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Reference D/Z96
Covering dates 1894-1965
Held by Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Extent 148 files
Source of acquisition [Accession 2401]; Purchased 1988
Creators Jennings, G, fl 1960, of Chesthunt, Hertfordshire

Sale particulars, articles and notes collected or compiled by Mr G Jennings of Cheshunt, c1950-c1960

Sale particulars, articles and other items  D/Z96/1/1-47  1938 - 1964

1 vol

The Official Handbook to Baldock  D/Z96/1/1  Undated [c1950]

The Official Guide to Royston  D/Z96/1/2  Feb 1957

The Official Guide to Hitchin Rural District  D/Z96/1/3  Undated [c1950]

The Official Guide to Braughing Rural District  D/Z96/1/4  Undated [c1950]

Catalogue for sale of farming stock, equipment and building materials from How Green Farm, Buntingford  D/Z96/1/5  1957

Catalogue for sale of farming stock from Ford Street Farm, Braughing  D/Z96/1/6  1960

Catalogue for sale of hay from farms  D/Z96/1/7  1958

Place Farm, Codicote, Tewinbury Farm, Welwyn; Bury Farm, Datchworth; Netherwylde Farm, Colney Street, St Albans; Popes Farm, Hatfield; Mimms Hall Farm, Potters Bar; Coldharbour Farm, Hertford; Revelscroft, Bengeo; Bardolphs Farm, Watton at Stone; Westmill Farm, Ware; Thele Farm, Stanstead Abbotts; Little Briggens Farm, Stanstead Abbotts; Fir Tree Farm, Ardeley; Buttermilk Hall Farm and Westmillbury Farm, Buntingford; Gaylors Farm, Westmill; Broken Green Farm and Town Farm, Standon; Hole Farm and High Trees Farm, Old Hall Green, Ware; Camps Farm, Levens Green, Ware; Mill Farm and Brockholds Farm, Great Munden; Whitehill Farm and Lodge Farm, Dane End; The Limes, Rigery Farm, Dowsetts Farm and Fishers Farm, Colliers End; Plashes Farm, High Cross; Sawtrees Farm, Thundridge; Hunsdon House Farm, Hunsdon; Bury Farm, Codicote; Nettleswell Farm, Harlow, Essex; Gaynes Park and Cold Hall Farm, Epping, Essex

Catalogue for sale of hay from the following farms  D/Z96/1/8  1957

Maynes Farm, St Albans; Popes Farm, Hatfield, Perrywood Farm, Watton at Stone; Fir Tree Farm, Ardeley; Westmillbury Farm, Buntingford; Broken Green Farm, Town Farm and Latchford Farm, Standon; Fishers Farm, Labdens Farm, and Rigery Farm, Colliers End; Lodge Farm, Dane End; Sawtrees Farm, Thundridge; Revelscroft, and Revels Hall, Bengeo; Grange Farm, Ware; Leafy Oak Farm, between Hertford and Amwell; Little Briggens Farm, Stanstead Abbotts; Holbrook Farm, Benington; Whempstead Farm, Whempstead; West End Farm, Wormley; Claypits Farm, Bayford; Marden Dairy Farm, Tewin; Coldharbour Farm, Hertford; Hammond Street Farm, Cheshunt; Forty Hill Farm, Enfield, Middlesex; Hollyfield Farm, Waltham Abbey, Essex; Cold Hall Farm, Epping, Essex; Ansons Farm, Epping, Essex; and Westmill Farm, Ware

W Minet, Tannis  D/Z96/1/9  Undated [c1950]

The Inventory indented of household stuff taken there the XXVI day of June in the eleventh yeare of the reigne of Quene Elizabeth Anno DNI 1569 Quarterly Notes [Tannis is a house in Aspenden]

Catalogue for the sale of farming stock from Westmillbury, Buntingford [Westmill]  D/Z96/1/10  1938

Catalogue for the sale of farming stock from Mill Corner Farm, Reed  D/Z96/1/11  1947

Catalogue for the sale of antique and household furniture and effects from Owles Hall, Owles Lane, Buntingford  D/Z96/1/12  1964

