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1 June 2005 releases

Catalogue ref. Date Description
Records created or inherited by the Department of the Environment and other related bodies.
AT 60/17 1976-77 Sponsorship in sport: Tobacco industry



Highlights the tensions between the Department of Health and Social Security and the Minister for Sport about sponsorship of sporting events by tobacco companies. Records the friction between ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) and the Minister of Sport who they feel favours the tobacco lobby.

AT 60/40 1975 Working Party on crowd behaviour: meetings, correspondence, reports and measures concerning football hooliganism.



Discusses whether ratepayers should cover the cost of policing football matches in West Midlands, to the tune of approximately £18,000. Detailed notes on how hooliganism is policed as well as how hooligans would be dealt with in other countries.


Conflicts between FA Clubs and Government where safety issues were 'ignored' - in particular Manchester United v West Ham match at West Ham on 25 October 1975.


Clubs with 'riotous' fans were called to be banned from TV, but this didn't go ahead.


The file also contains and interesting letter about fans travelling by air and MPs wanting to take away rights and privileges such as alcohol being served on the flight.

Records created or inherited by the Welsh Office relating to the administration of Wales.
BD 11/4 1954-1963 Fluoridation of water supply



A discussion of tests in Anglesey, 1954, to find a way to reduce dental decay, particularly in children. Contains some interesting statistics about tooth problems in children in 1950s.

Records of the Ministry of Defence
DEFE 24/1245 1977-1978 Falkland Islands: military rules of engagement with Argentinian forces drawn up prior to deployment of Royal Navy in area



Includes a debate over the use of force on the high seas and the difficulties of defining the rules of engagement against Argentine forces

Records of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FCO 66/691 1974 Arms Control & Disarmament - Meteorological Warfare



Highlights include telegrams/correspondence between individuals regarding voting on a Geneva resolution involving Russia. USA was not willing to vote in favour of the resolution unless Russia declared more information. The Russians were accused of changing the weather for environmental warfare with the result of damage to humans. Paper on Russia's ideas in warfare, including creating 'clouds' to destroy another country's agriculture to weaken them so they could not defend themselves.

FCO 76/808 1974 Arming of Aircrew & Use of Armed Guards on Aircraft to Counteract Acts of Violence Against Civil Aviation



Highlights include details of an incident at Heathrow where Israeli security personnel were handing a gun at customs and then keeping more firearms on them in secret for use in the terminal if they felt necessary - this is against British ammunition laws. The Israeli Ambassador would not support the British line and wanted the person who had been arrested to be released. The findings and arrest led to more security personnel from other countries also being searched, resulting in a Ghanian man being arrested for drug smuggling.

FCO 76/812 1974 Hijacking of British Airways VC 10 from Dubai to Tunis November 1974



This file is about the hijacking of a British jet in Tunis in 1974. It includes lessons learnt about dealing with hijackers. It also includes discussion about the psychological state of the hijackers, the negotiators and the Tunisian minister.

FCO 76/822 1974 Air services: UK and USA; transatlantic Laker 'Skytrain'



Correspondence with the British Embassy in Washington about Freddie Laker's application for a licence from the American civil aviation authorities to run low-cost air services across the Atlantic, and discussion about whether Britain should support his application. The Americans, who appear to have sensed a lack of enthusiasm by the British government for the project, delay making a decision. The Foreign Office, aware that Laker's case is attracting considerable publicity, urges the Embassy to express strong concern. The file includes a letter from Laker to the Foreign Secretary, Jim Callaghan, urging him to raise the issue with President Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

FCO 76/905 1974 Argentina: Views on the Law of the Sea



This file discusses Argentine policy on the Law of the Sea dictating Argentina's interest in 200 miles of shore including the Falklands.

FCO 82/420 1974 The Watergate Conspiracy: Causes and Effects


3 part report from the British Ambassador to Washington about the Watergate Conspiracy.

FCO 87/396 1974 UK Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1974



Documents the clash of the new bill with European Human Rights Laws. Also debates the reintroduction of capital punishment for terrorists.

FCO 87/409 1974 Peace meetings between Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Church leaders
Records of the Foreign Office
FO 371/ 30180 1941 Apostolic Delegation in London: suspicions regarding Monsignor Mozzoni's activities



The Foreign Office and Home Office had reason to believe a Vatican delegate in London, Monsignor Mozzoni, was communicating anti-British sentiments by transmitting messages through the Vatican diplomatic mailbag. The Home Office asked for Monsignor Mozzoni to be removed from the country as he was secretly accused by an English Roman Catholic Bishop (anonymously) of being a fascist sympathiser.

