Newport rising: eyewitness accounts
PRO TS 11/497, no. 1623

To Prove that Witness saw the Prisoner John Lovell coming from the Waterloo armed with a Gun Some of the Mob desired Witness to fall in so they passed and caught hold of him Witness saw Lovell in the month of May at a Meeting at Newport the day that Vincent was apprehended Witness speaks to Declarations which Lovell made after that Meeting as to the future actions of the Chartists

- Call

Edmund Williams of County bella Laborer

To Prove that he saw the Prisoner John Lovell with the Mob at the Court of bella Machine the prisoner asked Witness "Is the Chartists all dead my boy, what do you think of us now."

- Call

Francis Morgan Keeper of the County Bella Machine

To Prove that Witness saw the prisoner Lovell passing her House the 6 Bells on Stow Hill with a mob with a Gun in his hand

- Call

Susan Stephens Widow of Newport Publican

To Prove that Witness saw the Prisoner John Lovell on Stow Hill marching with the Mob with a single barrelled Gun in his hand he called to Witness - Come with us

- Call

Thos. Dyer late Butler to Mrs Phelps

To Prove that Witness saw the Prisoner John Lovell with the Mob opposite the Market Boat public house on Stow Hill about 20 or 30 yards from the front of the Mob with a gun on his Shoulder - he said to Witness "fall in fall in" In a very short time afterwards Witness heard firing

- Call

Mattw. Pembro of Newport Publican

To Prove that Witness saw the Mob turn round the corner and come in front of the Westgate observed a man who appeared to be leading them speaking to the Prisoner John Lovell who also appeared to be heading the Mob Lovell had a Gun or stick in his hand Immediately after that Witness observed Lovell say something to the Mob and upon that the attack commenced and firing on the Westgate the firing was principally directed to the Room where the Soldiers were Immediately after the Prisoner addressed the Mob he retired into the thick of them

- Call

Henry Evans of Newport

To Prove that Witness saw the mob come from the direction of Stow Hill to the Westgate in marching order and armed The first man in front had a drawn sword in one hand and a hat in the other He waved his sword and hat and went nearly up to the Westgate Yard Gate then he turned back with the Mob towards the door of the Westgate Witn[es]s

Danl. Evans of Newport


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