16 October 2003 releases

October 2003

Catalogue ref. Date Description
Records of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and its predecessors
AB 6/770 1950-57 Authority planning in the event of war.
AB 24/40 1964-68 Industrial Cobalt 60.
AB 57/6 1958-64 Access to Harwell site by National Institute staff:

security problems.

Discussions concerning access to Harwell, occupied by the Atomic Energy Authority, who are subject to the Official Secrets Act, by National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science staff. Particular concern about keeping information safe from Iron Curtain countries.

Records of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies
ADM 121/105 1954 Report on salvage operations on COMET airliner G- ALYP which crashed off Elba.

Includes photographs and diagrams.

Records created or inherited by the Department of the Environment, and of related bodies
AT 78/5
AT 78/6

1968-73 Caravan Sites Act 1968:

policy on Section 6(2) (b) - exemption of county boroughs from duty to provide adequate accommodation for gypsies.

AT 78/7 1973-74 Review of gypsy policy

- Concludes that the provision of caravan sites is still very slow. Much good local information on existing sites and applications for exemptions, including the London boroughs.

AT 78/8 1974-82 Review of gypsy policy

- Concludes that progress since the 1968 Act in providing suitable caravan sites has been slow.

AT 78/9 1967-68 National Gypsy Council Liaison Committee;

discussion of provision of caravan sites.

Attempts by the National Gypsy Council to force a change in the law to oblige local authorities to provide caravan sites. Protest and publicity at rough treatment of gypsies being 'moved on'. Much of local interest.

AT 78/10 1973 National Gypsy Council Liaison Committee;

discussion of provision of caravan sites.

The National Gypsy Council's drive to obtain more caravan sites from local authorities. Includes statistics, legal cases, TV publicity and controversy and lists of locations and numbers of sites.

Records of the Cabinet Office
CAB 21/2522 1943-45 Cipher Policy Board:

security of British codes and ciphers.

Acknowledgement that insufficient effort is being made at Bletchley Park to protect British ciphers; our efforts are focused on breaking enemy codes. Discussion of possible cipher machines to replace the Rockex II, and proposals to appoint Lt. Col. Bayley to research the RM26 in Canada.

CAB 21/4920 1956-62 Nature, course and duration of global war

- The establishment and workings of the Joint Global War Committee to examine the possible threat/ nature/ consequences of nuclear war and aspects of UK defence. Much speculation.

CAB 133/297 1961 Prime Minister's visit to the United States and Canada, 26 March and 4-12 April

- Records of meetings between Macmillan and Kennedy. Particular concern with Laos, nuclear weapons, NATO and international relations and economics.

Records of the Boards of Customs, Excise, and Customs and Excise
CUST 106/432 1919-41 Female searchers at ports and airports

- Charts a series of embarrassing incidents involving the searching of women by Customs officials. The Earl of Winchelsea was furious when his wife was asked to unbutton her coat, and attempts by French and German ladies to dodge Customs duties on their clothing convinced the authorities of the need to appoint a female searcher.

Records of the Ministry of Defence
DEFE 13/1080 1951-55 Field Marshal Montgomery:

memoranda and correspondence.

Includes Montgomery's (uncomplimentary) view of Labour MP Emanuel Shinwell.

Records of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and predecessors
FCO 15/1031 1969 President Nixon's visit to United Kingdom

- FCO briefs for Nixon's visit and Prime Minister Harold Wilson's account of his conversation with Nixon at Mildenhall on 3 August 1969 - when they discussed Vietnam and the Paris peace talks, and relations with the Soviet Union and China.

FCO 72/44 1972 Ministerial Committee on Parliamentary Procedure.
Records created and inherited by the Foreign Office
FO 1110/1239 1959 Films:

import licences issued, report on film about the Hungarian 'counter revolution' of 1956 entitled 'Tegnap' (Yesterday) and use of film stills of China shown on BBC television programme 'Panorama'.

Fears that the stills could be used as propaganda. An interesting file to compare to today.

FO 1110/1244 1959 Broadcasts in and to Africa

from various sources and 'Voice of free Iraq' clandestine radio station.

