German Intelligence Agents

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German Intelligence Agents

Gunter Stracke and Robert Dörendahl (KV 2/2294)

This intriguing, reconstituted file (1942-1949) traces the war-time exploits of naval radio operator Günther Stracke and his associates, particularly Robert Dörendahl. Stracke was radio operator on the SS Passim @ Mercator, a vessel used by the Germans under these and various other false names to infiltrate agents and supplies into South America and South Africa from a base in Le Havre.

The file contains traces on Stracke emanating from various sources, until he was arrested on 12 February 1945 attempting to run a cargo of butter past the allied naval blockade at Le Havre. Stracke and his shipmates were interrogated, and this file includes the detailed CSDIC reports of the information about German intelligence operations provided by Stracke.

It includes, at serial 43A, a War Room telegram warning of plans to evacuate senior Nazis by boat on 13 May 1945 to South America, arising from Dörendahl's information.

After the war, Dörendahl was detained in Liverpool prison, until 1948 when he was released to undertake agricultural work in Northamptonshire. He instead tried to flee to Ireland, and was arrested and, in February 1949, deported to Germany. The file contains photographs of Dörendahl.

Hermann Balzer (KV 2/2299-2300)

These files on Abwehr officer Balzer are chiefly of interest for the complete record of his intercepted radio communications, which is in KV 2/2300. This is the first such complete run to be released. Balzer's Abwehr career in shipping intelligence is recorded in KV 2/2299 (1940-1945), which includes his Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre (CSDIC) interrogation reports (serial 2A and following).