Other subjects of Security Service enquiries

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Other subjects of Security Service enquiries

Simon Rostowski aka Ernst Henri (KV 2/2712-2713)

KV 2/2712 (1933-1952) traces Rostowski's work in London before and into the Second World War, concentrating on his writing for Soviet War News. There is an interview note at serial 59a from August 1941. The file contains intercepted correspondence and movement notes that give great detail about the writer's time in Britain, and his efforts to gain entry before the war.

KV 2/2713 (1952-1957) relates how, after the war, Rostowski returned to the Soviet Union, and was interned in a labour camp in Siberia until 1956. Throughout these files, while Rostowski's role as a propagandist is clear, it is never determined that he actually engaged in espionage for the Russians.

Czech Refugee Trust Fund (KV 2/2714-2729)

The Czech Refugee Trust Fund (CRTF) was established in 1939 with British government money to aid Czech (and German) refugees from Nazi persecution. In the event, the structure of the CRTF, and the staff at its hostels, were heavily penetrated by Communists, and most of the refugees assisted were Communists too. The British director, Sir Henry Bunbury, was skilfully manipulated by his staff, and the Security Service, deeply suspicious about CRTF's work, pressed the government to take action. Eventually, a number of the CRTF staff were removed from the organisation, and a number of the refugees were interned.

These 16 files document the policy discussions within the Service and the rest of government, and include repeated Service summaries arguing for action to the Home Office (at serial 16a, KV 2/2714, 1939-1940; serial 33a, KV 2/2715, 1940; serial 42y, KV 2/2716, 1940). Sir Vernon Kell himself wrote twice to the Home Office on the subject to urge action (serials 44a and 49a).

As well as policy papers, these files also include lists of staff members, lists of refugees and discussion of individual cases, including those where CRTF staff gave false information to the Aliens Tribunal which resulted in non-Communist refugees being falsely interned. These include Rudolf Moeller-Dostali and Joseph Lampersberger, both of whose Security Service files are included in this release (KV 2/2686-2688 and KV 2/2690 respectively).