Leveller mobilisation, 1649
Catalogue reference: SP 25/62, pp. 134-5

That it be reported to the House, That in pursuance of their Order of the 27th of March instant The Councell hath caused fower persons to be apprehended viz: Lieuten[an]t Colonell John Lilburne, Mr. William Walwyn, Mr. Richard Overton & Mr. Thomas Prince That the Councell hath beene informed by some witnesses, who were before the Councell. That the said Lt. Colonell Lilburne did read the Booke called Englands new Chains discovered on Sunday last at Winchester House, before a great multitude of people and perswaded Subscriptions to it, and endeavoured to answer obiections made against it, And did there affirme that himselfe, and three others viz: Mr. Walwyn, Mr. Prince and Maior; Cobbet would make good that matter of that Booke, with their lives. That there were alsoe taken in the Lodging of Mr Overton some quantity of the said Bookes w[hi]ch were wett, and now comeing forth from the presses. That when the said fower persons first abovementioned were called into the Councell, and interrogated, whether they were Authours, Contrivers, framers or publishers of the said Booke, they did not only refuse to answere, but disputed the Authority of the Councell. That the Councell hath Comitted the said fower persons to the Tower, till they might informe the House thereof That they may take it into their consideracon in what manner the said prisoners may be further proceeded against.

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