Anti-Catholic backlash
Catalogue reference: SP 54/47, p. 203
Catalogue reference: SP 54/47, p. 212

To the King's most excellent Majesty
May it please your Majesty.
We your Majesty's faithful & loyal Subjects the Ministers & Elders met in the Provincial Synod of Glasgow and Air do with all humility beg leave to approach your Majesty's throne there to express the Sentiments of our hearts.
We are deeply penetrated with a grateful sense of the many & great blessings enjoyed by the Church of Scotland under the auspicious Government of your Majesty's illustrious House. And have the fullest confidence in your Majesty's goodness & steady resolution to preserve & support our happy establishment in Church & State.
We therefore think it our duty to express to your Majesty the anxious fears which we & our people are under, from the present apparent growth of Popery among us, and of the fatal consequences which must necessarily ensue to the eternal concerns of the People committed to our case,& to the interests of this Church as by law established, if by any means that unhallowed superstition, equally unfriendly to your Majesty's Family and government, and to the Religion and Morals of your loyal subjects, should gain further ground among us.
We are the rather encouraged to make this application from the many salutary laws formerly enacted to defend our Presbyterian Constitution against Popery, and by our past experience of your Majesty's regard for this Church, so frequently & graciously expressed to us by work & letter.
Permit us therefore humbly to entreat of your Majesty That whatever shall seem proper to your Royal Wisdom may be done, to quiet the minds of your Majesty's loyal Subjects in this part of your Dominions, by preserving our constitutional securities.
And that the King of Kings may pour down of his best blessings upon your Majesty, your Royal Consort the Queen, the Prince of Wales, and all the Royal Family; That his spirit may prompt all your undertakings, his Wisdom may direct all your counsels, and his Power crown them with success, are the sincere prayers of,
Most Gracious Sovereign
Your Majesty's most faithful,
Obedient, and loyal subjects,
The Ministers and Elders of the Provincial Synod of Glasgow and Air.
Signed in our Name in our Presence and at our appointment by
John Burns Moderator.
16th Oct[obe]r 1778

My Lord,
I am sorry to acquaint your Lordship that the apprehensions which I expressed in my Letter of the 21st were but too well founded. Last Night a considerable Mob rose last night , and set Fire to an House which the Papists employed as a Chapple, and attacked that where Mr Hay (titular Bishop of Edinburgh) resided. The Magistrates, supported by 250 of the Military, prevented any further Excesses for that time, and took four of them Prisoners: But the Tumult has by no means subsided. This morning the Magistrates inform me that the Mob threaten the Houses of Principal Robinson, the Lord Advocate, and Councellor Crosbie, supposeing them Friends to the Popery Bill, and of Lord Linton as a Roman Catholick. I have endeavoured to convince them that Men of no Denomination are safe from the Outrages of a Mob bent upon Mischeif; and they promise to exert themselves with vigour: which, if attended with Success, may prevent the Flame from spreading through the Country. To Morrow I shall, probably, be able to form a better Judgement what Turn this mischeivous beginning is likely to take: but I thought it my Duty to apprise your Lordship, by Express, of what has allready happen'd.

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