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This table lists the individual records opened in March 2005 as a result of Freedom of Information requests. In a small number of cases, the record will appear in the subsequent month’s list because action to update the Catalogue, and enable direct ordering, has not been completed.

Catalogue ref. Date Description
Metropolitan Police
MEPO 2/10747 1965 Reports on racial disturbances
MEPO 2/8859 1931-1950 Activities of homosexuals, soldiers and civilians: co-operation between the army and the police
MEPO 3/638 1928-1934 Ian Gowan alias Cawsey, on warrant for fraudulent conversion, hanged himself at Croydon Police Court
Miners Strike
HO 144/10671 1926-1929 DISTURBANCES: General Strike, May 1926: the Cramlington Miners convicted of derailing the 'Flying Scotsman'
Ministry of Defence
DEFE 11/793 1972 Sep 05-1977 Nov 14 Tactical nuclear weapons
DEFE 24/998 1976 Sep 13 - 1977 Oct 11 Sale of JAGUAR aircraft to Iraq
DEFE 31/163
DEFE 31/164
DEFE 31/165
DEFE 31/166
DEFE 31/167

1979 UFO incidents
Ministry of Home Security: Intelligence Branch
HO 199/467 1944-1945 German heavy long-range rocket (V2)
Nationality and Naturalisation
LAB 10/3510 1929 NATIONALITY AND NATURALISATION: Rogoff, Benjamin Morris (or Benjamin Morris), from Russia. Resident in Cricklewood. Certificate 17175 issued 8 May 1929
WO 276/408/1 1929 NATIONALITY AND NATURALISATION: Dudkin, Morduch (or Mordecai Dudkin), from Russia. Resident in Hove. Certificate 17118 issued 22 April 1929
BC 3/369 1929 NATIONALITY AND NATURALISATION: Pintchevsky, or Pintshevsky, Israel (or Israel Pinchevsky). Uncertain nationality. Resident in London. Certificate 16830 issued 8 January 1929
LCO 13/85 1931 Nationality and Naturalisation: Stollar, Zelman (known as Sidney Stollar), from Russia. Resident in London. Certificate A19734 issued 27 April 1931.
HO 144/14387 1931 Nationality and Naturalisation: Stollar, Morris, from Russia. Resident in London. Certificate A19986 issued 17 June 1931.