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Records of the Dominions Office, Colonial Office, Commonwealth and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, Empire Marketing Board, and related bodies
CO 537/1312 1946 Colonial renegades: Malta and Cyprus: individual casesThis file relates to three individuals charged with conspiracy and high treason in Malta. It includes translated copies of the verdict for each defendant and contains correspondence between the Governor of Malta and the Secretary of State for the Colonial Office.
DO 169/541 1965 - 1966 Soviet blocThis file looks at the relationship between Soviet states and the newly created Singapore following its secession from Malaysia. At the time, the British government was particularly concerned with Yugoslavia's recognition of Singapore , and the possibility of Singapore becoming a significant espionage base for the Soviet bloc.
FCO 13/805 1976 Recordings of speeches by Adolf Hitler deposited with British Institute of Recorded SoundAt the end of the Second World War, the government acquired recordings of 400 hours of Hitler's speeches. These first went to the BBC, who later entrusted them to the British Institute of Recorded Sound. This file looks at a request from Hamburg Radio to gain access to the recordings, and the sensitivities that transmission of the speeches might provoke.
FCO 13/850 1976 Review of Montreal Olympics 1976This file looks at the organisation of the Montreal Olympics, and contains an official report on the XXIst Olympiad.
FO 371/124938 1950 Anti-communist activities in Latin AmericaThis file looks at the relationship between the UK and USA in fighting the rise of Communism in Latin America.
Records of the Civil Service Commission
CSC 5/1866 1972 - 1973 Employment of UK passport holders expelled from UgandaThis file looks at the need to provide employment to UK passport holders who had been expelled from Uganda. In particular, it looks at the requirement for government departments to co-operate in the efforts to find employment for Ugandan Asians.
Records created or inherited by the Home Office, Ministry of Home Security, and related bodies
HO 342/308 1978 Human Rights: cases under the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1976; Daniel Wilson and Oliver O'NeillThis file generally deals with the terrorist attacks on mainland UK including London. Two of 14 people detained under Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976 complained to the European Commission of Human Rights claiming that the UK was in breach of a number of Articles under the convention. The file goes on to explain why the UK did not invoke Article 15 of the convention and 'derogate' out of the Articles under the convention even when faced with increased attacks in and around UK cities.
HO 342/310 1978 Human Rights: Home Office's view on the carrying of identity cards following question raised by John Biggs-Davison MP
HO 342/316/1 1978 Human Rights: review of operation of the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Acts 1974 and 1976 by Lord Shackleton; reference to concerns about compatability of the Act with the European Convention on Human RightsThese files look at Lord Shackleton's investigation into the Prevention of Terrorism Acts.
HO 342/316/2 1978 Human Rights: review of operation of the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Acts 1974 and 1976 by Lord Shackleton; reference to concerns about compatability of the Act with the European Convention on Human RightsSee above for details.
Records of Special Operations Executive
HS 9/915/3 1939 - 1946 Maurice LEQUEUX - date of birth not knownMaurice Lequeux was Chef de Secteur in the PROSPER group in Northern France. In 1943 he was arrested and deported to Auschwitz. At the end of the war he was handed over to the French, who were suspicious of his allegiance to the Resistance. Lequeux's family sought British intervention to secure his liberty and avoid him having to carry out his sentence.
Records created or inherited by the Law Officers' Department
LO 2/146 1958 - 1960 'Lolita' obscenity: books, obsceneThis file looks at the possibility of prosecution for the publication of Vladimir Nabokov's book Lolita. In particular, Robert Jenkins MP was trying to obtain a conclusion from the government as to whether or not the book was deemed to be obscene.
LO 2/148 1960 - 1961 'Lady Chatterley's Lover': obscenity: books, obscene: prosecutions, history of; parliamentary questionsIn 1960, Penguin Books published an unexpurgated version of D H Lawrence's book, Lady Chatterley's Lover. This file looks at correspondence between government officials with the Attorney General, Sir Reginald Manningham-Buller, following the prosecution of Penguin Books under the Obscene Publications Act. It includes copies of The Spectator (19 and 26 August 1960) and the New Statesman (10 August 1960), as well as a letters to and from the Attorney General expressing opinions on the matter.
LO 2/161 1963 - 1970 'Fanny Hill' obscenity: books, obscene: prosecutions, history of; parliamentary questionsThis file contains correspondence relating to the publication of Fanny Hill by John Cleland. There is particular concern in 1969 when publishers Mayflower propose to publish an unexpurgated version of the book.
LO 2/171 1968 - 1969 'Summer Ghosts': obscenity; books, obsceneThis file looks at an investigation over the publication of The Summer Ghosts, following a complaint to the Attorney-General by an MP on behalf of a constituent. The file contains a report by a Dr Leigh, who advised that there was nothing wrong with this book.
LO 2/329 1947 Applications for the Attorney-General's fiat in Official Secrets cases: Dalton, H; no consentIn 1947, the Chancellor, Hugh Dalton, resigned after it was revealed he had divulged the contents of his budget speech to a lobby journalist from the Star, just before entering Parliament to make his annual statement. The file looks at the possible prosecution of Dalton under the Official Secrets Act following his indiscretion.
LO 2/333 1954 Applications for the Attorney-General's fiat in Official Secrets cases: Montgomery of Alamein, Field-MarshalThis file contains a short investigation following a Parliamentary question regarding the fact that Field-Marshal Montgomery kept a number of military documents without permission after he left active service.
Records of the Metropolitan Police Office
MEPO 6/91 1974 - 1975 'Prevention of Crime - Habitual Criminals' bookletThis file contains a booklet produced the Metropolitan Police entitled: "Prevention of Crime: Habitual Criminals".