3rd Bttn 1st King's African Rifles:
war diary extract
Catalogue reference: WO 95/5369 pp 3-5

(all handwritten)

3 Dec '17 MONDAY.
          Telegram received from NORFORCE, SONGEA, giving information that all enemy forces now in Portuguese East Africa; in consequence of which Capt (?) BURKE proceeding with his scouts from MBAMPA BAY to report to Commanding Officer here. Further telegram received from Norforce informing the Commanding Officer of movement of Von Lettow up the LUJENDA reported three days from NGOMANO and requesting patrols should be sent direction of MWEMBE & E of Lake AMARAMBA.

4 Dec '17
          Lieut CHARLESWORTH & 1 platoon A. Co[mpan]y with 1 Lewis Gun section instructed to patrol East side of LUJENDA river, travelling in a North-Easterly direction.
          Lieut ROSE & 1 platoon D Co[mpan]y and 1 Lewis Gun section instructed to patrol MWEMBE road keeping W of LUJENDA.
          Both patrols ordered to proceed not more than three days' march from NAMWERAS.
          Lieut ARMSTRONG with 1 platoon A Co[mpan]y and 1 Lewis Gun Section ordered to occupy KALIWATA and to secure the mill against possible raids.
          BASE telegram states enemy making for NKULA HILL and MWEMBE.
          Lieut CHARLESWORTH'S Platoon with Lieut GIBBS and Lieut ROSE'S Platoon left for Portuguese NAMWERAS 3.0 p.m. where they spent the night. Lieut ARMSTRONG left for KALIWATA 4.0 p.m.

5 Dec. '17
          Telegram received stating HAWTHORN'S column left SONGEA for MBAMBA BAY 4th inst.
          Lieut BURKE reported his arrival at NAMWERAS with 176 Ruga-Ruga. Scouts were dispatched by him to the MTONYA, MWEMBE, and Lake AMARAMBA districts.
          Major E.A.B. Orr, Royal Berkshire Reg[imen]t, joined the Battalion as second in command.
          CHARLESWORTH'S patrol camped at MAHONGA on LUSANYANI stream. ROSE'S patrol camped at MAKALINI.
          Lieut TRAILL and 1 platoon and 1 Lewis Gun section D Co[mpan]y ordered to proceed to KITUNGE and occupy it, with posts at KATONGA and EBA.

6. Dec '17.
          Lieut TRAILL left for KITUNGE at 8 a.m. arriving there at 4 p.m.
          The ADJUTANT went to KALIWATA and inspected Lieut ARMSTRONG'S dispositions.

7 Dec '17.
          Telegram received from NORFOCE intelligence to arrest the following chiefs in P.E.A. believed to be friendly to the enemy, MWALIA of WAMAKUA, MATAKA of MWEMBE, KARANJI of UNYANGO, MATAKA KASONGO formerly of MWEMBE latterly of KANDULU, and MATALU ex chief clerk of KASAMALA. Information required of the whereabouts of these. Lieut BURKE instructed to send out RUGA-RUGA to find out where these chiefs are now living. ROSE at CHIKOVA and pushing Ruga-Ruga to MWEMBE.

9. Dec '17
          Negative reports as to AMARAMBA received from CHARLESWORTH who had withdrawn to MWAVA.
          Rose withdrawn to MAKALANI.

10 Dec '17 MONDAY.
          Ruga-Ruga returned from MTONYA reported all clear at MKULAS HILL & MWEMBE. He stated that the Germans are spreading a report that they intend to march on MTARIKA, FT JOHNSTON and BLANTYRE.

12 Dec '17
          Lt SMITH, Lieut HARRIS, 4 British N.C.O's and 27 askari with 46 M.G. [machine gun] Porters reported for duty with the maxim guns.

13. Dec '17
          Col HAWTHORN and Capt BRUCE. S.O, N.F.F. visited NAMWERAS, and discussed arrangements for Intelligence.
          Capt ANDERSON (Genl NORTHEY'S staff) arrived.
          Lieut CHARLESWORTH'S patrol returned.

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