Polish Troops under British Command

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Polish Troops under British Command

The Cabinet discussed on 3 June 1946 the transfer of Polish troops from Italy.  General Anders, the Polish Commander, had made various statements including that the troops would be leaving Italian soil for the UK along an unknown road to Poland which no one could imagine without leaders such as Lvov and Vilna and that the march towards a free and independent Poland still continued.  The Cabinet thought that statements such as these were likely to upset the Governments of Poland and the Soviet Union and make it more difficult to disperse the troops.

The following extracts give a flavour of what was said in Cabinet:


Proclamation by Anders to his troops. Will make this much more diff. for H.O.


Am getting exact text before making up my mind.


This is what frightens U.S.S.R.


Hoping U.S. will take some – have obtained support of Mark Clark & Eisenhower.


Canada wd. take more if pressed.


Cabinet must consider.


Am not going to let these men down. France may now take some. Doms. are a disgrace: we own 1/6th of the world & can't absorb 200.000!

Taken from C.M. 54(46)(5) - Meeting held on 3 June 1946.