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In July 1943 the Cabinet discussed the situation in Palestine.  The Cabinet agreed that action was needed to damp down the existing agitation, which was being brought on by extremist statements. There was concern that the situation might lead to future military commitments. 

The Notebooks highlight the different attitudes between the Jewish factions. They record that the Jews in Palestine were regarded as totalitarian, aggressive and expansionist and that ´They were trying to run a state w´in a state v. much on Nazi lines´.  However, they make it clear that there was still moderate Jewish opinion both inside and outside Palestine and that this should be encouraged.  The Cabinet agreed a draft declaration by the UK and US governments, which said that no decision on Palestine should be reached without full consultation between both Arabs and Jews.


I´m committed to creation of a Jewish National Home in Palestine.  Let us go on with that; and at end/war we shall have plenty of force with which to compel the Arabs to acquiesce in our designs.  Don´t shirk our duties because of diffies…


we have our obligations towards the Arabs…present aspirations of Jews in Pal. are a real menace to our position in M/East & subsequently in India.

W.M.(43)92nd Meeting held on 2 July 1943