Asquith's letter to King George V
on diplomatic situation
Catalogue reference: CAB 41/35/24

Geo V Aug 3    


Mr Asquith with his humble duty to Your Majesty has the honour to report that the Cabinet met today.

Its time was exclusively occupied with a consideration of the diplomatic situation and of the statement to be made in the afternoon in the House of Commons by Sir E. Grey. That statement presents, exactly & exhaustively, the case put forward by the Government as the result of the full & anxious Cabinet consultations of the last three days.

At a later meeting of the Cabinet Sir E. Grey communicated to his colleagues the telegram from Brussels to the Belgian Minister here which summarises the German ultimatum.

Mr Asquith regrets to say that four of his colleagues - Lord Morley, Sir J Simon, Lord Beauchamp & Mr Burns - have tendered their resignations. He hopes that some of them may be induced to reconsider their positions.

3 August 1914


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