Trial of Naval Ratings

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Trial of Naval Ratings


Shocked at verdict on these ratings.  Theft of 32/6 from a taxi man scarcely warrants 2 yrs.' & 4 yrs.' impt & c.p.
Don't mind c.p. myself but people in this country are outraged by it.
Why shd. our sailors be exposed to it.
Apart fr. that, sentences are v. long.


Sentenced by E. Judge: defended by E. barrister.
Sentences seem severe. Tho' less than those imposed on 2 soldiers in '49 for same offence.
Advised not to appeal i) because planned robbery, not drunken brawl.
This wd. come out on appeal. ii) Serv. certs. wd. also come out on appeal & are v. bad. iii) R. with v. is v. prevalent
in Singapore : & sentences mght. be increased on appeal.
Floggings won't be carried out for another 5 days.


Many cases of robbery by Service men.
Can't interfere with course of justice. But have asked wtr flogging cd. be done by R.N. not Police.


I wdn't interfere with sentences of this order for r. with v. in U.K.
They beat him up in order to get his last dollar off him.
As serious an offence as any save murder.


We can't flog them because flogging has bn. abolished in R.N.

Taken from C.C. 79(53) - Meeting held on 15 December 1953.