Abbreviations commonly used in the Notebooks

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Abbreviations commonly used in the Notebooks

These are some of the abbreviations commonly used in the Notebooks.

Ministerial and other jobs, Government departments and bodies

Admy - Admiralty

A.G. - Attorney General

A.P.W. - Committee Armistice and Post-War Committee of the Cabinet

B/Ed - President of the Board of Education

B/T - President of the Board of Trade

C.A.S. - Chief of the Air Staff

C.D. - Civil Defence

C/E - Chancellor of the Exchequer

Ch. Whip - Chief Whip

CIGS/VCIGS/ACIGS - Chief (Vice, Assistant) of the Imperial General Staff

CinC - Commander in Chief

C.N.A.S. - Chief of the Naval Air Staff

C.N.S./VCNS - Chief (Vice Chief) of the Naval Staff

C.O.S. - Chiefs of Staff

D./Def. Cttee - Defence Committee

D/PM - Deputy Prime Minister

F.O. - Foreign Office

H.O. - Home Office

L.A. - Local Authorities

Ld Chanc - Lord Chancellor

L.P. - Lord President of the Council

L.P. Cttee - Lord President's Committee

L.P.S. - Lord Privy Seal

M/Ag - Minister or Ministry of Agriculture

M.A.P. - Minister or Ministry for Aircraft Production

M.E.W. - Minister or Ministry of Economic Warfare

M/F - Minister or Ministry of Food

M/H - Minister or Ministry of Health

M/I, M/Inf - Minister or Ministry of Information

M/L - Minister or Ministry of Labour

M/P - Minister or Ministry of Pensions

M/S - Minister or Ministry of Supply

M/State - Minister of State

M/WT - Minister or Ministry of War Transport

M/Prodn - Minister or Ministry or Production

P.M. - Prime Minister

P.M.G. - Paymaster General

Q.M.G. - Quarter Master General

S/Doms - Secretary of State for the Dominions

Sec/Pet - Secretary for the Petroleum Department

S.H.A.E.F. - Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force

S.I.S. - Secret Intelligence Service

S.O.E. - Special Operations Executive

S/S - Secretary of State (e.g. S/S Air)

UNRRA - United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

W.O. - War Office

1st Ld - First Lord of the Admiralty

1st S.L. - First Sea Lord