Road Traffic: Parking meters

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Road Traffic: Parking Meters


Essential part of plans to ease traffic congestion.


Not happy. Hardly touches fringe of problem. Selective only. In other places congestion will be as bad, or worse. Where it is in force, payment will be exacted for any parking, however short. All-day parkers are the problem : 60% of all in Ldn. : they might pay.


After 4 hrs. it wd. be obstruction & criminal offence.


In U.S. this is money-making proposn. : not a remedy for congestion.Isn't this the aim here, too - to raise money for garages? Underground garages in Ldn. squares, with removal of trees, is not welcomed by me.The cloven hoof!  Suspicious of this.
Let us know whole plan first. Why not allow free parking for 2 hrs - and thereafter prosecute for obstruction.
Why not use R. Parks for parking.


Don't accept this a/c of experience in U.S. & Canada.  It has bn. useful.
Money wd. be useful for constn. of garages - not necessarily underground.
This will tend to keep cars moving.
y/ is impracticable because of police man-power. He has to watch throughout the 2 hrs.


This plan wd. reduce load on police: bring l.a.'s in.
It is only experimental. Can't try it out w'out these powers.
Garages. Underground sites needn't be used. There are spaces which cd. be used if it were made to pay - as this wd. enable.


Vital tht. experiment shd. be tried in Ldn.


At M/W. resisted claims to increased parking in R. Parks.  Hyde Park or Mall shd. be preserved.
Large scale experiment must be tried - or problem will merely be moved round.


Considered & recommended by Cttee. of Ministers.


I said it wd. be included (power) in Bill.  We are committed.


Want powers. Ready to seek Cab. Authy. for any particular use of it.


Put it in & see how it goes in Parlt. Cd. w'draw it.


Don't present it as main solution.


Wrong to miss chance of getting power to try experiment.


Don't nail the meters to the mast in 2nd. Rdg.
Experiment - welcome views.
Submit plans before action taken.
This portion of speech to be submitted to P.M.

Taken from C.C. 81(54) - Meeting held on 2 December 1954.