A selection of files recently released at The National Archives

July 2006

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Catalogue ref. Date Description
Records from the Cabinet Office
CAB 195/6 1948 Sir Norman Brook Notebook: Cabinet Minutes, CM (48) 1st Conclusions - CM (48) 82nd ConclusionsThis Notebook covers all the 1948 meetings of Clement Attlee's Cabinet. It contains, amongst other interesting topics, transcriptions of discussions relating to House of Lords reform, the Dock strikes, post-war Germany and China.
Records of the Ministry of Defence
DEFE 24/1050 1976 Bourn Working Party on Law and Order in Northern Ireland: includes proposed expansion of the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR)Explores changes to the law and to the military presence in Northern Ireland. Also touches on terrorism and provisions to handle rioting. Includes booklet: "The handling of complaints to the police: Report on the Working party for Northern Ireland".
Records created or inherited by the Civil Aviation Authority
DR 11/263 1974-1980 Collision between Piper PA25 G-ASVX and RAF Phantom XV 493, mid-air, 10 miles SW of Marham, Norfolk on 9th August 1974Discusses mid-air collision between a Piper Pawnee (crop-sprayer) and a McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom during a training exercise. The crash destroyed both planes and killed the two pilots in the Phantom and one in the Piper.
Records created and inherited by the Foreign Office
FO 945/644 1946-1947 Deportations of Germans from EireRelates to the deportation of a number of Germans who were in Eire at the end of the war. A number of those who are sent back to Germany make Habeas Corpus applications on their deportation orders.
Records created or inherited by the Home Office, Ministry of Home Security, and related bodies
HO 45/23607 1931 ROYAL - OTHER MATTERS: Claim to throne by Anthony Hall: alleged descendant of Henry VIIIDiscussions around Anthony Hall who claims he is a lineal descendent of Henry VIII. Includes letters from Sir Clive Wigram, Private Secretary to the King, George V.
HO 45/23666 1940 WAR: The Right Club: internment of membersMarjorie Amor - Report and appeal about her detention under the Defence Act. Her hand- written appeal to the Home Office is enclosed along with police reports.
HO 45/25725 1940-1942 WAR: Defence Regulation 18B Detainees: PITT-RIVERS, George Henry Lane Fox, one-time member of The Link and the Fascist January ClubArdent fascist whose lawyers are making a number of requests relating to his incarceration. He is detained under a Defence Regulation Order. Included are a number of statements relating to his political opinions, and who his political acquaintances are.
HO 144/22329 1923-1924 CRIMINAL: 'Peculiar People' sect: couple charged with manslaughter following failure to provide medical attention for child. Intervention by Home Secretary never taken in cases of manslaughter by members of 'Peculiar People', 'Christian Scientists', etc.Addresses the case of Mr and Mrs Purkiss who were tried for manslaughter following the death of their son. They were members of the Peculiar People sect, who practise a puritanical form of worship, as part of which they do not believe in conventional medicine.
HO 267/226 1922 - 1925 Kidnap and murder of William Fraser by armed men in ArmaghThis file addresses the case of William Fraser who was kidnapped in 1922 but whose body was only uncovered and identified two years later. His widow was awarded compensation for his death in 1925.
Records of the Lord Chancellor's Office and of various legal commissions and committees
LCO 19/540 1976 Society of Immigrant LawyersChairman of Society of Immigrant Lawyers Rudy Narayan meets with John Heritage to discuss issues related to discrimination in the legal profession. Includes book by Narayan entitled "Black Community on trial".
Records created or inherited by the Ministry of Health and successors, Local Government Boards and related bodies
MH 154/1103 1979 - 1983 Review of alcohol policies: preparation of guidanceDiscussions around the issue of alcohol in the UK with the view of amending the current policy.