Annie Maude Ellwood:
WAAC enrolment form
and casualty form (active service)
Catalogue reference: WO 398/69 p207

                                Army Form W. 3578.
No. 486 Name (Mrs. or Miss) Miss (Christian) Annie Maude
Surname Ellwood.

Questions to be put to the Woman on enrolment.
1. What is your name? 1. Ellwood Annie Maude.
2. What is your age? 2. 21
3. What is your permanent postal address? 3. 7 Gowan Terrace Staveley, Nr Kendal.

You are hereby warned that if after enrolment it is found that you have wilfully given a false answer to any of the following questions, the Army Council or any person duly authorised by them retain the right to terminate any contract that they may have entered into with you.
4. Are both your parents British-born subjects? 4. yes.
5. Do you agree to be enrolled in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, and fulfil the regulations and instructions laid down from time to time for this Corps? 5. yes.
6. Are you single, married. or a widow? 6. single.
7. Have you any dependants? 7. no.
8. Are you willing to be vaccinated and inoculated? 8. yes.
9. Are you willing to be enrolled for service abroad? 9. yes.
10. Do you undertake to work wherever the Army Council may require? 10. yes.

Report Record of promotions, reductions, transfers, casualties, &c., during active service, as reported on Army Form B.213. Army Form A.36, or in other official documents. The authority to be quoted in each case. Place of Casualty Date of Casualty Remarks
Taken from Army Form B.213, Army Form A.36. or other official documents
Date From whom received
27.8.218 D C Abbeville Trans to Arrived Abbeville 25.8.18 0/1810/55/2
[?] 8.18 D C Calais Trans to Abbeville 25.8.18 0/1810/6
19.9.18 U A. Abbeville Granted 14 days leave to
U K.
  19.9.18 0/1810/68/1
6.10.18 U A. Abbeville Returned from leave   5.10.18 0/1810/76/1
6.10.18 2 Staty Hosp Admit: P U O.   6.10.18 Ft A 20000
23.10.18 2 Staty Hosp Discharged to Base Depot Camiers 23.10.18 Ft A 30753
23.10.18 U A Camiers Arrived @ Base Depot Camiers 23.10.18 0/1810/150
24.10.18 U A Camiers Posted to Abbeville 24.10.18 0/1810/151
27.10.18 U A Abbeville Arrived @ Abbeville 24.10.18 0/1810/88/1
20.4.19 U A Abbeville Granted 7 days unpaid leave to Paris   17.4.19 0/1810/31/1
28.4.19 - do - Returned from leave to Abbeville   24.4.10 0/1810/33/1
7.5.19 - do - Posted to B.M.T. Dep Calais 5.5.19 0/1810/36/1
9.5.19 D C Calais Arrived - do - 5.5.19 0/1810/101
5.7.19 - do - Gtd 14 days leave to UK - do - 30.6.?  
23.7.19 A.G.XI Gtd Exten. fr. 15.7.19 to 29-7-19 Pd Med Gds.     PII 0140/6

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