Scheduling Diaries for Winston Church

March 2006

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Scheduling Diaries for Winston Churchill

Churchill Diaries

PREM 11/5220-5221 1951-1954

These two diaries give an interesting insight into the daily routine of the Prime Minister from 16 November 1950 to 5 April 1954. They hold detailed accounts of where Churchill was on each day, who he dined with, where and what time. The accounts also include personal facts about his paintings, his farm, his animals and his love of films. There are also many references to horse racing.

Highlights include:

PREM 11/5220

Sat 29 December 1951 - Mon 28 January 1952. Official trip to America and Canada.

Wed 6 February 1952 - Fri 15 February 1952. The death and funeral of King George VI.

Tue 24 March 1953 - Tue March 31 1953. The death and funeral of Queen Mary.

Fri 24 April 1953. The Queen knights the Prime Minister.

Tue 2 June 1953. Coronation of HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Wed 24 June 1953 - Thu 16 July 1953. The Prime Minister is noted as being ill. Although not documented in the diaries, Churchill had actually had a heart attack and was ordered to take a month off from duties.

PREM 11/5221

Tue 1 December 1953 - Fri 11 December 1953. Official visit to Bermuda.

Mon 22 March 1954 - Mon 5 April 1954. Multiple references to hydrogen bombs.

Wed 13 October 1954 - Sunday 17 October 1954. References to changes and restructuring of government.