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Atrocities in Munster

Thes combinations and revoltes have effected many execrable murders and cruelties upon the English, aswell in the county of Limerick, as in the counties of Cork and Kery, and els where; infants taken from the nurse's breast, and the braynes dashed against the walls; the heart pluckt out of the body of the husband in the view of the wife, who was forced to yeld the use of her apron to wipe of the bloud from the murtherers' fingers; English gentleman at midday in a towne cruelly murdered, and his head cleft in divers pieces; divers sent into Youghull amongst the English, some with their throates cutt, but not killed, some with their tonges cut out of their heades, others with their noses cutt of; by view wherof the English might the more bitterly lament the mysery of their countreymen, and feare the like to befall to themselves.Besides, the manifold spoiles, theftes and violences daily donne unto thenglish, the sight and consideration of which miseries wold force any English man to bleede in the common calamity of thenglish, who in maner all are utterly undonne, and every one after the rate of his fortune doth smart exceedingly. And those execrable partes are performed by the Yrish tenauntes and servantes of thenglish; and thos that but the last day weare fedd and nourished by the English, are now the theeves that violently before their faces take from them their corne, cattell, and other goodes; and the party spoiled thinketh him self happy, yf he escape without losse of life, or other shameful villany to himself, his wife, or children; wherby it seemeth that yt is a plott laid downe by the traytours, that by every Yrish next inhabiting should kill and spoile his English neighbour.

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