Suez Canal - 29 November 1956

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Suez Canal - 29 November 1956


H.M.'s attempts to check drain on reserves are unlikely to succeed unless the breach in Anglo-U.S. relations can be restored.  It has therefore a definite bearing on political situation.
 Draft statement in F.O. Tel. 2338.
 French are coming here on Fri. p.m.  We are discussing draft with him on basis tht. final para. is undecided.  They are in fact w'drawing many of their troops. 
 On reflecn. (+ because French consultn.) seems better not to make final statement to-day.


Discns. with H. & Fawzi seem to have pre-judged our decisions.  cf. paras 3 and 6 of N.Yk 1465.

D.E. } Supported this view.
A.L.B. }


These were still personal proposals of S.Ll. – a project, wh. he had already ventilated before leaving N.YK.


Agree.  And action with U.S. (F.O. Tel. 5612) can be held.


On clearance : I still think we ought to have acceptance by Egypt.


This draft is too weak to hold Party.  Must have backing of U.S.


If we have no option but to w'draw, we must baldly state that we are satisfd. a.b.c.d. will happen (quite briefly) and it's up to U.N.  This is the moment to hand over to U.N. Force, as we always said we would.


Agree : begin by saying what we have achieved viz. stopped 3rd. war.  As for U.N. – deadlock.  Someone must take initiative to break it.  We think we shd. – now that U.N. Force is arriving.  The rest is up to U.N. & we leave it to them.
 After discn. – general feeling tht. it wd. be preferable to make only an interim statement to-day.
 Content of interim statement : shortened a/c of debates in U.N. : build-up of U.N. Force : brief suggn. tht. there is a basis for arranging future of Canal & also its clearance.  But all must now be discussed with French.


Better to say no more to-day than returned, Cab. discn., no final decn. w'out further clarification in N.York and consultn. with French, final decn. will be announced Monday.  Then make a much bolder announcement.


Need more – to keep H/C. quiet.
Best prs. to say somethg. about U.N. Force.
Also somethg. on Br. subjects in Egypt.

Taken from C.M. 91(56) - Meeting held on 29 November 1956.