Section of receipt for window tax, 1755 (Catalogue reference: QAB 1/13/27)

This is a brief guide to researching British government records on taxation. Tax records are wide-ranging and plentiful, though they can sometimes be complicated and not all survive. Of those that survive, most are available online or at The National Archives.

This guide will help you gain a general overview of the main sources of the information that exists, and where to find it. This guide is for people interested in the subject of taxation as opposed to those interested in finding a specific person.

  • What records can I find in other archives and organisations?

Did you know?

There are many different records covering taxation at The National Archives. Try searching Discovery, our catalogue with a specific term, name or subject to help focus your search.

The most popular records on the subject of taxation at The National Archives are within seriesa grouping of records held by The National Archives, based on common function or subject IR, CUST, T and E. To gain an overview of an individual series, read the descriptions within our catalogue.

There is likely to be some overlap between separate series on any given subject. For example, a decision on taxation may have been informed by the Treasury (T), discussed by the Cabinet (CAB) and Prime Minister (PREM) and then carried out by the Inland Revenue (IR).