Three power meeting at Potsdam

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Three power meeting at Potsdam

At the Cabinet meeting in June Churchill said that he felt it might be awkward for him to speak with any great authority at the forthcoming Three Power Meeting whilst the results of the election were unknown:


…Had thought we cd. have solid front if
  CRA came too - his added declns wd. give us watertight decln …
  …But CRA´s agreement is challenged by leader of Socialist
  Party.  I shd. be leaning on a broken crutch.
  Occurred to me therefore tht. it might be better to wait until someone
  can clearly be responsible for B. policy…
  …Not therefore unreasonable to suggest postponement on grd. tht.
  CRA´s credentials are imperfect. 

C.M.(45)10th Meeting held on 20 June 1945.