The Cabinet Secretaries' Notebooks (CAB 195/8)

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Abbreviated designations

These are some of the abbreviations commonly used in the Notebooks.

(Ministers may be referred to either by their initials or their posts, usage is inconsistent)

A. Viscount Addison
A.B. Aneurin Bevan
A.Cr. Aidan
A.G. Arthur Greenwood
A.V.A. A.V. Alexander
Att. Gen. Attorney General
Att. G. Attorney General
Barnes Alfred Barnes
C.A.S. Chief of the Air Staff
C.E. J. Chuter Ede
C.I.G.S. Chief of the Imperial General Staff
C.J. A. Creech Jones
Ch.E. Chancellor of Exchequer
E.B. Ernest Bevin
E.Sh. E. Shinwell
E.W. Ellen Wilkinson
G.A.I. G.A. Isaacs
G.B. George Buchanan
G.H. G.H. Hall
G.I. G.A. Isaacs
G.T. G. Tomlinson
H.D. Hugh Dalton
H.M. Herbert Morrison
Hynd. J.B. Hynd
J. Lord Jowitt
J.B.H. J.B. Hynd
J.G. James Griffiths
J.J.L. J.J. Lawson
J.W. John Wilmot
L.P. Lord President of Council
M/L Minister of Labour
M/Supply Minister of Supply and Aircraft Production
N. Lord Nathan
N.B. P.J. Noel-Baker
N.E. Ness Edwards
P.L. Lord Pethick-Lawrence
P.M. Prime Minister
P.M. C.R. Attlee
R.S.C. Sir Stafford Cripps
S. Viscount Stansgate
S.G. Solicitor-General
T.W. T. Williams
W. Lord Winster
W.A.J. Lord Jowitt
W.P. Wilfred Paling