Records of the Home Office concerning supervision of the internal affairs of Great Britain, with particular emphasis on law, order and regulation
HO 45/25483 1936-1946 Experimental Hawkesbury Q camp for young persons considered to be "socially inadequate"



The file contains detailed reports of the workings and daily routine of an experimental treatment centre for troubled youth

HO 256/897 1975 Hijacking and terrorism: transmission of operational messages and secure speech communications



Correspondence relating to how and when the press should report on hijacking incidents, particularly those involving off-shore oil instillations and aircraft. Includes representations from Lord Harris of Greenwich, a Labour home office minister at the time, to the BBC's news and current affairs editor.

HO 144/22130 1943 Pro fascist broadcasting in 1941



The first German clandestine radio station broadcasting to Britain during the Second World War was the New British Broadcasting Station (NBBS) Its broadcasts started in February 1940 and continued until April 1945.


This newly released file shows that NBBS encouraged the circulation of 'chain letters' against Churchill and for peace with Germany. Two folders within the main file hold photostats of chain mail letters and an original typed chain letter in its original envelope. Additional items on the chain letters include police reports of attempts to trace where the letters were coming from. Although a few paths were followed, the writers seemed to remain out of the police's grasp.


Police research concluded that people listened to the broadcasts for news on naval fights, as they seemed to announce information accurately and more quickly than the BBC. However, listeners found the broadcasts about land bombing campaigns to be 'amusing' and 'entertaining' as they over-exaggerated Nazi successes. In particular, references to bombing campaigns in Milford Haven and Southampton were highlighted.


Three other bogus 'British' stations run by the Germans are also mentioned in this file, namely Workers' Challenge (whose purpose was to stir up strife amongst the working class), The Christian Peace Movement station, and Radio Caledonia (aimed at a Scottish audience).

HO 247/1017 1974-77 Independent TV News Ltd.



Discussion on the future of TV news.

Records created or inherited by the Ministry of Health and successors, Local Government Boards and related bodies
MH 102/1886 1948-1956 Emmigration of Children to Australia



Report about two children's homes outside Perth where British children are sent by the home and foreign office.

Records of the Prime Minister's Office.
PREM 16/205 1973-74 Speech by Tony Benn to Workers Educational Association in Bristol



A debate between Harold Wilson and Tony Benn about a speech Tony Benn planned to make as Secretary of State for Industry. Harold Wilson described extracts of it as "grist to the mill to those who say we are controlled by the unions"

PREM 16/273 1974 Communications security in the Scilly Isles while Prime Minister in residence



A file containing an enquiry from the Prime Minister about whether the Soviets were monitoring his conversations to the Cabinet Office while he was holidaying on the Isles of Scilly. The file contains amusing evidence that the British intelligence services knew which vessels, posing as "trawlers", were in fact Soviet spy ships.

Records created and inherited by HM Treasury
T 295/1002 1971-76 Remittances in aid of guerrilla and similar movements



Highlights include Questions & Motions 22 April 1971 about organisations donating funds to FRELIMO which they believed was to be spent on education and medical supplies, but was actually funding a terrorist group. Discusses whether the money should have been sent and whether the government should have allowed the transfer (re sterling and non-sterling areas).


Further papers deal with the kidnapping of a Brooke Bond member of staff from Paraguay with a ransom request of £1 million. He ended up being released without the kidnappers being paid.

T 319/2171 1967-74 BBC Board of Governors composition of and information about members



Interesting comments about individuals seeking election to the BBC Board of Governors. Includes documentation on the Prime Minister agreeing to allow senior BBC staff having £10,000 pay rises.

T 319/2342 1969-75 British Steel Corporation: Investments in South Africa



A discussion about the advisability of British Steel investing in South Africa.

T 319/2383 1970-74 Road Pricing Research



Proposals for a congestion charge that considered the proposal to install a "black box" in every road vehicle and charge 50p (in London) for a one way trip.

Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies
WO 204/43 1945 The surrender of the German Armed Forces in Italy: draft Instrument of Local Surrender and arrangements for reception of German Emissaries



Details the arrangements surrounding the surrender of German Commander In Chief's from Italy and includes a discussion on how to control fighting after surrender.