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Suit in the Court of Chancery

To the Right Honnorable Sir Thomas Audeley, Knyght, Lord Audeley of Walden and Lord Chauncellour of Englonde

In most humble wise complaynyng shewith unto your good and honnorable Lordship your pore daily oratour Bennett Jay of the towne of Brystowe, marchaunt, that where your said oratour was laufully possessed of two tonnes of oyle of the value of twentie and foure poundes sterlinges, as of his owne propre goodes, amongest other oyles of other marchauntes. And he so being thereof possessed, as well he as the said other marchauntes owners of the same oyles, aboute tenne yeres last past betoke and delivered all the same oyles upon veray confidence and trust unto one Turlowe Maxswyne and Doune of Ballogh in the river of Shiphaven in Irlonde, safelie to kepe to theire uses to be redelivered unto theym whensoever they or theire assignes shulde require the same. And the same oyles so being in the custodie and possession of the said Turlowe and Doune, certen persons, wylde Yrisshe men whose names as yet unknowen to your said oratour afterward robbed and toke all the same oyles, as well of your said oratour as of the said other marchauntes from and oute of the possession of the said Turlowe and Doune and the same solde to theire most advantage to one William Larde of Bristowe aforsaid, marchaunt, for and to the use of the same Larde and of his coperteners, marchauntes of Bristowe.

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