (Bar-at-Law).  IOR/R/2/680/65  1912

File 1912. 716 Wadhwan - Installation of Jaswatsinhji - his conduct also.  IOR/R/2/681/66  1912

File 1912. 1638 Customs - Measures to restrict the import of bar silver from Cutch - Kathiawar to Br. India.  IOR/R/2/681/67  1912

File 1912. 1716 Nawanagar - Enquiry by K.S. Lakhuba re: his father's health at Ahmednagar.  IOR/R/2/681/68  1912

File 1912. 1867 Dhrangadhra - Re: claim of K.S. Bhavanisinhji to be considered heir-apparent to -  IOR/R/2/681/69  1912

File 1912. 2021 Palanpur - Warahi - Crant of enhanced jurisdictional powers to Malek Jorawarkhanji of -  IOR/R/2/681/70  1912

File 1912. 2028 Jasdan - Alleged fraudulent disposal by Mansur Khachar of the Govt. Promissory Notes.  IOR/R/2/681/71  1912

File 1912. 2033 Kantharia under Bhoika-Forfeiture of the giras of Ravabhai Ratansinhji a Bhayat of Limbdi.  IOR/R/2/681/72  1912

File 1912. 2041 Lakhtar - Proposed grant of further honour or title on completion of 50 years' rule by Lakhtar T.S.  IOR/R/2/681/73  1912

File 1913. 249 Kantharia under Bhoika - Forfeiture of Giras of Ratansingh of - Bhayat of Limbdi.  IOR/R/2/681/74  1913

File 1913. 515 Junagadh - Training of minor H.H. in England.  IOR/R/2/681/75  1913

File 1913. 526 Dhrangadhra (1) Claim of Bhavanisinhji to be heir-apparent (2) Expulsion of P.B. Junnerkar.  IOR/R/2/681/76  1913

File 1913. 612 Chuda - Proposals to reinstate the Thakore - and to give him a loan of Rs. 50,000 for building a house.  IOR/R/2/681/77  1913

File 1913. 1248 Morvi - Application for the extradition of Dodia.  IOR/R/2/681/78  1913

File 1913. 2092 Nawanagar - Loan - Examination of the finances of - and repayment of Govt. loan by -  IOR/R/2/682/79  1913

File 1914. 360 Junagadh - Training of the minor Nawab in England.  IOR/R/2/682/80  1914

File 1914. 610 Junagadh - Report on the health of Bibi Saheba of -  IOR/R/2/682/81  1914

File 1914. 620 Palanpur - Tharad - Maladministration of - and arrangements made for the temporary management.  IOR/R/2/682/82  1914

File 1914. 707 Nawanagar - Examination of finances of - and repayment of Govt. loan by -  IOR/R/2/682/83  1914

File 1914. 806 Deesa - Cantonment - Documents containing the terms under which - is held from Palanpur Darbar.  IOR/R/2/682/84  1914

File 1914. 1278 Nawanagar - Order by - re: consumption of salt in the - State.  IOR/R/2/682/85  1914

File 1914. 1290 Junagadh - coinage - Proposed conversion of "dodka" copper coinage in the - State.  IOR/R/2/682/86  1914

File 1915. 1195 Wadhwan - Administration (1) Arrangements for - (2) Selection of a companion for the T.S.  IOR/R/2/682/87  1915

File 1915. 1316 Patdi - Adoption - asked for with a view to end the trouble he had with his cousins.  IOR/R/2/683/88  1915

File 1915. 1597 Jasdan - Mansur Khachar - Promissory Notes etc.  IOR/R/2/683/89  1915

File 1915. 1941 Vadia - Successions - Desire of Bava Vala to abdicate in favour of his son.  IOR/R/2/683/90  1915

File 1915. 2021 Native Chiefs. Proposed revision of Notification prohibiting Chiefs from charging their estates with debts beyond their lives.  IOR/R/2/683/91  1915

File 1916. 773 Junagadh - Proposed further education of the minor H.H.  IOR/R/2/683/92  1916

File 1916. 1116 Nawanagar - Finances - repayment of Govt. loan (2) Grant of a loan to -  IOR/R/2/683/93  1916

File 1916. 1134 Wadhwan - Visit of the T.S. of - to Bombay.  IOR/R/2/683/94  1916

File 1916. 1852 Porbandar - (1) Re: the payment of subsidy of additional Rs. 15,000/- (2) Question of extending to the post of - the privileges of a free port.  IOR/R/2/683/95  1916

File 1916. 1866 Junagadh - Action of the Bibi Saheba - in matters relating to the upbringing of the minor Nawab of -  IOR/R/2/683/96  1916

File 1916. 1898 Cutch-Jadeja Court.  IOR/R/2/683/97  1916

File 1917. 319 Wadhwan-administration-appointment of K.B.S.S. Kadri as Administrator of Wadhwan.  IOR/R/2/683/98  1917

File 1917. 564 Bhoika - Limbdi - Memorial by Ravabhai Ratansingh of - in the matter of the forfeiture of his giras.  IOR/R/2/683/99  1917

File 1917. 570 Bhavnagar - Dynastic title of Maharaja on H.H. of -  IOR/R/2/683/100  1917

File 1917. 877 Cutch - new port in the Kodla creek - Gulf of -  IOR/R/2/683/101  1917

File 1917. 1068 Palitana - Kurupam - Marriage proposal.  IOR/R/2/683/102  1917

File 1917. 1123 Cutch - Disregard shown by - Darbar to official communications sent by the P.A.  IOR/R/2/683/103  1917

File 1917. 1519 Junagadh - Action by the Begum re: upbringing of H.H.  IOR/R/2/683/104  1917

File 1918. 12 Palitana - Military training - education of minor T.S. and his two cousins in England.  IOR/R/2/683/105  1918

File 1918. 621 Bajana - Adoption of a boy to succeed the old Chief.  IOR/R/2/683/106  1918

File 1918. 1034 Precedence - Relative of - H.H. Bikaner and A.G.K.  IOR/R/2/683/107  1918

File 1918. 1275 Wadhwan - Morvi - Proposed betrothal of K.S. Jorawarsinhji of - to a daughter of Morvi.  IOR/R/2/683/108  1918

File 1919. 1271 Palitana - Gondal - Marriage of Palitana with the grand-daughter of Gondal.  IOR/R/2/684/109  1919

File 1919. 1760 Bajana - Petitions of Bhayat claimants to the Gadi - Malek Devaji Khengarji.  IOR/R/2/684/110  1919

File 1919. 1986 Palitana - Gondal marriage.  IOR/R/2/684/111  1919

File 1920. 135 Jasdan - Succession to gadi of Khachar Shri Ala Vajsur and apptt. of Mr. Nasserwanji as Manager.  IOR/R/2/684/112  1920

File 1920. 174 Porbandar - Investiture of H.H. with full powers.  IOR/R/2/684/113  1920

File 1920. 204 Wadhwan - Investiture of T.S. Jorawarsinhji with full powers.  IOR/R/2/684/114  1920

File 1920. 741 Kantharia - Bhoika - Memorial of Rawabhai Ratansingh etc. in the matter of the forfeiture of giras.  IOR/R/2/684/115  1920

File 1920. 838 Bhavnagar - Administration at - during H.H's minority.  IOR/R/2/684/116  1920

File 1920. 970 Junagadh - Investiture of H.H. with full powers, (2) and appointment of a Dewan.  IOR/R/2/684/117  1920

File 1920. 1378 Jasdan - Lathi - Regencies in -  IOR/R/2/684/118  1920

File 1921. 1435 Dacoities in Kathiawar - Operations against - Ebhal Patgir and recognition of Mr. O'Gorman's services.  IOR/R/2/684/119  1921

File 1921. 1990 Political matters - Protest of Hitwardhak Sabha against A.G.K's speech at Dhrangadhra.  IOR/R/2/684/120  1921

File 1921. 1994 Jetpur - Mulu Vala of Pithadia - Application for permission to adopt an heir and apply primogeniture.  IOR/R/2/684/121  1921

File 1921. 2180 Rajkot - T.S's visit to Darjeeling.  IOR/R/2/684/122  1921

File 1922. 337 Vankaner - Proposed recognition of the use of "Maha Rana" for the Ruler of -  IOR/R/2/684/123  1922

File 1922. 1178 Troops - British Indian troops for Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/685/124  1922

File 1922. 410 Morvi - Death of the T.S. and succession of his son Lukhdhirji.  IOR/R/2/685/125  1922

File 1922. 422 Bhavnagar - Remuneration to Mrs. Tudor Owen for her care of the Bhavnagar children.  IOR/R/2/685/126  1922

File 1922. 518 P.I Political Agitation - Externment of Mansukhlal Ravji and Manilal Kothari from the Rajkot C.S.  IOR/R/2/685/127  1922

File 1922. 518 P.II Political Agitation - Questions raised by Mr. G.B. Trivedi in the Bombay Legislative Council.  IOR/R/2/685/128  1922

File 1922. 505-B-I Rai Sankli - Deprivations of powers.  IOR/R/2/685/129  1922

File 1922. 505-II Rai Sankli - Application from Suryakant G. Desai.  IOR/R/2/685/130  1922

File 1922. 518 P.III Resolutions Nos. 2, 3 and 4 passed at the Special Sessions of the Kathiawad Political Conference.  IOR/R/2/685/131  1922

File 1922. 518 P.IV Miscellaneous papers re: internment etc. of M/S Mansukhlal and Manilal Kothari.  IOR/R/2/685/132  1922

File 1922. 518 P.V. Deportation - Mansukhlal R. and Manilal Kothari.  IOR/R/2/685/133  1922

File 1922. 611 Thana - Devli - Successions of Amra Vala.  IOR/R/2/685/134  1922

File 1922. 612 Nawanagar - Honorary Commission of H.H. as and Officer in the 3rd Cavalry.  IOR/R/2/686/135  1922

File 1922. 839 Lathi - Wadia - Termination of Regency in Lathi (2) Proposal to deprive Bava Vala of his powers - negatived.  IOR/R/2/685/136  1922

File 1922. 1009 Pts. I & II Bhavnagar - Education of Bhavnagar Kumars.  IOR/R/2/685/137  1922

File 1923. 1095 Kathiawar States Forces - Military Adviser - Capt. F.N.B. Tinley.  IOR/R/2/686/138  1923

File 1923. 1106 Dhrangadhra Porbandar Increase in the salutes of -  IOR/R/2/686/139  1923

File 1923. 1127 Rajkot - Chamber of Kathiawar Princes - Proposed formation by the T.S. of -  IOR/R/2/686/140  1923

File 1923. 1287 Nawanagar - Appointment of Major Chaplin to train - State Forces.  IOR/R/2/686/141  1923

File 1922-23. 1555 Political Agitation - Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/686/142  1922-1923

File 1923. 1615 Palitana - Hon. Commission to T.S. of -  IOR/R/2/686/143  1923

File 1923. 1673 Kathiawar Political Conference - Resolutions passed re: Nabha abdication - G. of I's enquiry re:  IOR/R/2/686/144  1923

File 1923. 1797 Bhan Vala of Barwala - Reduction in jurisdiction.  IOR/R/2/686/145  1923

File 1923. 1841 Mulu Vala - Application to - of the rule of primogeniture.  IOR/R/2/686/146  1923

File 1923-24. 2647 Shaukat Ali - Visits to Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/686/147  1923-1924

File 1923-24. 2695 Confidential Report - on Major E.C. Lentaigne, Tutor to H.H. the Minor Maharaja of Bhavnagar.  IOR/R/2/686/148  1923-1924

File 1923-24. 2716 Vankaner - Title of Maharana to H.H. the Raj Saheb.  IOR/R/2/686/149  1923-1924

Kutch Political Agency: List A - Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1820-1924

File 1918. Silver.  IOR/R/2/18A A/1  1918

File 1917. Colonel Harold's Currency Report with appendices.  IOR/R/2/18A A/2  1917

File 1920. Coinage.  IOR/R/2/18A A/3  1920

File 1916. Conversion of Cutch Currency.  IOR/R/2/18A A/4  1916

File 1889. Military - War Preparations.  IOR/R/2/18A A/5  1889

File 1916. Cutch Coastal Lookout Stations.  IOR/R/2/18A A/6  1916

File 1919-20. Naval Intelligence.  IOR/R/2/18A A/7  1919-1920

File 1820. Original deeds of guarantee.  IOR/R/2/18A A/8  1820

File 1875-79. Regency  IOR/R/2/18A A/9  1875-1879

File 1880-83. Regency  IOR/R/2/18A A/10  1880-1883

File 1876. Report on the Albert Edward Breakwater of Mandvi Harbour.  IOR/R/2/18A A/11  1876

File 1877. Annual Report by Col. Barton.  IOR/R/2/18A A/12  1877

File 1877-87. Miscellaneous Confidential.  IOR/R/2/18A A/13  1877-1887

File 1922-24. Dacoity.  IOR/R/2/18A A/14  1922-1924

File 1867-1876 Nazzrana question papers.  IOR/R/2/18A A/15  1867-1876

File 1889. Statement of Guarantee - holders showing their jurisdiction, revenue, debts etc.  IOR/R/2/18A A/16  1889

File 1864. Jadejas of Cutch vs. H.H. the Rao of Cutch.  IOR/R/2/18A A/17  1864

File 1886. An elementary Treatise of Political Relations with Indian States by W. Leewarner, 1886.  IOR/R/2/18A A/18  1886

File 1872. Agreement between Darbar and Wandhia in Samvar 1872.  IOR/R/2/18A A/19  1872

File 1865. Note by Major North, P.A. Kutch No. 15 of 1865 on Guarantee Deeds.  IOR/R/2/18A A/19A  1865

File 1867. Notes from Shahboodeen's Code dated 2-7-1867.  IOR/R/2/18A A/20  1867

File 1867. Proposals for the conduct of cases relating to the Bhayad and their subjects dated 12-7-1867.  IOR/R/2/18A A/21  1867

File 1867. Proposals by Kazi Sahabuddin for the conduct of judicial business relating to the Guaranteed Zamindars of Cutch dated 28-7-1867.  IOR/R/2/18A A/22  1867

File 1867. Proposals received with Dewan's letter No. dated 23-9-1867.  IOR/R/2/18A A/23  1867

Constitution of the Panchayat.  IOR/R/2/18A A/24  nd

File 1865. Envelope containing original Gujarati papers connected with the question of jurisdiction of Chiefs dated 27-5-1865.  IOR/R/2/18A A/25  1865

File 1872. Report on the working of the Jadeja Court.  IOR/R/2/18A A/26  1872

File 1868. Envelope containing original petitions of Bhayad on Kulumbundee and their complaints against the Darbar 1868.  IOR/R/2/18A A/27  1868

File 1869. Supplementary provisional list of additional holders of the British Guarantee in Cutch who have the right of appeal to Govt. dated 5-3-1869.  IOR/R/2/18A A/28  1869

File 1868. Draft agreement between H.H. the Rao and Government re: Bhayads dated 20-3-1868.  IOR/R/2/18A A/29  1868

File 1868. Envelope containing correspondence re: Darbar's objection to classified list of Chiefs and Guarantee holders dated 5-1-1868.  IOR/R/2/18A A/30  1868

File 1832. Memorandum on the affairs of Cutch dated 10-1-1832.  IOR/R/2/18A A/31  1832

File 1868. List of the estates of the Cutch Bhayad and Zamindars showing the number of shareholders, villages and income of 1868.  IOR/R/2/18A A/32  1868

File 1836. Copy of Govt. Letter Pol. Dept. No. 2037 dated 27-10-1836 re: disputes between the Rao and the Wagur Chiefs.  IOR/R/2/18A A/33  1836

File 1870. Envelope containing copy of petition given to H.E. the Governor in December 1870 by the Bhayads.  IOR/R/2/18A A/34  1870

File 1865. Original petitions from Bhayads stating that they were forced to sign the petition against their will dated 15-4-1865.  IOR/R/2/18A A/35  1865

List of divisions of Cutch with the names of villages Chowd Challah  IOR/R/2/18A A/36  nd

File 1827-1836. Reports etc. in the Secret Dept. by Col. Pottinger regarding the late Rao Desuljee's public and private affairs etc., 1827, 1828, 1831 and 1836.  IOR/R/2/18A A/37  1827-1836

File 1865-1866. File of correspondence with H.H. on Bhayad question.  IOR/R/2/18A A/38  1865-1866

File 1863. Precis of the case of Waghela Kanthadji of Kidianagar in Wagur.  IOR/R/2/18A A/39  1863

Cutch - List B: English Records  [no ref.]  1809-1924

File 99 Commission.  IOR/R/2/18A B/1  1842

File 100 to 103 Commission. Volume 5  IOR/R/2/18A B/2  1848

File 105 Correspondence. Volume 4  IOR/R/2/18A B/3  1854-1856

File 108 Correspondence  IOR/R/2/18A B/4  1854-1856

File 111 Correspondence  IOR/R/2/18A B/5  1854-1856

File 112 Correspondence  IOR/R/2/18A B/6  1854-1856

File 121 Thar Parkar. Volume 3  IOR/R/2/18A B/7  1831-1851

File 122 Thar Parkar.  IOR/R/2/18A B/8  1848

File 123 Thar Parkar.  IOR/R/2/18A B/9  1849-1851

File 129 Military Miscellaneous.  IOR/R/2/18A B/10  1853-1867

File 226 Sind Military. Volume 3  IOR/R/2/18A B/11  1838-1844

File 228 Sind Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/12  1843

File 231 Sind Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/13  1843

File 217 Cutch Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/14  1834

File 232 Cutch Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/15  1849-1853

File 222 Cutch Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/16  1889-1891

File 223 Cutch Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/17  1831-1852

File 224 Cutch Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/18  1853-1877

File 225 Cutch Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/19  1831-1845

File 226 Cutch Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/20  1832-1841

File 229 Cutch Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/21  1842

File 230 Cutch Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/22  1842-1867

File 220 Archaeological.  IOR/R/2/18A B/23  1872-1890

File 210 Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/24  1882-1884

File 211 Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/25  1881-1886

File 213 Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/26  1892-1894

File 219 Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/27  1909-1912

File 180 Ahir  IOR/R/2/18A B/28  1881-1882

File 161 Captain's Mitchell's case.  IOR/R/2/18A B/29  1888-1889

File 138 Cantonment Abandonment.  IOR/R/2/18A B/30  1905-1913

File 310 Coronation.  IOR/R/2/18A B/31  1901

File 311 Coronation.  IOR/R/2/18A B/32  1911

File 303 Cutch Affairs.  IOR/R/2/18A B/33  1897-1908

File 304 Cutch Affairs.  IOR/R/2/18A B/34  1856-1889

File 302 Cutch Narrative.  IOR/R/2/18A B/35  1854

File 297 Coinage.  IOR/R/2/18A B/36  1822-1876

File 298 Coinage.  IOR/R/2/18A B/37  1889-1912

File 299 Coinage.  IOR/R/2/18A B/38  1892-1923

File 300 Coinage.  IOR/R/2/18A B/39  1858-1881

File 301 Coinage.  IOR/R/2/18A B/40  1885-1897

File 282 Diaries.  IOR/R/2/18A B/41  1859-1861

File 283 Diaries. Parts I & II  IOR/R/2/18A B/42  1863-1876

File 276 Dacoity.  IOR/R/2/18A B/43  1899

File 275 Delhi Assemblege.  IOR/R/2/18A B/44  1876-1877

File 256 Ecclesiastical.  IOR/R/2/18A B/45  1893-1907

File 344 Exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/18A B/46  1850-1871

File 348 Exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/18A B/47  1895-1907

File 793 Exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/18A B/48  1902-1904

File 357 Horse.  IOR/R/2/18A B/49  1897-1909

File 361 Jubilee.  IOR/R/2/18A B/50  1887-1889

File 362 Jubilee.  IOR/R/2/18A B/51  No date

File 393 Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/18A B/52  1834-1900

File 397 Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/18A B/53  1869-1875

File 398 Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/18A B/54  No date

File 399 Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/18A B/55  1888-1900

File 400 Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/18A B/56  1888-1897

File 414 Marine.  IOR/R/2/18A B/57  1835-1865

File 415 Marine.  IOR/R/2/18A B/58  1877-1886

File 416 Marine.  IOR/R/2/18A B/59  1889-1890

File 417 Marine re. Brussels Conference Act.  IOR/R/2/18A B/60  1889-1890

File 460 Miscellaneous  IOR/R/2/18A B/61  1834-1868

File 463 Miscellaneous  IOR/R/2/18A B/62  1844-1853

File 464 Miscellaneous  IOR/R/2/18A B/63  1857-1867

File 494 Okhamandal.  IOR/R/2/18A B/64  1867

File 496 Opium.  IOR/R/2/18A B/65  1858-1878

File 497 Opium.  IOR/R/2/18A B/66  1879-1885

File 498 Opium.  IOR/R/2/18A B/67  1885-1901

File 505 Outlaws.  IOR/R/2/18A B/68  1884-1894

File 506 Outlaws.  IOR/R/2/18A B/69  1884-1894

File 584 Sutee.  IOR/R/2/18A B/70  1836

File 587 Slave Trade.  IOR/R/2/18A B/71  1835-1881

File 601 Treaty.  IOR/R/2/18A B/72  1809-1849

File 609 Visits.  IOR/R/2/18A B/73  1870-1917

File 610 Visits.  IOR/R/2/18A B/74  1870-1883

File 611 Visits.  IOR/R/2/18A B/75  1882-1890

File 612 Visits.  IOR/R/2/18A B/76  1892-1901

File 613 Visits.  IOR/R/2/18A B/77  1900-1906

File 614 Visits.  IOR/R/2/18A B/78  1906

File 615 Visits.  IOR/R/2/18A B/79  1906-1916

File 616 Visits.  IOR/R/2/18A B/80  1917

File 625 War. Pt. I & II  IOR/R/2/18A B/81  1914-1921

File 626 War.  IOR/R/2/18A B/82  1915-1916

File 627 War.  IOR/R/2/18A B/83  1917

File 628 War.  IOR/R/2/18A B/84  1918

File 629 War.  IOR/R/2/18A B/85  1919-1921

File 642 Military and other Miscellaneous file.  IOR/R/2/18A B/86  1830-1832

File 645 H.M. the Queen's Proclamation.  IOR/R/2/18A B/87  1859

File 763 Burne's Memoire on Indus.  IOR/R/2/18A B/88  1830

File 764 Burne's Memoire on Indus.  IOR/R/2/18A B/89  1831

File 765 Burne's Memoire: Thakore.  IOR/R/2/18A B/90  1836

File 766 Burne's Memoire: Papers on Cutch.  IOR/R/2/18A B/91  1825-1828

File 767 Colonel Barton's tour in Western Kutch.  IOR/R/2/18A B/92  1877

File 768 Governor Malcom's Minute.  IOR/R/2/18A B/93  1830

File 769 Reports on Waghur.  IOR/R/2/18A B/94  1836-1848

File 771 Outlaws. Pt. I & II  IOR/R/2/18A B/95  1885-1886

File 810 Coinage.  IOR/R/2/18A B/96  1899

File 815 Exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/18A B/97  1908

File 823 Imperial Service troops.  IOR/R/2/18A B/98  1921-1924

File 826 Kori question.  IOR/R/2/18A B/99  1920-1924

File 113 Parkar revolt.  IOR/R/2/18A B/100  1859-1864

File 119 Thar Parkar.  IOR/R/2/18A B/101  1831-1851

File 120  IOR/R/2/18A B/102  No date

File 216 Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/103  1901-1903

File 215 Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/104  1899-1900

File 214 Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/105  1895-1898

File 217 Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/106  1904-1905

File 218 Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/107  1906-1908

File 218A Military.  IOR/R/2/18A B/107A  1886-1888

File 233 Muster roll.  IOR/R/2/18A B/108  1838-1859

File 234 Muster roll.  IOR/R/2/18A B/109  1838-1859

File 235 Muster roll.  IOR/R/2/18A B/110  1857-1867

File 236 Muster roll.  IOR/R/2/18A B/111  1857-1867

File 237 Muster roll.  IOR/R/2/18A B/112  1868-1873

File 238 Muster roll.  IOR/R/2/18A B/113  1857-1861

File 240 Extradition.  IOR/R/2/18A B/114  1878-1888

File 269 Extradition.  IOR/R/2/18A B/115  1873-1877

File 277 Deda. Outlaws.  IOR/R/2/18A B/116  1902-1905

File 278 Deda Outlaws.  IOR/R/2/18A B/117  1871-1873

File 280 Deda Outlaws.  IOR/R/2/18A B/118  1873

File 345 Exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/18A B/119  1850-1902

File 346 Exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/18A B/120  1850-1902

File 347 Exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/18A B/121  1888-1894

File 362 Jubilee.  IOR/R/2/18A B/122  1897

File 468 Miscellaneous.  IOR/R/2/18A B/123  1857-1914

File 499 Opium.  IOR/R/2/18A B/124  1835-1917

2 vols

File 639 Lakadia Chtore.  IOR/R/2/18A B/125  1848-1891

File 747 Agency Exhibition  IOR/R/2/18A B/126  1832-1921

File 789 Burne's Military Memo on Indus.  IOR/R/2/18A B/127  1831

File 718 Rejected application for land.  IOR/R/2/18A B/128  1886-1895

File 634 Wagher rebellion.  IOR/R/2/18A B/129  1858-1872

File 692 Register of Births  IOR/R/2/18A B/130  1902

File 775 Register of Deaths.  IOR/R/2/18A B/131  1894-1903

File 772 Register of Births.  IOR/R/2/18A B/132  1891-1908

File 779 Marriage register.  IOR/R/2/18A B/133  1880

File 541 Perwana Correspondence  IOR/R/2/18A B/134  1915-1920

Cutch - Bombay Political Department Volumes  [no ref.]  1820-1924

Correspondence with the Rulers and general administration in the States and with the military forces. These are Bombay Political Department Records dating from the period before 1924 when the states in the Cutch Agency were in political relations with the Government of Bombay. The records were sent to the Resident for the Western India States after the states were placed in direct political relations with the central government.
Contemporary index volumes may be requisitioned:
R/1/6/175 1820-1857
R/1/6/176 1858-1882
R/1/6/177 1883-1924
To requisition files from R/1/6/175-177, state 'R/2/18A' and give the pencil number followed by the typed 'Bombay Government General No.', e.g. R/2/18A (103/16). Only those entries with red or blue crayon marks represent files present in the collection: entries not so marked refer to files retained in India.

Political Agent, Kathiawar - Halar Pranth: Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1883-1918

File 1883-85 Porbandar File.  IOR/R/2/573/1  1883-1885

File 1887 Papers regarding titles and ceremonials.  IOR/R/2/573/2  1887

File 1889 Dispute between Diu and Junagadh.  IOR/R/2/573/3  1889

File 1889-90 Papers re: the utilization of the forces of Nawanagar State in the defence of the Empire.  IOR/R/2/573/4  1889-1890

File 1891-93 Kumar Bhawsinghji his establishment and affairs.  IOR/R/2/573/5  1891-1893

File 1893 Kumar Bhawsinghji his establishment and affairs.  IOR/R/2/574/6  1893

File 1895 Riot File. Porbandar.  IOR/R/2/574/7  1895

File 1895 Riot File. Porbandar.  IOR/R/2/574/8  1895

File 1895-96 Administrative.  IOR/R/2/574/9  1895-1896

File 1896-98 Nawanagar File Re- Lakhubha's maintenance allowance.  IOR/R/2/575/10  1896-1898

File 1896-98 File about Kumar Shri Kalubha's release and return to Jamnagar.  IOR/R/2/575/11  1896-1898

File 1896-01 Jamnagar - Ranjitsingji's file.  IOR/R/2/575/12  1896-1901

File 1900 Papers relating to the installation of the Rana Saheb Bhowsingji of Porbandar.  IOR/R/2/575/13  1900

File 1899 Warsoda File.  IOR/R/2/575/14  1899

File 1906 Ranjitsinhji's claim to the Nawanagar Cadi.  IOR/R/2/575/15  1906

File 1906 Representation of Bai Achhuba and two other widows of the late Jam Jassajee.  IOR/R/2/575/16  1906

File 1918 Morvi.  IOR/R/2/575/17  1918

Kathiawar Political Agency Volumes  [no ref.]  1802-1943

Correspondence with the Rulers and general administration in the States and with the military forces 1808-1943; old reports and histories 1802-1887; Viceregal visits 1934-1936; Indian States Enquiry Committee 1932-1933.
The index to these Kathiawar Political Agency records may be requisitioned as R/1/6/178. It is divided into 5 sections: General correspondence 1808-1849; old reports and histories 1802-1887; general correspondence 1850-1943; Viceregal visits 1934-1936; Indian States Enquiry Committee 1932-1933.
Requisitioning procedure:
For general correspondence volumes 1808-1849, state 'R/2/18'. Then for volumes 1 to 59 add the volume number to 864, and repeat the volume number, e.g. for volume 39, give R/2/18 (903/39). For volumes 40 to 82, add the volume number to 865 and repeat the volume number, e.g. for volume 40 give R/2/18 (905/40).
For old reports and histories 1802-1887, state 'R/2/18', give the volume number added to 947 and repeat the volume number, e.g. for volume 1 give R/2/18 (948/10.
For general correspondence 1850-1943, state 'R/2/18'. The for volumes 1 to 606A, give the volume number added to 953 and repeat the volume number, e.g. for volume 523 give R/2/18 (1476/523). For volumes 606B to 741, give the volume number added to 952 and repeat the volume number, e.g. for volume 741 give R/2/18 (1693/741). Exceptionally, for volume 742, give R/2/18 (1693/742).
For Viceregal visits 1934-1938, state 'R/2/18', give the volume number added to 1693 and repeat the volume number, e.g for volume 35, give R/2/18 (1728/35). The early part of this section is unreliable as each volume includes more files than are described in the list.
For Indian States Enquiry Committee 1932-1933, state R/2/18, give the volume number added to 1728 and repeat the volume number, e.g. for volume 20, give R/2/18 (1748/20).