Catalogue for the sale of books belonging to the Right Honourable the Earl of Buckinghamshire  D/Z96/1/13  1944

Catalogue for the sale of agricultural implements and machinery from Tillers End Farm, Westmill  D/Z96/1/14  1960

Catalogue for the sale of farming stock from Tillers End Farm, Westmill  D/Z96/1/15  1959 - 1960

Sale catalogue for farming stock, Buttermilk Hall Farm, Buntingford  D/Z96/1/16  1958

Sale catalogue for furniture and fittings from Coles Park Mansion, Buntingford [Westmill]  D/Z96/1/17  1956

Sale catalogue for farming stock from Knights Hill Farm, Coles Park, Buntingford [Westmill]  D/Z96/1/18  1944

Sale catalogue for furniture from "Coles", Westmill  D/Z96/1/19  1954

Sale catalogue for farming stock from Manor Farm, Bygrave  D/Z96/1/20  1949

Sale catalogue for cattle from Beauchamp, Wyddial  D/Z96/1/21  1947

Sale catalogue for the contents of Cheynes, Cottered  D/Z96/1/22  1964

Sale particulars of "The Old Bell Inn", 43 High Street, Buntingford  D/Z96/1/23  1953

Sale catalogue for garages and other steel framed buildings from Colliers End Camp, Puckeridge [Standon]  D/Z96/1/24  1959

Sale particulars of "Fairholme", Station Road, Puckeridge [Standon]  D/Z96/1/25  1953

Sale catalogue for a selection of books from Wimpole Hall, Royston [actually Wimpole, Cambs]  D/Z96/1/26  1937

Sale particulars of Aspenden House, Aspenden  D/Z96/1/27  1954

Sale particulars of The Rectory, Hinxworth  D/Z96/1/28  1955

Sale particulars of The Town Farm, Standon  D/Z96/1/29  1960

Sale particulars of The Old Rectory, Buckland  D/Z96/1/30  1954

Sale particulars of Home Farm, Puckeridge  D/Z96/1/31  1962

Sale particulars of Layston Court, Buntingford  D/Z96/1/32  1955

Sale particulars of 80, 82 High Street, Buntingford  D/Z96/1/33  1962

Sale particulars of Rushden Vicarage, Rushden  D/Z96/1/34  1953

Sale particulars of Norton Vicarage, near Letchworth  D/Z96/1/35  1962

Sale particulars of Homestall, Barley  D/Z96/1/36  1956

Sale particulars of Owles Hall, Buntingford  D/Z96/1/37  1964

Sale particulars of Cheynes and Cheynes Farm, Cottered  D/Z96/1/38  1964

Sale particulars of Wyddial Rectory, Wyddial  D/Z96/1/39  1952

Sale particulars of Wyddial House, Wyddial  D/Z96/1/40  1960

Sale particulars of The Rectory, Aspenden  D/Z96/1/41  1956

Sale particulars of The Coles Park Estate, Buntingford [Westmill]  D/Z96/1/42  1955

Sale particulars of building materials from Coles Park Mansion [Westmill]  D/Z96/1/43  1956

Sale particulars of Ford Street Farm, Braughing  D/Z96/1/44  1960

Sale particulars of The Kneesworth Hall Estate and The Mill House, Kneesworth [Cambridgeshire]  D/Z96/1/45  1947

Sale particulars of Great Hormead Dane, Great Hormead  D/Z96/1/46  1956

Sale particulars of The Grange Farm, Royston  D/Z96/1/47  1948

Sale particulars, articles and other items  D/Z96/2/1-42  1

vol 1943 - 1965

Sale catalogue for buildings and garages at Colliers End Camp, near Ware [Standon]  D/Z96/2/1  1959

Sale particulars of: "Mulberry Hall", Melbourn, cambridgeshire  D/Z96/2/2  1943

Sale particulars of: Little Hormeadbury Estate near Buntingford  D/Z96/2/3  1944

Sale particulars of: The Alswick Hall Estate, Buntingford  D/Z96/2/4  1944

Press cuttings concerning Roger Salmon of Puckeridge (Daily Mirror) [Standon]  D/Z96/2/5  19 May 1955

