Coloured Workers

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Coloured Workers


Problems wh. will arise if many coloured people settle here.  Are we to saddle ourselves with colour problems in U.K.
Attracted by the Welfare State.  Public opinion in U.K. won't tolerate it once it gets beyond certain limits.


Already becoming serious in Manchr.


40.000 now cpd. 7.000 pre-war. 15/6/53 :  3.666 unempld. :  1870 on natl. assistce.  Living on immoral earngs.  12 mos. to 31/8/53 :  62 convicted MPD of whom 24 were coloured.  All adminve. measures to discourage have bn. taken.  Only further step wd. be immigrn. control over admn. of B. subj. to U.K.
Two methods:

i) apply A.O. control, incldg. 1(3)(b), to  Br. subjects.  Increase of 80 in H.O. & 40 in M/L. staff.
   Double those nos. if extended to Irish Republic.   With corr. right of deportn.
ii) take power to deport B. subj. fr. overseas if convicted of serious offence or become public charge.

Wd. have to admit in Parlt. tht. purpose of legn. was to control admn. of coloured.
There is a case on merits for excludg. riff-raff.  But politically it wd. be represented & discussed on basis of a colour limitation.  That wd. offend the floating vote viz., the old Liberals.  We shd. be reversing age-long tradn. tht. B. S. have right of entry to mother-country of Empire.  We shd. offend Liberals,  also sentimentalists.
On ii) gt. public feeling cd. be aroused by a bad case.  We are in gt. danger of that.
On balance, scale of the problem is such tht. we shdn't take these risks to-day. The col. popns. are resented in Lpl., Paddington & other areas. – by those who come into contact with them.  But those who don't are apt to take Liberal view.


This is increasing evil.  Principle laid down 200 yrs. ago are not applicable to-day. See dangers of colour discriminn.  But other Doms. control entry of B. subjects.  Cd. we present action as coming into line with them & securing uniformity.


Ques. is wtr it is politically wise to allow public feeling to x| develop a little more – before takg. action.
Sw. Restn. on entry in 4 old Doms. & Ceylon.  None in India or Pak.  They might retaliate by restns. on B. subj. entry.
 Power to deport B. subjects is universal in Doms.  There wd. be no bad re-action v. legn. here takg. similar power.
 I wd. support second, tho' not first.


Right of entry is restricted in most Colonies.  And most have power to deport. Legn. based on colour wd. be disastrous in Colonies. Genl. restn. of entry wd. be resented in many Comm. countries. No objn. likely to be taken against power to deport.


May be wise to wait as at x/.  But it wd. be fatal to let it develop too far.


Study first the ques of deportn.


Wd. like also to study possibility of "quota" – no. not to be exceeded.


Will submit memo. on depn. powers in Doms.  C.O. shd. do same for Colonies.

Taken from C.C. 7(54) - Meeting held on 3 February 1954.