Western Kathiawar Agency Files  [no ref.]  1933-1941

File 64 1933 J/49 Dacoits - Duffers - Irani Gangs.  IOR/R/2/576/1  1933

File 64 1933 J/49(1) Dacoity at Vanpuri in the Dhrol State.  IOR/R/2/576/2  1933

File 34 1934 G/56(8) Regarding proposal to convene an Asiatic Conference in London.  IOR/R/2/576/3  1934

File 35 1934 G/66 Tate Dispensary at Khirasra - Regarding opening of Col. Tate dispensary at Khirasra by Lt.Col. G.P. Murphy and acceptance of gift by him.  IOR/R/2/576/4  1934

File 53 1934 J/30 Dacoity at the village of Sisak in the Bhadwa Taluka.  IOR/R/2/576/5  1934

File 23 1935 G/56 H.M. The King Emperor's Silver Jubilee - Request of Chief of Thana Devli to name Dispensary after Their Majesty's Silver Jubilee.  IOR/R/2/576/6  1935

File 23 1935 G/56(1) Regarding award of Silver Jubilee Medals.  IOR/R/2/576/7  1935

File 57 1935 J/96 Dacoity at Gavridad.  IOR/R/2/576/8  1935

File 9 1936 P/128 Silver Jubilee of Their Imperial Majesties.  IOR/R/2/576/9  1936

File 41 1936 G/77 Slavery Convention - Position of Indian States in relation to Slavery Convention.  IOR/R/2/577/10  1936

File 38 1936 G/66 Association of the Political Agent's name with a vernacular school at Thana Devli.  IOR/R/2/577/11  1936

File 47 1937 E/30 Inter School Cricket Matches - Association of the name of Sir Courtney Latimer with the Challenge Cup.  IOR/R/2/577/12  1937

File 13 1937 P/15 Presentation of a Gir Bull to H.E. The Viceroy by the Chief of Virpur.  IOR/R/2/577/13  1937

File 53 1938 G/66 Opening of the "Egerton Dispensary" at Alidhra and the "Egerton Guest House" at Kunvargadh Nadala Taluka  IOR/R/2/577/14  1938

File 26 1939 J/9-48 Dacoity at Dhindhia Pipalia under the Anida Taluka.  IOR/R/2/577/15  1939

File 35 1940 J/9-34 Dacoity at Khijadia.  IOR/R/2/577/16  1940

File 35 1940 J/9-53 Dacoits.  IOR/R/2/577/17  1940

File 35 1940 J/9-54 Vandalia and other Dacoities.  IOR/R/2/577/18  1940

File 28 1940 J/9-11 A gang of dacoits in the Gir area and thereabouts.  IOR/R/2/577/19  1940

File 28 1940 J/9-11 Dacoity with murder in the village of Dhundhia Pipalia under the Anida Taluka.  IOR/R/2/577/20  1940

File - 1941 R/68-3 Opening of "Williams Hospital" at Tankara in Morvi State by the political Agent, Western Kathiawar Agency and acceptance of Silver lock and key.  IOR/R/2/577/21  1941

Eastern Kathiawar and Sabar Kantha Agency Files  [no ref.]  1920-1942

File 124 1920-21 Dacoity at Gadhadia Paliad  IOR/R/2/588/1  1920-1921

File 1572 1940-41 R-19-c War Matters  IOR/R/2/588/2  1940-1941

File 1526 1940-41 J-19-c War Matters  IOR/R/2/588/3  1940-1941

File 1624 1941-42 J-19-c Part IX. War Matters  IOR/R/2/588/4  1941-1942

File G-12 1935 G-281 Record of services of King's Commissioned Officers-Major-G.B. Williams.  IOR/R/2/588/5  1935

File G-2 1936 G-16 Death of His Majesty the King Emperor George the V.  IOR/R/2/588/6  1936

File G-5 1936 G-201 Measures for the better preservation of loose sculptures and inscriptions in the Western India States Agency.  IOR/R/2/589/7  1936

File G-5 1936 G-204 Abdication of H.M. King Edward the VIII and accession to the throne of His Most Gracious Majesty the King George the VI.  IOR/R/2/589/8  1936

File J-15 1937 J-483 Reciprocal agreement with the Soviet Govt. regarding arrested persons.  IOR/R/2/589/9  1937

File G-2 1937 G-84 Publication of Coronation Souvenir Portrait of H.M. the King-Emperor George the VI in London.  IOR/R/2/589/10  1937

File G-2 1937 G-86 Coronation of H.I.M. the King Emperor George the VI in London. Vols. I and II.  IOR/R/2/589/11  1937

File G-3 1937 G-110 Lady Latimer W.I.S.A. Nursing Association.  IOR/R/2/589/12  1937

File G-3 1937 G-153 Naming of institutions of the Coronation of H.M. the King George the VI.  IOR/R/2/589/13  1937

File G-3 1937 G-179 Mrs. Wakefield Efficiency Prize Fund for girls taking English Education at Sadra.  IOR/R/2/589/14  1937

File G-4 1937 G-211 King Emperor's Anti-Tuberculosis Fund - Lucky Bag. Vol. III.  IOR/R/2/589/15  1937

File G-5 1937 King Emperor's Anti-Tuberculosis Fund - Lucky Bag Vols. I. II & III.  IOR/R/2/589/16  1937

File 1939 J-137 Agreements between an Indian State and Govt. owned Railway.  IOR/R/2/590/17  1939

File 1939 G-90 War with Germany -  IOR/R/2/590/18  1939

File II B 1939 G-90 Application of Defence of India Ordinance by States and Talukas.  IOR/R/2/590/19  1939

File IX 1939 G-90 War-British and Indian interests in enemy countries.  IOR/R/2/590/20  1939

File II 1939 G-90 Application of Ordinances.  IOR/R/2/590/21  1939

File VI 1939 G-90 1940 War with Germany.  IOR/R/2/591/22  1939

File VIII 1939 G-90-39 W 1941 War with Japan, Finland, Rumania and Hungary.  IOR/R/2/591/23  1939

File 1939 G-128 H.E. the Viceroy's War Purposes Fund. Vols. I II III  IOR/R/2/591/24  1939

File 1939 G-128 War Efforts  IOR/R/2/591/25  1939

File 1940 J-450 - 40 Agreements between the Indian States and Government Owned Railways.  IOR/R/2/591/26  1940

File 1940 R-155-40 Kathiawar Horse and Cattle Show, 1940  IOR/R/2/592/27  1940

File 1940 R-272-40 All India Cattle Show.  IOR/R/2/592/28  1940

File 1940 G-71-40 Finnish-Russian relations and the circumstances leading to the invasion of Finland.  IOR/R/2/592/29  1940

File 1940 G-73-40 War Supply Boards.  IOR/R/2/592/30  1940

File 1940 G-80-40 Supply of handloom blankets for the Indian Army.  IOR/R/2/592/31  1940

File 1940 G-100-40 Indian Students in United Kingdom facilities during year.  IOR/R/2/592/32  1940

File 1940 G-103-40 Rules for the supply of imported articles during the war.  IOR/R/2/592/33  1940

File 1940 G-110-40 War Contributions - Appeal on behalf of King George's Fund for sailors.  IOR/R/2/592/34  1940

File 1940 G-124-40 War Risks Compensation.  IOR/R/2/592/35  1940

File 1940 G-140-40 Dissemination of enemy propaganda during war.  IOR/R/2/592/36  1940

File 1940 G-147-40 Registration of property in Germany during war.  IOR/R/2/592/37  1940

File 1940 G-153-40 Employment of Rulers and young men of good families in Military service during war.  IOR/R/2/592/38  1940

File 1940 G-155-40 Enemy Territories for purposes of Defence of India during war.  IOR/R/2/592/39  1940

File 1940 G-165-40 Withdrawal of permission for wearing of German and Italian decorations and medals.  IOR/R/2/592/40  1940

File 1940 G-166-40 Presentation or sale to Government of suitable binoculars, prismatic-compasses or service revolvers during war.  IOR/R/2/592/41  1940

File 1940 G-168-40 Information in respect of American securities held by persons in India.  IOR/R/2/592/42  1940

File 1940 G-179-40 Appeal for the British War Savings Movement in Indian States on account of war.  IOR/R/2/592/43  1940

File 1940 G-192-40 British war savings movement through Defence Loans etc.  IOR/R/2/592/44  1940

File 1940 G-197-40 Examination of bombs and similar explosives.  IOR/R/2/593/45  1940

File 1940 G-215-40 Use of Red Cross Emblem during war.  IOR/R/2/593/46  1940

File 1940 G-221-40 Recall of reservists to the colours during the war.  IOR/R/2/593/47  1940

File 1940 G-258-40 Donations made for the constitution of Mrs. Coghill's/Moss's fund.  IOR/R/2/593/48  1940

File 1940 G-259-40 Cargoes on Italian, French etc. ships in neutral ports -  IOR/R/2/593/49  1940

File 1940 G-261-40 Recruitment of Rajputs for the Indian Army during war.  IOR/R/2/593/50  1940

Eastern Kathiawar Agency: Confidential Files  [no ref.]  1922-1941

File 115 1922-23 J/14 Dacoits.  IOR/R/2/593/51  1922-1923

File 1928 Indian States Committee.  IOR/R/2/593/52  1928

File 1 1933 OC/14 Note on Federal Scheme.  IOR/R/2/593/53  1933

File 2 1934-38 73 1. General information. 2. White paper.  IOR/R/2/593/54  1934-1938

File 1 1936 Fed/J Constitution proposed by Talukdars and Bhagdars of Dudhrej under Wadhwan-Bhoika Thana and others.  IOR/R/2/593/55  1936

File 2 1936 Fed/J Federation of Baroda tributaries of Chok-Datha, Songadh, Paliad and Wadhwan-Bhoika Thanas.  IOR/R/2/594/56  1936

File Fed/I 1937-38 Federation.  IOR/R/2/594/57  1937-1938

File Fed/II 1937-38 Federation.  IOR/R/2/594/58  1937-1938

File Fed/III 1937-38 Federation.  IOR/R/2/595/59  1937-1938

File Fed/IV 1937-38 Federation.  IOR/R/2/595/60  1937-1938

File Fed 1940-41 Re: Federation of Thanas etc.  IOR/R/2/595/61  1940-1941

Halar Pranth: Agency Files  [no ref.]  1866-1931

File 1 1866 5 Arabs, Makranies and other foreign mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/652/1  1866

File 1 1867 38 Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/652/3  1867

File 48 Mail robberies &c.  IOR/R/2/652/4  1867

File 1 1868 2 Arabs, Makranies and foreign mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/652/5  1868

File 2 54 Mail robberies.  IOR/R/2/652/6  1868

File 79 Outlawry and Barwattia affairs.  IOR/R/2/652/7  1868

File 1 1869 31 Dacoity attack on Shahpar under Nawanagar.  IOR/R/2/652/8  1869

File 33 and file 32 Dacoity attack on Devalia under Dhrol and Berasa under Nawanagar.  IOR/R/2/652/9  1869

File 34 Dacoity attack on Uniali under Morvi.  IOR/R/2/652/10  1869

File 2 1869 58 Mail robberies and escort for the same.  IOR/R/2/652/11  1869

File 92 Outlawry or Barwattia affairs.  IOR/R/2/652/12  1869

File 93 Porbandar Barwattia and other miana affairs.  IOR/R/2/652/13  1869

File 3 1869 92 Waghar, Makranies, Mulika and Dehree &c.  IOR/R/2/652/14  1869

File 1 1870-71 3 Arabs, Mackranies and foreign mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/652/15  1870-1871

File 2 1870-71 33 Dacoity attack on Bhella under Morvi.  IOR/R/2/652/16  1870-1871

File 1870-71 34 Dacoity attack on Taragharee under Morvi.  IOR/R/2/652/17  1870-1871

File 1870-71 35 Dacoity attack on Udeypur under Morvi.  IOR/R/2/652/18  1870-1871

File 1870-71 36 Dacoity attack on Vijagam under Gondal.  IOR/R/2/652/19  1870-1871

File 2 1870-71 65 Mail robbery &c.  IOR/R/2/652/20  1870-1871

File 1870-71 85 Dedas of Dyasra.  IOR/R/2/652/21  1870-1871

File 1870-71 86 Dedas of Dhrangadhra.  IOR/R/2/652/22  1870-1871

File 1870-71 87 Dedas of Vejalpur.  IOR/R/2/652/23  1870-1871

File 3 1870-71 107 Outlawry Valie Mahmad.  IOR/R/2/652/24  1870-1871

File 1 1871-72 II Arabs, Mackranies and foreign mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/652/25  1871-1872

File 1870-71 22 Criminal gang of robbers at Rajpara, Trawade and Dhandhan.  IOR/R/2/652/26  1870-1871

File 1871-72 23 Criminal gang of robbers at Jhalawad Prant.  IOR/R/2/652/27  1871-1872

File 1871-72 43 Dacoity or Thuggy-Govt. Resolutions.  IOR/R/2/652/28  1871-1872

File 1871-72 44 Dacoity or Thuggy at Bhella under Morvi.  IOR/R/2/652/29  1871-1872

File 1871-72 45 Dacoity or Thuggy at Maghpur under Morvi.  IOR/R/2/652/30  1871-1872

File 1871-72 46 Dacoity or Thuggy at Metana and Soan, wife of Alaia.  IOR/R/2/652/31  1871-1872

File 2 1871-72 80 Mail robberies.  IOR/R/2/653/32  1871-1872

File 1871-72 106 Dedas in outlawry Giras &c.  IOR/R/2/653/33  1871-1872

File 1871-72 116 Nawanagar and Kutch dacoities.  IOR/R/2/653/34  1871-1872

File 1871-72 140 Outlawry or Barwattias.  IOR/R/2/653/35  1871-1872

File 1 1872-73 14 Criminal - Robbery of a muzzle loading.  IOR/R/2/653/36  1872-1873

File 1872-73 28 Dacoity and Information and returns for Nagar and Dhrol.  IOR/R/2/653/37  1872-1873

File 1 1872-73 29 Dacoity - Surrender of Sandi Muzal.  IOR/R/2/653/38  1872-1873

File 2 1872-73 58 Mail robberies.  IOR/R/2/653/39  1872-1873

File 2 1872-73 80 Nagar Pethurria attacked by dacoits.  IOR/R/2/653/40  1872-1873

File 1 1873-74 1 Arabs and other foreign mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/653/41  1873-1874

File 1873-74 81 Mail robberies.  IOR/R/2/653/42  1873-1874

File 1873-74 90 Morvi dedas Outlaws Giras &c.  IOR/R/2/653/43  1873-1874

File 1873-74 96 Miscellaneous - Arms and Ammunition -  IOR/R/2/653/44  1873-1874

File 2 1873-74 115 Nawanagar - Outlawry Valimahmad in Nagar Jail.  IOR/R/2/653/45  1873-1874

File 1 1874-75 30 Dacoity at Ittala and Miana Acota Khima and others.  IOR/R/2/653/46  1874-1875

File 1874-75 31 Dacoity or Thuggy and the Baroda police.  IOR/R/2/653/47  1874-1875

File 1874-75 40 Famine in Bengal - Relief for the -  IOR/R/2/653/48  1874-1875

File 2 1874-75 75 Mail robberies and also Govt. No. 3483  IOR/R/2/653/49  1874-1875

File 1874-75 99 Nawanagar Jodiya Post Office Robbery.  IOR/R/2/653/50  1874-1875

File 3 1874-75 124 Outlawry Valimahmad security.  IOR/R/2/653/51  1874-1875

File 1874-75 124-A Outlawry Capt. Scott's commission.  IOR/R/2/653/52  1874-1875

File 1874-75 168 Trigonometrical - Robbery at Kalmighda.  IOR/R/2/653/53  1874-1875

File 1 1875-76 8 Arabs of Kotda Taluka.  IOR/R/2/653/54  1875-1876

File 1875-76 43 Dacoity Miana Kesar and others in Kutch.  IOR/R/2/653/55  1875-1876

File 1875-c76 44 Dacoity and Thuggy.  IOR/R/2/653/56  1875-1876

File 1 1875-76 53 Famine or scarcity in Okha and Kathiawar and relieving of duty by Nagar &c.  IOR/R/2/653/57  1875-1876

File 2 1875-76 81 Mail robberies.  IOR/R/2/653/58  1875-1876

File 2 1875-76 90 Outlawry attack on villages.  IOR/R/2/653/59  1875-1876

File 3 1875-76 132 Outlawry - Timba under Palitana Girassias and men.  IOR/R/2/653/60  1875-1876

File 1875-76 133 Outlawry - Capt. Scott's commission.  IOR/R/2/653/61  1875-1876

File 1875-76 134 Outlawry - (Foreign) Sayad Fazil Moplah of Aden.  IOR/R/2/653/62  1875-1876

File 2 1876-77 74 Mail robberies.  IOR/R/2/653/63  1876-1877

File 1876-77 75 Mail robberies: Escort for bangleys.  IOR/R/2/653/64  1877

File 3 1876-77 123 Outlawry - Timba under Palitana Cirasias also Megani Waghers.  IOR/R/2/653/65  1876-1877

File 1876-77 124 Outlawry Waghers.  IOR/R/2/653/66  1876-1877

File 1 1877-78 38 Dacoity and Thuggy - Returns etc.  IOR/R/2/653/67  1877-1878

File 2 1877-78 70 Mail robberies - Govt. No. 6539  IOR/R/2/653/68  1877-1878

File 1877-78 80 Morvi and Dedas in Outlawry.  IOR/R/2/653/69  1877-1878

File 2 1878-79 65 Mail robberies and escort for conveying banghys &c.  IOR/R/2/653/70  1878-1879

File 1 1880-81 6 Arabs and mercenaries - Deportation of -  IOR/R/2/653/71  1880-1881

File 2 1880-81 35 Dacoity - in Nagar territory.  IOR/R/2/653/72  1880-1881

File 4 1880-81 62-A Mail robberies.  IOR/R/2/653/73  1880-1881

File 5 1880-81 108 Outlawry - Nagar Raoo and others.  IOR/R/2/653/74  1880-1881

File 1 1883-84 81 Outlaw Mowar Sadhwani.  IOR/R/2/653/75  1883-1884

File 1883-84 82 Mail robberies  IOR/R/2/653/76  1883-1884

File 1883-84 139 Highway robbery.  IOR/R/2/653/77  1883-1884

File 1 1884-85 4 Arabs, Makaranis etc. deportation of -  IOR/R/2/653/78  1884-1885

File 1884-85 38 Dacoity and highway robbery.  IOR/R/2/653/79  1884-1885

File 3 1884-85 89 Mail robberies etc.  IOR/R/2/653/80  1884-1885

File 4 1884-85 91 Malia Mowar Sadhwani.  IOR/R/2/653/81  1884-1885

File 1 1885-86 38 Dacoity, loot, highway robberies etc.  IOR/R/2/653/82  1885-1886

File 4 1885-86 129 Outlawry and Baharwattias.  IOR/R/2/653/83  1885-1886

File 1 1885-86 3 Arabs, Mackranies and foreign mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/653/84  1885-1886

File 2 1887-88 27 Criminal Miscellaneous and Robbery in the Agency Engineer's Office.  IOR/R/2/654/85  1887-1888

File 1887-88 46-A Dacoities Gondal, escaped prisoners.  IOR/R/2/654/86  1887-1888

File 1887-88 47 Dacoities at Khijadia and Khilos.  IOR/R/2/654/87  1887-1888

File 1887-88 48 Dacoities Bhadana Jalia.  IOR/R/2/654/88  1887-1888

File 1887-88 49 Dacoities Amreli of Wadia  IOR/R/2/654/89  1887-1888

File 1887-88 50 Dacoities Ratang of Gondal.  IOR/R/2/654/90  1887-1888

File 1887-88 51 Dacoities - Kana Wadala.  IOR/R/2/654/91  1887-1888

File 1887-88 52 Dacoities - Moti Parabdi.  IOR/R/2/654/92  1887-1888

File 1887-88 53 Dacoities - fight with the dacoits on check Hill by Nagar police.  IOR/R/2/654/93  1887-1888

File 1887-88 54. Dacoities Mewasa.  IOR/R/2/654/94  1887-1888

File 1887-88 55 Dacoities - Lathi under Gondal.  IOR/R/2/654/95  1887-1888

File 1887-88 56 Dacoities - Golana.  IOR/R/2/654/96  1887-1888

File 1887-88 57 Dacoities - Outrage at Dhrafa.  IOR/R/2/654/97  1887-1888

File 1887-88 58 Dacoities - Rojda of Nagar.  IOR/R/2/654/98  1887-1888

File 1887-88 59 Dacoities - Dhur Dhoraji.  IOR/R/2/654/99  1887-1888

File 1887-88 60 Dacoities - Mewasa of Nagar.  IOR/R/2/654/100  1887-1888

File 1887-88 61 Dacoities - attack on Dr. Anderson & others near Wankaner.  IOR/R/2/654/101  1887-1888

File 1887-88 62 Dhroll-Pragji Jairai of Bombay looted near Liara  IOR/R/2/654/102  1887-1888

File 5 1887-88 134 Mail robbery, loot, dacoity etc. etc.  IOR/R/2/654/103  1887-1888

File 1887-88 136 Mail robbery, loot, dacoity - soldier and villagers affray.  IOR/R/2/654/104  1887-1888

File 7 1887-88 191 Outlawry Sayed Edrus, Ahdal, Rehman and others for reward.  IOR/R/2/654/105  1887-1888

File 10 1888-89 to 1895-96 22 Foreign mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/654/106  1888-1896

File 12 1888-89 to 1895-96 22 Imperial service troops  IOR/R/2/654/107  1888-1896

File 13 1888-89 to 1895-96 38 Agency circulars.  IOR/R/2/654/108  1888-1896

File 19 1888-89 to 1895-96 46 Military file.  IOR/R/2/655/109  1888-1896

File 43 1888-89 to 1895-96 64 Robberies and dacoities.  IOR/R/2/656/110  1888-1896

File 44 1888-89 to 1895-96 64/2 Robberies and dacoities.  IOR/R/2/656/111  1888-1896

File 15 1905-06 to 1908-09 50 Re: Royal Mail robbery 5 miles away from Jamnagar.  IOR/R/2/657/112  1905-1909

File 7 1910 G/126 Exhibitions - the festival of Empire and pageant of London.  IOR/R/2/657/113  1910

File 176 1916 P/12-War Select file of -  IOR/R/2/657/114  1916

File 176 1916 P/12-I War - Government Resolutions re:  IOR/R/2/657/115  1916

File 176 1916 P/12-II War - Government Resolutions on various subjects in connections with -  IOR/R/2/657/116  1916

File 178 1916 P/12 Correspondence regarding War.  IOR/R/2/657/117  1916

File 197 1917 P/12 Correspondence and Government resolutions re: war.  IOR/R/2/657/118  1917

File 205 1918 P/12 Govt. resolutions war.  IOR/R/2/657/119  1918

File 219 1919 P/12 Correspondence re: war  IOR/R/2/658/120  1919

File 220 1919 P/12 Correspondence regarding war.  IOR/R/2/658/121  1919

File 235 1920 P/12 P/1 Correspondence regarding war.  IOR/R/2/658/122  1920

File 253 1921 P/12 P/2 Correspondence regarding war.  IOR/R/2/658/123  1921

File 252 1921 P/12 P/1 Correspondence regarding war.  IOR/R/2/658/124  1921

File 252 1921 P/12A P/1 war miscellaneous.  IOR/R/2/658/125  1921

File P/2 1929 P/12 Indian States Committee - Regarding questionnaire of -  IOR/R/2/659/126  1929

File P/2 1929 P/12(1) Indian States Committee - Report of -  IOR/R/2/659/127  1929

File G/4 1929 G/52 Suppression of traffic in women and children.  IOR/R/2/659/128  1929

File G/4 1929 G/52(1) Traffic in girls between Sind and Cutch & Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/659/129  1929

File G/4 1929 G/56(2) League of Nations. Govt. of India's enquiry resocial movements relating to women and children for information of League of Nations.  IOR/R/2/659/130  1929

File 513 1929 J/14 Makrani dacoits - re: measures for apprehension and trial of -  IOR/R/2/659/131  1929

File 554 1930 MP/144 Dispute re: Gupta Prayag in Junagadh between Hindus and Muslims.  IOR/R/2/659/132  1930

File G/7 1931 G/78(1) Publications: Leaflets re(1) economies of Hartal (2) cow and pig blood in foreign cloth (3) riots in Bombay & Gujarat (4) Dhrasna atrocities and such others.  IOR/R/2/659/133  1931

Sorath Pranth: Agency Files  [no ref.]  1859-1922

File 5 1863-1890 Arabs, Makranies & other mercenaries.  IOR/R/2/660/1  1863-1890

File 10 1866-1890 Acts and Books etc. Report on condition of -  IOR/R/2/660/2  1866-1890

File 23 1867-1890 Military Department - March of troops, cutting of wood in the Gir, deserters & other miscellaneous.  IOR/R/2/661/3  1867-1890

File 86 1875-1890 Ports - Light Houses, lights, birds, observatory, etc.  IOR/R/2/661/4  1875-1890

File 31 1874-1890 Ports - reports, proceedings, returns etc.  IOR/R/2/662/5  1874-1890

File 85 1864-1890 Marine Departments Resolutions, Circulars, Notices, etc.  IOR/R/2/662/6  1864-1890

File 93 1863-1890 Survey, Trigonometrical operations. Maps. Appointments.  IOR/R/2/663/7  1863-1890

File 130 1870-1889 Porbandar. Complaints against and by subjects and others.  IOR/R/2/663/8  1870-1889

File 129 1864-1886 Porbandar. Courts. Jails. Police maladministration etc.  IOR/R/2/664/9  1864-1886

File 131 1872-1890 Porbandar - Police, Ports, Nawanagar Mehrs and others also Bhayads.  IOR/R/2/664/10  1872-1890

File 30 1859-1873 Waghers, Kathis, Mayas and others, defective police arrangement - Federal Seerbandy, Junagadh, Porbandar, Jetpur and Bantwa Police. Appointment of a Commissioner-Porbandar villages looted etc.,  IOR/R/2/665/11  1859-1873

File 31 1874-1887 Waghers and others in the Gir and other places  IOR/R/2/665/12  1879

File 32 1878-1886 Junagadh outlaws Mackranies, Sindhies and others - Deputation of Mr. Spence Lt. Ebbut, Major Humphrey and Jamadar Basaratkhan.  IOR/R/2/666/13  1878-1886

File 34 1888-1890 Outlaw Karson Mayo for attacking upon Juthal.  IOR/R/2/666/14  1888-1890

File 33 1887-1890 Sindhis, Mackranies, etc., trial, whipping, shelter by Mendarda, Bilkha, etc.  IOR/R/2/667/15  1887-1890

File 128 1886-1887 Mackranies of Inaj and other villages outlawry by etc.,  IOR/R/2/667/16  1886-1887

File 57 1864-1890 Military Resolutions, circulars, etc., for the supply of food, Watchmen, carts, etc.  IOR/R/2/668/17  1864-1890

File 127 1874-1890 Mayas - Of Junagadh, Jetpur, Mendarda, Manavadar & others Dhrabawar, Najunwao, Pithapur, Ambla, Thaniana-Shergadh, Matur Waneea Sindree - Rampur and others also Canara slaughter or fight.  IOR/R/2/668/18  1874-1890

File 90 1879-1890 Exhibitions. Kathiawar State Fairs. International - Calcutta, Bombay, Poona, London. etc.  IOR/R/2/669/19  1879-1890

File 92 1868-1890 Shows - Stud Horse & Cattle - also of the breeding and rearing of young stock.  IOR/R/2/669/20  1868-1890

File 17 1891-1900 25 Darbar Officials to accompany troops marching through their territories of Native States - Precaution for the protection of British Troop's properties etc.  IOR/R/2/670/21  1891-1900

File 33 1891-1895 15 Outlaws movements. News Orders - Dacoities - Habibmian Jhina Kala etc. etc.  IOR/R/2/670/22  1891-1895

File 34 1896-1898 15/3 Dacoit - Makrani Sale Mahomed - Sidi - Ramzan, etc. etc.  IOR/R/2/670/23  1896-1898

File 35 1895-1901 15/3 Dacoits - Correspondence regarding persons caught as bans by - Movements - deaths - loots in villages etc.  IOR/R/2/671/24  1895-1901

File 69. 1892-94 & 1900. 77 Correspondence regarding Census and Infanticide 1891 to 1900.  IOR/R/2/671/25  1892-1900

File 95 1891-1896 2 Horse - Mules - Cattle-breeding etc.  IOR/R/2/671/26  1891-1896

File 96 1891-1901 2 Horse and cattle fair and shows in Kathiawar and outside Kathiawar - etc.  IOR/R/2/671/27  1891-1901

File 2 1906-08(2 vols) S.I. Horse Fairs in Kathiawar, Prizes Certificates.  IOR/R/2/672/28  1906-1908

File 100 1897 47 Release of prisoners commemoration of the completion of the 68th year of reign of H.M. the Queen.  IOR/R/2/672/29  1897

File 200 1891-1900 10/2 69 Mints - particulars asked by Govt. regarding Native States. Statement of quantity of silver accepted and passed into States. Junagadh  IOR/R/2/672/30, Item 1  1891-1900

File 200 1891-1900 20 20/2. Resolutions about Manufacture and sale of imitation Mohurs, Coins. Circulation of copper of Native States Coins etc.  IOR/R/2/672/30, Item 2  1891-1900

File 2 1905 S.4 Horse shows at Ahmedabad.  IOR/R/2/672/31  1905

File 16 1910 26 Cattle Show - measures for the improvement of the breed of cattle.  IOR/R/2/672/32  1910

File 27 1910 53 Proclamation of King George V and declaration made by H.M.  IOR/R/2/672/33  1910

File 15 1912 20 Coins. Description of the new Indian Coinage for the reign of His Imperial Majesty King George V Emperor of India.  IOR/R/2/672/34  1912

