The Cabinet Secretaries' Notebooks (CAB 195/8)

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Coloured People from Colonies

Coloured People from Colonies.


Crowded colonies of these people in 4 or 5 areas.  Provokes fear of coloured ghettos.
Prime need is to disperse.  Avoid creation of large communities.
M/L. are doing their best.  Some employers and T.U.'s make diffies over emplt. of coloured people.
Diff. to integrate them into community.  Want Govt. Dpts. and vol. agencies to come together over this.  Decided to convene a Confce for this purpose on 10/7. in hope of permanent national advisory cttee. These problems are serious enough to warrant that.
Stowaways - fr. W. Indies and W. Africa.  Continuing. Ship arriving B'tol tomorrow with at least 14 stowaways on board.


Amend law to empower you to send anyone back who arrives as
                   x/ stowaway wthr B. subject or not.


Prefer tht. C.O. shd. ascertain what Col. Govt. do to verify no stowaways on board.


Done by collusion with members of crew.


Let L.O.'s consider x/.  The whole of the growing surplus of W. Indian
                  y/ populn can't be discharged into U.K.  On basis of H.O. and M/T. advice.


My diffies i) getting employers to accept them  ii) objns by individual employee.   Avoiding aggregation. 


Want genl. ques. examined, in light of y/.

Taken from C.M. 37(50) - Meeting held on 19 June 1950.