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Records created or inherited by the Department of the Environment, and of related bodies
AT 41/329 1979 - 1982 Tidal flooding in London and Thames Estuary: contingency planning for tidal flooding in London; departmental consultations with representative bodies regarding public transport flooding
Records of the Board of Trade and of successor and related bodies
BT 243/475 1979 - 1982 Mary Rose Project: application for grant to complete the excavation and preservation of the Mary RoseThis file covers the excavation project of Henry VIII's warship, the Mary Rose, from the launch of the project in January 1979 to the issue of the raising of the hull. The file includes press cuttings and monthly reports from the project as well as lists of findings from the wreckage.
Records of the Ministry of Defence
DEFE 24/1420 1975 Suez Canal: clearance and re-opening following the Arab-Israeli War 1967This file looks at the arrangements for the re-opening of the Suez Canal, which took place in June 1975. It includes a full account of the event from the British representative, including reports of the unexpected presence of The USS "Little Rock".
DEFE 24/1432 1976 Assistance by the Navy to water authorities during the drought of summer 1976This file contains information on the developing situation regarding the drought, and the possibility of using resources from the Ministry of Defence should the situation become desperate.
DEFE 48/1112 1982 An assessment of the feasibility and value of attacking Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (GSFG) field tactical headquarters with artillery munitionsThis file reports on the possibility of attacking Soviet bases and command posts.
Records created or inherited by the Home Office, Ministry of Home Security, and related bodies
HO 144/22846 1945 - 1946 CRIMINAL: Sir Oswald Mosley: charged with causing unnecessary suffering to pigs on his farm; complaint as to observations made by the magistrate after his dismissal of the case.This file relates to a case brought against Sir Oswald Mosley which was eventually dismissed. Mosley wrote to the Lord Chancellor on 10 December 1945 to ask that the magistrate who heard the case should retract what he considered to be unjustified observations made in open court after the case against him was dismissed. The Kingsclere magistrate, Lt Colonel Kingsmill had heard evidence that Mosley's boar, two fat pigs and 95 store-pigs were emaciated and living in filthy conditions.  The magistrate, in his closing remarks, suggested that although he was dismissing the case, he felt that Mosley should have been aware of the state the pigs were in and taken steps to ensure they were properly fed and housed. Mosley wrote to the Lord Chancellor demanding that the magistrate retract his observations in open court.
Records created or inherited by the Transport Departments and of related bodies, and of the London Passenger Transport Board
MT 89/294 1979 - 1981 Channel Tunnel: Linkintoeurope Channel Road Bridge; consideration of proposal by Linkintoeurope Limited for a road bridge link to Europe; minutes of evidence taken before House of Commons Transport Committee, 11 June 1980This file contains correspondence relating to a submission for the Channel crossing from Freeman, Fox & Partners, Consulting Engineers. Their proposal was to build a road bridge to cross the Channel for which the main costs would be borne by the private sector. The file contains an artist's impressions of the proposed bridge.
MT 89/295 1979 - 1982 Channel Tunnel: consideration of investment by British Rail; correspondence and notes of meetings with British Railways Board about their Corporate Financial Effect AssessmentThis file looks at how the Channel Tunnel might be financed.
MT 89/296 1974 - 1981 Channel Tunnel: re-introduction of proposal; consideration of procedure for public consultation, examination of British Railways Board (BRB) proposals and any alternative schemes; consultation papers and correspondence with Legal Branch and BRBThis file examines a number of aspects relating to the project of the Channel Tunnel, including the necessity for legislation, and/or a treaty with France.
Records of the Prime Minister's Office
PREM 11/2799 1952 - 1959 Case of Doctor Klaus FuchsThis file looks at issues arising during Dr Fuchs' imprisonment, including the possibility of extraditing Fuchs to the USA once he has finished his sentence in the UK, and allegations that some of his documents were smuggled out of Pentonville prison.
PREM 11/2859 1959 Further testing of nuclear weapons, November 1957This file relates to planning for a second round of tests to take place on Christmas Island. It contains correspondence to the Prime Ministers of Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as internal notes relating to the tests, and the impact they may have on the discussions taking place on nuclear disarmament. The tests eventually took place in November 1957.