File 16 1912 20/2 Coins. Enlargement of the list of persons authorised to cut or break counterfeit silver.  IOR/R/2/672/35  1912

File 16 1912 20/2 Coins. Rules for the treatment of counterfeit.  IOR/R/2/672/36  1912

File 47 1912 79/1 Exhibition - Industrial and Agricultural to be held at Mysore - 1908.  IOR/R/2/672/37  1912

File 3A 1913 6B Hancock - Appointment of Major Hancock as sole Administrator, Porbandar. Indemnity Bond - Miss Clara Mascarias of Porbandar.  IOR/R/2/673/38  1913

File 7 1913 15/2B Dacoits - Loot of pilgrimage going from Advana to Dwarka by -  IOR/R/2/673/39  1913

File 5 P.II 1913 Robbery - Deogam - Complaint in a case near -  IOR/R/2/673/40  1913

File 27 1913 20/5 Supply of statistics for minerals for road-making.  IOR/R/2/673/41  1913

File 21 1913 55 Ancient monuments - Information required by Superintendent Meteorological survey re: Conservation of - in Native States in Sorath Prant - Excavation - Vasavad. Archaeological excavation at -  IOR/R/2/673/42, Item 1  1913

File 59 Porbandar - C.H. Sykes - Appointment of - as State Engineer, Porbandar State. Major B. Hancock. Appointment of - as Administrator -  IOR/R/2/673/42, Item 2  1913

File 33 1913 79/D Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition at Mysore 1913.  IOR/R/2/673/43  1913

File 1 1914 2 Horse Shows - Report on the Gujarat Horse Show held at Ahmedabad in Feb. 1913.  IOR/R/2/673/44  1914

File 2 1/3 Presents - Acceptance of - by Lt. H.W. Bell of several articles presented on the occasions of the opening ceremony Fitz Gerald Hugs Vernacular School Manavadar Main Gate at the village at Barwala and laying the foundation stone of the market at Manavadar and Bilkha.  IOR/R/2/673/45  1913-1914

File 12 1914 16 Appointments - Mrs. S. Ashby as Lady Companion to Her Highness the Bibi Saheba of Junagadh.  IOR/R/2/673/46  1914

File 20 25/A Movement of troops - regulations for the formal reception by local authorities of troops passing through the District.  IOR/R/2/673/47  1914

File 19 25/A Breaking of war between Great Britain and Germany.  IOR/R/2/673/48  1914

File 25/A Gracious message from H.I.M. the King Emperor.  IOR/R/2/673/49  1914

File 23 35 Ancient monuments - Protection of - by Govt. Publication of Indian Loyalist by Mr. Ganeshji Jethabhai.  IOR/R/2/673/50  1914

File 35 55 Ancient monuments - Information regarding drawings asked for by the Archaeological survey.  IOR/R/2/673/51  1914

File 1916 Pol/3 Mrs. Ranyell European Nurse - engagement of - by Manawadar.  IOR/R/2/673/52  1916

File 1916 Pol/15 Death of Major Hancock  IOR/R/2/673/53  1916

File 1916 Pol/15 Registration of birth of a child to Mrs. Brooke - Fox.  IOR/R/2/673/54  1916

File 1916 War/5 G.R.197 of 7-1-16 regarding War.  IOR/R/2/673/55  1916

File 1916 PLC/4 Dacoity in Navdara of Nawanagar.  IOR/R/2/673/56  1916

File 1917 1/93 Application of Sagar Mulji Kura re dispossession of his house.  IOR/R/2/673/57  1917

File Jd1/16 1920 6/18 Extension of clemency to prisoners in celebration of the signing of the peace.  IOR/R/2/673/58  1920

File P/8 1921 Pol/15 Visit of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.  IOR/R/2/673/59  1921

File XII 1922 Mil Military - Mobilization of reservists - Imperial Service troops.  IOR/R/2/673/60  1922

Banas Kantha Agency: Old Files of the Political Agent  [no ref.]  1858-1933

File 106 1858 Secret Circulars.  IOR/R/2/673(A)/1  1858

File 108 1858 Manufacture and sale of arms.  IOR/R/2/673(A)/2  1858

File 118 1873-74 Outlaws.  IOR/R/2/673(A)/3  1873-1874

File 123 1871 Census of Europeans.  IOR/R/2/673(A)/4  1871

File 125 1871-76 Palanpur Superintendency Reports.  IOR/R/2/673(A)/5  1871-1876

File 137 1872-76 Pung Bir. There is another file of the same name.  IOR/R/2/673(A)/6  1872-1876

File 139 1872-82 Agency  IOR/R/2/673(B)/7  1872-1882

File 142 1872-92 Thana System  IOR/R/2/673(B)/8  1872-1892

File 143 1873 Customs Report  IOR/R/2/673(B)/9  1873

File 145 1873 Infanticide.  IOR/R/2/673(B)/10  1873

File 148 1873 Govindrao Bhao's case.  IOR/R/2/673(C)/11  1873

File 184 1878 March of Troops.  IOR/R/2/673(C)/12  1878

File 187 1867 Cantonment Deesa  IOR/R/2/673(C)/13  1867

File 206 1879-1887 Correspondence with and from Deesa Cantt. & Military Officers.  IOR/R/2/673(C)/14  1879-1887

File 218 1881 Copper Coins.  IOR/R/2/673(D)/15  1881

File 222 1881 March of Troops  IOR/R/2/673(D)/16  1881

File 236 1882-92 Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/673(D)/17  1882-1892

File 241 1882-1890 Ancient monuments  IOR/R/2/673(D)/18  1882-1890

File 243. 1883 Duke of Connaught's arrival to Palanpur.  IOR/R/2/673(D)/19  1883

File 249 1883 Kathiawar Outlaws  IOR/R/2/673(E)/20  1883

File 253 1884 Death of Duke Albony  IOR/R/2/673(E)/21  1884

File 271 1888 Jubilee  IOR/R/2/673(E)/22  1888

File 280 1888-89 Palanpur Agricultural show  IOR/R/2/673(E)/23  1888-1889

File 281 1888-90 Exhibition Bombay.  IOR/R/2/673(E)/24  1888-1890

File 295 1892-93 Annual Administration Report of Palanpur Agency.  IOR/R/2/673(F)/25  1892-1893

File 299 1893 Coinage.  IOR/R/2/673(F)/26  1893

File 304 1893-98 Ahmedabad Darbar.  IOR/R/2/673(F)/27  1893-1898

File 321 1894-96 Outlaws  IOR/R/2/673(G)/28  1894-1896

File 334 1896-98 Famine.  IOR/R/2/673(G)/29  1896-1898

File 336 1897 Diamond Jubilee.  IOR/R/2/673(G)/30  1897

File 356 1894-97 March of Troops.  IOR/R/2/673(H)/31  1894-1897

File 363 1898 Horse Breeding.  IOR/R/2/673(H)/32  1898

File 376 1870-83 Camp Robbery.  IOR/R/2/673(H)/33  1870-1883

File 397 1864-1878 Camp Extension Deesa & Worlee Farm.  IOR/R/2/673(I)/34  1864-1878

File 398 1876-84 Famine and locusts.  IOR/R/2/673(I)/35  1876-1884

File 411 1875-98 Visit of Prince of Wales and Governor.  IOR/R/2/673(J)/36  1875-1898

File 435 1900 Government Commission Vol.I.  IOR/R/2/673(J)/37  1900

File 436 1900 Government Commission Vol.II.  IOR/R/2/673(K)/38  1900

File 437 1900 Government Commission Vol.III.  IOR/R/2/673(K)/39  1900

File 438 1900 Government Commission Vol.IV.  IOR/R/2/673(L)/40  1900

File 439 1904 Scarcity Vol.I.  IOR/R/2/673(L)/41  1904

File 440 1905-07 Scarcity Vol.II.  IOR/R/2/673(M)/42  1905-1907

File 448 1900 Lt. Warnford File 1900. Mr. White and Lilley's file 1900 - Cl Major O'Donell. file 1899-1900 Captain Jacob File. File Re: implements of Agricultures and Purchase of Bullocks 1900 & Crass for the Imperial Police.  IOR/R/2/673(M)/43  1900

File 449 1900-01 Famine. Mr. Fitz Gerald's Report.  IOR/R/2/673(M)/44  1900-1901

File 450 1896 Famine Relief Code. Bombay Presidency.  IOR/R/2/673(N)/45  1896

File 544 1864-1898 Camp Miscellaneous Vol.I.  IOR/R/2/673(N)/46  1864-1898

File 545 1864-1898 Camp Miscellaneous Vol.II.  IOR/R/2/673(N)/47  1864-1898

File 546 1864-1898 Camp Miscellaneous Vol.III.  IOR/R/2/673(O)/48  1864-1898

File 547 1864-1898 Camp Miscellaneous Vol.IV.  IOR/R/2/673(O)/49  1864-1898

File 548 1864-1898 Camp Miscellaneous Vol.V.  IOR/R/2/673(O)/50  1864-1898

File 549 1864-1898 Camp Miscellaneous Vol.VI.  IOR/R/2/673(P)/51  1864-1898

File 550 1864-1898 Camp Miscellaneous Vol.VII.  IOR/R/2/673(P)/52  1864-1898

File 581 1865-99 Miscellaneous Vol.IV.  IOR/R/2/673(P)/53  1865-1899

File 585 1882-94 Horse.  IOR/R/2/673(P)/54  1882-1894

File 586 1878-97 Coinage.  IOR/R/2/673(P)/55  1878-1897

File 596 1892-93 Annual report of Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/673(Q)/56  1892-1893

File 609 1892-93 March of Troops.  IOR/R/2/673(Q)/57  1892-1893

File 634 1897-03 Buch case.  IOR/R/2/673(Q)/58  1897-1903

File 663 1906 Hitkarani Sabha.  IOR/R/2/673(Q)/59  1906

File 675 1899-1908 Treasury  IOR/R/2/673(Q)/60  1899-1908

File 732 1899-08 Coinage  IOR/R/2/673(R)/61  1899-1908

File 752 1902-04 Coronation  IOR/R/2/673(R)/62  1902-1904

File 755 1905-06 Prince of Wales Visit  IOR/R/2/673(R)/63  1905-1906

File 764 1898-1908 March of Troops  IOR/R/2/673(R)/64  1898-1908

File 765 1898-1908 Horse Breeding.  IOR/R/2/673(R)/65  1898-1908

File 766 1900-1908 Camp Miscellaneous Vol.I  IOR/R/2/673(S)/66  1900-1908

File 767 1900-1908 Camp Miscellaneous Vol.II  IOR/R/2/673(S)/67  1900-1908

File 770 1904-1907 Horse Show  IOR/R/2/673(S)/68  1904-1907

File 771 1901-1905 Queen's Death. Victoria - Memorial Rest House.  IOR/R/2/673(T)/69  1901-1905

File 776 1902-1908 Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/673(T)/70  1902-1908

File 787 1903-1908 Imperial Gazettar  IOR/R/2/673(T)/71  1903-1908

File 799 1902-1906 Outlaws  IOR/R/2/673(T)/72  1902-1906

File 804 1908 Fiftieth Anniversary of assumption of Govt. of India by the Crown.  IOR/R/2/673(T)/73  1908

File 832 1909 Annual Reports 1909 Palanpur Agency Reports.  IOR/R/2/673(U)/74  1909

File 834 1910 Annual Report of Agency. Banas Kantha.  IOR/R/2/673(U)/75  1910

File 835 1910-11 Annual Report of Agency. Palanpur.  IOR/R/2/673(V)/76  1910-1911

File 836 1911 Annual Report of Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/673(V)/77  1911

File 837 1911 Annual Report of Agency. Palanpur.  IOR/R/2/673(V)/78  1911

File 855 1909 Celebration of 50th Anniversary.  IOR/R/2/673(W)/79  1909

File 868 1911 Coronation Vol.I  IOR/R/2/673(W)/80  1911

File 869 1911 Coronation Vol.II  IOR/R/2/673(W)/81  1911

File 873 1910 Death of H.M. Edward VII.  IOR/R/2/673(W)/82  1910

File 874 1909 Decentralisation.  IOR/R/2/673(X)/83  1909

File 889 1910 Government Miscellaneous Exhibitions.  IOR/R/2/673(X)/84  1910

File 915 1909-10 & 11 Military File  IOR/R/2/673(X)/85  1909-1911

File 985 1912 Coronation File  IOR/R/2/673(X)/86  1912

File 988 1912 Captain Mosse File.  IOR/R/2/673(Y)/87  1912

File 1027 1912 Military Palanpur.  IOR/R/2/673(Y)/88  1912

File 1036 1912 Personal file of P.A. Palanpur  IOR/R/2/673(Y)/89  1912

File 1055 1913 Annual Report Vol.I Kathiawar.  IOR/R/2/673(Y)/90  1913

File 1056 1913 Annual Report Vol.II  IOR/R/2/673(Z)/91  1913

File 1082 1913 Coronation. Rain Return & H.E's visit.  IOR/R/2/673(Z)/92  1913

File 1093 1914 & 1915 C. War file.  IOR/R/2/674(B)/93  1914-1915

File 1094 1914 War file.  IOR/R/2/674(B)/94  1914

File 1095 1915 C. War file.  IOR/R/2/674(B)/95  1915

File 1098 1912-1914 Crown Motilal Case.  IOR/R/2/674(C)/96  1912-1914

File 1109 1913-14 Military 1914, Famine 1913-1914 Famine Insurance 1914.  IOR/R/2/674(C)/97  1913-1914

File 1115 1915 Famine Charity & Military.  IOR/R/2/674(C)/98  1915

File 17 1902-12 Coronation and the Imperial Darbar at Delhi.  IOR/R/2/674(C)/99  1902-1912

File 19 1911-12 Varahi - enhancement of powers to M.S. Jorawarkhanji of Warahi.  IOR/R/2/674(D)/100  1911-1912

File 22 1924 Confidential - Dacoities File. Vol. I & II.  IOR/R/2/674(D)/101  1924

File 18 1926 ADM. General file Vol.V Correspondence re: League of Nations -Slavery Convention.  IOR/R/2/674(D)/102  1926

File 57 1916 E.S.T. 110 Promotion of Nawabzada. Tale Mohd to Hony. Captain.  IOR/R/2/674(D)/103  1916

File 72 1922-24 P.O.L. (Dacoity) 159 Dacoity papers of the Organised Gangs of Mirkhan and Mianas.  IOR/R/2/674(D)/104  1922-1924

File 74 1922-24 P.O.L. (Dacoity) 159 Re: encounter at Jakhotra & the Death of two Police Sowars 1922.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/105  1922-1924

File 97 1920-21 55 M.S.C. G. Rs. in connection with H.R.H. Prince of Wales' & Duke of Connaught's Visit to India.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/106  1920-1921

File 103 1922-25 M.A.G. Judgement of Gang cases Nos. 6 to 9 with mudamal list and proceedings of a police conference convened to plan against Mickhan's gang.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/107  1922-1925

File 107 1927 F.A.M.No.1 Opening of personal deposit account for Col. Coghill's Famine Fund, 1927. Constitution of Col. Coghill Famine Fund.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/108  1927

File 1917 M.S.C. Decipline in Colleges.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/109  1917

File 1921 P.O.L. Dacoity at Madhutra.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/110  1921

File 1919 M.A.G. Riot at Deesa Cantonment. Police. Vs. Military Sepoys.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/111  1919

File 243 1927-28 M.S.C. Visit of His Excellency the Viceroy to Rajkot.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/112  1927-1928

File 170 1930 A.D.M. Formation of Indian Garrison and Duty Companies on mobilisation.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/113  1930

File 282 1930-33 A.D.M. Civil Disobedience Movement.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/114  1930-1933

File 183 1924 A.G.R. Papers re:- British Empire Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/115  1924

File 353 1925 A.G.R. British Empire Exhibition.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/116  1925

File 141 1927-28 F.A.M. Notes Regarding:- Constitution of Victoria Agricultural Bank Fund.  IOR/R/2/674(E)/117  1927-1928

File 1929 C/M.S.C. 30 Correspondence re: Indian States Inquiry Committee. Three files  IOR/R/2/674(E)/118  1929

Baluchistan Agency, including Kalat  [no ref.]  No date

File B/1 Boundaries. 1916. Placing temporarily control of Persian Mekran under Agent to the Governor General in Baluchistan.  IOR/R/2/PBM.75  1916

File Z/19 Native States. 1920. 1-Divorce by Jam Mir Kamal Khan of his wife, the daughter of Mir Wali Mohd Khan Mengal.  IOR/R/2/PBM/77, Item 1  1920

File Z/19 Native States. 1920. 2-Abdication of the Jam of Lasbela Mir Kamal Khan in 1921 and succession of his eldest son Jam Mir Ghulam Mohd Khan.  IOR/R/2/PBM/77, Item 2  1921

File Z/19 Native States. 1920. 3-Grant of extended powers to Jam Mir Ghulam Mohd Khan of Lasbela on 29-4-1925.  IOR/R/2/PBM/77, Item 3  1925

Mysore Residency  [no ref.]  No date

Mysore Residency Papers  [no ref.]  1799-1866

Archival history:
Letter books were accumulated in the Residency and after 1842 in the Residency Department of the Commission. Therefore all except the two main series of Residency In and Out Letter Books (with associated indexes) stop short at 1842. The bulk of the pre-1866 records were stored in a Bangalore Residency godown in the 1940s, and they were sent to London in 1947-48 via the Political Department in New Delhi.

Administrative history:
In 1799, at the end of the fourth Mysore War, the subsidiary treaty of Seringapatam was signed and His Highness Krishnaraja Wadiyar III was installed on the gadi. Sir Barry Close was then appointed as the Resident in Mysore, being subordinate to the Governor of Madras.
In 1831, the administration of Mysore was taken over by the British Government and entrusted to two Commissioners subordinate to the Madras Government, one being appointed by the Madras Government and the other by the Government of India. The post of Resident was continued as it was thought advisable that the political relations of the Maharaja with the British Government should be retained in his hands, and he was placed under the direct orders of the Government of India. In 1834, one post of Commissioner was abolished and the administration of Mysore was given to a sole Commissioner, the first being Lieutenant Colonel Mark Cubbon. In 1843, the office of Resident was abolished by Lord Ellenborough as unnecessary and its duties were discharged by the Commissioner for the affairs of Mysore. In 1867, the Commissioner was designated Chief Commissioner. On the rendition of Mysore to the Maharaja in 1881, the post of Chief Commissioner was abolished and the post of Resident was revived.

Mysore Residency - In-Letter Books  [no ref.]  1799-1866

File A.4 1799 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/1  6 Jul 1799-2 Dec 1799

See R/2/1/153 for f 275

Conditions of access: Lacking folios at beginning and end. Labelled 1800 IIA 7 March - 16 May

File A.1 1799 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/2  5 Dec 1799-30 Dec 1799

See R/2/1/153 for ff. 284-285 and R/2/1/167 for ff.286-287

Conditions of access: Lacking folios at beginning

File A.2 1800 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/3  1 Jan 1800-7 Mar 1800

File A.3 1800 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/4  7 Mar 1800-16 May 1800

File A.5 1800 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/5  17 May 1800-9 Jul 1800

File A.6 1800 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/6  10 Jul 1800-29 Sep 1800

File A.7 1800 V In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/7  30 Sep 1800-30 Dec 1800

File A.8 1801 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/8  1 Jan 1801-30 Dec 1801

File A.9 1802 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/9  4 Jan 1802-17 Dec 1802

File A.11 1803 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/10  6 Jan 1803-30 Dec 1803

File A.12 1804 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/11  1 Jan 1804-30 Dec 1804

Conditions of access: Lacking folios at beginning

File A.13 1805 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/12  1 Jan 1805-2 Jun 1805

File A.14 1805 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/13  4 Jun 1805-29 Jul 1805

File A.15 1805 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/14  30 Jul 1805-3 Dec 1805

File A.16 1806 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/15  1 Jan 1806-8 Apr 1806

File A.17 1806 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/16  10 Apr 1806-25 Sep 1806

File A.18 1806 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/17  27 Sep 1806-25 Dec 1806

File A.19 1807 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/18  1 Jan 1807-20 Jun 1807

File A.20 1807 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/19  12 Jun 1807-24 Dec 1807

Conditions of access: Foliation error repeats 336-395

File A.21 1808 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/20  1 Jan 1808-18 Jun 1808

File A.22 1808 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/21  18 Jun 1808-29 Dec 1808

File A.23 1809 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/22  2 Jan 1809-20 Jun 1809

File A.24 1809 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/23  21 Jun 1809-30 Dec 1809

File A.25 1810 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/24  2 Jan 1810-10 Jul 1810

File A.26 1810 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/25  11 Jul 1810-30 Dec 1810

File A.27 1811 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/26  4 Jan 1811-22 Jun 1811

File A.28 1811 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/27  25 Jun 1811-24 Dec 1811

File A.29 1812 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/28  3 Jan 1812-8 Jul 1812

File A.30 1812 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/29  10 Jul 1812-31 Dec 1812

File A.31 1813 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/30  1 Jan 1813-22 Jul 1813

File A.32 1813 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/31  22 Jul 1813-30 Dec 1813

File A.33 1814 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/32  1 Jan 1814-14 Jun 1814

File A.34 1814 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/33  17 Jun 1814-31 Dec 1814

File A.35 1815 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/34  1 Jan 1815-1 Apr 1815

File A.36 1815 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/35  1 Apr 1815-12 Aug 1815

Conditions of access: Labelled 1 April - 13 May, the later date being that of an enclosure to a later letter

File A.37 1815 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/36  13 Aug 1815-28 Dec 1815

File A.38 1816 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/37  1 Jan 1816-12 Jul 1816

File A.39 1816 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/38  15 Jul 1816-31 Dec 1816

File A.40 1817 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/39  1 Jan 1817-25 Apr 1817

File A.41 1817 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/40  25 Apr 1817-25 Sep 1817

File A.42 1817 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/41  26 Sep 1817-31 Dec 1817

File A.43 1818 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/42  1 Jan 1818-14 Mar 1818

File A.44 1818 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/43  15 Mar 1818-14 Jul 1818

File A.45 1818 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/44  13 Jul 1818-30 Dec 1818

File A.46 1819 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/45  1 Jan 1819-4 May 1819

File A.47 1819 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/46  6 May 1819-25 Aug 1819

File A.48 1819 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/47  26 Aug 1819-29 Dec 1819

File A.49 1820 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/48  1 Jan 1820-29 Jun 1820

File A.50 1820 2 In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/49  1 Jul 1820-28 Dec 1820

Conditions of access: One incorrect spine label of 1815

File A.51 1821 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/50  1 Jan 1821-2 Jun 1821

File A.52 1821 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/51  3 Jun 1821-31 Dec 1821

File A.53 1822 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/52  1 Jan 1822-11 May 1822

File A.54 1822 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/53  12 May 1822-20 Sep 1822

File A.55 1822 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/54  24 Sep 1822-31 Dec 1822

File A.56 1823 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/55  2 Jan 1823-3 Mar 1823

File A.57 1823 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/56  1 Mar 1823-6 Jul 1823

File A.58 1823 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/57  9 Jul 1823-10 Oct 1823

File A.59 1823 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/58  1 Sep 1823-31 Dec 1823

File A.60 1824 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/59  1 Jan 1824-29 Mar 1824

File A.61 1824 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/60  30 Mar 1824-1 Jul 1824

File A.62 1824 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/61  2 Jul 1824-29 Oct 1824

File A.63 1824 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/62  29 Oct 1824-31 Dec 1824

File A.64 1825 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/63  1 Jan 1825-17 May 1825

File A.65 1825 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/64  18 May 1825-12 Sep 1825

File A.66 1825 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/65  13 Sep 1825-31 Dec 1825

File A.67 1826 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/66  2 Jan 1826-14 May 1826

File A.68 1826 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/67  16 May 1826-12 Sep 1826

File A.69 1826 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/68  15 Sep 1826-31 Dec 1826

File A.71 1827 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/69  1 Jan 1827-20 Apr 1827

File A.72 1827 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/70  26 Apr 1827-7 Sep 1827

File A.73 1827 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/71  7 Sep 1827-31 Dec 1827

File A.74 1828 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/72  1 Jan 1828-25 Apr 1828

File A.75 1828 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/73  25 Apr 1828-5 Aug 1828

File A.76 1828 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/74  6 Aug 1828-31 Dec 1828

File A.77 1829 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/75  1 Jan 1829-24 Mar 1829

File A.78 1829 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/76  25 Mar 1829-14 Jun 1829

File A.79 1829 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/77  15 Jun 1829-9 Oct 1829

File A.80 1829 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/78  10 Oct 1829-31 Dec 1829

File A.81 1830 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/79  1 Jan 1830-22 Mar 1830

File A.82 1830 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/80  22 Mar 1830-14 Jun 1830

File A.83 1830 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/81  27 Jul 1830-29 Sep 1830

File A.84 1830 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/82  30 Sep 1830-29 Dec 1830

File A.85 1831 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/83  1 Jan 1831-4 Apr 1831

File A.86 1831 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/84  4 Apr 1831-25 May 1831

File A.87 1831 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/85  26 May 1831-23 Jul 1831

Conditions of access: Labelled 26 May - 28 June, the later date being that of an enclosure to a later letter

File A.88 1831 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/86  23 Jul 1831-13 Oct 1831

File A.89 1831 V In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/87  4 Oct 1831-29 Dec 1831

File A.90 1832 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/88  31 Dec 1831-19 Jun 1832

Conditions of access: Labelled 31 December - 12 June, the later date being that of an enclosure to a later letter; label also altered in pencil to VI for 1831

File A.91 1832 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/89  7 Jul 1832-25 Dec 1832

File A.92 1833 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/90  4 Jan 1833-9 Apr 1833

File A.93 1833 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/91  10 Apr 1833-24 Jun 1833

File A.94 1833 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/92  28 Jun 1833-28 Sep 1833

File A.95 1833 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/93  27 Sep 1833-28 Dec 1833

File A.96 1834 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/94  30 Dec 1833-28 May 1834

Conditions of access: Label numbered, in pencil, V for 1833

File A.98 1834 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/95  1 Jun 1834-31 Oct 1834

File A.99 1834 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/96  1 Nov 1834-31 Dec 1834

File A.100 1835 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/97  30 Dec 1834-31 Mar 1835

Conditions of access: Labelled 31 March 1834 in error

File A.101 1835 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/98  1 Apr 1835-29 Jun 1835

File A.102 1835 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/99  29 Jun 1835-29 Sep 1835

File A.103 1835 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/100  29 Sep 1835-22 Dec 1835

File A.104 1836 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/101  31 Dec 1835-15 Feb 1836

File A.105 1836 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/102  1 Mar 1836-30 Mar 1836

File A.106 1836 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/103  30 Mar 1836-28 Jun 1836

File A.107 1836 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/104  28 Jun-29 Aug 1836

Conditions of access: Labelled 18 May - 29 August, the earlier date being that of an enclosure to a preceding letter

File A.108 1836 V In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/105  30 Sep 1836-30 Dec 1836

File A.109 1837 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/106  31 Dec 1836-31 Mar 1837

Conditions of access: Labelled January - March

File A.110 1837 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/107  13 Mar 1837-27 Jun 1837

File A.111 1837 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/108  5 Jun 1837-Sep 1837

Conditions of access: Labelled July - September

File A.112 1837 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/109  7 Sep 1837-28 Nov 1837

File A.113 1837 V In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/110  1 Dec 1837-31 Dec 1837

File A.114 1838 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/111  12 Feb 1838-27 Mar 1838

Conditions of access: Lacking folios at beginning

File A.115 1838 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/112  30 Mar 1838-29 Jun 1838

Conditions of access: Labelled I in error, altered in pencil to II

File A.116 1838 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/113  27 Jun 1838-30 Aug 1838

File A.117 1838 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/114  14 Aug 1838-29 Nov 1838

Conditions of access: Labelled September - November

File A.118 1838 V In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/115  29 Nov 1838-26 Dec 1838

File A.119 1839 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/116  13 Dec 1838-16 Feb 1839

Conditions of access: Labelled January - February

File A.120 1839 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/117  22 Feb 1839-14 May 1839

Conditions of access: One label has March - May

File A.121 1839 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/118  13 May 1839-31 Jul 1839

Conditions of access: Label altered in printing from 15 May

File A.122 1839 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/119  31 Jul 1839-31 Oct 1839

File A.123 1839 V In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/120  1 Nov 1839-29 Dec 1839

File A.125 1840 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/121  31 Dec 1839-12 Feb 1840

Conditions of access: Labelled January - March; lacking folios at end, but includes stray undated folios pp 1807-1818

File A.126 1840 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/122  21 Mar 1840-6 Jun 1840

File A.127 1840 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/123  6 Jun 1840-27 Aug 1840

File A.128 1840 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/124  29 Aug 1840-30 Oct 1840

File A.129 1840 V In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/125  31 Oct 1840-29 Dec 1840

File A.130 1841 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/126  2 Jan 1841-27 Mar 1841

File A.131 1841 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/127  31 Mar 1841-28 Jun 1841

Conditions of access: Labelled April - July in error

File A.132 1841 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/128  29 Jun 1841-6 Oct 1841

Conditions of access: Labelled July - September

File A.133 1841 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/129  6 Oct 1841-28 Dec 1841

Conditions of access: Labelled October - December

File A.134 1842 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/130  27 Dec 1841-30 Mar 1842

Conditions of access: Labelled January - March

File A.135 1842 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/131  22 Apr 1842-19 Jul 1842

Conditions of access: Lacking folios at beginning

File A.136 1842 III In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/132  19 Jul 1842-31 Aug 1842

File A.137 1842 IV In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/133  1 Sep 1842-28 Oct 1842

File A.138 1842-43 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/134  16 Nov 1842-23 Dec 1843

Conditions of access: Label numbered, in pencil, V for 1842

File A.139 1844 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/135  7 Jan 1844-22 Oct 1844

