Suez Canal - 6 November 1956

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Suez Canal - 6 November 1956


Consulted French during night.  They think that, as I. & E. have accepted main terms (internatl. force & cease fire) our main aims are satisfied.
 Believe R. notes are cover for a military move : easiest, v. Syria: worst against us in E.


If to-day's operations went fwd., we have 9-10 battns. ashore.


Tel. 1079 N. Yk.  Our reply Sun. p.m.  U.N. have taken first step twds. creation of internl. force.  As E. has accepted this & cease-fire : S. Genl. asks wtr U.K. & Fr. will accept immedte. cease-fire.


Not quite clear tht. I. has accepted.
 In our reply we shd. say subject to clear assurance of E. & I. acceptance of both demand.
 Have informed U.N. we have stopped all bombing.


Get max. force ashore at P. Said & then stand firm.

Taken from C.M. 80(56) - Meeting held on 6 November 1956.