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The fruits of victory

The King to all &c, greeting. Know that, &c for good and faithful service done and intended to be done to us by our trusty and well beloved knight Robert Babthorpe, we give and grant to him a certain house within our town of Rouen which has on it the sign of the bear, in the street called the rue de Visconte in the parish of St Vincent, of the value of 20 rentals [?ms damaged] per year, the site of which belonged to John de Lesmes, our rebel. Robert and the heirs male of his body, are to have and hold the said house with all its appurtenances exempt and respited from payment to us and our heirs in perpetuity, as long as the value of the house does not exceed the charge and accustomed service he owes to us, and provided always that Robert and his heirs preserve in perpetuity the maintenance, support, custody and watches for the house and any part of the same in the lordship &c this property is now given and conceded, or else an equivalent place and length of land &c as above until the fine for the same is paid, &c. Witness the king at the castle of Vernon on the Seine, 24 May 1419.

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