The Cabinet Secretaries' Notebooks (CAB 195/7)

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Council of Europe

Council of Europe


Must consider this in reln to O.E.E.C., Commonwealth, & our posn as 1st Class World Power. Some U.S. tendency to consider us as merely European power.
Our geogr., Comm., & world posn makes inevitable some tight-rope walking over this.
Opposed to special session. Due mainly to U.S.C. agitn re Germany.
Procedure. Council of Ministers, representg. Govts., can't be regarded as reporting to or answerable to Assembly, which consists of individuals not representg. Govts.
O.E.E.C.: must not be jeopardised until 1952.
Germany: Propose we indicate to Adenauer that if they apply for admission as associate member appln will be sympathetically received.
France, however, want Saar admitted as associate member. France hasn't absorbed it as Department of France. Ques. of principle is involved. We accepted associate status as interim arrangemt. pending full independence. Diff. therefore to accept Saar unless France willing to admit they may eventually become independent.
Austria. Some wd. like immedte admn.  But Treaty may be thro' by end of year. Don't want to set that back.  Might offend R. by admittg. her to C/Europe. Opinion on this in Austria is divided. Some, tho; urging w'drawal of all troops, don't want ours to go. I've made clear my firm intn thr. B. troops shall go.
My concln: get Treaty, w'drawal of troops by specified date, & at once after that date admit A. to C/Europe.


     i) Careful to avoid giving impn tht. we are ready to go further than we are in economic co-opn in Europe. Shd. we not also consider makg. that publicly clear.
     ii) Econ-resoln of Assembly.  3 courses. I favour the second viz, refce to Govts., who might be expected to have it considered by O.E.E.C.


Agree re Germany.
Saar. V. unrealistic to contemplate eventual independence. Farcical to bring them in as associate member, tho' I see French difficulties.


Tories are trying to pretend Comm. preferences can be linked with W. European economic co-opn. Wd. be helpful if other Comm. Govts. cd. declare r. that.


No need to take that seriously.
Veto on accessions.  What they were afraid of was Spain - not Germany.
Safe in turng. this down, if it's not in fact intended to add Spain.
Believe Fr. will accept Germany, so long as it isn't over-publicised.
Let them have Saar if it will ease Fr. agreemt. to Germany's admissn. Saar might be politically independent, tho' remaing. in Customs Union with France.


Dangerous precedent. Not separate sovereignty. Might be followed by Morocco, or even Wales.


Human Rights Convn. Don't mind so long as emphasis is on "in principle." There is a lot of nonsense in it:  & some danger (e.g. incln of protn for property rights & religion).


V. blurred picture - inevitably.
Support E.B.'s view on Austria.
Looks as tho' Europ. Govts. haven't enough domestic authority to settle own conflicts. Trying to get some authy. fr. outside to support them.
Ought we not therefore to encourage maximum Europn co-opn.  For we are in a dangerous posn.  Italy: Commn is by no means to be ignored. Tito-ism might be introduced into Comm. Party in Italy, just to confuse it.
R. bound to try to make trouble in W. Germany.  She must get hold of Ruhr if she is to satisfy economic needs of countries she controls.
Thus, tho' we shd. remain practical, we shd. not be slow to encourage maximum econ. integn of Europe - to stem Comm. tide.
Don't be too cold.


No:  but we mustn't allow ourselves to get too deeply commd in Europe - economically & politically.  For they wd. rely too much on us.  And we can't carry them - as well as our world responsibilities.


We ourselves shall be drawn rather to an Atlantic Fedn than to a European Fedn.  Our main task is to attach Canada to U.K. rather than run after Europe.  Let Europe federate on its own.


Cultural & scientific recommns.  Take care to avoid duplicating these bodies.  Quite enough already.
Memo approved.

Taken from C.M. 62(49) - Meeting held on 27 October 1949.