Letter from Elizabeth Davis to the Honourable Mrs Herbert (Page One)

Letter from Elizabeth Davis to the Honourable Mr Herbert - Page Two


November 21st 1854

To the Honourable Mrs Herbert

I apologise fo writing in my Own plain stile to a Lady but should feel most happy to accept apointment as active nurse to the British general hospital in the East. I am the widow of an Enginneer who as sirved in the East Indies for some years. I have traveled much with quite experience my age 44 robust Constution and I will Indevour to do the utmost of my Power to sirve the Sufferers in the War Houourable Lady if you would furnish me with all perticklirs I should feel grateful

I am Dear Lady your Humble Sirvent

Elizabeth Davis
6 John Street

Ps with indenighable refference Obtained if nesecary

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