Ballot regulations, Dover, 1872
PRO HO 45/9306/12245, no. 65

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We, the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Dover, acting by the Council, do hereby, by virtue of the Ballot Act, 1872, prescribe the following Regulations for the Inspection of Documents in the custody of the Town Clerk, and for the fees for the supply of copies of Documents, of which copies are directed to be supplied.
1. The persons entitled to inspect Documents in the custody of the Town Clerk, under the Ballot Act, 1872, (other than Ballot Papers and Counterfoils) shall be as follows:-
a. A Candidate at the Election to which such documents relate;
b. An appointed Agent of a Candidate at such Election; and
c. Any four or more persons who voted or had a right to vote at such Election. Such persons may be represented at the Inspection by an Agent nominated by them in writing for the purpose.
2. Any such persons desiring to inspect such documents shall give notice thereof in writing to the Town Clerk, and state therein an address in the Borough to which a reply may be sent.
3. On the receipt of any such notice the Town Clerk shall within one day give notice in writing, making an appointment for the inspection, either at the Town Hall or at his office, within two days after the receipt of the notice by him.
4. The Town Clerk shall also give notice in writing of the appointment to the Mayor, or, in his illness or absence, to the Deputy Mayor, either of whom, if unable to attend, may request any member of the Town Council to do so on his behalf.
5. The inspection shall take place between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
6. The sealed packets of which inspection may be desired shall be opened, and, after inspection shall be sealed up again in the presence of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, or the member of the Town Council attending the inspection.
7. The persons making the inspection shall not be entitled to take copies of any documents at the time, but they may before the packets are re-sealed demand to be furnished with copies of any of the documents inspected by them, in which case the sealing of the packets in which such documents were contained shall be postponed until the copies have been made, and the packets shall be re-sealed as soon as practicable by the Town Clerk.
8. Any persons entitled under these Regulations to inspect documents may make a request in writing to the Town Clerk to be furnished with copies of any such documents, either with or without having made an inspection thereof, and the Town Clerk, on obtaining a written authority from the Mayor, or, in his illness or absence, from the Deputy Mayor, for the time being, shall open the necessary packets, supply such copies with all despatch, and forthwith re-seal the packets.
9. No packets opened under these Regulations shall be re-sealed without a memorandum in writing signed by the Town Clerk being inserted therein, on which shall be stated
a. The date of the opening;
b. The names of the persons inspecting (if any);
c. The documents (if any) of which copies were taken, and to whom they were supplied; and
d. The date of the packets being re-sealed.
10. There shall be paid to the Town Clerk by the persons making each such inspection a sum not exceeding one guinea, as a remuneration for the duties imposed on him by these Regulations.
11. The Town Council may at any time order any packets to be opened and re-sealed from time to time for such purposes and in such manner as they shall determine and prescribe in each case.
12. The Town Clerk is authorized to charge any sum not exceeding 6d. per folio of 72 words for copies of documents made by him in accordance with these Regulations, such charge to cover the cost of all necessary forms and paper used for that purpose.
Given under our Corporate Seal, this 24th day of September, 1872.
(The Seal of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses.)
I hereby consent to the foregoing Regulations prescribed by the Town Council of the Borough of Dover for the Inspection of Documents, and fees for the supply of copies of Documents of which copies are directed to be supplied under the provisions of Section 64 (Sub-section 6) of Schedule 1 of the Act 35 and 36 Vic., cap. 33.
One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State.
Whitehall, 7th October, 1872.
Regulations for the Inspection of Documents.

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