Conditions of access: Labelled January - October; lacking folios at beginning

File A.140 1844 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/136  19 Oct 1844-30 Dec 1844

File A.141 1845 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/137  28 Dec 1844-8 Dec 1845

Conditions of access: Label numbered, in pencil, III for 1844

File A.142 1846 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/138  30 Dec 1845-5 Nov 1846

Conditions of access: Labelled II in error

File A.143 1847 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/139  16 Jan 1847-22 Aug 1847

File A.144 1847 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/140  15 Sep 1847-15 Dec 1847

Conditions of access: Labelled 15 September - 6 November, the later date being that of an enclosure to a later letter

File A.145 1848 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/141  31 Dec 1847-31 Dec 1848

Conditions of access: Labelled 24 January - 31 December

File A.146 1849 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/142  6 Jan 1849-22 Dec 1849

File A.147 1850 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/143  6 Jan 1850-31 Dec 1850

File A.148 1851 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/144  3 Jan 1851-10 Dec 1851

File A.149 1852 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/145  9 Jan 1852-27 Dec 1852

File A.150 1853 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/146  5 Jan 1853-11 Jul 1853

Conditions of access: Labelled 5 July - 11 July in error

File A.151 1853 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/147  23 Jul 1853-27 Dec 1853

File A.152 1854 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/148  31 Dec 1853-9 Dec 1854

Conditions of access: Label numbered, in pencil, III for 1853

File A.153 1855 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/149  22 Dec 1854-17 Dec 1855

File A.154 1856 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/150  14 Jan 1856-23 Dec 1856

File A.155 1857 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/151  22 Jan 1857-30 Nov 1857

Conditions of access: Labelled 22 January - 31 October, the later date being that of an enclosure to a later letter

File A.156 1858 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/152  4 Jan 1858-8 Dec 1858

Conditions of access: Labelled January - December

File A.157 1859 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/153  6 Jan 1859-16 Dec 1859

See R/2/1/1-2;

Conditions of access: Lacking folios at beginning; includes at end ff. 275 and 284-285 of 1799; labelled 6 January 1859-5 December 1799 in error

File A.159 1860 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/154  12 Dec 1859-10 Aug 1860

Conditions of access: Label numbered II in pencil and III in crayon in error

File A.158 1860 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/155  31 Jul 1860-10 Dec 1860

Conditions of access: Labelled 31 July 1860 - 15 October 1859, the later date being that of an enclosure to a later letter; label altered in pencil and red ink to III 15 October 1859 - 31 July 1860 in error; numbered 158 in red crayon in 1978 previously unnumbered

File A.160 1861 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/156  31 Dec 1860-16 Jul 1861

File A.161 1861 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/157  29 Jul 1861-31 Dec 1861

Conditions of access: Label numbered I in pencil

File A.162 1862 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/158  7 Jan 1862-4 Jun 1862

Conditions of access: Lacking folios at beginning

File A.164 1862 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/159  30 Jun 1862-22 Dec 1862

Conditions of access: Label numbered III in pencil

File A.163 1863 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/160  3 Jan 1863-26 Jul 1863

Conditions of access: Labelled 1862 II May - July

File A.165 1863 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/161  29 Jun 1863-23 Dec 1863

Conditions of access: Label numbered I in pencil

File A.166 1864 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/162  4 Jan 1864-29 Jul 1864

File A.167 1864 II In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/163  30 Jul 1864-30 Dec 1864

File A.168 1865 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/164  2 Jan 1865-14 Dec 1865

Conditions of access: Not paginated; labelled 2 January - 25 February, the later date being that of an enclosure to a later letter

File A.169 1866 I In-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/165  2 Jan 1866-8 Dec 1866

Conditions of access: Not paginated

Mysore Residency Private In-Letter Book  [no ref.]  1804

File C.80 Private Letters Received from February 1804 to November 1804  IOR/R/2/1/166  1804

Mysore Residency Government (Madras) In-Letter Books  [no ref.]  1814-1829

File A.173 Correspondence of Madras Government, etc.  IOR/R/2/1/167  1814-1827

See R/2/1/2

File B.3 Correspondence of Madras Government etc.  IOR/R/2/1/168  1825-1829

Mysore Residency Government In-Letter Books  [no ref.]  1823-1833

File C.71 In-letter book  IOR/R/2/1/169  1833-1846

Conditions of access: Marked illegibly on spine leather; marked Despatches 1833-1846 in the 1947 removal

File C.72 In-letter book  IOR/R/2/1/170  1846-1854

Conditions of access: Not paginated

Mysore Residency Coorg Persian In-Letter Books  [no ref.]  1831

File A.170 II Coorg Persian In-letter book  IOR/R/2/1/171  1823-1827

Conditions of access: Persian corrected from Pension on the printed label

File A.171 III Coorg Persian in-letter book  IOR/R/2/1/172  1827-1833

Conditions of access: Persian corrected from Pension on the printed label

Mysore Residency Persian In-Letter Book  [no ref.]  No date

File A.172 Persian Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/173  1831

Conditions of access: Persian corrected from Pension on the printed label. Not paginated.

Mysore Residency Out-Letter Books  [no ref.]  1799-1863

File B.1 Out-Letter book Official  IOR/R/2/1/174  2 Nov 1799-12 Jun 1801

File C.1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/175  14 Dec 1799-7 Jul 1800

File C.2 Out-Letter book Public  IOR/R/2/1/176  2 Nov 1799-3 Apr 1800

File C.3 Out-Letter book Public  IOR/R/2/1/177  12 Mar 1801-31 Dec 1801

File C.4 Out-Letter book Public  IOR/R/2/1/178  4 Jan 1802-30 Dec 1802

File C.5 Out-Letter book Official  IOR/R/2/1/179  17 Apr 1802-5 Oct 1804

File C.6 Out-Letter book Official  IOR/R/2/1/180  7 Jan 1803-30 Dec 1803

File C.7 Out-Letter book Private Letters  IOR/R/2/1/181  14 Feb 1804-15 Dec 1804

Conditions of access: 'Private Letters Despatched from 1 Jany to the 31 Decr 1804' pencilled on p. 1

File C.8 Out-Letter book Public  IOR/R/2/1/182  2 Jan 1804-31 Dec 1804

Conditions of access: Not paginated between p.245 and p.444

File C.9 Out-Letter book Public  IOR/R/2/1/183  27 Apr 1805-30 Jul 1806

File C.10 Out-Letter book Private  IOR/R/2/1/184  4 Aug 1806-2 Jun 1812

File C.11 Out-Letter book Public  IOR/R/2/1/185  3 Jan 1807-27 Dec 1807

File C.12 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/186  1 Jan 1808-31 Dec 1808

File C.13 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/187  1 Jan 1809-29 Dec 1809

File C.14 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/188  1 Jan 1810-31 Dec 1810

File C.15 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/189  1 Jan 1811-31 Dec 1811

File C.16 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/190  1 Jan 1812-29 Dec 1812

File C.17 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/191  1 Jan 1813-31 Dec 1813

File C.18 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/192  1 Jan 1814-30 Dec 1814

File C.19 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/193  1 Jan 1815-30 Dec 1815

File C.20 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/194  1 Jan 1816-31 Dec 1816

File C.21 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/195  1 Jan 1817-31 Dec 1817

File C.22 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/196  1 Jan 1818-30 Jun 1818

File C.23 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/197  1 Jul 1818-31 Dec 1818

Conditions of access: Label for volume 2 adapted from that used for volume 1

File C.24 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/198  1 Jan 1819-31 Jul 1819

File C.25 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/199  1 Aug 1819-31 Dec 1819

File C.26 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/200  1 Jan 1820-31 Dec 1820

File C.27 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/201  1 Jan 1821-31 Dec 1821

File C.28 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/202  1 Jan 1822-31 Dec 1822

File C.29 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/203  1 Jan 1823-31 Jul 1823

File C.30 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/204  1 Aug 1823-31 Dec 1823

File C.31 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/205  1 Jan 1824-30 Jul 1824

File C.32 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/206  1 Aug 1824-29 Dec 1824

File C.33 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/207  1 Jan 1825-31 Dec 1825

File C.34 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/208  1 Jan 1826-28 Dec 1826

File C.35 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/209  1 Jan 1827-31 Dec 1827

File C.36 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/210  1 Jan 1828-30 Dec 1828

File C.37 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/211  1 Jan 1829-30 Dec 1829

File C.38 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/212  1 Jan 1830-30 Dec 1830

File C.39 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/213  1 Jan 1831-31 Dec 1831

File C.40 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/214  1 Jan 1832-30 Dec 1832

File C.41 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/215  1 Jan 1833-31 Dec 1833

File C.42 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/216  2 Jan 1834-31 Dec 1834

File C.43 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/217  2 Jan 1835-29 Dec 1835

File C.44 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/218  2 Jan 1836-29 Jul 1836

File C.45 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/219  1 Aug 1836-31 Dec 1836

File C.46 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/220  2 Jan 1837-31 Jul 1837

File C.47 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/221  1 Aug 1837-30 Dec 1837

File C.48 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/222  2 Jan 1838-31 Jul 1838

File C.49 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/223  2 Aug 1838-2 Jan 1839

Conditions of access: Labelled August - December 1838

File C.50 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/224  3 Jan 1839-1 Jul 1839

Conditions of access: Labelled January - June 1839

File C.51 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/225  1 Jul 1839-2 Jan 1840

Conditions of access: Labelled July - December 1839

File C.52 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/226  3 Jan 1840-30 Jun 1840

File C.53 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/227  1 Jul 1840-31 Dec 1840

File C.54 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/228  4 Jan 1841-30 Jul 1841

File C.55 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/229  2 Aug 1841-29 Dec 1841

File C.56 Vol. 1 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/230  1 Jan 1842-30 Jul 1842

File C.57 Vol. 2 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/231  1 Aug 1842-31 Dec 1842

File C.58 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/232  16 Dec 1842-22 Dec 1843

Conditions of access: Labelled January - December 1843

File C.59 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/233  3 Jan 1844-31 Dec 1844

Conditions of access: Half-bound not full leather; a label on the fly-leaf reports as missing 'The Separate letter Book in which all the despatches to the Govt. of India were entered'

File C.60 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/234  6 Jan 1845-3 Nov 1847

Conditions of access: Labelled January 1845 - December 1847; last letter unfinished possibly lacks some folios

File C.61 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/235  30 Jan 1848-23 Dec 1850

File C.62 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/236  6 Jan 1851-15 Aug 1853

File C.63 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/237  17 Aug 1853-10 Dec 1854

Conditions of access: Labels to both volumes corrected by hand

File C.64 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/238  3 Jan 1855-19 Dec 1855

Conditions of access: Blank pages numbered to 139

File C.65 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/239  5 Jan 1856-30 Dec 1858

File C.66 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/240  6 Jan 1858-12 Oct 1858

File C.67 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/241  8 Jan 1859-22 Dec 1860

File C.68 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/242  12 Jan 1861-24 Dec 1861

File C.69 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/243  2 Jan 1862-19 Dec 1862

Conditions of access: No label

File C.70 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/244  7 Jan 1863-26 Dec 1863

Conditions of access: No label

Mysore Residency Demi-Official Out-Letter Book  [no ref.]  1817-1825

File C.87 Copies of the Residents Demi Official Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/245  14 Jul 1817-9 Dec 1825

Conditions of access: Larger half-leather blank book, into which out letters were copied. Lacking folios at beginning; labelled January 1813 - December 1825

Mysore Residency Secret Out-Letter Books  [no ref.]  1813-1827

File C.83 Vol. 1 Secret Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/246  18 Dec 1813-5 Nov 1825

File C.84 Vol. 2 Secret Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/247  8 Nov 1825-26 Jan 1827

Conditions of access: Labelled November - December 1825

Mysore Residency Secret Out-Letter Books  [no ref.]  1825-1842

File B.2 Secret Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/248  30 May 1825-5 Jan 1826

Conditions of access: Green-cased book;

File B.4 Secret Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/249  29 Apr 1826-8 Mar 1827

Conditions of access: Green-cased book;

File B.5 Secret Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/250  29 May 1827-24 Nov 1829

Conditions of access: Green-cased book;

File B.6 Secret Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/251  12 Dec 1829-6 Jul 1831

Conditions of access: Green-cased book;

File B.7 Secret Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/252  20 Jul 1831-24 Dec 1831

Conditions of access: Green-cased book;

File B.8 Secret Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/253  31 Dec 1831-17 Nov 1832

Conditions of access: Green-cased book;

File C.74 Vol 7 Secret Letters Sent  IOR/R/2/1/254  22 Nov 1832-21 Mar 1833

Conditions of access: Marbled-paper book

File C.75 Vol 9 Secret Letters Sent  IOR/R/2/1/255  2 Nov 1833-12 Apr 1834

Conditions of access: Marbled-paper book

File C.76 Vol 10 Secret Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/256  6 Feb 1836-3 Dec 1836

Conditions of access: Smaller marbled-paper book;

File B.9 Secret Correspondence  IOR/R/2/1/257  7 Jan 1837-22 Jun 1838

Conditions of access: Green-cased book;

File C.77 Vol 12 Secret Letters Sent  IOR/R/2/1/258  20 Mar 1839-3 Mar 1840

Conditions of access: Marbled-paper book

File C.78 Vol 13 Secret Letters Sent  IOR/R/2/1/259  14 Mar 1840-11 Aug 1841

Conditions of access: Marbled-paper book

File C.79 Vol 14 Secret Letters Sent  IOR/R/2/1/260  24 Aug 1841-30 Dec 1842

Conditions of access: Marbled-paper book

Mysore Residency Government Out-Letter Books  [no ref.]  1836-1842

File C.82 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/261  14 Jan 1836-29 Dec 1838

Conditions of access: Paper covered book Marked in 1947 after original cover probably lost 'Despatches of Govt of Mysore, Govt of India etc.'

File C.73 No 2 Letters Sent to the Supreme Government  IOR/R/2/1/262  5 Jan 1839-11 Dec 1840

Conditions of access: Marbled paper book;

File B.10 Out-Letter book  IOR/R/2/1/263  6 Jan 1841-18 Dec 1842

Conditions of access: Green-cased book;

Mysore Residency Compilations and Miscellaneous Letter Books  [no ref.]  1802-1842

File A.10 Collection of in- and copy out-letters assembled by Lieut. Knox, Acting Master of Police  IOR/R/2/1/264  19 Apr 1802-15 Dec 1802

Conditions of access: Green-cased guard-book included in error in the Residency in-letter book series

File C.85 Mr. Cole's Secret Letters Received and Despatched. Plunder of Mehidpoor by Silladar Horse  IOR/R/2/1/265  13 Jun 1817-24 Jun 1819

Conditions of access: Blank book, bound in full leather, into which were entered copy in- and out-letters; sub-title 'Plunder ...' added by hand to the label;

File C.86 Mr. Cole's Correspondence with Govt. from 18 January 1818 to 30 May 1825 regarding the Maharatta War  IOR/R/2/1/266  18 Jan 1818-30 May 1825

Conditions of access: Larger blank book, bound in full leather, into which were entered copy in- and out-letters;

File C.81 Commissioners Correspondence with the Govt of India respecting the Claims of the Widows of the late Vencata Soobiah against H.H. the Rajah in 1839 - also about H.H. jurisdiction over the Rajbindays  IOR/R/2/1/267  8 Aug 1839-28 Oct 1839

Conditions of access: Paper covered book; not paginated;

File A.124 Adjustment of Raja's Debts by H.H.'s Committee; Raja's Accounts 1835-42 etc.  IOR/R/2/1/268  25 Dec 1839-21 Mar 1840

Conditions of access: Green-cased guard-book included in error in the Residency in-letter book series; appears to contain in-letters; title copied from an earlier binding ? pencilled on a sheet prefacing the letters;

File A.70 Collection of Kannada documents awaiting identification  IOR/R/2/1/269  9 Nov 1826-19 Oct 1833

Conditions of access: Green-cased guard-book included in error in the Residency in-letter book series; not paginated

Mysore Residency Letter Book Indices  [no ref.]  1799-1863

File C.91 Alphabetical Index of the Residency Letters Despatched  IOR/R/2/1/270  1799-1863

File C.92 Alphabetical Index of the Residency Letters Received  IOR/R/2/1/271  1799

File 1 1880 Account of Jhatties, their origin, customs, laws, and peculiar mode of training and exercise  IOR/R/2/Box1/1  c. 1800

File 2 1880 Account of Boyawar or Bedar Tribe  IOR/R/2/Box1/2  1800-1801

File 3 1880 List of most celebrated Caveeswars (or poets) and of their works in the Telinga language  IOR/R/2/Box1/3  1800

File 4 1880 Supplemental list of manuscripts &c. Collected in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box1/4  1801

File 5 1880 History of Mayaconda (of Chitaldrug District)  IOR/R/2/Box1/5  1801

File 6 1880 An account of the customs, ceremonies, laws and regulations of the Jains collected in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box1/6  1801

File 7 1880 Historical account of the succession and acquisitions of the Mysore family  IOR/R/2/Box1/7  1803

File 9 1880 Diary of Separate Proceedings of the Commissioner of Mysore on the 25th September 1834 & other papers  IOR/R/2/Box1/8  1818-1834

File 12 1880 Dispossession of insurgent Poligars of certain forts in the Nagar Foujdaree  IOR/R/2/Box1/9  1831

File 13 1880 Certain papers of 1832-33 relating to (1) the system of administering Mysore (2) the debts of the Mysore State, and (3) the Raja's share of the Revenues of the State  IOR/R/2/Box1/10  1832-1833

File 14 1880 Papers of 1835-36 relating to the Raja's share of the Revenues of the State  IOR/R/2/Box1/11  1835-1836

File 17 1880 Proposal to demolish the Fort at Bangalore discussed and the removal of the Arsenal to the Cantonment sanctioned  IOR/R/2/Box1/12  1853

File 18 1880 Agreement of October 1757-58 between H.H. Kristnaraj Odier of Mysore and Nunja Rajiah Maumaujee of Cullalay  IOR/R/2/Box1/13  1880

File 91 1881 Ceremonies observed at the installation of H.H. after rendition on 25th March 1881  IOR/R/2/Box1/14  1881

File 151 1883 Settlements of Anglo-Indians and Eurasians near Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box1/15  1883

File 13 1885 Proposed demolition of the Fort at Bangalore stopped  IOR/R/2/Box1/16  1884

File 19 1885 Pensions of Devaparthivaraj Bahadur and the other illegitimate grandson, and the great grandsons of H.H. the late Maharaja of Mysore. Sale of jewels  IOR/R/2/Box1/16A  1882-1895

File 22 1885 Orders of the Govt. of India in respect to their relations with Indian States regarding the latter's military establishment  IOR/R/2/Box1/17  1878

File 118(1) and (15) 1885 Deposit in Indian Museum of Archaeological Collections found by the Officers of the Survey of India 1883; Edicts of Asoka recently discovered in Mysore 1892  IOR/R/2/Box1/18  1883-1892

File 370 1885 Arsenal buildings in the Fort at Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box1/19  1882-1885

File 372(1)-(5) 1885 Transfer of the Fort at Bangalore to H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore in exchange for the Residency and its grounds  IOR/R/2/Box1/20  1880-1924

File 558 1885 Settlement of Eurasian and Anglo-Indian Association at Whitefield, Sausmond and Duckworth  IOR/R/2/Box2/21  1885-1923

File 124 1886 Murder of Maharaja of Nepal  IOR/R/2/Box2/22  1885-1886

File 532 1886 Summary of financial returns from the Clergy ministering to English congregations in the Diocese of Madras  IOR/R/2/Box2/23  1886

File 537 1886 Survey, by the Archaeological Officers of India, of the Chalukyan antiquities in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box2/24  1886-1889

File 669 1886 Proposal of the Mysore Government to introduce their own postage labels in lieu of the Anche payment in cash. Amalgamation of the Anche with the Imperial Post  IOR/R/2/Box2/25  1886-1888

File 369 1887 Importation of Chinese labour for employment in the Kolar Gold Mines  IOR/R/2/Box2/27  1887

File 487 I 1887 Grant of mining leases in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box2/28/1  1887-1893

File 487 II 1887 Rules regarding the grant of mining leases in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box2/28/2  1887-1900

File 487 III 1887 Extension of gold mining leases in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box2/28/3  1888-1891

File 487 1887 Selections from the Records of the Mysore Government. Reports on Auriferous Tracts in Mysore (Bangalore, 1887).  IOR/R/2/Box2/28/3  1887

File 586 1887 List of Photographs of ancient buildings and antiquities in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box3/29  1874-1887

Files 609 I (1) & (2) 1887 Appointment of General Sir Harry Prendergast K.C.B., V.C., R.E. to act as Resident in Mysore and Chief Commissioner of Coorg  IOR/R/2/Box3/30/1  1881-1889

File 609 II 1887 Appointment of General Sir Harry Prendergast K.C.B., V.C., R.E. to act as Resident in Mysore and Chief Commissioner of Coorg  IOR/R/2/Box3/30/2  1891-1892

Files 725(1) & (2) 1887 Regarding three Ashurkhanas at Mysore Northern, Southern and Mir Askar's which are paid respectively Rs.58-2-5, Rs.8-11-6 and Rs.58-2-5. They are reported to have been in existence during the time of Tippu Sultan, but the religious ceremonies connected therewith are performed by Shias  IOR/R/2/Box3/30A/1  1857-1905

File 725(3) 1887 Regarding three Ashurkhanas at Mysore Northern, Southern and Mir Askar's which are paid respectively Rs.58-2-5, Rs.8-11-6 and Rs.58-2-5. They are reported to have been in existence during the time of Tippu Sultan, but the religious ceremonies connected therewith are performed by Shias  IOR/R/2/Box3/30A/2  1906-1921

Files 725(4)-(9) 1887 Ashurkhanas at Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box3/30A/3  1920-1930

File 221 1888 Appointment of Captain Tufnell M.S.C. for the collection and arrangement of coins in the Mysore Govt. Museum  IOR/R/2/Box3/31  1888-1891

File 294 1888 Birth of a son and heir to the Maharaja in 1884. Other incidents in the Maharaja's family  IOR/R/2/Box4/32  1884-1900

File 346 1888 List of Forest trees in the coffee lands of Southern India  IOR/R/2/Box4/33  1888

Files 479A 1-3 1888 Cession to the British Govt. of jurisdiction over the Mysore State Railways  IOR/R/2/Box4/34  1886-1893

File 479B 1888 Mysore Govt. cede jurisdiction over the Bangalore - Hindupur & the Bangalore - Harihar railway lines. Question of jurisdiction over the Kolar Gold Fields Railway raised  IOR/R/2/Box4/35  1893-1894

File 61 1889 Khedda Operations in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box4/36  1888-1895

File 505 1889 Finances of the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box4/37  1885-1895

File 515 1889 Report by Mr. Biddulph, on the examination of the financial position and system of account of the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box4/38  1896

File 516A (1) 1889 Papers relating to arrangements made, inter alia, in regard to Residency staff (including P.A.) and establishment and C. & M. Station staff and establishments in connection with the rendition of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box4/39  1881-1910

File 551 1889 Address of Mr. Gopalacharlu of the Srinivasa Mandiram to H.R.H. Prince Albert Victor of Wales  IOR/R/2/Box4/40  1889

File 24 1890 Offer of the Mysore Govt. to raise and maintain a force to assist in the defence of the Empire  IOR/R/2/Box4/41  1890

Conditions of access: File missing from box in 1976

File 296 1890 Status of C. & M. Station defined. It is not British India but part of the Mysore State assigned to the exclusive management of the British Govt.  IOR/R/2/Box5/42  1890-1929

Files 4(1)-(2) 1891 Visit of H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore to Bombay, Calcutta &c.  IOR/R/2/Box5/43  1890-1926

Files 23(1)-(2) 1891 Abolition of the Supari Halat approved by the Govt. of India and carried out. Compensation to the Sringeri Jaghir in consequence of this abolition  IOR/R/2/Box5/44/1  1891-1905

Files 23(3)-(4) 1891 Abolition of the Supari Halat approved by the Govt. of India and carried out. Compensation to the Sringeri Jaghir in consequence of this abolition  IOR/R/2/Box5/44/2  1906-1907

File 23 1891 Printed report: Assessment of Supari gardens in Malnad Taluks  IOR/R/2/Box5/44/3  1891

File 67(1) 1891 Orders of the Govt. of India regarding Native States entering into direct transactions with capitalists or financial agents  IOR/R/2/Box5/45, Item 1  1891-1924

File 67(2) 1891 Dealings between Indian States and Capitalists, Financial Agents etc.  IOR/R/2/Box5/45, Item 2  1922

File 67A(2) 1891 Bhadravati Iron Works  IOR/R/2/Box6/46  1917

File 164 1891 Mysore Govt. declined to allow the removal of the carved slabs of Kaitavaswara temple at Halabid to the Madras Museum as they wished to rebuild the ruined temple  IOR/R/2/Box6/47  1891

File 25 1892 Petitions (to the Resident and to the Govt. of India) from certain Mahomedans protesting against the alleged conversion of the mosque at Senthebenur in Chengiri Taluk, Shimoga Dt. into a Travellers Bungalow rejected  IOR/R/2/Box6/48  1892-1896

File 2 1893 Grant of a bonus of 4 lakhs to Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer, Dewan of Mysore, in addition to a pension of Rs 1000/- a month  IOR/R/2/Box6/48A  1893-1898

Files 17A(2)-(3) 1893 List of Commissioners and Residents in Mysore from 1799  IOR/R/2/Box6/48B  1930-1933

File 137 1893 Death of Dowager Maharani Devajammanni of Sitavilas, C.I.  IOR/R/2/Box6/48C  1893

File 281 1893 Conferring the decoration of the Crown of India on H.H. Maharani Kempananjammanni Vanivilas Sannidanna of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box6/48D  1893-1912

File 302(8) 1894 Rate of royalty to be paid to the Madras Govt. for the utilisation of the power of the Cauvery Falls at Sivasamudram  IOR/R/2/Box6/50/1, Item 1  1906-1909

File 302(9) 1894 Resume of information relating to the electric power schemes  IOR/R/2/Box6/50/1, Item 2  1909-1911

File 302(10) 1894 Proposed change in the method of payment due to the Madras Govt. for the power generated at the Cauvery Falls not accepted by that Govt.  IOR/R/2/Box6/50/1, Item 3  1911-1917

File 302(11) 1894 The Govt. of India declined to intervene on behalf of the Mysore Govt. on the subject of the method of payment of royalty to the Madras Govt.  IOR/R/2/Box6/50/2, Item 1  1917-1920

File 302(12) 1894 The Mysore Govt.'s proposal to raise the main anicut at Sivasamudram by 1.75' agreed to by the Madras Govt. They also agree to the alteration of the position of the head sluice, scouring sluice &c. and to certain subsidiary works  IOR/R/2/Box6/50/2, Item 2  1920-1930

Files 96 (1)-(3) 1895 Civil disabilities of Native Christian converts in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box7/56/1  1895-1901

File 96 (4) 1895 Civil disabilities of Native Christian converts in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box7/56/2  1901-1902

Files 96 (5)-(6) 1895 Civil disabilities of Native Christian converts in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box7/56/3, Item 1  1902-1907

File 96 (7) 1895 Civil disabilities of converts to Christianity in the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box7/56/3, Item 2  1909

File 96 (8) 1895 Disabilities of converts to Christianity in the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box7/56/3, Item 3  1909

Files 96 (9), (10) & (12) 1895 Disabilities of converts to Christianity in the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box7/56/4, Item 1  1909-1911

File 96 (13) 1895 Resident's note on the position in Mysore of converts to Christianity  IOR/R/2/Box7/56/4, Item 2  1913

File 96 (14) 1895 Disabilities of converts to Christianity in the Mysore State: certain D.O. correspondence  IOR/R/2/Box7/56/4, Item 3  1905-1907

File 96 (15) 1895 Disabilities of converts to Christianity in the Mysore State: printed papers received from Government of India  IOR/R/2/Box7/56/4, Item 4  1909-1911

File 96 (16) 1895 Disabilities of converts to Christianity in the Mysore State: newspaper cuttings  IOR/R/2/Box7/56/5, Item 5  1905

File 302 1894 Printed papers: Papers connected with the Cauvery Falls water-power scheme. Two copies of printed papers: Brief history and principal documents in connection with the Cauvery power transmission scheme, for the information of the Government of India, 1900 Other related printed papers.  IOR/R/2/Box8/51/1  1895-1906

File 302 II 1894 Demi-official correspondence relating to the Cauvery Falls Scheme  IOR/R/2/Box8/51/2, Item 1  1899-1900

File 302 1894 Papers connected with the Cauvery Falls water-power scheme. Other related printed papers.  IOR/R/2/Box8/51/2, Item 2  1894-1901

File 339 1894 List of Residents and Assistant Residents in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box8/52  1896

File 89 1895 Visit of Mr. Lee-Warner, Resident, to the Maharani Regent of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box8/55  1895

File 116 1895 Representations from various persons and bodies as to the constitution of the Mysore Govt. during the minority of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodyar  IOR/R/2/Box8/57  1895

File 450 1895 Personal salute to H.H. the Maharani Regent  IOR/R/2/Box8/58  1895-1902

File 89A (1) 1896 Mr. Biddulph's first report on the financial position and system of accounts of the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box9/59/1  1896

File 89A (2) 1896 Mr. Biddulph's report with the Comptroller's and the Dewan's remarks thereon sent to the Govt. of India who consider the finances to be satisfactory  IOR/R/2/Box9/59/2  1896-1897

File 89A (3) 1896 Comptroller's further remarks and Mr. Biddulph's further reports sent to the Govt. of India  IOR/R/2/Box9/59/3  1897-1898

File 89A (4) 1896 Orders of the Govt. of India on Mr. Biddulph's report. Preparation of a manual of accounts  IOR/R/2/Box9/59/4, Item 1  1898-1900

File 89A(5) 1896 Arrangements to give effect to Mr. Biddulph's recommendations. Deputation of Messrs. M.N. Krishna Rao, S. Shamanna & T. Lakshmi Narasimha Rao to British Indian offices for training  IOR/R/2/Box9/59/4, Item 2  1900-1912

File 89A 1896 T.H.S. Biddulph, Reports on the Finances and Accounts of the Mysore Government (Bangalore, 1896-97); Memorandum on the Mysore Finances from 1881-82 to 1893-94 (Bangalore, 1895)  IOR/R/2/Box9/59/5  1896-1897

File 89A 1896 Other related manuscript and typescript papers, including an annotated transcript of Biddulph's report  IOR/R/2/Box9/59/6  1896?

