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This table lists the individual records opened in August 2005 as a result of Freedom of Information requests. In a small number of cases, the record will appear in the subsequent month’s list because action to update the Catalogue, and enable direct ordering, has not been completed.

Catalogue ref. Date Description
Inland Revenue
IR 40/8582 1946-1947 War Damage Commission: value of property to be used when computating contribution
IR 64/228 1938-1964 Gambling and bookmakers' profits: football pools, greyhound racing, national lottery etc
HO 144/21583 1939-1941 Internment camps in Northern Ireland: use of civil prisons and a ship in Belfast Lough
Lord Chancellor's Department
LCO 19/1366 1977 July The Honourable Mr Justice Oliver
LCO 19/996 1976 Sept.-1978 Mar. Sir Garfield Barwick, Chief Justice of Australia
LCO 33/21 1950-1958 Lord Russell of Liverpool CBE MC, Assistant Judge Advocate General
T300/94 1971-1975 General Service Medal with"CLASP" - Northern Ireland
T300/95 1975-1976 General Service Medal with"CLASP" - Dhofar
T300/96 1982-1988 South Atlantic Medal
T300/97 1983-1984 General Service Medal with"CLASP" - Lebanon
Medical Research Council
FD 9/1142 1975-1976 McIndoe Memorial Research Unit, Blond Laboratories, Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, Sussex: progress report 1975 and report of visit in November 1975
FD 9/2520 1971-1978 University of Surrey; radioimmunoassay technique for estimation of active principles of cannabis in human biological fluids:notes and correspondence; proposed research program from Professor V Marks and progress reports from 1973
FD 9/3415 1975-1980 Classification and indexing of Council supported work:notes and correspondence; papers and reports produced between 1975 and 1980; publication by the US National Institutes of Health
Metropolitan Police
MEPO 2/9638 1953-1966 George Alfred Hinds (and others)safebreaking and larceny at Maple & Co Ltd on 24/25 September 1953. Subsequent libel charge against ex-Det. Supt. Sparkes and appeal against conviction. See also MEPO 2/10281
Ministry of Defence
DEFE 23/149 1976 Feb 24 - 1977 Jul 29 Sales of defence equipment to Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Health
MH 160/1007 1972 Jan 01-1976 Dec 31 Oncological centres and the organisation of cancer services: follow on action to the report on 'Cancer Organisation'; papers, discussions and correspondence
MH 160/1206 1973 Jan 01-1989 Dec 31 Immigration policy and procedures in which the Department of Health and Social Security have an interest:use of the National Health Service by people from abroad; minutes of meetings between the Department and the Home Office; papers, discussions and correspondence; report on the Medical Examination of Immigrants by the Chief Medical Office
MH 160/931 1975 Review of arrangements for major accidents following the Moorgate Tube Disaster in London: note of an informal meeting 2 May 1975