Newly released records from 1977 include the Silver Jubilee, the Grunwicks dispute and Lib-Lab pact

December 2007

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Recent releases at The National Archives

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, records are open on transfer to The National Archives unless they contain information covered by an exemption set out in the Act. Friday 28 December 2007 marks the transfer of over 4,000 records from 1977, rather than the expiry of their closure period. This transfer includes material from the Prime Minister's Office (PREM), the Cabinet Office (CAB), the Northern Ireland Office (CJ) and the Foreign Office (FCO).

Below are some of the highlights from the release, found within the records of the Prime Minister's Office, including those relating to the Queen's Silver Jubilee, the Lib/Lab pact, the Grunwick dispute and the relationship between Prime Minister Callaghan and Tony Benn.

Defence cuts

PREM 16/1186 looks at the concerns expressed in the view of possible defence cuts. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1186 images

Security arrangements for Downing Street

This file (PREM 16/1192) relates to discussions looking at the possibility of putting up a barrier at Downing Street. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1192 images

SAS incursion into Ireland

This file (PREM 16/1339) is the first of two files that contain material relating to the case of members of the SAS who strayed over the Irish border and their subsequent trial. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1339 images

PREM 16/1340 contains further information on the case. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1340 images

Conversations with Prime Minister Callaghan

PREM 16/1375 includes examples of ministers' speeches and broadcasts. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1375 images

PREM 16/1379 contains information regarding the Prime Minister's bilateral meetings with Cabinet ministers and includes preparatory material for the Prime Minister Callaghan's meeting with Energy Secretary Tony Benn. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1379 images

This file (PREM 16/1393) looks at vote pairing rules in the House of Commons. As part of this, the file also contains a discussion between Prime Minister Callaghan and the leader of the opposition, Margaret Thatcher. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1393 images

The Lib/Lab pact

PREM 16/1399 contains papers relating to the Lib/Lab pact, including a report of a phone conversation between Tony Benn and the Prime Minister. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1399 images

Windscale industrial dispute

This file (PREM 16/1409) relates to concerns about the British power plant industry and contains proposals for reorganisation. The file also includes decisions on the Drax B coal-fired plan and on nuclear power options. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1409 images

The Queen's Silver Jubilee

PREM 16/1439 looks at the arrangements for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, including discussions around the illumination of the River Thames. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1439 images

PREM 16/1440 contains further details relating to arrangements for the Silver Jubilee. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1440 images

The Grunwick dispute

This file (PREM 16/1491) looks at the dispute at the Grunwick Film Processing plant. Go to Discovery to view PREM 16/1491 images