File 89A 1896 Orders of the Govt. of India on Mr. Biddulph's report. Preparation of a manual of accounts  IOR/R/2/Box8/60  1896

Conditions of access: File 'missing' from box in 1976; it is probably these papers that are now at R/2 Temp. nos. 9/59(4-6).

File 152 1896 Marriage of the 2nd daughter of the Maharani Regent on the 20th April 1896. Upanayanam ceremony of H.H. the Maharaja on 29th idem and the marriage of the eldest daughter of the Maharani Regent 19th Feby 1897  IOR/R/2/Box8/61  1896-1897

File 313 1896 Introducing the Bengal System of Khedda operation in the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box8/62  1896-1925

File 156 1897 A brief account of the celebration in the Mysore State of the "Diamond Jubilee" of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen Empress June 1897 (Bangalore, 1897).  IOR/R/2/Box8/63  1897

File 434 1897 Report on the Education and Training of H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box8/64  1897-1898

Files 488(1)-(2) 1897 Grant of loan by the Mysore Govt. to the Jodhpur State for railway extension  IOR/R/2/Box11/65  1897-1909

File 497 1897 Kharita invitation for a marriage from H.H. the Maharaja of Krishnagarh to H.H. the Maharani Regent of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box11/66  1897-1898

Files 340(1)-(2) 1897 Return of Graves of Europeans in the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box10/67/1  1893-1901

File 340(3) 1897 Return of Graves of Europeans in the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box10/67/2  1901-1905

File 340(4) 1897 Return of Graves of Europeans in the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box10/67/3  1905-1910

File 340(5) 1897 Return of Graves of Europeans in the Mysore State for Quinquennium ending 31-12-16 and that ending 31-12-21  IOR/R/2/Box10/67/4, Item 1  1917-1922

File 340(6) 1897 Return of Graves of Europeans in the Mysore State for the quinquennium ending 31-12-26  IOR/R/2/Box10/67/4, Item 2  1925-1930

File 340 1897 Full-bound leather manuscript book: 5 - Cossoor Road Cemetery list of inscriptions  IOR/R/2/Box10/67/5  c. 1856-c. 1907

File 340 1897 Printed papers concerning graves of Europeans. Manuscript book: Inscriptions of Monuments in S. John's Cemetery, Bangalore. Manuscript book: Nominal Index to the list of Monuments in St. John's Cemetry - Further printed papers concerning graves of Europeans.  IOR/R/2/Box10/67/6  1901-1907

File 340A 1897 Lists of tombs or monuments with inscriptions in the cemeteries in C. & M. Station  IOR/R/2/Box10/67/7  1904-1908

File 67 1898 Cemetery at Koppa. Assignment of the land. Consecration  IOR/R/2/Box10/68  1898-1910

File 264 (1)-(2) 1898 Memorial to the late Maharaja of Mysore at Kalighat, Calcutta  IOR/R/2/Box11/69/1  1898-1903

File 264 (3)-(5) 1898 Memorial to the late Maharaja of Mysore at Kalighat, Calcutta  IOR/R/2/Box11/69/2  1903-1910

File 128 1899 Celebration of the centenary of the fall of Seringapatam  IOR/R/2/Box11/70  1899

File 423(2) 1899 Map of the Kolar Gold Mining blocks  IOR/R/2/Box11/72  1914

File 481 (1) & (2) 1899 Marriage expenses of the Maharaja's sisters & of the Maharaja  IOR/R/2/Box11/73/1  1899-1902

File 481 1899 Printed report by T.H.S. Biddulph on Mysore finances and government accounts  IOR/R/2/Box11/73/2  1896

File 493A (1)-(3) 1900 Reorganisation of the magistracy and the Police of the Kolar Gold Fields. Mission of Sir John Lambert and of Mr. Hancock in this connection  IOR/R/2/Box12/80/1  1900-1901

File 493A (4)-(5) 1900 Reorganisation of the magistracy and the Police of the Kolar Gold Fields. Mission of Sir John Lambert and of Mr. Hancock in this connection  IOR/R/2/Box12/80/2  1901-1906

File 631 1900 Edicts of Asoka in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box12/81  1892-1900

File 35(1)-(2) 1901 Conservation of ancient monuments in Mysore. Monograph on Chalukyan Architecture  IOR/R/2/Box12/82  1900-1915

File 165(1)-(2) 1901 Statistics of Coffee cultivation in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box12/83  1900-1926

File 228A 1901 Visit of H.H. Maharani Regent and of H.H. the Maharaja to Bellary  IOR/R/2/Box13/84  1901

Conditions of access: File missing from box in 1976

File 374 1901 Levy of contribution from the people to decorate the town &c., and the payment to be made for supplies received from the ryots during H.H. the Maharaja's tour  IOR/R/2/Box13/85  1901

File 811(1)-(2) 1901 Invitations to the Delhi Darbar held in connection with the coronation of H.I.M. the King Emperor. Distribution of Delhi Darbar medals  IOR/R/2/Box13/86/1  1902

File 811(3) 1901 Invitations to the Delhi Darbar held in connection with the coronation of H.I.M. the King Emperor. Distribution of Delhi Darbar medals  IOR/R/2/Box13/86/2, Item 1  1902-1917

File 811 1901 Manuscript book: Mysore Residency Delhi Darbar Account  IOR/R/2/Box13/86/2, Item 2  1902-1903

File 132(1) 1902 Visit of H.E. the Viceroy to Mysore for installation of H.H. the Maharaja  IOR/R/2/Box13/87/1  1902

File 132(2)-(3) 1902 Visit of H.E. the Viceroy to Mysore for installation of H.H. the Maharaja  IOR/R/2/Box13/87/2  1902

File 132(4)-(5) 1902 Visit of H.E. the Viceroy to Mysore for installation of H.H. the Maharaja  IOR/R/2/Box13/87/3  1902

File 132(6) 1902 Visit of H.E. the Viceroy to Mysore for installation of H.H. the Maharaja  IOR/R/2/Box13/87/4  1902

File 183 1902 Appointment of Mr. E. Maconochie as Private Secretary to H.H. the Maharaja  IOR/R/2/Box14/88  1902-1909

File 209(1) 1902 Note on restoration of Mysore to Native Rule  IOR/R/2/Box14/89, Item 1  1876-1879

File 209(2) 1902 Transfer of Mysore to Native Rule  IOR/R/2/Box14/89, Item 2  1880-1881

File 302(2) 1902 Final Report by Mr. C.R.C. Kiernander on the Finances of the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box14/90, Item 1  1902-1903

File 302(3) 1902 Financial position of the Mysore State. Observations of the Govt. of India  IOR/R/2/Box14/90, Item 2  1903-1905

File 302(7) 1902 Mysore Finances, a Statement by Sir M. Visvesvaraya, K.C.I.E., late Dewan of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box14/90, Item 3  1924-1925

File 412 1902 Invitation from H.H. the Maharani Regent to the Chiefs and Rulers of Indian States for the installation of H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box14/91  1902

File 490 1902 Narrative of the Mysore State for the Delhi Darbar, 1903  IOR/R/2/Box14/92  1902-1904

File 528 1902 Memorial in honour of the late Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer, K.C.S.I., Dewan of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box14/93  1902-1913

File 538(1) 1902 Queen Victoria Memorial Statue  IOR/R/2/Box15/94/1  1902-1906

File 538(2) 1902 Queen Victoria Memorial Statue  IOR/R/2/Box15/94/2  1906-1912

File 538(3) 1902 King Edward Memorial Statue  IOR/R/2/Box15/94/3  1911-1913

File 538(4) 1902 King Edward Memorial Statue  IOR/R/2/Box15/94/4  1913-1914

Files 538(5)-(6) 1902 King Edward Memorial Statue  IOR/R/2/Box15/94/5  1914-1919

Files 538(7)-(8) 1902 King Edward Memorial Statue  IOR/R/2/Box15/94/6  1919-1922

Files 538(9), (10) & (11) 1902 King Edward Memorial Statue  IOR/R/2/Box15/94/7  1922-1929

File 538 1902 Bank of Madras Pass Book (in the name of P.B. Warburton) for the 'King Edward Memorial Fund'. A folder of plans for erecting the King Edward Memorial Statue. Mounted photograph (signed 'Leonard Jennings (Sculptor)') of the King Edward Statue.  IOR/R/2/Box15/94/8  1913

File 591 1902 Education of the Yuvaraja at the Mayo College  IOR/R/2/Box16/94A  1903

File 605 1902 Houses or dwellings notable for their historical associations or in which distinguished public men have resided  IOR/R/2/Box16/94B  1902-1917

File 230(1) 1903 Regulation to consolidate and amend the law relating to Criminal Procedure in Mysore.  IOR/R/2/Box16/95/1, Item 1  1903-1905

File 230(2) 1903 Trial of European British Subjects in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box16/95/1, Item 2  1906-1913

File 230(3) 1903 Trial of European British Subjects in Mysore. Trial of Americans and Europeans who are not British Subjects  IOR/R/2/Box16/95/1, Item 3  1914-1915

File 230(4) 1903 Trial of European British Subjects in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box16/95/1, Item 4  1915-1923

File 230(5) 1903 Trial of European British Subjects in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box16/95/2, Item 1  1915-1924

File 230(6) 1903 Trial of European/British Subjects in Mysore State. Amendment of the Mysore Code of Criminal Procedure  IOR/R/2/Box16/95/2, Item 2  1925-1928

File 230(7) 1903 Trial of European British Subjects in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box16/95/2, Item 3  1928

File 230(8) 1903 Trial of European British Subjects in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box16/95/2, Item 4  1926-1930

File 301 1903 A Regulation for the improvement of the City of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box16/96  1903-1909

File 253 1904 Tombs at Seringapatam  IOR/R/2/Box16/97  1904-1907

File 407 1904 Narrative of the Mysore State prepared in connection with H.E. the Viceroy's visit  IOR/R/2/Box16/98  1904

Conditions of access: File missing from box in 1976

File 453 1904 Library of Oriental Manuscripts in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box16/99  1904-1905

File 463 1904 Maharaja of Mysore. Incidents (Births and deaths) in the Mysore palace  IOR/R/2/Box16/100  1904-1924

File 471 1904 Interference by the Govt. of India in the case of death sentence passed by courts of native states  IOR/R/2/Box17/101  1904-1905

File 132(8) 1905 Prince of Wales' visit. Receptions, Dinners &c.  IOR/R/2/Box17/102/1  1905

File 132 1905 Prince of Wales' visit. Extracts from the "Pioneer  IOR/R/2/Box17/102/2  1905-1906

File 132A 1905 Prince of Wales' visit. Instructions of the Govt. of India representation of addresses. Address of C. & M. Station Municipality. Invitation to Coorg gentlemen to Bangalore. No municipal address at Mysore. No address from South Planters Association, Mysore. Laying of foundation stone of Chamarajendra Technical Institute. Mr. A. Gopala Charlu's benedictions declined  IOR/R/2/Box17/102/3  1905-1906

File 132G 1905 Prince of Wales' visit. Unveiling the statue of the late Queen Victoria  IOR/R/2/Box17/102/4  1905

File 145A 1905 Death of Captain N.B.E. Dawes, R.E., of the Mysore P.W. Dept. Gallantry shown by him. Pension to his two sons. Award of the Albert Medal  IOR/R/2/Box17/104  1909-1910

File 159 1905 Model of the Fort of Seringapatam presented to the Victoria Memorial Hall  IOR/R/2/Box17/105  1904-1909

File 299 1905 European tombs and monuments in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box17/106  1904-1909

File 432 1905 Proposed construction of a tramway from the Shimoga Railway Station to the Manganese mines at Kumsi. History of the above mines. Information required by the Portuguese General Consul at Bombay as to the Manganese mines in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box18/107  1905-1923

File 21 1906 Request of the Suffolk Regiment to take an old gun lying 1/2 buried in the fort dungeons at Seringapatam  IOR/R/2/Box18/108  1906

File 25 1906 Presents offered by the Maharaja and Yuvaraja to Lt. Heale, latter's tutor  IOR/R/2/Box18/109  1906

File 232 1906 Procedure as to the Mysore Govt. consulting the Resident in connection with the undertaking of legislation  IOR/R/2/Box18/110  1919-1926

File 320(1) 1906 Orders of the Govt. of India in regard to the grant of licenses to prospect for & mine manganese and chromium in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box18/111/1, Item 1  1906-1907

File 320(2) 1906 Transfer of the prospecting license from the Mysore Manganese Co. to the New Mysore Manganese Co. Ltd.  IOR/R/2/Box18/111/1, Item 2  1907

File 320(3) 1906 Transfer of licenses to the Mysore Chromium Co. and the Shimoga Manganese Company  IOR/R/2/Box18/111/2, Item 1  1907-1908

File 320(4) 1906 Transfer of licenses from the New Mysore Manganese Co. to the Workington Company of Cumberland  IOR/R/2/Box18/111/2, Item 2  1908-1912

File 410 1906 Memorial of Mr. H. Subba Rao regarding his son's application for admission to the I.C.S. Examination  IOR/R/2/Box18/112  1906-1912

File 78 1907 Conferring on H.H. the Maharaja the decorations of G.C.S.I. and G.B.E. and the Honorary Rank of Colonel in the Army and of the 26th Cavalry  IOR/R/2/Box18/113  1907-1921

File 101 1907 Portraits of Residents and C.C. in the office room of the Residency at Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box18/114  1907-1923

File 142 1907 Information required by Mr. W. Irvine, Bengal Civil Service, for the preparation of an edition of the MS memoirs of N. Manucci, a Venetian who lived in India from 1656 to 1717  IOR/R/2/Box18/115  1907-1908

File 266 1908 A Notification defining the boundary of Mysore not forthcoming in the Darbar's records which are not complete, some of the old papers having been transferred to Calcutta and some others to the Residency in 1881  IOR/R/2/Box18/116  1908-1911

File 174(1) 1909 Manual of instructions to the officers of the Political Dept.  IOR/R/2/Box18/117  1909-1927

Files 181A (3) & (5) 1909 Viceroy's visit 1909. Programmes at Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box19/118/1  1909

File 181G 1909 Viceroy's visit 1909. Extracts from newspapers  IOR/R/2/Box19/118/2  1909

File 265 1909 Deposit in the Mysore Residency of a Burmese bell taken by the 81st Pioneers at Mandalay in 1885  IOR/R/2/Box19/119  1909-1910

File 340 1910 Assumption of the office of Viceroy by Lord Hardinge  IOR/R/2/Box19/120  1910-1916

Files 363(22) I & II 1910 Ceremonial programmes at the Coronation Durbar, Delhi, 12th Lecr. 1911  IOR/R/2/Box19/121  1910-1911

Files 366(1)-(3) 1910 Powers of Justices of the Peace in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box19/122, Item 1  1910-1928

File 366(4) 1910 Civil jurisdiction over European British subjects in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box19/122, Item 2  1929

File 153 1911 Economic Conference in Mysore. Statistical information regarding external trade of Mysore during the decennial period 1900-11  IOR/R/2/Box19/123  1911-1920

File 157 1912 Grant to the Yuvaraja of Mysore of (1) the dignity of K.C.I.E., (2) the dignity of G.C.I.E., & (3) the title of "His Highness  IOR/R/2/Box20/124  1912-1919

Files 278(1)-(2) 1913 New Treaty between the British Govt. & the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box20/125, Item 1  1913-1918

File 278 1913 Spare copy of Treaty between British Govt and the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box20/125, Item 2  1913

File 119 1915 Daily Consular and Trade Reports for 21 July 1913 entitled "Mysore as a Field for American Enterprise" issued by the Dept. of Commerce, U.S.A.  IOR/R/2/Box20/126  1915

File 85 1916 Assumption of the office of Viceroy by Lord Chelmsford  IOR/R/2/Box20/128  1916-1921

File 123 1916 Collection and publication in book form of Cartoons illustrating the Armorial Bearings blazoned on the banners presented to Ruling Chiefs entitled to a salute in 1877  IOR/R/2/Box20/129  1916-1917

File 168 1916 Inclusion of the Mysore Chamber of Commerce in the list of Chambers of Commerce to which official papers of commercial interest are communicated. Supply to the Mysore Chamber of the Review of Inland Trade  IOR/R/2/Box20/130  1916-1929

Files 171(1)-(2) 1916 Memorial of Mr. Narasinga Rao Purnaiya regarding the annuities payable out of the revenues of the Jaghir of Yelandur  IOR/R/2/Box20/131/1  1916

File 171(3) 1916 Orders of the Govt. of India on the memorial of Mr. Narasinga Rao Purnaiya regarding the annuities payable out of the revenues of the Yelandur Jaghir  IOR/R/2/Box20/131/2  1916

File 57 1917 Donation of 10 lakhs by H.H. the Maharaja in connection with the War  IOR/R/2/Box20/132  1917

File 74 1917 Sir Alfred Chatterton's notes on hand loom weaving and on sericulture and silk  IOR/R/2/Box20/133  1929

File 151(1) 1918 Indian Constitutional Reforms  IOR/R/2/Box20/134/1, Item 1  1918-1920

File 151(2) 1918 Inauguration of the Chamber of Princes  IOR/R/2/Box20/134/1, Item 2  1920-1921

File 151(3) 1918 Constitution of the Chamber of Princes. First Regulations. Rules for the conduct of business. Representation of lesser States in the Chamber. Title of "Honourable" to be borne by Presidents of Council of State & Legve. Assembly & by members of Council of State  IOR/R/2/Box20/134/2, Item 1  1920-1921

File 151(4) 1918 Appointment of Courts of Arbitration for settling disputes relating to Indian States. Dealings between Indian States and Capitalists or Financial Agents  IOR/R/2/Box20/134/2, Item 2  1924-1930

File 151 1918 Report on Constitutional Reforms  IOR/R/2/Box20/134/2, Item 3  1918

File 163(1) 1918 Silver Wedding of T.M. the Emperor & Empress of India. Formation of a Silver Wedding Fund for promoting the education of children of Indian Soldiers who have fallen in the war  IOR/R/2/Box21/135  1918

File 163A(1) 1918 Rules for the grant of concessions or scholarships to the children of soldiers who died or rendered service in the war. Silver Wedding Fund  IOR/R/2/Box21/135A  1918

File 176(1) 1919 Viceroy's visit. C. & M. Station Municipal address. Address at the unveiling of King Edward's Statue  IOR/R/2/Box21/136, Item 1  1919

File 176(2) 1919 Viceroy's visit. Speech of H.H. and H.E. at the Banquet  IOR/R/2/Box21/136, Item 2  1919

File 176(3) 1919 Viceroy's visit. Extracts from the Daily Post  IOR/R/2/Box21/136, Item 3  1919

File 188 1919 Form of addressing official letters to H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore by the Resident  IOR/R/2/Box21/137  1919

File 228 1919 Darbar's request to bring £200,000, which their London Bankers hold, in gold to India without suffering the loss in exchange. Darbar's request to pay the subsidy in London  IOR/R/2/Box21/138  1919-1920

File 60(3)-(4) 1920 Prince of Wales' visit. Mysore programmes  IOR/R/2/Box21/139/1  1921-1922

Conditions of access: Previously numbered 60(2) 1920

File 60(16) 1920 Prince of Wales' visit. Unveiling the statue of Mr. J.N. Tata  IOR/R/2/Box21/139/2  1920-1922

Conditions of access: Previously numbered 60(14) 1920

File 94A(1) 1920 Designation of certain nobles, officers &c. of the Mysore State under rule 39(1)(a)(iii) of the Indian Arms Rules  IOR/R/2/Box21/140  1921-1929

File 206 1920 Annual inspection of the garrison cemeteries at Seringapatam and French Rocks by the Executive Engineer, Mysore, and the Chaplain, Mysore and Coorg  IOR/R/2/Box21/141  1920-1922

File 146 1921 Appointment of Sirdar Bahadur B. Chamraj Urs, Chief Commandant, Mysore as Hony. A.D.C. to H.E. the Viceroy  IOR/R/2/Box21/142  1921

File 230 1921 Renewal of Govt. Promissory Notes standing in the name of a deceased Ruling Chief in favour of his successor  IOR/R/2/Box21/143  1921

Files 286(I)-(III) 1921 Allowance of Rs.300/- a year paid towards the upkeep of certain Roman Catholic Chapels in Mysore State and the C. & M. Station  IOR/R/2/Box21/143B  1921-1932

File 245 1922 Desire of the American Museum of Natural History to secure specimens of Indian mammals  IOR/R/2/Box21/144  1922-1923

File 66 1923 Estate of Mrs. Caroline Long alias Miss Caroline Lovery who died at Ibo, Portuguese East Africa  IOR/R/2/Box21/145  1923-1924

File 68 1923 Mysore Constitutional Reforms  IOR/R/2/Box21/146  1923-1924

File 107(18) 1923 Viceroy's visit, 1923 Addresses  IOR/R/2/Box21/146A, Item 1  1923-1927

File 107(21) 1923 Viceroy's visit. Programme of ceremonies at Queen's statue &c.  IOR/R/2/Box21/146A, Item 2  1923

File 117(1)-(2) 1923 Registration of Children of British Subjects  IOR/R/2/Box22/147/1  1923-1926

File 117 (3) 1923 3 Registration of births of European Subjects. Indian Br. Subjects also and registn. births under the 1914 Act Br. N. & St. A.  IOR/R/2/Box22/147/2, Item 1  1926-1928

File 117 4-5 1923 Registration of births of British Subjects  IOR/R/2/Box22/147/2, Item 2  1928-1931

File 117 6 1923 Registration of children of British Subjects under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act, 1922  IOR/R/2/Box22/147/2, Item 3  1931

File 234 1926 History of the Residency Buildings and Furniture by Major F.A. Steele  IOR/R/2/Box22/148  1926-1927

File 329(I)-(II) 1928 Disposal of the estates of persons of European extraction who die in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box22/149  1928-1931

File 231(1) 1929 Maintenance of the monument erected to the memory of pensioned gunner N. John Doyle. Maintenance of the R.C. cemetery in the compound of the Church of the Sacred Heart, Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box22/150  1929-1931

File 16 1931 Portraits of various Residents and Commissioners in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box22/152  1930-1934

File 511 1931 Maintenance of War Graves in India  IOR/R/2/Box22/153  1931-1933

File 355 1932 A note on the Mysore Residency by Major F.A. Steele  IOR/R/2/Box22/154  1927-1932

File 197 1933 Appointment of Mr. P. Medapa as District and Sessions Judge, Civil and Military Station, Bangalore, and extension of joining time  IOR/R/2/Box22/155  1933

File 249 1933 Enquiries from the National Portraits Gallery, London regarding portraits of Sir Arthur Wellesley afterwards First Duke of Wellington  IOR/R/2/Box22/156  1933

File 121 1934 Change in nomenclature of the several funds constituted for the depreciation of Govt. commercial departments and undertakings  IOR/R/2/Box22/157  1934

File 318(1) 1934 Registration of Births and Deaths of British Subjects under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act, 1922. Regn. of the Birth of K.G.F. Kendall. Question of Nationality of Mr. Kendall whose father was though a British Subject born in Spain, discussed  IOR/R/2/Box22/158, Item 1  1934-1935

File 318 (2) 1934 Registration of Births and Deaths of British Subjects under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act, 1922. Regn. of the Birth of K.G.F. Kendall. Question of Nationality of Mr. Kendall whose father was (though a British Subject) born in Spain, discussed Dr. J. Stewart, Medical officer, Kolar Gold Field  IOR/R/2/Box22/158, Item 2  1934-1935

File 318 (3) 1934 Application for the registration of the birth of Peter Dennis Hoyes born in the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box22/158, Item 3  1934-1935

File 326 1934 Death of Her Highness the Maharani Kempananjammaniyavaru, C.I., Sri Vani Vilas Sannidhanam of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box22/159  1934

File 433 1934 Submission of death returns of European Officers and Pensioners  IOR/R/2/Box22/160  1934

File 645 1934 The Mysore Extradition Bill  IOR/R/2/Box22/161  1934-1935

File 481 1935 Application for the registration of the birth in the Mysore State of Edwin John Wilton Bonds under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act  IOR/R/2/Box22/162  1935

File 529 1935 Registration of the birth in the Mysore State of Howard William Langdon  IOR/R/2/Box22/163  1935-1936

File 725 1935 Application of Mr. R.G.K. Horrison, Marikuppam, for the registration of the birth of his children  IOR/R/2/Box22/164  1935-1938

File 939 1935 Application of Mr. Henry Freeman, K.G.F., for the registration of the birth of his son as a British Subject  IOR/R/2/Box22/165  1935

File 1394 1935 Revocation of Naturalisation Certificates  IOR/R/2/Box22/166  1935

File 199(3) 1936 Application from Mr. Geo. E. Williams for the Registration of the birth of his children  IOR/R/2/Box22/167, Item 1  1936-1937

File 199(4) 1936 Application from Mr. G.V. Everitt for the Registration of the birth of his son  IOR/R/2/Box22/167, Item 2  1936

File 199(6) 1936 Application from Mr. P.J. Crowle for the Registration of the birth of his daughter. G. of I.'s ruling in cases, where, subject to formal verification of the marriage certificate of the parents, their children could be deemed to be natural born British Subjects under the British N. & S. of Aliens Act  IOR/R/2/Box22/167, Item 3  1936-1937

File 199(7) 1936 Application from Mr. F.G. Sharp for the registration of birth of his son  IOR/R/2/Box22/167, Item 4  1936

File 199(8) 1936 Application from Mr. Cooke for the registration of the birth of his daughter  IOR/R/2/Box22/167, Item 5  1936

File 199(9) 1936 Birth registration of E.M. Goepel's children  IOR/R/2/Box22/167, Item 6  1936

File 199(10) 1936 Application of Mr. J.K. Lindsay for the registration of the birth of his child as a British Citizen  IOR/R/2/Box22/167, Item 7  1936

File 199(11) 1936 Registration of the birth of Rowland Henry Loughnan Holding  IOR/R/2/Box22/167, Item 8  1936

File 1999(12) 1936 Registration of the birth of Michael Knowles Eley, Son of Mr. P.E.K. Eley, under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act  IOR/R/2/Box22/167, Item 9  1936-1937

File 373 1936 The Mysore Extradition Bill  IOR/R/2/Box23/168  1936-1937

File 434 1936 Grant of Special Pay to Treasury Assistant Slip only  IOR/R/2/Box23/169  1936

Conditions of access: File missing from box in 1976

File 544 1936 Naturalisation of Bernard John Schmidt  IOR/R/2/Box23/170  1936

File 574 (1) 1936 European British Subject. Mr. Charles Theobald  IOR/R/2/Box23/171, Item 1  1936-1937

File 574 (1a) 1936 Charles Theobald. Trial of European British Subject  IOR/R/2/Box23/171, Item 2  1936

File 574 (2) 1936 European British Subject. Mr. Charles Theobald  IOR/R/2/Box23/171, Item 3  1937-1939

File 882(1) 1936 Tour of His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore to England and the Continent of Europe  IOR/R/2/Box23/172, Item 1  1936

File 882(2) 1936 Newspaper cuttings re. the visit of H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore to England  IOR/R/2/Box23/172, Item 2  1936

File 1066 1936 Fixation of the pay of Excise Sub-Inspector deputed from Madras  IOR/R/2/Box23/173  1936-1937

File 1091 1936 History of Ruling Family, Nobles and Leading Personages in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box23/174  1936

File 228 1937 Revocation of Naturalisation Certificates  IOR/R/2/Box23/175  1937

File 267(1) 1937 Application for registration of births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. S.C. Bate  IOR/R/2/Box23/176, Item 1  1937

File 267(3) 1937 Application for registration of births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Douglas H. McCall  IOR/R/2/Box23/176, Item 2  1937

File 267(4) 1937 Application for registration of births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. Austen Phillips  IOR/R/2/Box23/176, Item 3  1937

File 267(5) 1937 Application for registration of births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. J. Douglas Dixon  IOR/R/2/Box23/176, Item 4  1937

File 267(6) 1937 [6] Application for registration of births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. P. Delaney  IOR/R/2/Box23/176, Item 5  1937-1938

File 973 1937 Exchange of Kharitas between H.E. the Crown Representative and H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore (re Assumption of office by Lord Linlithgow)  IOR/R/2/Box23/177  1937

File 1424 1937 Supply of copies of records of historical interest in the Mysore Residency to research students. Documents relating to Household expenditure etc. of Tippoo Sultan & his relatives  IOR/R/2/Box23/178  1937

File D 99 1938 Annual Report on Syed Ibrahim's Tomb at Chennapatna  IOR/R/2/Box23/179  1938

File R 10(1) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. R.C. Curtin  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/1, Item 1  1938

File R 10(2) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. E.V.S. Johnston  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/1, Item 2  1937-1938

File R 10(3) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. F.C. Hawgood  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/1, Item 3  1938-1939

File R 10(4) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. R.B. Severs  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/1, Item 4  1938

File R 10(5) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Dr. A. Caplan  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/1, Item 5  1938

File R 10(6) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. C.S. Gathercole  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/1, Item 6  1938

File R 10(7) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. W.R. Crocker  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/1, Item 7  1938

File R 10(8) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. D.H. Rowe  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/1, Item 8  1938

File R 10(9) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. R.H. Teague  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/1, Item 9  1938

