Transport: Rural Bus Service

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Transport: Rural Bus Service


As in memo.


Rural M.P.'s (Tories) feel we have done little on this.  Services are deteriorating  Pressure to remove petrol & diesel duty fr. rural services.  But we cant draw a line.  Gave limited assistance to all bus services.  Our supporters say it isn't enough for the rural – and want at least an enquiry, so we can say so in Election.  But it prob. means a recommn. for subsidy – in 18-24 months' time.
 If approved, I wd. wish to be consulted on composn. of Cttee.


Wd. avoid discn. on Finance Bill.
 On merits, there is as much rural trouble over electricity & sewerage.


If we have a Cttee., it shd. cover Scotland.
  Agreed : Cttee. to cover Scotland.  Composn. to be settled, in consultn. with H.A.

Taken from C.C. 30(59) - Meeting held on 7 May 1959