Treatment of prisoners of war

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Treatment of prisoners of war

Treatment of Prisoners of War 
The Cabinet discussed in October 1942 the German communiqué regarding the decision to put in chains British prisoners of war captured at Dieppe.  The communiqué also referred to Britain's announcement that if the Germans persisted in their intention then similar measures would be taken with a similar number of German prisoners of war.  The Germans went on to say that if this measure came into force they would then put in chains three times that number of British prisoners. 

Atlee reported that he had held conversations with Dominion representatives and found that they were disturbed by these events.  The Notebooks show that the Cabinet discussed this issue on a number of occasions. They detail the discussions with the Dominions and the Swiss who were acting as the go-between and they also show the tit-for-tat increases in the number of prisoners manacled by both sides as time went on.


We've each tied up 1.500. G. threaten to go up to 5.000. They haven't publicly announced they've done it. No further action from us therefore until offl. G. announcement tht they have done so. Wd. say to H/C tomorrow "no further statement".

W.M.(42)139th Meeting held on 12 October 1942.