File R 10(10) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. G.E. Schofield  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/2, Item 1  1938

File R 10(12) 1938 Registration of the birth of Peter Leonard Pelmear under the Provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/2, Item 2  1938

File R 10(13) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. R.J. O'Donoghue  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/2, Item 3  1938-1939

File R 10(14) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. J.A. Kimmins  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/2, Item 4  1938

File R 10(15) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. Peter Best  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/2, Item 5  1938

File R 10(16) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Dr. G.E. Dunkerley  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/2, Item 6  1938

File R 10(17) 1938 Registration of Birth in Mysore State of Patricia Ivy Hotchkiss after an interval of more than seven years  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/2, Item 7  1938

File R 10(18) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. F.V. Stevens  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/2, Item 8  1938

File R 10(19) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. C.F.C. Tregoning  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/2, Item 9  1938

File R 10(20) 1938 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in Mysore State. Mr. J.T. Arnott  IOR/R/2/Box23/180/2, Item 10  1938

File R 57 1938 Additions in the list of Commissioners and Residents in Mysore from 1799  IOR/R/2/Box24/181  1938

File R 273 1938 Appointment of an Apostolic Delegate in the United Kingdom  IOR/R/2/Box24/182  1938

File D 363 1939 Report of the death of foreigners in British India. Mr. Bobbert German  IOR/R/2/Box24/183  1938

File R 10(1) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in the Mysore State. Mr. H.E. Haben  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 1  1939

File R 10(2) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in the Mysore State. Mrs. Mary Prideaux  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 2  1939

File R 10(3) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in the Mysore State. Mr. W.N. Crighton  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 3  1939

File R 10(4) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in the Mysore State. Mrs. Margaret Spalding  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 4  1939

File R 10(5) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in the Mysore State. Mr. A. Phillips  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 5  1939

File R 10(6) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in the Mysore State. Mr. Douglas H. McCall  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 6  1939

File R 10(7) 1939 Registration of birth under the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Application from Mr. F.G. Sharp  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 7  1939

File R 10(8) 1939 Registration of the Birth of European British Subjects. Application from Mr. V.G. Hayes  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 8  1939

File R 10(9) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in the Mysore State. Mr. C.A.W. Goodman  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 9  1939

File R 10(10) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Children born in the Mysore State. Mrs. Mary Severs  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 10  1939

File R 10(11) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Subjects under the provisions of the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Mr. H. Pulman (Factory Supdt., The Mysore Spun Silk Hills, Channapatna)  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 11  1939-1940

File R 10(12) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Subjects under the provisions of the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Rev. G.R. Sansbury  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 12  1939

File R 10(14) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Subjects under the provisions of the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Mr. L.G. Gallaher  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 14  1939-1940

File R 10(15) 1939 Application for Registration of Births of European British Subjects under the provisions of the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Mr. M.A. De Weck (Kadamane)  IOR/R/2/Box24/184, Item 15  1939-1940

File R 80 1939 Return under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act for 1938  IOR/R/2/Box24/185  1939

File R 291 1939 History of the Ruling Family, Nobles and leading personages in Mysore, revised up to 1/4/1936  IOR/R/2/Box24/186  1939-1940

File R 10(1) 1940 Registration of Birth under the provisions of British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Application of Mr. J. Douglas Dixon  IOR/R/2/Box24/188, Item 1  1940

File R 10(2) 1940 Registration of births of European Children born in Mysore State. Application from Rev. P.C. Brunt  IOR/R/2/Box24/188, Item 2  1940-1942

File R 10(3) 1940 Registration of birth. Mr. W. Woodbridge  IOR/R/2/Box24/188, Item 3  1940-1941

File R 10(4) 1940 Registration of births. Application from Dr. C.G. Bree  IOR/R/2/Box24/188, Item 4  1940

File R 10(5) 1940 Registration of birth. Application from Dr. G.E. Dunkerley  IOR/R/2/Box24/188, Item 5  1940

File R 109 1940 Returns of births and deaths under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act for 1939-1943  IOR/R/2/Box24/189  1940-1944

File R 361 1940 History of the Ruling Family, Nobles and Leading Personages in Mysore. Revised up to the 1st April 1936 (Bangalore, 1937)  IOR/R/2/Box24/190  1937

File R 432 1940 Mysore Legislative Council and Representative Assembly. Maharaja's Message and Dewan's Speech  IOR/R/2/Box24/191  1940-1941

File R 483(1)-(2) 1940 Death of His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore - Sri Krishna Raja Wadiyar Bahadur  IOR/R/2/Box24/192  1940-1941

File R 593 1940 Countersignature of Notification issued by the Govt. of Mysore, by the Resident recognising Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar as the Sole legal heir to the estates of the late H.H. the Yuvaraja of Mysore and subsequent grant of a Succession Certificate to H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore by the Resident in respect of the same estate  IOR/R/2/Box25/193  1940-1942

File R 595 1940 H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore (Sri Jayachamaraja Wodiyar) State entry from Bangalore City Railway Station into the City of Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box25/194  1940

File D 75 1940 Dewan's Address to the Representative Assembly Oct  IOR/R/2/Box25/195  1940

File D 144 1941 Speeches delivered by H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore (Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur)  IOR/R/2/Box25/195A  1941

File R 23(1) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Rev. H.C. Browning  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 1  -1941

File R 23(2) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Mr. Ernest Spargo  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 2  1941-1944

File R 23(3) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Mr. D.A.S. Holding  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 3  1941

File R 23(4) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Mr. J.M. Davies  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 4  1941-1942

File R 23(5) 1941 Registration of the birth of a son to Major A.E.H. Macann, Secretary to the Resident  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 5  1941

File R 23(6) 1941 Registration of Births under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Mr. A.R. Tamblyn  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 6  1941

File R 23(7) 1941 Registration of Births under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Mr. Morley Williams  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 7  1941

File R 23(8) 1941 Registration of Births under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Peter Best  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 8  1941

File R 23(9) 1941 Registration of Births under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Dr. J.M. Daly  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 9  1941

File R 23(10) 1941 Registration of Births under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Dr. W.B. Roantree  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 10  1941

File R 23(11) 1941 Registration of Births under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Mr. L.V. Wells  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 11  1941-1943

File R 23(12) 1941 Registration of Births under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Dr. A. Caplan, Champion Reefs, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 12  1941-1942

File R 23(13) 1941 Registration of Births under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Rev. G.R. Sansbury  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 13  1942

File R 23(14) 1941 Registration of Births under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Mr. J. Thomson-Jacob  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/1, Item 14  1942

File R 23(15) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Mrs. F. Leepel's children  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 1  1942

File R 23(16) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Application from Mrs. Innes Pocock  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 2  1942-1943

File R 23(17) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. A. Axe  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 3  1942-1943

File R 23(18) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Application from Dr. G.E. Dunkerley  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 4  1942

File R 23(19) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Daughter of Rev. H. Alex Crump, M.A., Wesley Bungalow, Mysore City  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 5  1942-1943

File R 23(20) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. W.C.L. Williams, Marikuppam  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 6  1943

File R 23(21) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. Robert B. Severs  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 7  1943

File R 23(22) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Richard Miles Eddy, son of Mr. A. Eddy, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 8  1943

File R 23(24) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Lesley Ann, daughter of Mr. W.T. Manley  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 9  1943

File R 23(25) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Son of Mr. S.C. Bate, Oorgaum, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 10  1943-1944

File R 23(26) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Miss Sarah Felicity Roantree at Champion Reefs, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 11  1944

File R 23(27) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Children of Mr. R.G.K. Morrison of Oorgaum  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 12  1944

File R 23(28) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Major H.T.D. Combe, Oorgaum  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 13  1944

File R 23(29) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Dr. John M. Daly, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 14  1944

File R 23(30) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of J. Douglas Dixon, Marikuppam P.O., K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 15  1944

File R 23(31) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of T.W. Parker, Champion Reefs, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 16  1944

File R 23(32) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. R.K. Molesworth Battye  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 17  1944

File R 23(33) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Ian Alexander Duncan  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 18  1944

File R 23(34) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Daughter of Mr. W.W. Veith  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 19  1944-1945

File R 23(35) 1941 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. T. Hamer, Methodist Mission, Chikmagalur  IOR/R/2/Box25/196/2, Item 20  1944-1945

File R 265 1941 Visit to Mysore of Foreign Consular Officers. Invitations to Foreign Consular Officers and others to Dasara in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box25/197  1941-1942

File R 273 1941 Question of registration of births, deaths and marriages in Mysore State examined  IOR/R/2/Box25/198  1941

File R 403 1941 The unveiling of the Oil Painting of His Highness Sri Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur, Maharaja of Mysore at the Mythic Society (Daly Memorial Hall), Bangalore, by the Hon'ble Lt.Col. J.H. Gordon, C.S.I., C.I.E., O.B.E., Resident in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box25/199  1941

File R 13 1942 Government of India rulings on important questions regarding Marriages of Christians in Indian States, under the Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872  IOR/R/2/Box25/202  1941-1943

File R 49 1942 Re-framing of the portraits of Residents in Mysore which are kept in the Billiard room in the Mysore Residency  IOR/R/2/Box25/203  1942

File R 83 1942 Reciprocity with the Mysore State in respect of the Travancore Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act  IOR/R/2/Box25/204  1942-1943

File R 95 1942 Question regarding the conferring upon Justices of the Peace who are non European British Subjects of magisterial powers to try European British Subjects in Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box25/205  1942

File 144 1942 Return of graves of Europeans and Eurasians in the Mysore State for the quinquennium ending 31st December 1941  IOR/R/2/Box25/206  1942

File R 483 1942 Notes on the more important current questions in the Mysore Residency prepared for the Resident in October 1941 and brought up-to-date for the information of Mr. Egerton  IOR/R/2/Box25/207  1941-1942

File R 531 1942 Publication of records of historical interest in the Mysore Residency. Paper by Mr. Kora Chandy on 'A collection of original letters of the Abbe Dubois in the Mysore Residency' to be read at the Indian Historical Records Conference  IOR/R/2/Box25/208  1942-1943

File R 67 1943 Wearing of Battle honours by Mysore State Troops. Historical Records in the Mysore Residency  IOR/R/2/Box26/209  1943

File R 230 1943 Records of defunct Residencies  IOR/R/2/Box26/211  1943-1944

File R 309 1943 Change of Viceroys. Exchange of Kharita. H.E. the Viceroy and H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore, etc.  IOR/R/2/Box26/212  1943-1947

File R 402 1943 Cemetery at Harihar  IOR/R/2/Box26/213  1943-1944

File D 188(1) 1943 Prime Minister's [Mr. Churchill] personal gift of Rs 100/- to his old servant at Bangalore named Joshua  IOR/R/2/Box26/214, Item 1  1943

File D 188(2) 1943 Information about Mr. P. Muniswamy, peon of Mr. Churchill  IOR/R/2/Box26/214, Item 2  1947

File D 158 1944 Speech of the Dewan of Mysore at the Budget Session 1944 about improvement to Trunk Roads and State Finances  IOR/R/2/Box26/215  1944

File D 247 1944 Contribution from the Indian Family Relief Fund of the Sino-Indian Cultural Society, Chungking, for distribution to Charitable Institutions in the C. & M. Station, Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box26/216  1944-1946

Conditions of access: 'Transferred to Office'; previously numbered 'Confidential 28 of 1944'.

File R 205(1) 1944 Solemnisation of the marriage between Mr. G.H. Bayly & Miss F.H. Anderson by the Hon'ble the Resident  IOR/R/2/Box26/217  1944-1945

File D 63 1945 Return of deaths of Europeans, Americans, etc. in the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box26/218  1945-1946

File D 345 1945 Statistics of mineral production in Mysore etc.  IOR/R/2/Box26/219  1945

File D 589 1945 Registration of the Death of Mrs. L.M. West  IOR/R/2/Box26/220  1945

File R 51(1) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. E.W. Ramble, Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 1  1945

File R 51(2) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Maj. K.B. Boyle  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 2  1945

File R 51(3) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Dr. G.E. Dunkerley, Champion Reefs, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 3  1945

File R 51(4) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. R.V. Tamblyn, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 4  1945

File R 51(5) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. C.E.G. Tregoning  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 5  1945

File R 51(6) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of B.T. Hosken, Esqr., Nandydroog Mines  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 6  1945

File R 51(7) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of F.G. Sharp, Esqr., K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 7  1945

File R 51(8) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child pf Maj. T/Lt.Col. W.A.N. Marrow  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 8  1945-1946

File R 51(9) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Capt. W.J.B. Seager, R.A.S.C.  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 9  1945

File R 51(10) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Daughter of J.T. Arnott, Oorgaum  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 10  1945-1946

File R 51(11) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of W.C. Nelson, Esqr., Christian Missionary, Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 11  1945

File R 51(12) 1945 Registration of birth under the provisions of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of A.J. Wilson, Esqr., Oorgaum P.O., K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box26/221, Item 12  1945

File R 69 1945 Return of Births and Deaths of British Subjects at Subordinate Consular posts in Indian States for 1944  IOR/R/2/Box26/222  1945

File R 359 1945 Doubt raised by the Govt. of Mysore about the question of H.E. the C.R.'s approval to agreements between an Indian State and Central Govt. or a Provincial Govt.  IOR/R/2/Box26/223  1944-1945

File R 3(1) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Rev. W. Perston, Missionary Society, B'lore city  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 1  1945-1946

File R 3(2) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of W.T. Manley, Esqr., Oorgaum, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 2  1946

File R 3(3) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of J.M. Snow, Esqr., K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 3  1946

File R 3(4) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Son of Rev. H.C. Browning, Methodist Mission, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 4  1946

File R 3(5) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of W.G. Nelson, Esqr., Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 5  1946

File R 3(6) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mrs. Pearse  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 6  1946

File R 3(7) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. A. Nisbett  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 7  1946

File R 3(8) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mrs. K. Axe, Whitefield  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 8  1946

File R 3(9) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of John Dalziel, Esqr., Mandya  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 9  1946

File R 3(11) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. D.W. Passmore (Messrs. King & Partridge)  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 10  1946-1947

File R 3(12) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Major Clyde-Smith  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 11  1946

File R 3(13) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mrs. V.M. Morgan, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 12  1946-1947

File R 3(14) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Child of Dr. L.F.B. Delaney, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 13  1946

File R 3(15) 1946 Registration of Births under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act. Son to R.G. Duncan  IOR/R/2/Box26/224, Item 14  1946

File R 30 1946 1) Conferment of Knighthood on Sir T. Thamboo Chetty. 2) G.C.B. Insignia for H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box27/225  1946-1947

File R 61 1946 Return of Births and deaths of British subjects at subordinate Consular posts in Indian States for 1945  IOR/R/2/Box27/226  1946

File R 174 1946 Employment Exchange in the C. & M. Station, Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box27/227  1946

File 356 1946 Presentation of Saluting Guns to Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box27/228, Item 1  1946-1947

File R 356(1) 1946 Saluting guns presented to Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box27/228, Item 2  1947

File R 42(1) 1947 Registration of Births under the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Robert B. Severs, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box27/229, Item 1  1947

File R 42(2) 1947 Registration of Births under the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Child of C.F. Hosking, Esqr., K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box27/229, Item 2  1947

File R 42(3) 1947 Registration of Births under the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. L. Kennard, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box27/229, Item 3  1947

File R 42(4) 1947 Registration of Births under the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Child of Col. Morley J. Williams, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box27/229, Item 4  1947

File R 42(5) 1947 Registration of Births under the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. W.T. Manley, Oorgaum, K.G.F.  IOR/R/2/Box27/229, Item 5  1947

File R 42(6) 1947 Registration of Births under the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. Ronald F. Jarvis, Marikuppam  IOR/R/2/Box27/229, Item 6  1947

File R 42(7) 1947 Registration of Births under the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Child of Mr. S.E.J. Carey  IOR/R/2/Box27/229, Item 7  1947

File R 42(8) 1947 Registration of Births under the British Nationality & Status of Aliens Act. Child of Rev. G.P. Bryce, M.A., Indore  IOR/R/2/Box27/229, Item 8  1947

File R 59 1947 Return of Births and deaths of British Subjects at subordinate Consular posts in Indian States for 1946  IOR/R/2/Box27/230  1947

File 193A(15) 1939 Miss Meta Spira (Mrs. Hans Doering), German Jewish Refugee  IOR/R/2/Box27/231  1939-1940

File 193(29) 1939W War 1939. Czechoslovakians. Mr. Jaroslav Sedlacek. Shimsha Hydro-Electric Scheme  IOR/R/2/Box27/232  1939-1941

File 80 1940W Opening of a Munitions Factory in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box27/233  1940

File 72 1885 Letter from the Governor-General to the Raja of Mysore regarding a treaty to be formed with him, and other papers  IOR/R/2/Box27/234  1834

File 91 1885 Instructions for guidance and a proclamation for issue in the event of H.H.'s demise, and other papers  IOR/R/2/Box27/235  1868

File 81 1885 Letter to the Dewan of Mysore requesting a genealogical table of the Maharajas of Mysore from at least 1790, and other genealogical papers  IOR/R/2/Box27/236  1875-1891

File 65 1885 Papers regarding the removal of Col. Sankey from Mysore, and the Famine of 1877  IOR/R/2/Box27/237  1877-1882

File 75 1885? Letter submitting a memorandum containing notes of an interview held by the Chief Commissioner with the Maharaja of Mysore, and other papers  IOR/R/2/Box27/238  1876-1878

File 209 1902 Papers in connection with the transfer of the Province of Mysore to native rule  IOR/R/2/Box27/239  1879-1880

File 209 1902 Papers in connection with the transfer of the Province of Mysore to native rule  IOR/R/2/Box27/240  1868-1878

File 17 1885? Letter forwarding a copy of the Kharita from H.E. the Viceroy to the address of the Maharanees of Mysore for delivery by Mr. J.D. Gordon, and other papers  IOR/R/2/Box27/241  1877

File 1881 Appointment of Members to and rules for the transaction of business in the Council of H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore. Minute of the Affairs of Mysore by Residents Mr. C.E.R. Girdlestone, Sir Henry Prendergast, Mr. Fitzpatrick and Col. P.D. Henderson  IOR/R/2/Box27/242  1881-1901

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 18 1895

File 2 1881 Sir James Gordon's letter of instructions to the Maharaja on certain points connected with the rendition and future administration of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box27/243  1881

File 3 1881 Final instructions regarding the installation of H.H. the Maharaja Chamrajendra Wadiar Bahadur at Mysore on Friday the 25th March 1881 and the transfer to H.H. of the administration of the Province. Programme of ceremonies  IOR/R/2/Box27/244  1881

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 209 1902

File 4 1881 Presentation of jewels (Khillut of Rs.50,000) to H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore on the installation of 1881  IOR/R/2/Box28/245  1881-1895

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 209 1902

File 1 1883 Death of Mr. C. Rangacharlu, C.I.E., Dewan of Mysore and Appointment of Mr. K. Seshadri Iyer as Dewan of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box28/246  1883

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 14 1885

File 1 1886 Mr. Girdlestone's minute on the affairs of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box28/247  1886-1888

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 71 1885

File 1 1887 Minute by the Resident (Sir D. Fitzpatrick) on the administration of Mysore and the necessity of a check on the powers of the Dewan  IOR/R/2/Box28/248  1887

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 1 1887

File 2 1887 Tenure of office of Dewan not limited to any definite period  IOR/R/2/Box28/249  1887

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 14 1885

File 3 1887 Increase in H.H. the Maharaja's Civil List  IOR/R/2/Box28/250  1887-1890

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 88 1885

File 4 1887 Participation of Mysore Officials in congress activities  IOR/R/2/Box28/251  1887-1888

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 2 1899

File 5 1887 Question of occupation of Awdry House by the Resident during his visits to Ootacamund and payment of rent to Darbar  IOR/R/2/Box28/252  1887-1914

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 6 1899

File 1 1888 Increase of pay to Mr. K. Sheshadri Iyer, Dewan of Mysore from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000/-  IOR/R/2/Box28/253  1888

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 1 1888

File 2 1890 Enhancement of H.H. the Maharaja's Civil List  IOR/R/2/Box28/254  1890-1891

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 88 1885

File 1 1891 H.H. the Maharaja's Civil List raised from 13 to 14 lakhs from 1st June 1891  IOR/R/2/Box28/255  1891

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 88 1885

File 2 1891 Rejection of the proposal for the grant of Honorary Commission as Lieutenant in the 3rd Madras Lancers to Jaghirdar Desaraj Urs A.D.C. to H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box28/256  1891-1892

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 3 1891

File 3 1893 Note on the agitation against cow killing  IOR/R/2/Box28/257  1893

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 6 1893

File 4 1893 Enhancement of the Civil List of H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box28/258  1893-1903

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 326 1893

File 1 1894 Sadhus and others engaged in propaganda against cow killing. Note on Sadhus by Captain de Laessoe  IOR/R/2/Box28/259  1894

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 7 1894

File 1 1895 Memorandum [1873-1887] relating to the pensions enjoyed by the illegitimate grandsons of H.H. the Krishnaraja Wadier III  IOR/R/2/Box28/260  1895-1897

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 88 1885

File 2 1895 Installation of H.H. Maharaja Sri Krishnaraja Wadier in 1895. Programme of Ceremonies. Holidays. Kharita from H.E. the Viceroy  IOR/R/2/Box28/261  1894-1895

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 18 1895

File 3 1895 Decentralisation of the Mysore Representative Assembly and constitution of District Boards  IOR/R/2/Box28/262  1895

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 87A 1895

File 6 1895 Reconstitution of the Representative Assembly of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box29/263  1895-1908

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 425 1900

File 7 1895 Administration of Mysore during the minority of H.H. the Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadier. Appointment of H.H. the Maharani Regent, and creation of a Council  IOR/R/2/Box29/264  1894-1900

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 18A 1895

File 8 1895 Collection of opinions of Mysore officials on the question of the administration of Mysore during the minority of the Maharaja  IOR/R/2/Box29/265  1895

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 8 1895

File 9 1895 Dewan Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer's memorandum on a Legislative Council for Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box29/266  1895

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 9 1895

File 10 1895 Appointment of Mr. S.M. Fraser as tutor and Governor to H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box29/267  1895-1897

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 12 1896

File 11 1895 Warrant of precedence of councillors and Chief Judge during the minoirity of H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box29/268  1895

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 11 1895

File 18 1895 Death of H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore of Diptheria at Calcutta  IOR/R/2/Box29/269  1894-1895

File 18(I) 1895 Mysore administrative arrangements  IOR/R/2/Box29/270, Item 1  No date

File 18A(II) 1895 Papers relating to the Civil List of H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box29/270, Item 2  1895-1897

File 1 1896 Precis of reports regarding the cow-protection movement  IOR/R/2/Box29/271  1896

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 113 1896

File 11(I) 1900 Papers regarding marriage alliances with the Rajaput families of the North and the selection of a bride for the Maharaja from a ruling Rajaput family in Central India or Rajaputana  IOR/R/2/Box29/272  1895-1896

File 11(II) 1900 Papers regarding the proposal to marry the First Raja Kumari of Mysore to H.H. the Maharao of Kotah  IOR/R/2/Box29/273  1896

File 11(III) 1900 Papers regarding the proposal to marry the First Raja Kumari of Mysore to H.H. the Maharao of Kotah & the Chief of Rutlam  IOR/R/2/Box30/274  1896

File 11(IV) 1900 Papers regarding the proposal to marry the First Raja Kumari of Mysore to H.H. the Maharao of Kotah & the Chief of Rutlam  IOR/R/2/Box30/275  1896

File 1 1897 Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer's note on the administration of the Council and his scheme for administration  IOR/R/2/Box30/276  1897

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 9 1895

File 1 1898 Administration of Mysore Council. Scheme for the administration of Mysore by the Council from 1898  IOR/R/2/Box30/277  1898

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 9 1895

File 11(V) 1900 Papers regarding the selection of a girl for the Maharaja's marriage  IOR/R/2/Box30/278  1898-1899

File 11(VII) 1900 Papers regarding H.H. the Maharaja's marriage  IOR/R/2/Box30/279  1900

File 2 1900 Amendments to the Council Rules of business  IOR/R/2/Box30/280  1900

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 9 1895

File 4 1900 The Address to H.E. the Viceroy the Governor General of India presented by the Eurasian and Anglo-Indian Association, Mysore and Coorg  IOR/R/2/Box30/281  1901

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 483C 1901

File 7 1900 Redistribution of work in Mysore Council during the absence of Sir Sheshadri Iyer on leave and appointment of Mr. T.R.A. Thumboo Chetty as Dewan of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box30/282  1900

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 21 1900

File 8 1900 Appointment of Mr. P.N. Krishnamurthi as Dewan of Mysore. Tenure of office of Dewan restricted to five years  IOR/R/2/Box30/283  1900-1902

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 23 1900

File 9 (1900) Notes of Mysore Affairs 1900 by the Resident (Sir Donald Robertson)  IOR/R/2/Box30/284  1900

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 11A 1900

File 1 1901 Whether a councillor is bound to express an opinion on papers connected with his portfolio when the Dewan asks for it before placing them before the Council  IOR/R/2/Box30/285  1901

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 9 1895

File 2 1901 Queen Victoria Memorial Fund. Contribution by H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box30/286  1901-1903

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 47 1901

File 3 1901 Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer's (Dewan of Mysore) note on Mysore on retirement  IOR/R/2/Box30/287  1901

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 483B 1901

File 5 1901 Formation of an Imperial Cadet Corps for the provision of Military rank and employment to cadets of princely or aristocratic birth. Grant of Commissions in Her Majesty's services to Natives of India  IOR/R/2/Box30/288  1901

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 474 1902

File 6 1901 Printed copies of correspondence regarding retirement of Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer and the appointments as Dewan of Mr. Thumboo Chetty and Mr. Krishnamurthi  IOR/R/2/Box30/289  1901

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 22 1900

File 7 1901 Grant to Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer of a pension of Rs. 2,000/- p.m.  IOR/R/2/Box30/290  1901

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 24 1901

File 8 1901 Reports on Palace Accounts by Mr. W.H. Scott, Examiner, P.W. and Railway Accounts  IOR/R/2/Box31/291  1901-1902

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 886 1901

File 1 1902 Sir D. Robertson's note on the administration of the Mysore Council during Mr. Krishnamurthi's Dewanship since the Installation of the Maharaja  IOR/R/2/Box31/292  1902

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 9 1895

File 6 1902 Continuation after the installation of the Maharaja of Honours and salutes to H.H. the Maharani of Mysore who was Regent  IOR/R/2/Box31/293  1902

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 365 1902

File 8 1902 Question of the proper age for conferring powers upon a young chief. Conference on Chief's Colleges at Calcutta on January 27th, 1902. Correspondence regarding future of the Chief's Colleges  IOR/R/2/Box31/294  1902-1903

File 10(1) 1902 Administration of the Mysore State after H.H. the Maharaja was invested with full powers. Constitution and powers of Council. Rules of business of Council  IOR/R/2/Box31/295  1902

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 337 1902

File 10(2) Administration of the Mysore State after H.H. the Maharaja was invested with full powers. Constitution and powers of Council. Rules of Business of Council  IOR/R/2/Box31/296  1902

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 337 1902

File 10(3) 1902 Administration of the Mysore State after H.H. the Maharaja was invested with full powers. Constitution and powers of Council. Rules of business of Council  IOR/R/2/Box31/297  1902-1905

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 337 1902

File 10(4) 1902 Administration of the Mysore State after H.H. the Maharaja was invested with full powers. Constitution and powers of Council. Rules of business of Council  IOR/R/2/Box31/298  1906

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 337 1902

File 26 1902 Final report by Mr. Fraser on the Maharaja's education 13-7-02  IOR/R/2/Box31/299  1902-1927

File 27 1902 Education of the Maharaja of Mysore (Sri Krishnaraja Wadiyar Bahadur)  IOR/R/2/Box32/300  1895-1899

File 28 1902 Second report by Lt. Heale on Yuvaraja's education 15-11-06, and other papers  IOR/R/2/Box32/301  1906-1907

File 1 1903 Administration of Mysore Council. Resident's (Sir D. Robertson) note on the work of the General Secretariat of Mysore Government and on the rules for effective control and despatch of business  IOR/R/2/Box32/302  1903

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 9 1895

File 1 1904 Enhancement of the Civil List of H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box32/303  1904-1924

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 326 1893

File 3 1904 Appointment of Mr. V.P. Madhava Rao as Dewan of Travancore and the terms of his appointment  IOR/R/2/Box32/304  1904

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 28 1904

File 4 1904 Contribution to Imperial Defence by Native States. Mysore State Contribution  IOR/R/2/Box32/305  1904

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 224 1904

File 5 1904 Funeral of late Mr. P.E. Benson, Son of Col. P.H. Benson at Mysore. Provision of a new cemet[e]ry for Europeans in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box32/306  1904

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 376 1904

File 9 1904 Question of the changes in the distribution of work between members of the Council consequent upon the departure of Mr. V.P. Madhava Rao, C.I.E., as Dewan of Travancore. Appointment of Successor  IOR/R/2/Box32/307  1904

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 9 1895

File 7 1905 H.H. the Maharaja's Banquet speech to Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales at Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box32/308  1905

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 132 1905

File 2 1906 Appointment of Mr. V.P. Madhava Rao as Dewan and Messrs. T. Ananda Rao and K.P. Puttanna Chetty as Councillors. Raising of the pay of the Dewan to Rs. 4,000/-  IOR/R/2/Box32/309  1906-1908

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 337A 1902

File 3 1909 Kharitas between H.E. the Viceroy and H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore on the subject of 'Sedition in the Native States of India'  IOR/R/2/Box32/310  1909-1910

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 46 1909

File 2 1909 Appointment of Mr. T. Ananda Rao as Dewan of Mysore in succession to Mr. V.P. Madhava Rao  IOR/R/2/Box33/311  1909

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 41 1909

File 12 1909 Memoranda on anti-British agitation among Natives of India in England  IOR/R/2/Box33/312  1909-1910

