German intelligence officers

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German intelligence officers

Helmuth Knochen (KV 2/2745)

Knochen was the Gestapo chief in Paris and head of the Sicherheitsdienst, aide to the notorious "butcher of Paris", Klaus Olberg. The reconstituted file (1944-1963) covers allied efforts to find Knochen at the end of the war and the intelligence gained from his interrogation after capture. Knochen was tried by the French and sentenced to death in 1954, reprieved in 1958, and released in 1963.

Marcel Zschunke (KV 2/2747)

The file of Marcel Zschunke (1944-1945), a senior Sicherheitsdienst official in Brussels, gives a very full account of the work and methods of Himmler's organisation in Belgium.

Henrik Miersemann (KV 2/2744)

This reconstituted file (1944-1954) relates to a naturalised German man of Dutch parents, who worked in radio interception and decoding during the war. He decoded and translated many messages sent to Special Operations Executive and Secret Intelligence Service agents in the Low Countries.

Miersemann was arrested by the Allies in Brussels in September 1944, having deserted his army post. The intelligence he gave in interrogations showed the degree to which Allied networks had been penetrated by the Germans and were being played back against the Allies. The Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre (CSDIC) interrogation reports from serial 3a onwards give a full account of his wartime work.