European intergration

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European intergration


Must be careful over atomic power, common market, & transport. Can attend as observer - with caveats on above subjects. Dutch wd. gain financially : G. interested in the politics : Fr. & Italy in trade. Their interests are not v. common. If we play it slowly, we may prevent actual harm.


Invitn. now recd. : it is to "participate in studies". Cdn't we accept that, w'out pressing status of observers. Put in our caveats, but then accept the invitn. cf. acceptance of Schuman invitation. Will suggest a draft to R.A.B.


Advise caution. Don't believe they have any idea what to do. On atomics, we have other & more profitable channels for internatl. discussion.


Their aim is a common market. That raises GATT., OEEC. & Comm. relns. We must at least make it clear that we are not pursuing objectives which they have stated.


Prefer observer status. Don't let us be blamed if it goes awry.


Prefer H.M.'s line. Tho' U.K. not going in, nothg. like this can develop in Europe wh. is not of interest to U.K. cf. our assocn. with Schumania. H.M. Labour Govt.'s refusal to join Schumania was based (only) on fact tht. they wd. have bn. asked in advance to accept supra-nationality. We aren't now asked to accept anything in advance. I wd. prefer to get in & bring it round the right way - or stop it.

Taken from C.M. 19(55) - Meeting held on 30 June 1955.