Sale catalogue of Westmill and Plashes (polls) Hereford cattle from Bury Farm, Westmill  D/Z96/2/6  1963

Sale catalogue of Munden herd of pedigree Herefords from Mill Farm, Great Munden  D/Z96/2/7  1957

Extract from News Chronicle editorial about conservative government  D/Z96/2/8  2 Nov 1956

Sale particulars of Great Hormead Hall Estate  D/Z96/2/9  1945

Country Life containing an articles "Julians, Hertfordshire" by Christopher Hussey [Buntingford]  D/Z96/2/10  20 Jun 1947

Country Life containing an article, "Julians, Hertfordshire II" by Christopher Hussey  D/Z96/2/11  27 Jun 1947

Country Life containing an article, "The Gardens at Julians, Hertfordshire" by Christopher Hussey  D/Z96/2/12  4 Jul 1947

Official Guide of Braughing Rural District  D/Z96/2/13  Undated [c1960]

Pages from The Evening News and Star  D/Z96/2/14  29 Apr 1964

Press cutting about a fire in Buntingford [the name of the newspaper not noted]  D/Z96/2/15  2 Apr 1965

Sale particulars: Parts of the Youngsbury Estate  D/Z96/2/16  1964

Sale particulars: Two semi-detached cottages at Braughing  D/Z96/2/17  1947

Sale particulars: Reed End Farm, Therfield  D/Z96/2/18  1944

Sale particulars: Bridgfoot Farm, near Royston  D/Z96/2/19  1944

Sale particulars: The Arches Hall Estate, near Bishops Stortford  D/Z96/2/20  1945

Country Life containing an article "Ashwellbury, Hertfordshire" [by Christopher Hussey]  D/Z96/2/21  2 May 1947

Country Life containing an article, "Ashwell - Hertfordshire I" by Christopher Hussey  D/Z96/2/22  21 Mar 1947

Country Life containing an article, "Ashwell - Hertfordshire II" by Christopher Hussey  D/Z96/2/23  28 Mar 1947

Sale particulars: A storage and distribution centre at Buntingford  D/Z96/2/24  1959

Sale particulars: The Wyddial Estate  D/Z96/2/25  1946

Sale particulars: Bygrave Manor Estate, Baldock  D/Z96/2/26  1949

Sale particulars: Coldharbour Farm, Ashwell  D/Z96/2/27  1944

Sale particulars: Buttermilk Hall Farm, Buntingford  D/Z96/2/28  1954

Sale particulars: Buttermilk Hall Farm, Buntingford  D/Z96/2/29  1958

Sale particulars: Aspenden Hall Estate near Buntingford  D/Z96/2/30  1958

Sale particulars: Throcking Hall Farm and Aspenden Hall Farm, part of the Aspenden Hall Estate near Buntingford  D/Z96/2/31  1957

Sale particulars  D/Z96/2/32  1948

Brook Farm, Therfield; Mile End Farm, Goodfellows Farm and North Farm, Reed; house in Royston; an allotment in Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire; Hyde Hill Farm in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire; 24a in Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire; Church Farm, Barrington, Cambridgeshire; Manor Farm in Toft and Kingston, Cambridgeshire

Sale particulars: 5 High Street, Baldock  D/Z96/2/33  1898

Pages from the Daily Mirror  D/Z96/2/34  25 Jan 1964

Notes concerning The Northern Echo, and notes taken from The Times and Country Life about properties  D/Z96/2/35  1957

In an envelope

Notes and traced plans concerning the sale of Harris's Field and The Bury Field, Ware and Noah's Ark, Mackhouse and Milletts Farms, Ware, 1868  D/Z96/2/36  [c1930]

In an envelope

Tracing of a plan of the Widbury Hill Estate which was sold in [Ware] 1868  D/Z96/2/37  [c1950]

In an envelope

Notes on the River Rib and the Youngsbury Estate [Standon]  D/Z96/2/38  [c1950]

