The Cabinet Secretaries' Notebooks (CAB 195/8)

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Econ. and pol. sitn v. serious.  Black market: break in majority Party: no grip on econ. sitn.
V. little response fr. U.S. on econ. and fin. aid. Wealthy U.S. Jews think Pal. Govt. is too far to Left: and middle section have lost influence in U.S. Trade Unions.
Israel Govt. have allowed excessive immigrn – can't absorb it – we told them so.
Also Poles and E. Europ. are difft. kind of Jews: tough eggs.
New Arab policy.  Iraq, eg. releasg. Jews too fast: makg. diffies for Israel.
Loss of faith, in U.N., because Jews haven't accepted internatn of Jerusalem.
Has aroused powerful R.C. organn in U.S., anti Jewish lobby.
Gives me anxiety re M/D. as a whole. Our posn in Egypt uncertain – and E. pol. seem disturbed. Rows in both places might disturb whole area.
Warning to Cab. No policy proposals. F.O. considg. what we can do.

Taken from C.M. 67(50) - Meeting held on 23 October 1950.