Persian Gulf

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Persian Gulf


No doubt U.S. are v. much excited about this - all of them.
Arab world shd. be peaceful & on our side. Be-devilled by a few ques.
They are v. worried about their oil. And frightened about
Ibu Saud. Ike also thinks this is just another example of our re-actionary M/E. policy.
Cab. considered 4 courses on last occasion.
Ike won't accept (iii).
We must try to make some concession to meet U.S. view.  They don't realise clearly how much our interests are engaged. Say
we just can't do anythg. implying tht. T. has any right to be
where he is.  We are therefore willing to carry on as now - no arbitn., no change. And if U.S. say must go to U.N., reply - splendid, we have a good case. More diff. for U.S. to refuse acquiescence. Lesser of 2 evils is tht. we lose arbitn. protem.


Our interests are v. great indeed. U.S. trying to muscle in (oil cos.).

Taken from C.C. 44(53) - Meeting held on 21 July 1953.