Popish plots
Catalogue reference: SP 9/251/163, pp. 3 and 6-7

Edward Fitz-Harris.
Taken the Xth of March,
WHO faith, That he was Born in Ireland, and is the Son of Sir Edward Fitz-Harris; and that he was Bred and is a ROMAN CATHOLICK: That

Published by Order of the H. of Commons.
AND He says this Father used this Confidence towards him, because he was well acquainted with him, and used to Confess to him.
AND this Father repeated the same Discourse to him in Summer One thousand six hundred seventy Eight, with more assurance; adding then, that the business was now near, and he should soon see it done.
ABOUT April, One thousand six hundred seventy nine, Marquess Montecuculi, ENVOY from the DUKE of MODENA, after having sworn him to secrecy, told him, That if he would undertake THE KILLING THE KING, either in his own Person, or by any other, that he should have TEN THOUSAND POUNDS; which he refusing, the Marquess said, If you will not, The DUTCHESS OF MAZARINE understands poysoning, as well as her Sister; and a little Vial, when the KING comes there, will do it.
AND this Examinant had a great acquaintance with the said Marquess, having first met him several times at the DUTCHESS of YORKS Chappel, and afterwards, Let him a House, and sold him the Furniture therein, and has very often eaten, drank, and walk'd with him.
AND the Marquess at the same time told him, that upon KILLING THE KING the ARMY in FLANDERS and parts adjacent to FRANCE, was to come over into ENGLAND, to destroy the PROTESTANT PARTY, and that money was levying in ITALY, to recruit and supply Forces in the place of those that should so come over into ENGLAND.
AND That after that time there should be no more PARLIAMENTS in ENGLAND; and that the DUKE of YORK was privy to all these Designs.
That about April, One thousand six hundred and eighty, he met Kelley the Priest at Calais, who there in discourse with him owned, that he was one of the persons concerned in the Murder of Sir EDMUND BURY-GODFREY, and that the same was done much in the manner as PRANCE had related it.
This Examinant hath known

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