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. 368 1909

File 11 1911 Memorandum of the Dewan regarding surplus revenues of Assigned Tract and Pro-Forma Accounts  IOR/R/2/Box33/313  1911

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 75 1911

File 19 1911 Delhi Darbar 1911. Question of reviving the ancient custom of the exchange of Mazars and Khillats and the form of obeisance of Ruling Chiefs  IOR/R/2/Box33/314  1911

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 79 1911

File 15 1911 Delhi Darbar 1911. Invitations to Ruling Chiefs to dine with His Majesty the King Emperor or His Excellency the Viceroy at Coronation Darbar  IOR/R/2/Box33/315  1911

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 80 1911

File 15 1912 Appointment of Mr. Visvesvaraya as Dewan. Formal approval of the Government of India to such appointment held unnecessary  IOR/R/2/Box33/316  1911

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 103 1912

File 17 1912 Resident's (Col. Daly) note on the draft of the Revised Mysore Civil Service Rules 1912  IOR/R/2/Box33/317  1912

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 106 1912

File 18 1912 Resident's (Col. Daly) note on the question of limiting the tenure of office of the Chief Commissioners and Residents of the first class to a period of five years  IOR/R/2/Box33/318  1912

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 107 1912

File 2 1913 Exchange of visits between His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore and His Excellency the Governor at Madras (Lord Pentland)  IOR/R/2/Box33/319  1912-1913

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 109 1913

File 4 1913 His Excellency the Viceroy's (Lord Hardinge) visit to Mysore 1913  IOR/R/2/Box33/320  1913

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 114 1913

File 8 1913 Sir Hugh Daly's note on the disabilities of Indian Converts to Christianity in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box33/321  1913

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 122 1913

File 9 1913 Exchange of Mysore State lands for lands in the Assigned Tract. Mr. Warburton's note on Assigned Tract villages  IOR/R/2/Box33/322  1913

Conditions of access: Old no. R.O. (?) 127 1913

File 12 1913 Revision of the Instrument of Transfer. Treaty of 1913  IOR/R/2/Box33/323  1913

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 123 1913

File 1 1914 Memorandum regarding the ceremonies to be observed at Installations and Investiture Durbars in Native States  IOR/R/2/Box33/324  1914-1916

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. (?) 138 1914

File 7 1914 Darbar's investments in sterling loans in England  IOR/R/2/Box33/325  1914

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 125 1914

File 16 1914 Mysore Maharaja's Contribution of 50 lakhs to the war  IOR/R/2/Box33/326  1914

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 140 1915

File 9 1915 Powers of Ruling Princes to grant their subjects or others titles similar to those conferred by His Excellency the Viceroy. Question whether sanads and Badges of Indian Titles conferred on State subjects should be presented to the recipients by the Ruling Prince or Chief. Titles bestowed by a Ruling Prince on a member of his family, cease to operate on the grantee becoming a Ruler  IOR/R/2/Box33/327  1915

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. (?) 143 1915

File 11 1915 Purchase of electrical machinery by the Government of Mysore. Preference to be given to British Firms  IOR/R/2/Box33/328  1915-1920

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 148 1915

File 2 1916 Conferment of the title of "Rajamantra Pravina" by the Maharaja of Mysore on Dewan Bahadur J.S. Chakravarthi a British subject. Ruling that the decoration connected with the title of "Rajamantra Pravina" conferred by the Maharaja of Mysore on a British subject should not be worn within the State in presence of Royalty or Viceroy nor outside the State  IOR/R/2/Box33/329  1915-1916

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 158 1916

File 3 1916 Procedure to be observed when the Governor of Madras (Lord Pentland) visits Mysore at the invitation of the Maharaja of Mysore as a private guest and not for any special purpose  IOR/R/2/Box35/330  1915-1916

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 160 1916

File 8 1916 Informal visits of the Yuvaraja of Mysore to the Resident. Precedence to be given to Resident over the Yuvaraja of Mysore when both are invited to dinner at Government House Madras. Reception given by Lord Willingdon Governor of Bombay to the Maharaja of Mysore who called on him by appointment. Decision that H.H. should be received in the Drawing Room by Provincial Governors in person  IOR/R/2/Box33/331  1916-1917

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 169 1916

File 9 1916 Form of addressing D.O. correspondence between the Dewan of Mysore and the Resident in Mysore. Mr. Cobb's reports on the administration of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, Dewan of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box33/332  1916-1925

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 173 1916

File 10 1916 Question of house accommodation for the Resident at Mysore and Ootacamund. Acceptance by Residents of Darbar's offer of "Awdry House  IOR/R/2/Box33/333  1916-1932

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 183 1916

File 12 1916 Revision of the salute list and the grant of war rewards to Ruling Princes and Chiefs of India  IOR/R/2/Box34/334  1916-1917

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 185 1916

File 5 1917 Combined Scheme for the Governments of Madras, Mysore and Coorg for the sale of sandalwood and the manufacture of sandalwood oil in India  IOR/R/2/Box34/335  1917-1921

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 214 1917

File 7 1917 Procedure for interchange of calls at Ootacamund between the Members of the Executive Council of the Madras Government and His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box34/336  1917-1919

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 202 1917

File 9 1917 Conferment of the title of "His Highness" on the Yuvaraja of Mysore. Manner of presentation of Sannad of "G.B.E." to the Maharaja of Mysore and of "His Highness" to the Yuvaraja  IOR/R/2/Box34/337  1917-1919

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 225 1917

File 14 1917 Relaxation of orders passed upon violent agitations [i.e. agitators] under the Defence of India Rules. History sheet of Mrs. Annie Besant  IOR/R/2/Box34/338  1917-1918

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 234 1917

File 17 1917 Political activities of the first batch of the Mysore Commercial and Industrial Mission in Japan. Proposal to send a second batch vetoed. Discouragement of Japanese activities in Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box34/339  1917-1919

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 204 1917

File 19 1917 Visit to Bangalore of Sasaichi Takase a Japanese suspect. Growing connection between Mysore State and Japanese. Employment by Sirdar Kanta Raj Urs of two Japanese servants  IOR/R/2/Box34/340  1917-1918

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 241B 1917

File 23 1917 Informal Conference of Ruling Princes and Ministers of Native States and the digest of the proceedings of the informal meeting and infringement of Treaty Rights. Cases in Mysore of infringement of Treaty Rights  IOR/R/2/Box34/341  1917-1920

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 252 1917

File 211(A) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/1, Item 1  1916-1919

File 211(B) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/1, Item 2  1919-1921

File 211(C) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/1, Item 3  1920-1921

File 211(D) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/1, Item 4  1921

File 211(E) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/1, Item 5  1921-1922

File 211(F) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/2, Item 1  1922

File 211(G) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/2, Item 2  1922

File 211(H) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/2, Item 3  1922-1923

File 211(I) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract Negotiations during 1923 for Settlement of Surplus  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/2, Item 4  1923-1924

File 211(J) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/3, Item 1  1924-1925

File 211(K) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/3, Item 2  1925-1926

File 211(L) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/3, Item 3  1926-1927

File 211A 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract Statements used with regard to the drawing up of a datum line in connection with the settlement of surplus revenues  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/3, Item 4  1923

File 211B 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract. Sub-File: Education Cost to Station budget  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/3, Item 5  1923-1924

File 211C 1917 Three closed covers: Private and Personal letters from Polindia to the Resident in Mysore on the subject of the Assigned Tract of Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/3, Item 6  1922

File 211D 1917 Spare copies of confidential letter to Polindia from the Resident in Mysore (1920); Copy of the "Karnataka" containing an article on the Assigned Tract of Bangalore (1921)  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/4, Item 1  1920-1921

File 211E 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Assigned Tract. Spare copies of confidential letters and Dewan of Mysore's memorandum. Period of correspondence: Settlement of 1923-1924 (1923)  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/4, Item 2  1923-1924

File 211F(1) 1917 Surplus Revenues of the Bangalore Assigned Tract. Dewan's direct correspondence with Private Secretary to H.E. the Viceroy and the Political Secretary regarding the surplus revenues  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/4, Item 3  1923

File 211F(2) 1917 Dewan's direct correspondence with the Finance Member, Simla. Enquiry into the position of the Mysore Assigned Tract. Dewan's unofficial objection to the economies effected in the Station  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/4, Item 4  1925-1926

File 211G 1917 Reconsideration of the datum line fixed for expenditure from the Bangalore Assigned Tract Revenues  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/4, Item 5  1933-1934

File 211 1917 Rough papers  IOR/R/2/Box35/342/4, Item 6  1923-1935

File 224(A) 1917 Dusserah Durbar  IOR/R/2/Box34/343, Item 1  1888-1914

File 224(B) 1917 Dusserah Durbar 1916  IOR/R/2/Box34/343, Item 2  1916

File 224(C) 1917 Dusserah Durbar  IOR/R/2/Box34/343, Item 3  1916-1917

File 224(D) 1917 Dusserah Durbar  IOR/R/2/Box34/343, Item 4  1917-1920

File 5 1918 Proposal of the Government of Mysore to open a harbour at Bhatkal in North Kanara District  IOR/R/2/Box36/344  1918-1928

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 201 1917

File 13 1918 Visit of H.E. Lord Pentland, Governor of Madras to Bangalore during 1918  IOR/R/2/Box36/345  1918

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 323 1919

File 4 1919 Visit of H.E. Lord Che[l]msford, Viceroy and Governor General of India to Bangalore and Mysore during 1919  IOR/R/2/Box36/346  1919

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 311 311C, 311D 1919

File 5 1919 Draft address of the Coorg Land Holders Association to H.E. the Viceroy during his visit to Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box36/347  1919

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 311A 1919

File 6 1919 Notes by the Hon'ble the Resident on the addresses presented to H.E. the Viceroy during his visit  IOR/R/2/Box36/348  1919

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 331B [i.e. 311B] 1919

File 7 1919 His Highness the Maharaja's speech at the Banquet during H.E. the Viceroy's visit to Mysore during 1919  IOR/R/2/Box36/349  1919

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 311E 1919

File 12 1919 Proposal to grant a local war medal by H.H. the Maharaja of Mysore to the officers and men of the Mysore Imperial Service troops who were on service in the late war sanctioned by the Government of India but subsequently dropped  IOR/R/2/Box36/350  1919-1921

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 320 1919

File 14 1919 Allocation of funds for special secret services in the emergency caused by the Afghan War. Treatment accorded to Afghans and trans-frontier men in India during war  IOR/R/2/Box36/351  1919-1920

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 329 1919

File 16 1919 Appointment of Sirdar M. Kantaraj Urs, C.S.I., as Dewan of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box36/352  1919

Conditions of access: Old no. C.A. 331 1919

File 358(1) 1920 Mysore Subsidy  IOR/R/2/Box36/353, Item 1  1919-1923

File 358(2) 1920 Mysore Subsidy  IOR/R/2/Box36/353, Item 2  1923-1924

File 358(4) 1920 Mysore Subsidy False report that Sir M. Visvesvaraya was going to England to act as Envoy for the State  IOR/R/2/Box36/353, Item 3  1926

File 358(5) 1920 Mysore Subsidy Viceroy's Visit, 1927. H.E.'s Banquet Speech. Remission of 10½ Lakhs  IOR/R/2/Box36/353, Item 4  1926-1927

File 358(6) 1920 Mysore Subsidy  IOR/R/2/Box36/353, Item 5  1927-1928

File 428(1) 1921 "The Gandha Bherunda" Order and "The Maharaja's Police Medal". Wearing of Indian State decorations with British Orders & Medals. Letter from the Dewan of Mysore regarding the creation of an order of Distinction to be conferred by H.H. the Maharaja on his subjects for meritorious services, and other papers  IOR/R/2/Box37/354, Item 1  1891-1920

File 428(2) 1921 Foreign Department telegram disapproving the proposal to grant medals during H.H.'s installation, and other papers  IOR/R/2/Box37/354, Item 2  1902

File 428(3) 1921 The "Gandha Bherunda" Order and the "Maharaja's Police Medal  IOR/R/2/Box37/354, Item 3  1919-1920

File 428(4) 1921 The "Gandha Bherunda" Order and the "Maharaja's Police Medal  IOR/R/2/Box37/354, Item 4  1920

File 428(5) 1921 The "Gandha Bherunda" Order and the "Maharaja's Police Medal  IOR/R/2/Box37/354, Item 5  1921

File 428(6) 1921 Gandha Bherunda Order. Wearing of Indian State decorations with British Orders & Medals  IOR/R/2/Box37/354, Item 6  1923-1927

File 428(7) 1921 Gandha Bherunda Order. Wearing of Indian State decorations with British Orders & Medals Bestowal by the Mysore Govt. on Rao Saheb K Ramaswamiah, Ast. Engineer, P.W.D., Bombay  IOR/R/2/Box37/354, Item 7  1927-1932

File 429(A) 1921 Attitude of the Government of India towards the Non-Co-operation Movement  IOR/R/2/Box37/355/1, Item 1  1921

File 429(B) 1921 Non-Co-operation Movement  IOR/R/2/Box37/355/1, Item 2  1921

File 429(C) 1921 Non-Co-operation Movement  IOR/R/2/Box37/355/1, Item 3  1921-1922

File 429(D) 1921 Non-Co-operation Movement  IOR/R/2/Box37/355/1, Item 4  1922

File 429(E) 1921 Non-Co-operation Movement  IOR/R/2/Box37/355/2, Item 1  1922

File 429(F) 1921 Non-Co-operation Movement  IOR/R/2/Box37/355/2, Item 2  1922

File 429(G) 1921 Non-Co-operation Movement  IOR/R/2/Box37/355/2, Item 3  1922

File 429(H) 1921 Non-Co-operation Movement  IOR/R/2/Box37/355/2, Item 4  1922-1923

File 456(A) 1921 Confidential correspondence relating to the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box37/356, Item 1  1919-1921

File 456(B) 1921 Confidential correspondence relating to the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box37/356, Item 2  1921

File 456(C) 1921 Confidential correspondence relating to the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box37/356, Item 3  1921

File 456(D) 1921 Indian Institute of Science. Scheme for revising the constitution of the Indian Institute of Science  IOR/R/2/Box37/356, Item 4  1923

File 456(E) 1921 Indian Institute of Science Opinions of Drs. Moos & Forster regarding Indianization  IOR/R/2/Box37/356, Item 5  1927

File 456(F) 1921 Indian Institute of Science Statements by the Hon'ble Mr. S.R. Das concerning the Indian Institute of Science  IOR/R/2/Box37/356, Item 6  1928

File 474 1921 Dasserah Darbar  IOR/R/2/Box38/357  1921

File 521 1922 Dasarah Darbar  IOR/R/2/Box38/358  1922

File 522(A) 1922 Mysore Constitutional Reforms 1922 (1) C.I.D. Reports; Newspaper Cuttings  IOR/R/2/Box38/359, Item 1  1923-1924

File 522(B) 1922 [B] Mysore Constitutional Reforms  IOR/R/2/Box38/359, Item 2  1922-1923

File 522(C) 1922 Mysore Constitutional Reforms  IOR/R/2/Box38/359, Item 3  1923

File 522(D) 1922 Mysore Constitutional Reforms  IOR/R/2/Box38/359, Item 4  1923-1924

File 522(E) 1922 Mysore Constitutional Reforms An appreciation of the Constitutional Progress in Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box38/359, Item 5  1927

File 526[1] 1922 Schemes of Reform & Improvement in the C. & M. Station to be financed out of the accumulated surpluses of the Bangalore Assigned Tract Revenues  IOR/R/2/Box38/360, Item 1  1922-1923

File 526[2] 1922 Schemes of Reform & Improvement in the C. & M. Station: Grant re reconstruction of roads. Resolution of Municipal Commission. Residents view regarding resolution  IOR/R/2/Box38/360, Item 2  1923

File 539(1) 1922 Charges debitable to the Bangalore Assigned Tract  IOR/R/2/Box38/361  1922-1925

File 556 1923 Articles in the 'Hindu' on the subject of the Assigned Tract Surplus Revenues  IOR/R/2/Box38/362  1923

File 572 1923 Desserah Darbar  IOR/R/2/Box38/363  1923

File 573(1) 1923 Railway Debenture Loan Sinking Fund of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box38/364  1923-1924

File 644 1924 Dasserah Durbar  IOR/R/2/Box38/365  1924

File 673(1) 1924 Visit of Prince and Princess Arthur of Connaught, 1925  IOR/R/2/Box38/366  1924-1925

File 724(1) 1925 His Majesty the King-Emperor's proposal that His Highness the Maharaja be appointed Aide-de-Camp on his personal staff  IOR/R/2/Box38/367  1925

File 737(1) 1925 Dasserah Durbar  IOR/R/2/Box38/368  1925

File 753(1) 1925 Provision of suitable machinery for joint deliberations between the Government of India and the Government of Mysore on matters of common interest  IOR/R/2/Box38/369  1925-1926

File 809(5) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. Questions of Precedence  IOR/R/2/Box39/370/1, Item 1  1927

File 809(6) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. Bangalore Car Procession; Mysore Carriage Procession  IOR/R/2/Box39/370, Item 2  1927

File 809(7) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. Queen's Statue Ceremony. C. & M. Station Municipal Address  IOR/R/2/Box39/370, Item 3  1927

File 809(8) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. Presence of Military Adviser-in-Chief, Indian States Forces, at Mysore & Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box39/370, Item 4  1927

File 809(13) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. Miscellaneous  IOR/R/2/Box39/370, Item 5  1927

File 809(17) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. Mysore Programmes  IOR/R/2/Box39/370, Item 6  1927

File 809(17a) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. Mysore Programmes  IOR/R/2/Box39/370, Item 7  1927

File 809(19a) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. Convocation at Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box39/370/2, Item 1  1927

File 809(20) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. Exchange of visits between Her Excellency the Lady Irwin, and Her Highness the Maharani, C.I., at Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box39/370/2, Item 2  1927

File 809(21) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. His Highness the Maharaja's Banquet Speech at Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box39/370/2, Item 3  1927

File 809(22) 1926 Viceroy's Visit 1927. Address from the Mysore Planters Association  IOR/R/2/Box39/370/2, Item 4  1927

File 809 1926 Confidential Note on the Viceregal Visit to Bangalore and Mysore 1927  IOR/R/2/Box39/370/3  1927-1928

File 730 1925 Indian Honours  IOR/R/2/Box39/370A  1926

Conditions of access: Not entered in 1947 list

File 851(1) 1926 Dassarah Durbar 1926  IOR/R/2/Box39/371  1926-1927

File 858(1) 1926 Revision of the Aitchison's Treaties. Coorg & Mysore Revised Narratives  IOR/R/2/Box39/372, Item 1  1926-1927

File 858(2) 1926 Revision of Aitchison's Treaties  IOR/R/2/Box39/372, Item 2  1927-1928

File 858(3) 1926 Revision of Aitchison's Treaties  IOR/R/2/Box39/372, Item 3  1932

File 900(1) 1927 Pudukkotai Succession  IOR/R/2/Box39/373  1927

File 934(1) 1927 Dassera Durbar 1927  IOR/R/2/Box40/374  1927-1928

File 934a(1) 1927 Dasera Durbar 1927. Presence of Their Excellencies the Governor of Madras and Lady Goschen at the Dussera  IOR/R/2/Box40/375  1927

File 88(1) 1928 Dasera Durbar 1928  IOR/R/2/Box40/376  1928-1929

File 74 1929 Dasara 1929  IOR/R/2/Box40/377  1929-1930

File 74A(2) 1929 Notes in connection with Dasara Darbar 1929  IOR/R/2/Box40/378  1929

Conditions of access: Number altered from 88A(2) 1929

File 88A 1930 Notes in connection with the Dasara Durbar 1930  IOR/R/2/Box40/379  1930-1931

File 117(1) 1931 Dasara Durbar 1931  IOR/R/2/Box40/380  1931

File 75 1932 Dasara Durbar 1932  IOR/R/2/Box40/381  1932

File 78(2) 1933 Viceregal Visit 1933. Mysore Programme  IOR/R/2/Box40/382/1, Item 1  1933

File 78(4) 1933 Viceregal Visit 1933. Mysore Programme. Note of Ceremonials. Resident's Note  IOR/R/2/Box40/382/1, Item 2  1933-1934

File 78(5) 1933 Viceregal Visit 1933. Mysore Programme. Operation of cinematograph cameras in reception rooms during Viceregal Visits. Introduction of Resident's Staff  IOR/R/2/Box40/382/1, Item 3  1934

File 78c(1) 1933 Viceregal Visit 1933 Bangalore Programme  IOR/R/2/Box40/382/1, Item 4  1933

File 78c(2) 1933 Viceregal Visit 1933 Bangalore Programme  IOR/R/2/Box40/382/1, Item 5  1933

File 78c(3) 1933 Viceregal Visit 1933 Bangalore Programme  IOR/R/2/Box40/382/1, Item 6  1933

File 78a 1933 Viceregal Visit to Mysore and Bangalore, 3rd to 6th December 1933. General Notes  IOR/R/2/Box40/382/2, Item 1  1933

File 78e 1933 Detailed account of the visit of Their Excellencies the Viceroy and the Countess of Willingdon to Mysore in December 1933. Precis of the Visit prepared by Mysore Govt.  IOR/R/2/Box40/382/2, Item 2  1934

File 75 1936 Prince Jaya Chamaraj Wadiyar  IOR/R/2/Box41/383  1936

File 155 1936 Successions in Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box41/384  1936-1937

File 77(2) 1938 Viceroy's Visit, 1939. Mysore Ceremonials. Arrival, Mizaj Pursi, Visit, Return Visit, Departure, Guards of Honour and position of the Yuvaraj Kumar 1939  IOR/R/2/Box41/385/1, Item 1  1938-1939

File 77(2a) 1938 Viceroy's Visit, Mysore Ceremonials. Peshwai Ceremony  IOR/R/2/Box41/385/1, Item 2  1938

File 77(3a) 1938 Viceroy's Visit, 1939. Detailed Mysore Programme. Mysore Municipal Address  IOR/R/2/Box41/385/1, Item 3  1938-1939

File 77(3b) 1938 Viceroy's Visit, 1939.Detailed Mysore Programme. Visit between Her Excellency and ladies of the Palace. H.H. The Maharani  IOR/R/2/Box41/385/1, Item 4  1938

File 77(4) 1938 Viceroy's Visit, 1939. Khedda  IOR/R/2/Box41/385/1, Item 5  1938-1939

File 77(6) 1938 Viceroy's Visit, 1939. Detailed Bangalore Programme. General Correspondence  IOR/R/2/Box41/385/2, Item 1  1938-1939

File 77(9) 1938 Viceroy's Visit, 1939. Detailed Bangalore Programme. Parade and Presentation of Colours to the Wiltshire Regiment  IOR/R/2/Box41/385/2, Item 2  1938-1939

File 77(20cc) 1938 Viceroy's visit, 1939, Miscellaneous Collection of Printed Papers relating to the Viceroy's Visit, 1939  IOR/R/2/Box41/385/3, Item 1  1938-1939

File 77 1938 Two copies (associated with the previous part file) of a printed book: Precis Visit of Their Excellencies the Viceroy and the Marchioness of Linlithgow Bangalore - Mysore January 1939 (Bangalore, 1939).  IOR/R/2/Box41/385/3, Item 2  1939

File [2] 84 [1] 1938 The Travancore National and Quilan Bank Limited  IOR/R/2/Box41/386  1938-1940

File 111 1938 Marriage of Yuvarajkumar Sri Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar  IOR/R/2/Box42/387  1938

File 180 1939 H.H. the Yuvaraja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box42/388  1939-1940

File 38(1) 1940 His Highness the Yuvaraja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box42/389/1  1940

File 38(2) 1940 Late Yuvaraja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box42/389/2, Item 1  1940-1941

File 38A 1940 Yuvaraja of Mysore. Newspaper Cutting from "Bombay Sentinel  IOR/R/2/Box42/389/2, Item 2  1940

File 75 1940 Mysore Succession  IOR/R/2/Box42/390  1940-1941

File 208 1940 Recommendation of Ruling Princes for grant of Honorary rank in the Army. His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box42/391  1940-1947

File 246 1940 Resignation of Dewan of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box42/392  1940-1941

File 16(1) 1941 Motor Car Factory in Mysore State.  IOR/R/2/Box42/393, Item 1  1941

File 16(2) 1941 Resignation of Sir Mirza M. Ismail. Motor Car Factory in the Mysore State. Appointment of Dewan of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box42/393, Item 2  1941

File 154 1941 Proposed Visit of His Highness the Maharaja to Malaya  IOR/R/2/Box42/394  1941

File 10 1942 His Highness Dewas Senior  IOR/R/2/Box42/395  1942

File 117 1943 Mir Ghulam Ali  IOR/R/2/Box42/396  1943-1945

I. Campbell Walker, Suggestions regarding Forest Administration in Mysore (Bangalore, 1898)  IOR/R/2/Box43/397  1898

Printed papers: Correspondence relative to the Maharaja's Palace Affairs  IOR/R/2/Box43/398  1868-1869

File 1917 Mr. Cobb (Resident in Mysore) private correspondence about coffee  IOR/R/2/Box43/399  1917-1918

File T.C. Plowden, Precis of a portion of the correspondence &c., relating to the Affairs of Mysore, 1799-1878 (Calcutta, 1878)  IOR/R/2/Box43/400  1878

File Secret Notes on Mysore, 1895-1908 Secret Notes on Civil and Military Station, 1903-1907 Secret Notes on Coorg, 1903-1907  IOR/R/2/Box43/401  1895-1908

File 79(I) [1885?] [Papers on the removal of H.H. the Maharaja from Mysore to Bangalore]  IOR/R/2/Box44/402  1871-1874

File 79(II) 1885? Papers on the removal of H.H. the Maharaja from Mysore to Bangalore, and on arrangements for the Maharaja's education after his removal  IOR/R/2/Box44/403, Item 1  1874

File 79 C III 1885? Papers on the removal of H.H. the Maharaja from Mysore to Bangalore, and on arrangements for the Maharaja's education after his removal  IOR/R/2/Box44/403, Item 2  1874-1875

File 79 C IV 1885? Papers on the removal of H.H. the Maharaja from Mysore to Bangalore, and on arrangements for the Maharaja's education after his removal  IOR/R/2/Box44/403, Item 3  1876

File 86 1885 Report on the education of the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box44/404  1871

File 21 1885? Papers on adoption as affecting succession to the Native States and Principalities of India  IOR/R/2/Box44/405  1860

File 87 1895 Proceedings of the Mysore Council during the Regency  IOR/R/2/Box44/406  1895

Conditions of access: File missing from box in 1976

File 11 1885 Memorial from Mr. Meenachayya on the question of raising the age of candidates for admission to the Covenanted Civil Service of India, and other papers  IOR/R/2/Box44/407  1884-1885

File 84 1885? (I) I Papers on the appointment of Col. G. Haines as guardian to the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box44/408  1868-1869

File 84 1885? (II) Papers on the resignation by Col. Haines of the office of guardian to the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box44/409, Item 1  1869

File 84 1885? (III) Papers on the appointment of Col. Malleson as guardian to the Maharaja of Mysore  IOR/R/2/Box44/409, Item 2  1869

File 78 1885? Papers on the maintenance of the Old Palace at Bangalore  IOR/R/2/Box44/410  1868-1870

File 32 1885 Papers on the expenditure on jewels presented to Subramania Raj Urs on the occasion of his marriage. Related papers on the dismissal by the Chief Commissioner of B. Ramaswamiengar  IOR/R/2/Box44/411  1877-1881

File 14 1897 Papers on the question of appointing Desaraj Urs as Military Secretary, and on related matters  IOR/R/2/Box44/412  1897

File 11 (VI) 1900 Papers regarding proposals for Maharaja's Marriage - Vana girl  IOR/R/2/Box44/413, Item 1  1899

File 11 (VIII) Papers regarding the deputation to Kathiawar to escort the Bride-elect to Ootacamund  IOR/R/2/Box43/413, Item 2  1900

File 11 (IX) 1900 Papers regarding invitations & congratulations in connection with the Maharaja's marriage  IOR/R/2/Box44/413, Item 3  1900

Printed papers: Mysore Residency Political Note Book Secretary's Copy (1)  IOR/R/2/Box44/414  1934-1937

File 143 1881 Papers on the installation of the Maharaja of Mysore on 25th March 1881, and related matters  IOR/R/2/Box44/415  1881

Conditions of access: The date was altered from 1883 on the cover. No entry corresponding to this General Order (Political 143 of 11 March 1883 or 1881) exists in Madras Political Proceedings lists for 1881-1883.

File 108 1837-1842 Restoration of the Banganapalle Jaghir to the Jaghirdar  IOR/R/2/Box45/416  1837-1842

Conditions of access: The file 'number' was concocted in 1947 and is meaningless. The file consists of two groups of Madras Board of Revenue papers from 1837-1842.

