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This table lists the individual records opened in June 2005 as a result of Freedom of Information requests. In a small number of cases, the record will appear in the subsequent month’s list because action to update the Catalogue, and enable direct ordering, has not been completed.

Catalogue ref. Date Description
J 82/3202 1975 Jan 01 - 1977 Dec 31 McKIE, James: Murder
Egypt Committee
CAB 134/1216/1 1956 Previously closed extract: EC(56) 10th Meeting (4). Now released and reunited with parent piece
CAB 134/1217/1 1956 Previously closed extract: EC(56)66. Now released and reunited with parent piece
Emigration of children
MH 102/1550 1946-1947 Emigration of children: emigration of child from an approved school to Australia not allowed without parental permission
MH 102/1891 1953-1954 Emigration of children to Australia: recognition of St Cuthbert's Home for Boys, Colac, Victoria, as an approved institution for UK migrant boys; correspondence and report
MH 102/1954 1950-1951 Emigration of children, case histories: emigration of 15 children to Australia under the auspices of the Fairbridge Society with the approval of the Home Office
MH 102/2022 1948-1957 Emigration of youths to Australia: correspondence with Office of the High Commissioner in Canberra and report on Riverview Salvation Army Training Farm, Queensland
MH 102/2041 1951-1952 Emigration of children: reports of visits to homes in Australia to discover conditions, etc by Mr John Moss CBE, a member of the Curtis Committee
MH 102/2050 1953-1958 Emigration of children: recognition of Victoria branch of the Boy Scouts' Association as an approved organisation for the purpose of youth migration to Australia