In an envelope

Press cuttings concerning the sale of premises and other news about Buntingford  D/Z96/2/39  1940-1961

In a fold of paper

Press cuttings and other items concerning the sale of the sale of the Youngsbury Estate  D/Z96/2/40  1946-1965

In an envelope

Sale catalogue for items from the Home Farm on the Youngsbury Estate, High Cross [Standon]  D/Z96/2/41  1964

[Farm equipment, animal equipment, building material and garden effects]

Further press cuttings about the Youngsbury Estate High Cross  D/Z96/2/42  1945-1946

In an envelope

Sale particulars, article and other items  D/Z96/3/1-53  1

vol 1894-1964

Sale particulars of the outlying portions of the Ware Park Estate  D/Z96/3/1  1962

Consisting of Riversdale and 1, 2 Riverside Cottages, Ware and 32, 34 St Leonards Road, Bengeo

Sale particulars of Revells Hall, Bengeo  D/Z96/3/2  1954

Manuscript notes about the Ware Park Estate mostly extracted from early-nineteenth century sources  D/Z96/3/3  [c 1950]

In an envelope

Sale particulars: 1 Cross Street and 1 Raynesford Road, Ware; and "Penryn" Lower Amwell  D/Z96/3/4  1958

Sale particulars:"The Old Ware Liberal Club", 1 Priory Street, Ware  D/Z96/3/5  1953

Sale particulars: 4 Watton Road; 69 High Oak Road; 71-83 High Oak Road; 169-179 Musley Hill; and land in Musley Lane, Ware  D/Z96/3/6  1957

Sale particulars: 1-10 Buryfield Terrace, Ware  D/Z96/3/7  1954

Sale particulars: 21-27 Vicarage Road, Ware  D/Z96/3/8  1958

Sale particulars  D/Z96/3/9  1935

Scotts Hill Cottage and building land on Scotts Road and Warner Road, part of the Amwell House Estate; "Meldreth", Park Road; the remainder of the East Mead Building Estate, Ware

Sale particulars  D/Z96/3/10  1937

"Wulfcot", Jefferies Road, Ware; "Rossdell", 72 Vicarage Road, Ware; Meldreth Estate, Park Road, Ware; four cottages, Newtown, Codicote; "Lilac Cottage", Thundridge and 66 Cowards, Thundridge

Sale particulars: 7,8,9,10,11,12,29,30,34,35 Milton Road, Ware  D/Z96/3/11  1932

Sale particulars  D/Z96/3/12  1935

Scotts Hill Cottage and building land on Scotts Road and Warner Road, part of the Amwell House Estate, "Meldreth", Park Road; and the East Mead Building Estate, Ware

Sale particulars  D/Z96/3/13  1936

Building land in Warner Road and Scotts Road, Ware; "Wooding Cottage", Thundridge; and "Chile House", Hay Street, Braughing

Sale particulars: Biggin Farm, High Cross, near Ware [Standon]  D/Z96/3/14  1952

Miscellaneous documents  D/Z96/3/15  1894

"A Tale of Two Swannes" The Hertfordshire Illustrated Review 1894 pp 626; "Earl Cowper at Panshanger" pp 97-98; "Scott, the Amwell Poet" pp 98-101; "Transcript of the will of John Carrington of Bramfield", p101; "The Bull Inn Hoddesdon", p102; and "The River Lea" pp 416-420.

Sale particulars: Sprangewell, Wadesmill, near Ware  D/Z96/3/16  1955

Sale particulars: Timber Hall, Thundridge  D/Z96/3/17  1953

Sale particulars: Timber Hall and Swangles Farm, Thundridge  D/Z96/3/18  1961

Manuscript notes about Ware Park, extracted mostly from late nineteenth century sources  D/Z96/3/19  Undated [c1950]

In an envelope

Notes about the Poles Estate, Ware, extracted from nineteenth century sources  D/Z96/3/20  Undated [c1950]

