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Records created by the Home Office

Catalogue ref. Date Description
HO 144/22281 1920-1921 IRELAND: Activities of Sinn Fein supporter, Dr Mannix, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne



In 1920 the Home Office issued orders restricting the movements of Dr Daniel Mannix (Archbishop of Melbourne from 1917 to 1963) in Glasgow, Lancashire, Liverpool and Wallasey and banned his entry into Ireland. He was invited to speak at the Irish Self Determination League in Liverpool, a self-proclaimed IRA meeting in Newcastle and a meeting at The Royal Albert Hall in London. Officials feared his speeches and appearance would incite violence. The Home Office granted to local police forces and local government the ability to restrict meetings and public gatherings during his visits.

HO 144/22498 1923 Dangerous Drugs and Poisons: Reports by Liverpool police on Chinese engaged in drug trafficking



Details the means by which cocaine and opium were smuggled into Liverpool port and gives an insight into attitudes towards these drugs in 1923. A report by the Chief Inspector of Liverpool CID states that despite this drug tracking "there is no demand for cocaine or heroin in Liverpool".

HO 325/143 1970-1972 Relationship between police and immigrants: Black Power movement; demonstration and march in Notting Hill, London, August 1970



Original material and press cuttings describing the Black Power March in Paddington on 9 August 1970. The march was held as a result of harassment by police of customers and the owner of the Mangrove restaurant in Notting Hill. This restaurant consequently was a meeting point for the black power movement in London. Seven men and two women were charged with riotous assembly at The Old Bailey.