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This table lists the individual records opened in August 2005 as a result of Freedom of Information requests. In a small number of cases, the record will appear in the subsequent month’s list because action to update the Catalogue, and enable direct ordering, has not been completed.

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Catalogue ref. Date Description
Board of Stamps
IR 59/554 1925-1932 SANDOW, Eugen
IR 59/727 1930-1943 DOYLE, Sir Arthur Conan
IR 59/910 1950-1960 BLAIR, Eric Arthur, otherwise known as George Orwell
Cabinet Office
CAB 21/4740/1 1959 Previously closed extracts: COS(50)86th Mtg(3) and RMIP/P(56)19. RMIP/P(56)19 was released and reunited with parent piece in October 2001; COS(50)86th Mtg(3) was released and reunited with parent piece in August 2005
Central Office of Information
INF 6/2294 1976 Protect and survive
Committee on The Future of Broadcasting
HO 245/1742 1974-1977 Norman Lewis
HO 245/1852 1974-1977 Scottish National Party
HO 245/1857 1974-1977 Scottish National Party: Lochaber District Association
HO 245/962 1974-1977 BBC Radio: John Tydeman and others
Commonwealth Relations
DO 35/5126 1955 Commonwealth press reaction to Princess Margaret's decision not to marry Group Captain Townsend
HO 144/19829 1934-1935 CRIMINAL CASES: MAJOR, Ethel Lillie Convicted at Lincoln on 1 November 1934 for murder and sentenced to death
HO 45/22292
HO 45/22293

1925-1948 CRIMINAL CASES: THORPE, Catherine. Convicted at Leeds on 16 March 1925 of murder and sentenced to death (commuted)
Department of Health
BN 112/16 1977 Jan 01 - 1982 Dec 31 Comprehensive Community Programmes, Community Development Projects and Inner City Partnerships: monitoring
Directorate of Overseas Surveys
OD 70/137 1980 Nov 07 - 1993 Sep 30 Zimbabwe