Capital Punishment - part 4

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Capital Punishment - part 4


Appln. to Scotland.  I wd. like to abstain, after saying that different law in 2 countries is illogical.


Members of Govt. shd. not vote for this amendment : some who can't vote against it may abstain.    Agreed.


Courts-martial.  Can wait until Report stage.
Lucas-Tooth amendments.  Must make sympathetic speech.  But leave it to free vote.  Members of Govt. to vote for it.


Then c.p. wd. not be available for poisoners - the worst kind of murder.  H/L. wdn't wear this distinction.


Tory abolitionists mght support L-Tooth amendment, but not the cold-blooded murders like poisoning.


Can argue tht. Govt. are responsible for law & order : wd. prefer to retain c.p. for all murders : but better than have no c.p. at all, we wd. prefer to retain it for these purposes of protectg. police & warders.


Also, if this passed, Bill as a whole becomes so illogical that it may founder.

Taken from C.M. 36(56) - Meeting held on 15 May 1956.