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This table lists the individual records opened in March 2005 as a result of Freedom of Information requests. In a small number of cases, the record will appear in the subsequent month’s list because action to update the Catalogue, and enable direct ordering, has not been completed.

Catalogue ref. Date Description
Home Office
HO 144/22915 1939-1941 WALES: Welsh Home Rule: suggestions for closer Royal association with Wales to counteract growing Nationalist discontent. (Under 2 headings)
HO 144/4684 1921-1925 DISTURBANCES: Activities of the Communist Party of Great Britain. The relative responsibility of Attorney General and Home Secretary in instituting political prosecutions (1 st heading)
HO 144/4684 1921-1925 SEDITION: Withdrawal of prosecution of Editor of Workers' Weekly and its political repercussions (The Campbell Case) (2 nd Heading)
HO 144/22701 1940-1946 HONOURS: National Savings Movement: award of long service badge; ROYAL - TITLE ROYAL AND ROYAL ARMS: Use of Crown: National Savings Campaign symbol and flag.
HO 144/22701 1940-1946 HONOURS: National Savings Movement: award of long service badge (This document comes under 2 subject headings - heading 1)
HO 207/324 1939-1945 REGION No 5 (LONDON): Honours - Birthday and New Year's Honours Awards: Group 6
PREM 2/112 1942 New Year honours
PREM 2/113 1942 Birthday honours
PREM 2/114 1944 New Year honours
PREM 2/117
PREM 2/119
PREM 2/121

1946 Birthday honours
Industrial relations
COAL 31/395 1984 British Association of Colliery Management: meetings with BACM; relations with BACM during miners' strike
LAB 10/3510 1970-1976 Picketing legislation: catalogue of violent incidents in the early 1970s; resultant thoughts on the effect of these on the making of law
Intelligence Branch
WO 276/408/1 1954 Aug.-1955 May Fortnightly intelligence summaries
Law Commission
BC 3/369 1967-1975 Correspondence with the Law Reform Committee on the law relating to organ transplantation
Lord Chancellor's Department
LCO 13/85 1972-1975 Private Eye
Metropolitan Police
MEPO 2/10048 1959-1960 Murder of Norah SUMMERFIELD in Hillingdon, Middlesex on 31 December 1958 by Joseph CHRIMES