In an envelope

Notes about the sale of Poles, Ware  D/Z96/3/21  1922

In an envelope

Sale particulars of Moles Farm, Ware  D/Z96/3/22  1947

Sale particulars of "The Mill", Westmill near Ware  D/Z96/3/23  1959

Press cuttings about G W French and Company flour millers of Ware  D/Z96/3/24  1951-1962

Sale particulars of Hillside, Great Amwell  D/Z96/3/25  1950

Further press cuttings and manuscript notes about G W French and Company, flour millers of Ware  D/Z96/3/26  1962 - 1965

Press cuttings about G W French and Company, flour millers and a photograph of the River Rib near Westmill, Ware  D/Z96/3/27  1960-1963

Plans of proposed alterations to the Westmill, Ware  D/Z96/3/28  1961

In an envelope

Plan of the Ware Park Estate Fishing Rights in the River Rib  D/Z96/3/29  Undated [c1950]

Sale particulars of building land in the Borough of Hertford  D/Z96/3/30  1960

Sale particulars of the outlying portions of the Youngsbury Estate [Standon]  D/Z96/3/31  1946

Further manuscript notes about the Youngsbury Estate extracted from early-twentieth century sources  D/Z96/3/32  Undated [c1958]

In an envelope

Manuscript notes about "The Smokeless Powder Factory" at Barwick, Standon  D/Z96/3/33  Undated [c1950]

In an envelope

Sale particulars of the Youngsbury Estate, Ware [Standon]  D/Z96/3/34  1946

Manuscript notes about the Youngsbury Estate, extracted from late nineteenth century sources  D/Z96/3/35  Undated [c1950]

In an envelope

Sale particulars of Youngsbury, Standon  D/Z96/3/36  1969

Press cuttings and other notes about the sale of Coles Mansion, Westmill  D/Z96/3/37  1963

Press cuttings concerning postal exhibition at Buntingford  D/Z96/3/38  3 Jul 1964

Press cutting concerning postal historian, Mr Muggleton of Buntingford  D/Z96/3/39  28 Aug 1964

Sale particulars of Wyddial House, Wyddial  D/Z96/3/40  Undated [c1950]

Sale particulars of Layston Cottage, Buntingford  D/Z96/3/41  Undated [c1950]

Press cuttings concerning Cottered and Buntingford  D/Z96/3/42  1964

Press cutting concerning a ball at Wyddial Hall, Wyddial  D/Z96/3/43  1953

Press cuttings concerning the sale of the Wyddial Estate [Wydial]  D/Z96/3/44  Dec 1945

Press cutting concerning the sale of Wyddial Hall [Wyddial]  D/Z96/3/45  1964

Press cutting concerning the visit of the National Chairman of the Women's Institute to Buntingford  D/Z96/3/46  1964

Press cuttings and notes concerning the sale of the Wyddial Estate  D/Z96/3/47  1946 - 1952

In an envelope

Press cuttings concerning Aspenden, Baldock, Buntingford and Westmill  D/Z96/3/48  1928 - 1958

Press cutting concerning "Button Snap", Westmill (once owned by Charles Lamb)  D/Z96/3/49  27 Sep 1954

Press cuttings concerning the sale of Tillers End Farm, Westmill  D/Z96/3/50  Sep 1959

Press cuttings concerning the sale of Coles Park Mansion, Buntingford [Westmill]  D/Z96/3/51  1956

Manuscript notes concerning Coles Park [Westmill]  D/Z96/3/52  [c1950]

In an envelope

Sale particulars of "Fabdens" near Ware  D/Z96/3/53  [c1950]

Sale particulars of Balsams, Standon  D/Z96/3/4  1965

Sale particulars of Great Barwick Farm, Standon  D/Z96/3/5  1965

Warne's Picture Puzzle Toy Book  D/Z96/3/6  Undated [1800-1900]

Success Dream Book  D/Z96/3/7  Undated [1800-1900]

TP's Journal of Great Deeds of the Great War (Daily Telegraph)  D/Z96/3/8  2 Jan 1915

Views of Luxemburg  D/Z96/3/9  Undated [1800-1900]

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