British concern to monitor radio broadcasts in Africa that are designed to stir anti-British feelings. British and Iranian concern over clandestine radio broadcasts which are aimed at Iraq, but can also be picked up in Tehran.

FO 1110/1366 1961 Czechoslovakia:

visits by fellow travellers, correspondence with the BBC about programme content, schedules of programmes to be broadcast and suggestions for visits by newspaper correspondents.

FO 1110/1397 1961 Israel:

suggestion for increased co-operation with Israelis.

Discusses Israel's policy in Africa and whether IRD (the FCO's Information Research Department) should co-operate with Israel.

FO 1110/1401 1961 Holy See:

liaison with Vatican and Roman Catholic organisations over anti-Communist work.

Proposals to give IRD information to the Vatican and to distribute anti-Communist propaganda through the Catholic Church's channels.

FO 1110/1500 1962 Czechoslovakia:

Czech reporting of British policy, proposal for a visit by a British journalist and paper on conferences organised by the World Marxist Review.

Discusses pros and cons of swopping journalists and looks at examples of Czech propaganda about the UK.

FO 1110/1530 1961 Holy See:

co-operation with various Catholic organisations overseas including the White Fathers and requirements for material.

Further charters the anti-Communist drive in the Catholic Church. Includes lists of worldwide Church leaders who would like to receive publications on Communism, and records of IRD material sent to the Catholic Church in Colombia.

Records created or inherited by the Home Office, Ministry of Home Security, and related bodies
HO 348/19 1920 Conditions in Ireland:

reports from Inspector General, Commissioner of Dublin Police, and Divisional Commissioners.

Records of extreme violence in many Irish divisions in April 1920, especially burnings of police barracks, prompted by Easter Week campaigning and the release of hunger strikers.

Records created and inherited by Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)
HW 1/3786 1945 Intelligence reports

submitted by C (Head of MI6) to the Prime Minister. Part of a daily supply of intelligence to the Prime Minister, mainly diplomatic decrypts and Naval Headlines.

A fascinating insight into events during the closing stages of World War II. Includes a prediction from the Japanese that the United States will shortly force them into unconditional surrender.

HW 1/3787 1945 Intelligence reports

submitted by C (Head of MI6) to the Prime Minister. Part of a daily supply of intelligence to the Prime Minister, mainly diplomatic decrypts and Naval Headlines.

Reports on the political situation in various countries, relations between Czechoslovakia and Portugal, correspondence regarding attacks on submarines in Japan, relations between Turkey and Russia, and the occupation of Syria.

HW 1/3788 1945 Intelligence reports

submitted by C (Head of MI6) to the Prime Minister.

Part of a daily supply of intelligence to the Prime Minister, mainly diplomatic decrypts and Naval Headlines.

HW 5/766 1945 Decodes of German Air Force messages

from the Western Front in the closing stages of the war.

HW 8/114 1945 Japanese Naval Crypto Memos.
HW 25/25 The ENIGMA:

War Office translations of two papers entitled 'ENIGMA Enciphering Machine' and 'Typewriting and Enciphering Machine, The ENIGMA'.

HW 40/5 1941-42 Reports revealing German successes in exploiting Soviet communications,

with related correspondence.

Includes texts of Russian messages intercepted by Japanese and Germans. List of codes and what they mean.

HW 40/6 1944 German Intelligence reports

relating to Allied troop dispositions in the run-up to and aftermath of Operation OVERLORD.

Various messages/communication stating British positions and next steps.

HW 51/8 1940-44 Department (ISLD) of MI6 and CBME

- Liaison between MI6's Inter Service Liaison Department and the Government Code and Cypher School's Combined Bureau Middle East.

Records of the Prime Minister's Office
PREM 8/1279 1949-50 Exposure of Dr Klaus Fuchs.

Correspondence with Security Service.

Acknowledges Fuchs's extreme value to British Atomic Energy research but shows that suspicions had been raised by November 1949 about his reliability. There were concerns, however, that interrogating him might precipitate his defection to the USSR. The file shows how the case was brought to the attention of the Prime Minister.