File 494 1888 Banganapalle Sub Jaghirdars. Complaints against the Nawab of Banganapalle. Request for the appointment of European Tahsildar with magisterial powers  IOR/R/2/Box45/417  1888

File 235 1896 Sub-Jaghirdars of Banganapalle. Considering that there are no grounds on which interference with the acts of the Nawab of Banganapalle in regard to the sub-jagirs in his State is called for etc.  IOR/R/2/Box45/418  1895-1896

File 626 1896 Banganapalle affairs.  IOR/R/2/Box45/419  1896

File 688 1896 Recording memo by the Nawab of Banganapalle re Banganapalle affairs  IOR/R/2/Box45/420  1896

File 142 1897 Banganapalle. Nawab warned to improve State affairs  IOR/R/2/Box45/421  1897

File 156 1898 Political Agent's reports regarding the arrest and trial of prisoners implicated in the Banganapalle Disturbances  IOR/R/2/Box46/422  1898

Conditions of access: File cover missing; details supplied from printed disposal list in P/5508 1 March 1898

File 374 1898 Correspondence regarding the arrest, trial, and conviction of the persons concerned in the Banganapalle Disturbances  IOR/R/2/Box46/423  1898

File 261-262 1899 Memorial addressed to His Excellency the Governor General in Council by Fath Husaini Begam Sahiba appealing against the orders passed by the Madras Govt. in regard to her complaints against the present Nawab of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box46/424  1898-1899

File 767-768 1899 Further information in connection with the Memorial of Fath Husaini Begam Sahiba etc.  IOR/R/2/Box46/425  1899

R/2/Box/ 46/424

File 20 1905 Assumption of the Administration of Banganapalle. Issuing a proclamation assuming the administration of the Banganapalle jagir by His Excellency the Governor in Council and directing that a Political agent be appointed to exercise, subject ot limitations, the powers of administration which the Jagirdar at present exercises.  IOR/R/2/Box46/426  1905

File 118 1905 Memorial from Tahavvar Jang, a sub-jagirdar of Banganapalle, requesting that certain villages in the State which are held by him may be declared heritable  IOR/R/2/Box46/427  1904-1905

File 269-270 1905 Addressing the Government of India and the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for India regarding the death of the Nawab of Banganapalle and the future administration of the Banganapalle State  IOR/R/2/Box46/428  1905

File 320 1905 Resumption of Banganapalle Sub-Jagirs  IOR/R/2/Box46/429  1905

File 343 1906 Confidential Note on the Banganapalle State by the Political Agent, Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box46/430  1906

File 695-696 1906 Memorial from Tahavar Jang, ex-Sub-Jagirdar of Banganapalle, appealing against the resumption of his Jaghir  IOR/R/2/Box46/431  1906

File R 484 1906 Strict observance of the Persian passport regulations  IOR/R/2/Box46/432  1906

File R 28 1908 Restoring Banaganapalli State. Governor's letter stating that the Governor would visit the Banaganapalli State before the end of this year and stating that the Nawab would be invested with full administrative powers  IOR/R/2/Box46/433  1908

File 281 1908 Addressing the Govt. of India on the Subject of restoring the administration of Banganapalle to the Nawab of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box46/434  1908

File 602 1908 Fixing the privy purse of the Nawab of Banganapalle and advising the Nawab in the matter of the allowances to be paid to his brothers on his investiture with full powers of administration  IOR/R/2/Box46/435  1908

File 1907-1908 Submitting Memorandum on the Nawab of Banganapalle for the year 1907-1908  IOR/R/2/Box47/436  1906-1908

Conditions of access: This file bears no number, and was not entered in the Proceedings of Government of Madras Political Department for 1907 or 1908.

File R 6 1909 Nawab's civil list. Palace Fund of Rs. 54,000  IOR/R/2/Box47/437  1908-1909

File 46 1909 Papers connected the rendition of the Banganapalle State to the Nawab and his investiture with powers of administration  IOR/R/2/Box47/438  1909

File D 60 1917 Nil return of Graves of Europeans in Banganapalle for the five years ending 31-12-16.  IOR/R/2/Box47/439  1917

File 201 1920 Indian Chiefs. Chamber of Princes. Sandur and Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box47/440  1920

File 434-435 1920 Honours and titles. Salute to Nawab of Banganapllee  IOR/R/2/Box47/441  1919-1920

File R 26 1922 Death of Nawab of Banganapalle and investiture of Nawab Fazle Ali Khan  IOR/R/2/Box47/442  1922

File 265 1922 Investiture of the Nawab of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box47/443  1922

File 291 1922 Sanad of Nawab of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box47/444  1922

File 269 1922 Banganapalle Succession. Revised Alqabnamah  IOR/R/2/Box47/445  1922

File 406 1922 Nawab of Banganapalle. Issue of fresh Sanad  IOR/R/2/Box47/446  1922

File D 335 1923 Banganapalle. Late Nawab's debt  IOR/R/2/Box47/447  1923-1925

File 67 1882 Orders in regard to the Sandur Raja's debts  IOR/R/2/Box47/448  1882

File 373 1883 Debts of the Raja of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box47/449  1883

File 331 1892 Sandur. Title of Raja. Declined  IOR/R/2/Box47/450  1892

Conditions of access: This title does not accord with the contents, which are better described: 'Request by the Raja of Sandur for the grant of a loan declined'.

File 37-38 1893 Addressing the Government of India regarding the successor to the late Raja of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box47/451  1892-1893

File 189 1893 Sandur. Succession to chiefship. Manager appointed during minority  IOR/R/2/Box47/452  1893

File 396 1893 Sandur. Succession of Raja Venkata Rao, minor son of Ramachandra Vittala Rao, and Minority Administration  IOR/R/2/Box47/453  1892-1893

File 174 1912 Expressing the views of Government regarding the manner in which the Raja of Sandur should be trained in administrative work  IOR/R/2/Box47/454  1912

File 453 1913 Raja of Sandur. Powers of administration. Investiture. Installation on the masnad  IOR/R/2/Box47/455  1913

File R 88 1913 Investiture of the Raja of Sandur with powers of administration and his installation in the Masnad on the 19th July 1913  IOR/R/2/Box48/456  1913

File R 62 1913 Reporting that the installation ceremony of the Rajah of Sandur was celebrated successfully  IOR/R/2/Box48/457  1913

File D 27 1915 Informing the Dewan that the Return of Graves of Europeans in Sandur State is a quinquennial return etc.  IOR/R/2/Box48/458  1915

File 3 1918 Regarding the Raja of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box48/459  1917-1918

File 488 1918 Sandur Jaghir. Administration assumed by Government  IOR/R/2/Box48/460  1917-1918

File 220 1919 Permitting the Raja of Sandur to reside at Delhi and instructing the Political Agent for Sandur to arrange for the remittance to the Raja of the allowances due to him  IOR/R/2/Box48/461  1919

File 515 1919 Proposals of the Political Agent for Sandur for the payment of the debts incurred by the Jaghirdar of Sandur outside the State  IOR/R/2/Box48/462  1919

File 4 1920 Raja of Sandur. Restoration sanctioned subject to certain limitations  IOR/R/2/Box48/463  1919-1920

File 35 1920 Raja of Sandur. Restoration notified  IOR/R/2/Box48/464  1920

File 270 1920 Raja of Sandur. Civil list. Allowances to the Dowager Ranis. Increase approved  IOR/R/2/Box48/465  1920

File Indian Chiefs. Lesser States  IOR/R/2/Box48/466  1920

File 125 1921 Removal of restriction re Imposition of capital sentence by the Raja of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box48/467  1921

File D C44/21-A4 1922 Raja of Sandur. Visit to Madras in connection with H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. Date of Raja's arrival in Madras. Report. Delay explained  IOR/R/2/Box48/468  1921-1922

File R 1485 1923 Indian States. Copies of blue books relating the Sandur and Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box48/469  1923

File R 1556 1923 Debts of the late Nawab of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box49/470  1923-1924

File R 708 1924 Salutes. Sandur Raja's claim for a Salute of 11 guns  IOR/R/2/Box49/471  1924

File R 1916 1924 Increase to Banganapalli Nawab's civil list and discharge of a loan  IOR/R/2/Box49/472  1924-1925

File 20 1925 Desecration of Mahanandi Temple by the Nawab of Banganapalli  IOR/R/2/Box49/473  1925

File 28(I) 1925 Banganapalle. Externment of Khan Bahadur Khaja Akbar Hussain  IOR/R/2/Box49/474/1  1925

File 28(II) 1925 Banganapalle. Externment of Khan Bahadur Khaja Akbar Hussain  IOR/R/2/Box49/474/2  1925

File 28(III) 1925 Banganapalle. Externment of Khan Bahadur Khaja Akbar Hussain Instrument of Instructions defining the power of the Nawab and Diwan  IOR/R/2/Box49/474/3, Item 1  1925-1926

File 28(IV) 1925 Banganapalle. Externment of Khaja Akbar Hussain. Miscellaneous records  IOR/R/2/Box49/474/3, Item 2  1925

File 35 1925 Warning to Nawab of Banganapalle for illegal arrest of the Medical Officer from British India  IOR/R/2/Box49/475  1925-1926

File R 1581 1925 Banganapalle. Late Nawab's debts. Liquidation  IOR/R/2/Box49/476  1925

File R 2053 1925 Banganapalle. Birth of a son and heir to the Nawab  IOR/R/2/Box49/477  1925

File R 2322 1925 Banganapalle. Late Nawab's debt to Raza Ali Khan  IOR/R/2/Box49/478  1925-1927

File 4 1926 Re-appointment of Khaja Akbar Hussain as Banganapalle Diwan. Nawab's private life  IOR/R/2/Box49/479  1926-1927

File R 547 1926 Sandur Raja's jewellery  IOR/R/2/Box49/480  1926-1927

File R 630(I)-(II) 1926 Sandur Rani's jewels pledged with Nadimulla of Bellary  IOR/R/2/Box49/481  1925-1927

File R 920 1926 Banganapalle Nawab's debts. Claim from Mirza Mahboob Beg  IOR/R/2/Box50/482  1926-1927

File R 1014 1926 Appointments in Banganapalle: Ghulam Mahmood as Munsiff. Amendment of the Instrument of Instructions. Powers of the Nawab re appointments  IOR/R/2/Box50/483  1926-1927

File R 1338 1926 Sandur Manganese Mining Lease Extension  IOR/R/2/Box50/484  1926-1927

File R 2612 1926 Acknowledging certain Sandur Records  IOR/R/2/Box50/485  1926

File R 1997(I) 1927 Sandur Raja. Death of Raja Venkata Rao Ghorpade  IOR/R/2/Box50/486/1  1927

File R 1997(II) 1927 Sandur Succession. Selection of Yeshwant Rao Anna Sahib (the present Raja) as successor to Raja Venkata Rao Ghorpade  IOR/R/2/Box50/486/2  1927-1928

File R 1997(V) 1927 Sandur Succession. Miscellaneous papers  IOR/R/2/Box50/486/3  1927

File R 3372 1927 Jewels pledged by the late Raja of Sandur with Sirdar Sing, jeweller, Delhi  IOR/R/2/Box50/487  1927-1928

File 51 1928 Sandur Administration during the minority of Raja Shrimant Yeshwant Rao Ghorpade, and arrangements subsequent to the minority, viz. appointment of an A.A.G.G., etc.  IOR/R/2/Box50/488  1928

File R 669 1928 Increase of Civil List Allowance of the Nawab of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box50/489  1928

File R 1758 1928 Marriage of Akka Sahib of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box50/490  1928-1929

File R 1880 1928 Age of Sandur Raja  IOR/R/2/Box50/491  1928

File R 3670 1928 Sandur. Civil list of the Raja  IOR/R/2/Box50/492  1928-1929

File R 950 1929 Increase of Civil List allowance of the Nawab of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box51/493  1929

File R 1545 1929 Banganapalle. Nawab's brothers. Fixing of their allowance. Sanction for Rs. 80,000 for their marriage and housing  IOR/R/2/Box51/494  1929

File R 1674 1929 Memorial from Bhujang Rao Doulat Rao of Gajendragad relating to the question of succession to the Sandur gadi  IOR/R/2/Box51/495  1929

File 2060 1929 Sandur. Raja Saheb's Marriage  IOR/R/2/Box51/496  1929

File 10 1930 Investiture with ruling powers of Sandur Raja and fixation of the privy purse expenditure  IOR/R/2/Box51/497  1929-1930

File R 1903 1930 Chamber of Princes. Representation from Raja of Sandur for individual admission as member  IOR/R/2/Box51/498  1930

File R 725 1931 Sandur Raja's Representation for admission to the Chamber of Princes as Member in his own right  IOR/R/2/Box51/499  1931

File R 1670 1931 Tour. H.E. the Governor of Madras to Sandur (Ramandrug)  IOR/R/2/Box51/500  1931

File R 3312 1931 Ceremonials. Honours and Courtesies due to the Raja of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box51/501  1931-1932

File R 3445 1931 Sandur Ruling Family. Birth of a son & heir to the Raja, & ruling on channel of correspondence between the Ruler and British Officers  IOR/R/2/Box51/502  1931-1932

File R 3670 1931 (I & II) Indian States Committee (Financial). Visit to Travancore and Cochin  IOR/R/2/Box51/503  1931-1932

File R 211 1932 Sandur Raja's representation for admission to the Chamber of Princes as a member in his own right  IOR/R/2/Box51/504  1932

File R 868 1932 Sandur Raja's claim for the family Jaghir of Gajendragad  IOR/R/2/Box51/505  1932

File R 2206 1932 Question of further admission to the Chamber of Princes & enlargement of its representative electorate  IOR/R/2/Box51/506  1932-1933

File R 2499 1933 Correspondence. Question whether the Raja of Sandur is entitled to address the Viceroy direct  IOR/R/2/Box51/507  1933

File R 2242 1933 Sandur Raja's claim to the Gajendragad Jaghir. Raja's complaint against the decisions of the Bombay Govt.  IOR/R/2/Box51/508  1933-1936

File R 354 1934 Banganapalle Affairs. Memorial from Chinna Subba Reddy and others of Sankalapuram, Banganapalle State re alleged miscarriage of justice  IOR/R/2/Box51/509  1934-1939

File 73 1934 Honours and Titles. Request of the Nawab of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box52/510  1934

File R 2365 1934 Presentation of Kharitas by the Raja of Sandur to H.E. the Viceroy. Question of granting a salute to the Raja of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box52/511  1934

File 2570 1934 Military. Question of Honorary Commission in the Indian Army for A.D.C. to the Raja of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box52/512  1934

File R 2852 1934 Sandur Raja's claim to Gajendragad Jaghir. Raja's complaint against the decisions of the Govt. of Bombay  IOR/R/2/Box52/513  1934

File 11 1935 Banganapalle Nawab's deed of gift in favour of his Begum. Attestation by A.G.G. refused  IOR/R/2/Box52/514  1935-1936

File R 1103 1935 Tour of Sandur Raja to Europe. Interview with H.M. the King refused  IOR/R/2/Box52/515  1935-1937

File R 2616 1935 Complaints against Administration of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box52/516  1935-1936

File R 3348 1935 Sandur Raja. Question of Salutes to the Raja and conferment of title "Highness  IOR/R/2/Box52/517  1934-1936

File 109 1937 Political. Interference. Right of the Paramount Power to interfere in the affairs of Indian States questioned by the Raja of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box52/518  1937

File 110 1937 Political. Phraseology in official correspondence. Use of expressions such as "Royal" etc. which are the exclusive prerogative of His Majesty the King Emperor, by Indian States, with references to their Rulers and Ruling Houses, declared to be improper. Intimation to the Raja of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box52/519  1937

File R 531 1937 Memoranda on Sandur Raja's claim for Salute and Recognition of Gajendragad as part of Raja's territory  IOR/R/2/Box52/520  1937

File R 1153 1937 Banganapalle affairs. Petitions from Karnam Subbiah of Kanala. Papers relating to the case  IOR/R/2/Box52/521  1937-1938

File R 1597 1937 Banganapalle Budget, 1937-38  IOR/R/2/Box52/522  1937-1938

File R 2815 1937 Allegations of maladministration in the Banganapalle State  IOR/R/2/Box52/523  1937-1938

File R 2897 1937 (I) Banganapalle Affairs. Nawab's pilgrimage to Hedjaz, Iraq, Iran, etc., and arrangements for the administration of the State during his absence and after his return. Appointment of Humayun Mirza as Dewan. Evidences of maladministration and corruption. Reports to Polindia etc.  IOR/R/2/Box52/524  1937-1938

File R 2897 1937 (II) Banganapalle Affairs. The Narsapalle Reddy Insolvency Petition case. Acceptance of illegal gratification by the Nawab  IOR/R/2/Box52/525  1938-1939

File R 2987 1937 (III) Banganapalle Affairs. Bana Gajjal Reddy Case. Miscarriage of Justice  IOR/R/2/Box52/526  1938

File R 2987 1937 (IV) Banganapalle affairs. Miscarriage of Justice. The Gutur Pappiah's Estate cases (otherwise known as the Ramakka Cases) & Professional misconduct on the part of Vakils Appa Rao and Krishna Rao of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box52/527  1938

File R 2987 1937 (XI) Banganapalle Affairs. Detailed accounts of the Silver Jubilee Collections and collections made for the celebration of the Nawab's Birthday on 1st September 1937  IOR/R/2/Box52/528  1938

File R 2987 1937 (XII) [XII] Banganapalle Affairs. Allegation against the Nawab. Misuse by the Nawab of public funds under the Head "Huzur contingencies" for private purposes  IOR/R/2/Box52/529  1935-1938

File R 3531 1937 Banganapalle Affairs. Miscarriage of Justice. The "Harivaram" Case. Memorial from Ganda Lakshmy Reddy Garu Venkata Reddy  IOR/R/2/Box53/530  1937-1938

File R 50 1938 Banganapalle Affairs. Imposition of restrictions of the Nawab's powers  IOR/R/2/Box53/531  1938

File 99 1938 Responsible Government in Indian States. Ruler's position vis-a-vis the Paramount Power. Queries from the Raja of Sandur answered  IOR/R/2/Box53/532  1938

File R 2676(I) 1938 Reorganisation and reformation of the Banganapalle Judiciary. Orders passed and correspondence leading up to the administrative and other reforms initiated by the Chief Judge  IOR/R/2/Box53/533  1938

File R 2812 1938 Banganapalle Affairs. After the "New Deal". Nawab's attempts to discredit his Diwan Mr. Humayun Mirza, & the new deal by instigating petitions & Memorial, & by propaganda  IOR/R/2/Box53/534  1938

File CBS 1 1939 Banganapalle. Nawab's proposal for associating the people with the Administration. Relations with the Dewan  IOR/R/2/Box53/535  1938-1939

File CBS 3 1939 Sandur. Constitution of a Second Chamber or an Upper House of the Sandur State. Use of the word "we" and its cognates  IOR/R/2/Box53/536  1938-1939

File CBS 7 1939 Sandur Raja's claim for a salute  IOR/R/2/Box53/537  1938-1939

File CBS 14 1939 Question of the admission of the Raja of Sandur to the Chamber of Princes in his own right  IOR/R/2/Box53/538  1938-1940

File CBS 21 1939 Banganapalle. Acceptance of a Nazarana at Darbars held by Nawab. Holding of separate Darbars by the Begum  IOR/R/2/Box53/539  1939

File CBS 25 1939 Settlement of outstanding questions relating to Sandur in connection with Federal Negotiations. Memorandum regarding full powered Status of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box53/540  1938-1940

File Pol 27 1939 Requisition to the Government of Mysore for copies of all matters placed before the State legislatures, all sets passed, and notes and important orders issued, by the Government of Mysore affecting administration etc.  IOR/R/2/Box53/541  1939

File Pol 28 1939 Statement of constitutional and administrative reforms in Indian States; appreciation of working of constitutional and administrative reforms introduced in Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box53/542  1939

File CBS 29 1939 Propaganda against the Dewan of Banganapalle (Humayun Hirza). Dossier on certain persons concerned in the agitation against the Dewan  IOR/R/2/Box54/543  1939

File Pol 30 1939 Reforms in States under Minority Administration  IOR/R/2/Box54/544  1939-1941

File CBS 32 1939 Complaint of the Nawab of Banganapalle against his Dewan Humayun Mirza  IOR/R/2/Box54/545  1939

File CBS 43 1939 Revision of the terms of administration of Banganapalle. Nawab to reside outside the State  IOR/R/2/Box54/546  1939-1940

File Pol 66 1939 Views of the Dewan of Mysore on the alternative Scheme of Federation propounded by Sir Sikandar Hyat Khan, Prime Minister of the Punjab  IOR/R/2/Box54/547  1939

File CBS 80(4) 1939 Agitation in Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box54/548  1939-1940

File Pol 11 1940 Death of His Highness the Yuvaraja of Mysore at Bombay. Procedure for sending messages from H.E. the Viceroy to Ruling Princes and Chiefs on the occasion of domestic occurrences in the immediate family of a Ruling Prince or Chief  IOR/R/2/Box54/549  1940

File CBS 18 1940 The channel of correspondence on State affairs between the Nawab and the Dewan of Banganapalle will be the Mysore Residency  IOR/R/2/Box54/550  1940

File CBS 22 1940 Government of India's decision regarding the use of the term "Government" by the Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box54/551  1940-1945

File CBS 28(1) 1940 Action taken on the various points raised in Mr. Skrine's memorandum of 1938 to the Nawab of Banganapalle. Recovery from the Nawab of amounts unauthorisedly spent out of the Kallams account, other Amanath accounts, the State's contribution to the Bihar Earthquake Fund waived, recovery of Hazarana received in judicial cases also waived. Report to the Pol. Dept. of the action taken and recommendation regarding the Nawab's future. Disposal of kallams  IOR/R/2/Box54/552/1  1940-1941

File CBS 28(2) 1940 Action taken on the various points raised in Mr. Skrine's memorandum of 1938 to the Nawab of Banganapalle. Recovery from the Nawab of amounts unauthorisedly spent out of the Kallams account, other Amanath accounts, the State's contribution to the Bihar Earthquake Fund waived, recovery of Hazarana received in judicial cases also waived. Report to the Pol. Dept. of the action taken and recommendation regarding the Nawab's future. Disposal of kallams  IOR/R/2/Box54/552/2  1941-1942

File CBS 28(3) 1940 Banganapalle Nawab's affairs  IOR/R/2/Box54/552/3  1942-1944

File CBS 28A(1) 1940 Future of Nawab Saizid Fazl-i-Ali Khan Bahadur, Nawab of Banganapalle. Documentary evidence of the charges against the Nawab. Records called for from the Dewan of Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box55/553  1941-1945

File CBS 28A(2) 1940 Future of Nawab Saizid Fazl-i-Ali Khan Bahadur, Nawab of Banganapalle. Documentary proof of charges against the Nawab; the Darbar's contribution to the Bihar Earthquake Fund  IOR/R/2/Box55/554  1934-1941

File CBS 28B 1940 Restrictions placed on the Nawab of Banganapalle. Evidence of the charges against the Nawab  IOR/R/2/Box55/555  1941

File Pol 45 1940 Dewan's address to the Mysore Representative Assembly  IOR/R/2/Box55/556  1940

File CBS 46 1940 Question of admission of the Raja of Sandur to the Chamber of Princes in his own right  IOR/R/2/Box55/557  1940-1945

File CBS 49 1940 Death of Mir Inayat Ali Khan's mother at Banganapalle. Mir Inayat Ali permitted to visit Banganapalle during his mother's illness and, on her death, to stay there till the conclusion of the 40th day ceremony. Also permitted to visit Banganapalle during Moharrum  IOR/R/2/Box55/558  1940-1942

File Pol 53 1940 Provision in Acts introducing constitutional reforms for safeguarding of relations of the Ruling Prince with the Paramount Power. Correct expression to be used in referring to the Paramount Power is "the Crown" and not "the Crown in the United Kingdom  IOR/R/2/Box55/559  1940

File Pol 59 1940 Appreciation of the working of the constitutional and administrative reforms introduced in Indian States; Statement of Constitutional and Administrative Reforms in Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box55/560  1940-1944

File Pol 66 1940 Cooperation of the Madras District Officers with the Mysore State officials in putting a stop to the mischievous transborder activities of the agitators in connection with the strike in Kolar Gold Fields  IOR/R/2/Box55/561  1940-1942

File CBS 69 1940 Kolhapur. Claim of Sandur  IOR/R/2/Box55/562  1940-1942

File CBS 34 1941 Request from the Nawab of Banganapalle for a scholarship of Rs. 200/- p.m. towards the education of his younger children  IOR/R/2/Box55/563  1941

File Pol 37 1941 Superior administrative organisation in Indian States. H.E. the Crown Representative's views regarding the organisation suitable for medium sized States. Resident's comments on the proposals and their applicability to Mysore and the Mysore Residency States. Co-operative measures adopted by certain States in Central India. Measures to be adopted in respect of Nimrana, a Small State in the Alwar area  IOR/R/2/Box55/564  1941

File Pol 49 1941 Percentage of State revenue for the Civil list of Rulers and the method of providing for the sons of Rulers other than the heir apparent. Discussions at Bombay re the items of expenditure that should be met from the Civil List  IOR/R/2/Box55/565  1941-1947

File CBS 53 1941 Request of Raisunnisa Begam, Begam of Banganapalle for an interview with the Resident  IOR/R/2/Box56/566  1941

File Pol 60 1941 Meaning of the words "Natural heir in the direct line" occuring in the Memorandum on Ceremonials connected with Succession in Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box56/567  1941

File Pol 69 1941 Presentation by the Postmaster, Mysore, of garlands to His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore during Birthday and Dasara Processions  IOR/R/2/Box56/568  1941-1942

File Pol 38 1941 Use by the Mysore Govt. officials in official notifications, etc. of the term "Royal" with reference to H.H. the Maharaja or his family  IOR/R/2/Box56/569  1941-1946

File Pol 3 1942 Opening of the Dinshaw Dairy Farm  IOR/R/2/Box56/570  1942

File CBS 8 1942 Banganapalle. Placing on record Nawab Saheb's interference with the Administration of Justice. Gopireddi Peda Seshi Reddi Adoption Case  IOR/R/2/Box56/571  1942

File Pol 16 1942 Leasing or lending of the property known as "The Anchorage" on Strand Road, Bombay, and belonging to His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore, to the Military for the period of the war  IOR/R/2/Box56/572  1942-1946

File CBS 25 1942 Banganapalle. Rais Pasha's disappearance from Mrs. Walmesley's charge  IOR/R/2/Box56/573  1942

File Pol 35 1942 Visit of a party of Chinese Educationists to India in September 1942  IOR/R/2/Box56/574  1942-1943

File Pol 42 1942 Visit of His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore to New Delhi in November 1942 (in connection with the subsidy question  IOR/R/2/Box56/575  1942

File CBS 20 1943 Correspondence addressed by the Raja of Sandur to the Ruler of Surgana, one of the States represented by the Raja of Sandur on the Chamber of Princes  IOR/R/2/Box56/576  1943

File CBS 46 1940 Sandur. Representation from Raja of Sandur for admission to Chamber of Princes  IOR/R/2/Box56/577  1943-1944

File CBS 9 1944 Claim of Raja of Sandur for Salute  IOR/R/2/Box56/578  1944-1945

File CBS 17 1944 Mir Inayat Ali Khan's request for permission to return permanently to Banganapalle  IOR/R/2/Box56/579  1944

File Pol 20 1944 Reforms in States under Minority Administration  IOR/R/2/Box56/580  1944

File Pol 28 1944 Constitutional and Administrative Reforms introduced in Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box56/581  1944-1946

File CBS 51 1944 Banganapalle. Jewels belonging to Mir Inayat Ali Khan and pledged by the Nawab as security for loans raised by him  IOR/R/2/Box56/582  1944-1945

File CBS 9 1945 The Nawab of Banganapalle. His private debts and jewels, his residence outside the State, etc.  IOR/R/2/Box56/583  1945-1946

File CBS 37 1945 The Nawab of Banganapalle's complaint against Dawood Ali Mirza  IOR/R/2/Box56/584  1945

File CBS 38 1945 Debts of the late Nawab of Banganapalle, Nawab Mir Ghulam Ali Khan Bahadur  IOR/R/2/Box56/585  1945-1947

File CBS 43 1945 Kharita from the Raja of Sandur to H.E. the Crown Representative  IOR/R/2/Box56/586  1945

Conditions of access: The Kharita (in a green cloth bag, with a rectangular wax pendant seal in a circular metal box) is enclosed in the file

File CBS 46 1945 Grant from the Banganapalle State Funds for the marriage of Nawab's Daughter  IOR/R/2/Box56/587  1945-1946

File CBS 17 1946 Banganapalle. The Nawab's request for permission to go for tiger shoot in Kurnool District  IOR/R/2/Box56/588  1946

File Pol 23 1946 His Excellency the Viceroy's invitations to the Rulers and Dewans of Indian States on behalf of the Cabinet Delegation to meet the Delegation. Cabinet Mission's proposals for Union of India. Arrangements for negotiations between States and National Govt., etc.  IOR/R/2/Box56/589  1946-1947

File CBS 24 1946 Sandur Raja's claim for membership in the Chamber of Princes in his own right  IOR/R/2/Box56/590  1946

File CBS 26(1) 1946 Banganapalle. Arrangements regarding Mir Ghulam Ali Khan's residence and education. Fixation of monthly allowance  IOR/R/2/Box56/591  1945-1947

Continuation of Confidential file 117 of 1943 - R/2/Box42/396.

File Pol 32 1946 Constitutional Reforms in Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box56/592  1946-1947

File CBS 35 1946 Affairs of the Nawab of Banganapalle. Memorial to His Excellency the C.R. for his restoration to the State. Request for an increase in his monthly allowance  IOR/R/2/Box56/593  1946-1947

File CBS 77 1946 Sandur's claim to Gajendragad  IOR/R/2/Box56/594  1946-1947

File CBS 29 1947 Nawab of Banganapalle's Return to his State & Restoration of Powers  IOR/R/2/Box56/595  1947

Conditions of access: This file was also numbered: Secret 37 1947 (in the Mysore Residency Confidential files).

File CBS 30 1947 Sandur's merger with a larger unit or Group  IOR/R/2/Box56/596  1947

File Pol 36 1947 Dynastic judicial restrictions on the powers of Rulers of Indian States  IOR/R/2/Box56/597  1947

File 1(2) 1947L Lapse of Paramountcy. Succession in small and large States  IOR/R/2/Box56/598  1947

File R 228 1947 Annual account of the Cemetery Endowments Fund relating to the Mysore State  IOR/R/2/Box56/599  1947

File 1900-1918 Register of Exempted Persons under the India Arms Act  IOR/R/2/MZ.600  1900-1918

File 1913-1924 Register of arms and ammunition purchases.  IOR/R/2/MZ.601  1913-1924

File 1919-1920 Vernacular Account Book.  IOR/R/2/MZ.602  1919-1920

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