PREM 8/1524 1951 Disappearance of Foreign Office officials, Donald Maclean and Guy BurgessThis file contains correspondence relating to the potential risks posed by Maclean's participation in the USA Atomic Energy Committee and also correspondence and reports on the career paths of both Burgess and Maclean.
PREM 8/1528 1950 - 1951 Communist influences in armed forces: measures taken to forewarn men in forces against attempts to seduce them from their allegianceThis file looks at how to protect the armed forces from the influences of Communism following certain cases where Communist sympathies have affected the armed forces.
Records created and inherited by HM Treasury
T 326/1770 1970 Briefing for the Chancellor's visit to Paris, February 1970: meetings with Valery Giscard d'Estaing, French Minister of Economy and FinanceBriefing notes for the Chancellor's visit to Paris including a personality note on Valery Giscard d'Estaing which sets out his career to date and notes on issues concerning both the British and French economies of the time.
Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies
WO 296/138 1975 - 1976 Complaints against members of the Armed Forces in Northern Ireland: policyThis file looks at the introduction of an independent element into the investigation of complaints into the police, and how this could apply to the Royal Ulster Constabulary.
WO 309/1827 1948 Alleged war criminals not held in Little Tomato cells, Lehrter Strasse Prison, BerlinThis file relates to released prisoners from Little Tomato.
WO 309/1831 1945 - 1947 Recovery of documents that were buried in the Russian zone (formerly Stalag VIII B, Lamsdorf, Poland)This file relates to the story of a British major who was interned in Stalag VIII. Once interned, the major acted as doctor for other internees and during this time put together records of patients. These were hidden in the camp with the intention to collect them at a further date to use as evidence of mistreatment of prisoners. However, after the war the camp was in the Russian zone, and the government required permission from the Russians to send a delegation to recover the files.
WO 309/1834 1945 -1948 Alleged shooting of British service personnel at Stalag Luft III, Sagan, PolandThis file contains a list of wanted persons suspected of mistreatment of prisoners at Stalag Luft III.
WO 309/1838 1947 - 1948 Verdicts of war crimes trials at military courtsThis file contains findings relating to a number of cases put before the War Crimes Court, including mention of the "Le Poitiers" case.
WO 309/1848 1946 Personnel wanted in connection with alleged war crimes, Auschwitz concentration camp, PolandThis file relates to the transfer of various prisoners.
WO 309/1867 1946 Shooting of Lieutenant Sinclair at Oflag IV C, Colditz, Germany, September 1943This file contains correspondence relating to various attacks alleged to have taken place at Colditz prison.
WO 309/2024 1945 - 1946 Alleged ill-treatment of internees at Belsen concentration camp, GermanyThis file contains various reports relating to suspected mistreatment of prisoners at Belsen concentration camp.
WO 309/2076 1947 - 1948 Massacre in Riga, Latvia
WO 309/2195 1947 Location of bodies of crew of crashed Lancaster bomber found at Grossneuhausen, GermanyThis file looks at attempts to recover the bodies of the crew of a crashed Lancaster bomber.
WO 309/2199 1946 - 1948 Alleged war criminals wanted for war crimes committed at Auschwitz, Poland
WO 309/2226 1945 - 1946 Military courts for trial of war criminals: warrant for creationThis file looks at the procedures for delegating powers in relation to the military courts for war criminals.
WO 309/2237 1945 Ill-treatment of Sergeant J C Cameron, by Italian guards, Swani Ben Adem, Libya, 2 August 1942This files contains statements and reports relating to the conditions and treatment of prisoners at the camp.
WO 309/2239 1945 - 1946 Ill-treatment of foreign slave workers at Jaworzno and Auschwitz (Oswiecim) camps, Poland, 1943-1945This file relates to the plight of workers at Jaworzno camp in Poland. It is alleged that workers were sometimes sent to Auschwitz for extermination, on grounds of unfitness to work or of being bad workers.