Suez Canal - 31 October 1956

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Suez Canal - 31 October 1956


I seem to be doing well.  Tel. Aviv Tel. 597.
 Also capture of E. destroyer.
 Fr. informn. suggests also tht. heavier I. action is in contemplation.


Mil. are ready to accept advance warning to civilians - in reln. to air attack on air-fields.  Believe it wd. be less safe to give it in reln. to Voice of Egypt.   Draft approved.


Oppn. want to p'pone Prorogn. until Mon. Diff : tho' not impossible.  Propose to try to get Opposn. to agree to prorogue on Friday - but give normal day Thurs. - to debate Oppn. vote of censure.


Suggest P.M. broadcast.  E.g. Saturday.  Announce in advance.


U.S. civilians evacuatg. to-day - Cairo to Alex : and road passes thro' Cairo West airfield.
 Discussion on lines of P.M. speech in debate H/C.


Switch over our defence to exposure of N.'s ambitions etc.,

Taken from C.M. 76(56) - Meeting held on 31 October 1956.